Bitterness in chanterelles: why mushrooms are pretty after frying, cooking, frost, what to do in this case

Why is they pierced chanterelles and how to get rid of this problem
Revealed on the bright appearance of chanterelles are excellent mushrooms due to their taste. These fruit bodies can be subject to any processing: fry, cook, salt, freeze, marine and dry. Although chanterelles and bitterness - inseparable concepts, after heat treatment, the flesh of mushrooms becomes fragrant, tender and amazingly delicious.

How to fry peanuts in a frying pan with salt and without butter

Roasted peanuts in spices
Peanuts - a useful product that is profitable to buy in the raw form for self-preparation. The roasted nut acquires a pleasant taste and benefits the body. To eat peanuts with pleasure, during the purchase you need to pay attention to its quality, storage duration. There should be no traces of insect vital activity on nuclei.

How to put a child to sleep in the afternoon: Methods of Molding

Child with toys
Among the problems arising from young mothers with the baby, often call the daily rest of the little man. Many parents can not put a child to sleep during the day. The problem is that it is impossible to affect persuasion on the infants, and the older babies cannot fall asleep, even if the baby lies in the crib. Sometimes the process of laying takes more time than rest, a huge number of mom nerves is spent, crumb is crying, but not sleeping. Most inexperienced moms allocate three main problems: difficulty with falling asleep, the reluctance to fit into the crib, the refusal of crumbs to sleep.

Erection of a member in men: disappears, weak, sex, bad

In Eastern culture, such spices such as curry, red pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus, cardamom are used as natural aphrodisiac. Each of these products is a powerful sex stimulant that increases the attraction and enhancing sensations from intimate relationships.
Erection of penis Very important for a man, boyfriend, boys, teenagers (teenage), boy. Erection in men Depends on the huge number of factors. For normal operation of the sexual system should be sufficient erection time. If a Erection disappears , weak erection, no erection, a bad erection quickly weakens and falls, this is a serious reason to appeal to a specialist in private medical practice. Fast Men's erection Must be sufficient for conducting sexual acts. If a Sex erection gives failures, involuntary morning erection (in the morning) has not appeared long ago, the night erection is sluggish, incomplete, you celebrate Problems with erection , you need to undergo diagnosis and Treatment of erection .

How to celebrate the New Year in different countries of the world

Burmese marks the new year in the middle of the spring, the holiday is given 3 days. To hide the gods, the birma is arranged contests on the rope tightening.
New Year is a holiday that applies to all nations. And around the world it is celebrated in different ways. Perhaps you have established the opinion that the new year is celebrated everywhere by a friendly company, at the table, waiting for the Gifts under the Christmas tree. But it is not so. Somewhere instead of the Christmas tree, it is customary to hang socks over the fireplace, and somewhere to carry out carnivals. Where and how this holiday celebrates, we want to tell you.

Stunningly delicious anthill cake ☆ delicious cake on any holiday! (The recipe for which it is always delicious)

Stunningly delicious anthill cake ☆ delicious cake on any holiday! (The recipe for which it is always delicious)
Stunningly delicious anthill cake! Different recipes for this cake tried, but it is for such a recipe as I will show, this cake like most. Slightly crispy dough in a gentle cream from condensed milk and nuts, what can be said here - a delicious cake for any holiday.

Connecting a video card to a laptop: step-by-step guide, tips and recommendations

Connecting a video card to a laptop
Now many actively use laptops. This solution is understandable. These devices are compact and surprisingly powerful. In terms of its performance, they closely approach full computers. And only one component cannot be compared in performance with a full-fledged version - video card. Good gaming laptops are expensive. Video cards are much cheaper. Few people know, but connecting the video card to the laptop (external) can be carried out by shrick methods. However, some conditions must be complied with this. You will learn about them a little later. Like about the methods of connecting a video card to a laptop.

Windows XP boot flash drive. With a reliable program!

Formatting flash drive
Hello Site readers, the last article I focused on installing operating systems, left about Windows 7 to tell, in the last article I told how easy to install Windows XP, as well as download to BIOS from disk and flash drives. But I did not tell how to record Windows XP on the USB flash drive (create a distribution). This will help us with a wonderful program that always helped me! 🙂

"I can't do so anymore!": How to take mental pain and live happily?

What harms mental pain
I don't even know how to describe what I felt. Well, what could I say? Something my mood is lousy. But it is even closely similar to what was in reality. It is like a funnel inside. Huge, constantly buzzing, sucking everything that happens around. Any joy sucks and leaves only pain and emptiness. Such pain that I want to scratch the chest and grab it, squeeze, so that only it is not hurt. Thoughts only about one thing about this chert pain. And about when it all end? How to drown out such mental pain at least a bit? And desire one. To live to the evening to go to bed. Sleep as the only resignation. Probably, I still really really smell.

How to salt salmon at home - delicious and fast from the photo step by step

Salmon - Fat fish, which is impossible to reduce. For this reason, it will take so much salt as needed. There are several ways to prepare red fish. Everyone has its pros and cons who are reflected on the taste of the finished dish. Salted salmon is used for cooking snacks, salads. We suggest to consider how delicious saline salmon at home.

How to remove salt with suede shoes, the most simple ways

In order to reduce injuries, roads in winter sprinkle with special reagents. It helps to avoid falling, but negatively affects boots and boots, leaving white salt divorces. It is not surprising that many people are interested in how to remove salt with suede shoes to ensure the safety of their wardrobe. If the appearance of divorces could not be prevented by preventive measures, then we should examine how to remove them.