How to restore the battery from the laptop do it yourself

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long
Most often, the laptop is the first thing to deteriorate this battery. If you do not break the laptop, do not shed liquid and keep clean, it could serve a decade. But the rechargeable laptop battery is the component that has a very limited resource and a big luck if it serves more than 5 years.

Most often, the laptop is the first thing to deteriorate this battery. If you do not break the laptop, do not shed liquid and keep clean, it could serve a decade. But the rechargeable laptop battery is the component that has a very limited resource and a big luck if it serves more than 5 years.

Usually the battery gradually loses the container, and the laptop begins to work less and less from one charge, but there are cases of sharp drop in the container. Batteries can start overheating or even explode.

In my two laptops, almost simultaneously began to deny accumulators, of course, it would be possible to order new batteries in China for $ 20-25, or buy on the site itself is also the price of two more expensive. But after reading the forums, I realized that this is only a temporary solution: the capacity of the Chinese battery will be lower, and the resource is at times less. Somehow I did not want to wait a month to get a battery with a resource half a year - a year. And so I decided to repair the batteries of laptops by replacing the elements on the fresh resource.

The first to start - diagnosis. As far as the laptop operation time has decreased from one battery charge, the battery charge level is adequitated. You can test the battery and you can get more information using special programs, I used the free Batterymon program.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

The program you can see the charts and discharge schedules.

And in the 'Info-> BatteryIinformation ...' menu, you can find very useful information:

Chemistry - type of battery, such as Lithium Ion;

Design Capacity - the design capacity of the battery, that is, the maximum container that the battery will be posted during its manufacture;

Full Charge Capacity - the maximum battery charge value;

CURRENT CAPACITY - the current battery charge value;

Voltage - the current voltage value on the battery;

CHARGE RATE - battery charge / discharge rate.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

But we will be more interesting than the remaining battery resource, it can be determined by dividing 'Full Charge Capacity' on 'Design Capacity'. What it is lower than the greater the degree of wear of the battery.

Consider the battery resource information is presented in Figure: (40626MWH / 57720MWH) * 100% = 70.4%.

Replace the Battery Elements of the Toshiba Satellite T230-12T laptop.

Toshiba's laptop is operated for almost 5 years in the mode of almost constant network connection, the battery life has decreased by 30%, and moreover, the battery began to overheat: when charged, it was uncomfortable to keep the laptop on the knees, and if when the full charge is reached, do not disable charging on time The laptop overheated and disconnected. With a 30% loss of the capacity, it was possible to put up, but I did not put up with overheating and disconnection.

How to disassemble the laptop battery.

Only if it is assumed that the controller fee fee makes sense to repair the laptop battery with your own hands. If the controller is not correct or has already been blocked, it will require a controller programming to repair such a battery, and it is cheaper to do in a specialized workshop as a programming of one battery you will not pay off the program of the programmer and the program.

It is clear that you first need to remove the battery from the laptop. Next, you need to divide the plastic case into two halves and carefully remove the battery of the elements with the controller board. For me, this stage was the most difficult and demanded nontrivial solutions. I used the following methods:

To hurt the battery - twisted in the hands of the diagonal in the same way, then to another. This action can help curl to half the housing.

By inserting a plastic card (mediator or plastic blade) between the halves of the housing to try to push them. The main thing is to find a place where you can squeeze the card in the gap, and then go on the office further and further.

In the corners of the case, there may not be enough card rigidity and then you can apply a flat screwdriver, the main thing, separating the halves to act neatly for if the screwdriver jumps, then you can damage your hand, controller board, or battery item.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

The second step is simpler, but requires care: you need to determine the diagram of connecting the battery elements and connect to the controller board. It is best to make an assembly photo and draw an electrical connection scheme to put the polarity of connecting the elements.

In the case of the TOSHIBA battery, the element combination circuit is denoted as 2p3s, that is, two elements in parallel and three such blocks are sequentially.

Next, using a voltmeter, I confirm our scheme. First you need to determine the common point, usually on the controller board it is indicated as 0V or GND, we measure the remaining voltages at the assembly points to the controller board and write the testimony in the diagram. At all points relative to zero, positive voltages should be obtained if it is not so, then the mistake most likely arose in choosing a common wire. And you need to find a point with the lowest potential. Next, check the serial voltage increase on each sequentially included block of the elements. This increase should be positive.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

Already at this stage, voltages on the elements can make some assumptions about the status of elements, such as voltage imbalances on the blocks of elements.

In the next photo, you can see two thermal sensors glued with scotch on the elements.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

Attention!!! While the controller board is connected to the items item, it is not necessary to charge or discharge by external sources, you can only measure the voltage. With our own experiments with the controller, you can block it or in general.

Attention!!! Disable the controller from the assembly of the elements is necessary strictly in a certain way, otherwise it will be blocked. The first need to disappear wire (or bus) which has the greatest voltage, that is, the positive contact of the most extremely from zero of the battery element. Then the wire with the maximum voltage from the remaining and so repeat to the last wire.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

Now you can remove the controller and the scheme away, so as not to damage and not lose it.

But the battery elements can now be peaked in order to better understand what happened to the battery.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

Characteristics of lithium-ion batteries.

Choosing elements of laptop batteries for technical specifications.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

Voltage range.

The first one should pay attention to the type of chemistry of elements, since it depends very much from it. Most often Li-ion batteries with a voltage of 3.6 V, such batteries can be charged to 4.2 V voltage and discharge up to 3.0 V. It is very important to pay attention to the range of batteries, it is impossible for new elements to be designed for narrower Range than used in the battery. The output of the voltage on the elements above the tolerance will lead to its overheating and maybe even an explosion, and the output of the voltage below the allowable will lead to a sharp loss of the container.

Elements with a wider range of stresses can be used, though they may be unreasonably road.

Current charges and discharge.

Next that it is worth noting these charge / discharge currents, there are usually no problems here, it does not require the use of high-current batteries for laptops, it is not a power tool consuming dozens of amps. The value of currents in laptop batteries is calculated by amperers, most likely there will be no problem, but to clarify the current ability is worth it.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

Battery capacity.

With the capacity of batteries, it is easier, better so that it is comparable to the capacity of the original elements. The construction of the capacitance will lead to a decrease in the battery life of the laptop, but the intensification of the tank without flashing the controller will increase the operating time slightly.

For example, I replaced the elements from 2900mach to 3350mach, and it should have led to a 15.5% increase in capacity. A laptop battery controller was programmed that it was installed on 2800mach items and replaced them to elements with a capacity of 3000mach.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

Clarify that the assembly of 6 lithium batteries with a voltage of 3.6 V. and to translate the capacity from Watt clocks for the battery, in the ampere hours for the elements, the first must be divided into 6 (batteries) and another 3.6 V (voltage on Element).

If you want to save, and the battery life is not important, then you can put items to a lower container or reduce the number of batteries included in the parallel (for example, instead of two put one). Only specify the current load of the batteries, since the batteries to a smaller capacity usually have a smaller current.


And of course, what should pay attention to the dimensions of the batteries. The most common standard size used in removable laptop batteries - cylindrical 18650, where the first two digits indicate the diameter of the battery 18 mm, and 65 mm is long. Although due to the characteristics of the design of the electrodes, the presence or absence of the protection board, the length may be greater and such batteries may not fit into the old case.

It is worth clarifying that in the laptop batteries use elements without platforms: protection against voltage output from the operating range, overheating, the current exceeds the battery controller. If there are only elements with protection boards, then you need to remove these fees so they can interfere with the operation of the controller, and longer elements are unlikely to be able to shove into the old case.

Restoring the laptop battery.

Restore the disassembled battery makes sense only if it turned out to carefully disassemble the old laptop battery, without damaging the controller fee, without setting a short circuit and properly disconnect the assembly from the elements (from the maximum plus to minus). At the same time, the battery controller did not fail and was not blocked. Yes, you can buy a new controller or find a programmer and a program to unlock the controller, but for single repair of the battery it is not justified!

The first thing to do is to find new workable items that we install in the battery case. Look at the brand of old elements and find their characteristics on the Internet: chemistry type, voltage, charge and discharge currents, container.

For example, my TOSHIBA laptop is equipped with six Panasonic NCR18650 elements, in any search engine you can find a PDF file with the characteristics of these elements.

Where to take items?

You can choose good elements from old - "secondary" use, you can buy new elements in your city, order from foreign shops or auctions such as ibay or aliexpress.

How to solder Li-Ion batteries.

Many insist on the fact that it is possible to collect a battery from the elements only with the help of contact welding, as they do in production. And the battery solder will disable it or reduce the service life. I can say that if this assembly does not exploit in extreme conditions, you can do the right soldering.

Of course, it will take longer, but no contact welding machine will be needed.

For proper soldering, you need:

Soldering iron (preferably with a temperature stabilization) with a capacity of at least 40W and a wide sting;

Soldering acid and brush (can be cotton wand);

tin-lead solder type POS-61;

sandpaper or feet;

What or clip for fixing batteries.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

The quality of any soldering is entirely depends on the correct logging of soldered surfaces. And most importantly in the battery solder it is not to overlay them!

Therefore, you need to prepare well:

settled in a well-ventilated room,

Establish on a soldering iron 350 gr. Celsius,

Clean the electrodes

Fix the element.

Now you can proceed:

We apply a brush to the electrode a small amount of acid,

On the sting of the soldering iron, you gain more solder,

Energetic movements of sting rubbed solder into the electrode.

On the photo losing item from the old battery. With soldered wire.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

Important!!! You can not fill the battery for longer than 2 seconds, if you did not have time to fill in 2 seconds, then we postpone the element and repeat the attempt only after it cools.

Important!!! Do not inhale evaporation when soldering, acid like its pairs are harmful to health.

Important!!! When the battery is listed, it is necessary to remove the residues of the soldering acid, for example with a swath moistened with alcohol, well, or at least vodka.

The safest version of the soldering, this is a soldering battery with already welded petals. How to solder battery 18650 with petals? It is necessary to inform the edge of the petal, preventing the heating of the element itself.

And this is a new battery with a welded counter welding petal from mobile charging.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

When all the elements are served need to check the equality of the voltage on them, if the voltages differ more than several hundred volts, then voltages should be equalized using a special charger, or by connecting the batteries in parallel.

Attention!!! With a parallel connection of elements with different degrees of charge and, accordingly, different voltages, there may be huge currents, since the currents are limited only by the meager internal resistance of the batteries and the resistance of the circuit wires.

To limit the current, the battery chain breaks on the resistor. The resistance value of the resistor should not be below the DU / IMAX, that is, the difference in the voltages on the battery elements divide to the maximum allowable charge / discharge current of the batteries.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

We connect the batteries and the resistor along the diagram and wait until the voltage on the resistor does not become less than a volt cell.

When the voltage on all elements is balanced, you can move to the assembly of them into the battery, the easiest way to connect new elements to use old connecting bus, but if they are damaged during disassembly, you will have to look for copper foil with a thickness of 100-200 microns.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

Collecting elements in the battery you need to stick to the original battery circuit, and the location of the items is better to leave as in the original battery.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

Soldering batteries.

By collecting a battery from six elements, I first all the elements combined with pairs: the cons of the two elements together and the advantages together together. Then three pairs turned on sequentially.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

Now that the assembly of elements is ready, you need to connect the controller to it.

Important!!! The controller is connected in the reverse order, that is, we start with wires with the smallest potential and moving upwards: 0 V and 3.6 V, only then 7.2 V and finally 10.8 V.

Restoring the laptop battery. Battery, Battery, Restoration, Repair, Repair of Engineering, Long

Now it remains to carefully assemble the battery for checking. Without a rowing battery case, I connected it to the laptop and pressed the power button, but the laptop did not turn on and realized that when the old battery build was turned off, the controller moved to the transportation mode and turned off the battery. I connected to a laptop network nutrition, laptop started and saw a restored battery!

Based on the materials

Laptops are very popular among users thanks to the convenience of using them, because this is a portable technique, which one period may not depend on electricity. True, if the battery is "flying", then this advantage of the laptop will lose.

In addition, sooner or later, the battery "will order for a long time to live", because over time she begins to lose its properties. Are there any ways to restore the laptop battery? Of course have. Tips and recommendations on this issue are read further.

How to understand that it's time to restore the battery

How to Restore Battery (Battery) Laptop - Useful Tips and Recommendations

Modern batteries models can work without a socket from about two to eight hours. In addition, manufacturers claim that the operation of the ACB depends on the working cycles - charge and discharge.

According to them, the power supply will function without failures of the order of 400-500 cycles. Depending on how often you will use a laptop, it is about three or even four years.

True, the accumulator problems may occur before. How to understand that the battery is already necessary to restore?

If a laptop has some problems, the software must notify you about it. The system will inform you about the low battery volume and will give a recommendation to replace it. If you often work for a laptop computer, you will definitely notice that the time of autonomy of technology has fallen over time. It can be from an hour to 10 minutes. To better figure out all the processes occurring in a laptop, it is necessary to do this in stages.

The battery in this technique is a scheme that consists of 4-8 cans (these cans can be 12). The controller manages their discharge and charging.

Failures in this system occur for such reasons:

  1. ELEMENTS OF AKB has developed a resource. It happens that individual banks fail, in this case, you can replace only them. This procedure is called "repacking", and such a battery is "dead".
  2. After complete discharge, the battery fails to restore. In such cases, the elements are usually good. But the fact is that due to the small voltage, the controller blocks charging.
  3. The controller broke. Here you are unlikely to handle yourself. As a rule, the fee is changed to a new element.

How to restore the battery volume

How to Restore Battery (Battery) Laptop - Useful Tips and Recommendations

Specialists have several methods for eliminating this malfunction.

Calibrate acb using applications


Using calibration, you can improve the performance of the controller (of course, if the battery in working condition). This is done like this: With the help of software or utilities, the parameters of the voltmeter of the battery are zero.

Charging 100% indicates that the voltage in the cells of about 4.2V. But after some time the parameters are distorted, and the full charge is displayed long before the end of the feeding process.

Reset the controller will not improve the battery performance, but will help configure data display.

Method number 1.

Battery and laptop

You manually calibrate the battery sufficiently: Fully charge the battery, then discharge until the laptop is turned off and charge 100% again.

RECOMMENDATION! To calibrate the battery manually, you need to change the electrical power plan: turn on the ban to switch to sleep mode and automatically shut down the screen. To do this, go to the electrical power section on the control panel.

Method No. 2.

How to Restore Battery (Battery) Laptop - Useful Tips and Recommendations

There are special applications that help restore the battery. Such an application will do everything yourself, almost without your participation.

In addition, on the Internet you can download free software versions. Tip - Pay attention to the following programs:


Method number 3.

Repair Nouta

One of the most efficient ways with which you can restore the laptop battery (and it is used to various models of equipment: MSI, Packard Bell, Xiaomi). SAMSUNG users are often listening to this Council.

The essence of this method is to calibrate through the BIOS in this way:

  1. Turn on the computer into the outlet.
  2. In the process of rebooting, press the F2, F10, DEL or ESC button (the button selection will depend on the device model).
  3. In the BOOT section, select SMART Battery Calibration.

Any of these recommendations can be useful. Everyone chooses a more suitable advice for him. But it is better to familiarize yourself with all ways. If you did not approach any of them, there is another option - replace batteries.

Replace power supplies in the case

How to Restore Battery (Battery) Laptop - Useful Tips and Recommendations

Before taking a battery disassembly, prepare such tools:

How to Restore Battery (Battery) Laptop - Useful Tips and Recommendations

Further, depending on the type of battery, you will need to perform certain actions.


How to Restore Battery (Battery) Laptop - Useful Tips and Recommendations

Lithium-ion battery is used in modern models of portable computers. It is possible to restore it if you listen to subsequent advice:

  1. You need to very carefully separate the cocned parts of the case. It is possible to do this, warming up the data of the particle size. Just do not heat the accidentally the entire battery - direct the air jet to a specific place.
  2. Before separating the elements, draw them to the scheme, mark the place where the conclusions should be connected - "plus" and "minus". In addition, check the connection points with the controller or solder parts. This is a very important recommendation!
  3. Inspect the details on the presence of damage, bulges, incluses, etc. If at least one element is defective, it will be necessary to replace the rest.
  4. Measure the voltage on the outputs. Even with the full discharge of the computer it must be. If there are no voltages, then there are two options: or the controller broke, or the chain ripped.
  5. It is necessary to carry out balancing to restore the battery. Tip: Disconnect the elements from the board and connect them to the Balancar. Did not help? Then listen to the recommendations and install new items.
  6. At the end of the repair, the output voltage should approach the nominal value of the battery.
  7. Collect and glue all the details. Just do it very carefully.

If you have gathered to buy a battery, then our advice is to take it, like its predecessor, with the same dimensions and indicators. Typically, the laptops are installed 18650 size batteries by 3.6V. Portable computers for work from the battery are required voltage at 10.8-11.1V. Such indicators can be achieved by a sequential connection of three power sources by 3.6-3.7V.

Ni-MH or Ni-CD

Ni-MH or Ni-CD

In older laptop models, nickel-metal hydride (NI-MH) and nickel-cadmium (NI-CD) batteries are installed. Each has its own properties and advantages.

Tip: No matter what battery you have - the discharge process and charge must be made at room temperature.

You should not neglect this recommendation, because the heat, and frost can harm the battery. It is necessary to do everything in the same sequence as in the previous case. Do not forget about safety rules.

These power supply voltage is 1.2V. Therefore, to achieve the desired 10.8V, follow further recommendation: Connect nine batteries sequentially.

Tip! If all this information seems to you incomprehensible, then better listen to the recommendation and hand over the product to repair - let them work to be engaged (or buy a new battery).

What is forbidden to do to restore the battery

How to Restore Battery (Battery) Laptop - Useful Tips and Recommendations

Often, some users are resolved for quite dangerous experiments in order to restore the laptop battery. And sometimes it leads to fire or even an explosion.

So our advice is not risking the technique and first of all - to your health! You may have read various recommendations on the repair of AKB on the Internet.

But there are things that can not be done in any way:

  1. Connect battery items to the network directly.
  2. Put the battery in the freezer, after which you try to restore it. You can not use the battery at temperatures above + 45 ° C or below 0 ° C.
  3. Show contacts with any metal objects.
  4. Put the product into water or fire.
  5. Disassemble the battery, without having special skills, or discharge it with reservoirs.

All of the above tips and recommendations on how to restore the laptop battery are absolutely simple, but they will help continue the service life of the device, and also save your nerves and money.

Also, remember the rules for the use of technology. This contributes to the fact that the laptop will serve you as long as possible.

Batteries for laptop computers are expensive equipment, so if you have an old laptop that works fine, but requires replacing the battery, then before considering throwing out or not your dead battery for a laptop and replace the new you want to know how you can still revive Dead or dying battery, if it is at least 60% of total power. Fortunately, there are many ways that help restore the dead battery, some of them are technical in nature, some of them are beautiful and there are still some strange. But before moving on, you should also know it completely depends on the battery and factors. which led to his death, although the process can work or can not work. But it is worth it to try to revive the battery using these methods before buying a new one.

Ways to revive the dead or dying laptop battery:

Method 1 - Remember the battery

In general, it sounds ridiculous that the freezing of the dead battery of the laptop can return it to life, but this is true. You can freeze your battery from a laptop and, therefore, extend your life. To do this, follow this procedure how to do it:

Step 1: First, remove the battery and place it in a sealed package or plastic bag. Step 2: After that, put the package in the freezer and leave for 12 hours. (You can also leave it for a longer period, but not more than 24 hours) Step 3: As soon as you pull the battery from the refrigerator, remove the plastic bag and allow it to warm to room temperature.

Please note: as soon as he gets warm, make sure you wrapped it in a towel and fierce condensate. Step 4: Insert the battery and charge it completely. Step 5: As it charges, disconnect it from the power grid and give the discharge of the battery to complete discharge.

After that, repeat the 4th and 5th steps, at least 4 times, fully charge the battery, and then discharge it completely.

Note: This process is performed only on NiCD or NIMH batteries. Avoid attempts to this method on the lithium battery, as it will make it only worse for the battery. Unfortunately, there is no way to restore the lithium battery, but may help to extend the battery life. Follow the method 2.

Method 2 - cool your laptop

If you have a battery on a lithium-ion-based battery, you can extend your life by cooling your laptop. In case you have a laptop that really becomes hot while working, it can damage the battery and reduce battery life.

I personally tried this method on my laptop Sony VAIO and significantly increased the life of the laptop battery.

Method 3 - calibrate the battery

This process is not necessary for a new battery, but if the battery dies, it is a fairly old battery. So, in this case, the intermediate test will be beneficial for it. The reclamation of the battery is made because in some cases the OS cannot find out how much power remains in the battery. This happens when the laptop is always on the network or if the battery has never been deleted from the laptop.

If your battery does not charge up to 100%, but only for up to 95% or if the OS says that you are experiencing 35 min battery charge, but the car dies before or much later, then in this case your laptop battery needs to be calibrated. There are many calibration tools available on the Internet for a specific laptop model to make the process automatically, but if you have to manually calibrate the battery, follow the process shown below.

Step 1: The first is to charge up to 100% or up to the maximum value that can reach the battery and then leave it to cool for 2 hours. Step 2: After that, turn off the power and let the battery discharge. You can make it in two ways, the first, let the battery discharge until the laptop works and then set it to sleep mode or sleep mode from about 3 to 5%. In addition, you must make sure that the display remains on until it is either turns off, or does not switch to sleep mode. Step 3: Next, let the machine be disabled from 3 to 5 hours> then turn on the laptop again and charge 100%.

I hope, after that, your laptop must give you a more accurate value of the actual battery container.

Method 4 - Delete the battery when it is connected

If your laptop has a removable battery, then try to remove the battery while connecting to the network. You need to check how the laptop will work normally with the battery removed. Although if the laptop works normally and connected to the power source all the time, you can simply remove the battery.

Chemical reactions continue to occur in the battery it is installed in a laptop or not. But it can increase battery life, since the battery is cool when it is connected. But you should also make sure that the laptop work will not reduce its service life, otherwise the laptop will immediately die, and this may lead to data loss . But if you did not find this method standing, then fulfill the last best way.

Method 5 - Battery Charging up to 100%

In this method, you need to charge the battery to 100% and then disconnect the laptop from the network and when it dies (less than 5%), then connect it to the computer and charge it. On the contrary, this reduces battery life on a new lithium-ion battery; Therefore, in this case, it is impossible to allow a level drop from 35% to 45%, and then charge it from 75% to 85%. This, apparently, will seek the best life of the battery, since this method will not use so many charges and recharging cycles.

Method Restoring Battery LaptopWith long-term operation of the laptop, the problem of the actual battery charge data and values ​​that the controller shows may occur. To avoid such consequences, the device requires periodic calibration that will help identify the problem or state the fact of the physical wear of the battery. You can do this using a program to restore a laptop battery or built-in BIOS utilities. It is also possible to manual configuration.

Cases requiring battery calibration

The battery of any laptop consists of a controller and cans that are connected together in parallel or sequentially. The main task of the microcircuit is to control the process of recharging the cells of the battery. The result is displayed on the monitor of the laptop, but does not always coincide with the real level of charge of battery cans. Because of this, the device can turn off ahead of time. At the same time, the battery itself is not charged by 5-10%, but by 20-30%.

Laptop battery recovery programAs a result, the battery life of the laptop is reduced, it is necessary to charge more and more. Such a relation to the technique may result in rapid wear of the battery. In this case, there is a need to calibrate the AKB and termination of the operation of an incorrectly operating device.

Recovery can be performed using a program for resuscitation of a laptop battery, a special utility that is almost in each computer, manual setting. A simple calibration process will help lead to a single value of the real battery level and data displayed on the controller screen. If the laptop has an Akb type Ni - Cd (nickel-cadmium) or Ni - MH (nickel-metal-hybrid), then with the help of the utility, in addition, it will be possible to get rid of the "memory effect" (remembering the incorrect minimum values ​​of the ACB when connected to the network).

Reliability frequency

Laptop battery calibrationSpecialists are recommended to conduct preventive laptop battery calibration at least once every 2-3 months. This improves the performance of the device, helps to more accurately read the battery charge level data. Of course, this is not a dogma if the user does not have the need to receive unitage results.

Many laptop owners work for them by connecting devices to the network. Because of this, the need for a frequent use of built-in restorative utilities or universal programs does not occur. You can use them in the case when the computer turns sharply, the battery is quickly discharged.

Assessment of the capacity and status of the battery

Before you download a laptop battery calibration program or use the standard utility, a small analysis of the tank and the battery status should be carried out. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Laptop battery recoveryRun the command prompt on behalf of the device administrator.
  • Dial a simple command "PowerCFG. EXE - ENERGY - OUTPUT C: \ REPORT.HTML. "
  • Specify the path where the reporting file is saved, give it a name.
  • Wait for the end of analysis and assessment.
  • Go to the specified folder to view the report (the file may look like Report. HTML).
  • Go to a section called "Battery Information", and find information with the calculations in which it is mentioned about the latest full-fledged recharging.

If this value is less than the nominal battery capacity, then it needs calibration. It is worth remembering that programs and utilities for recovery is not a "tablet" from all diseases of the battery. If it fails to be cured in this way, the reason for the rapid discharge and unforeseen disconnection of the laptop is to wear the battery. It may take full diagnostics of the device and repair.

Manual recovery

The first way to help restore the laptop battery is manual setting. Even a novice user can cope with this task. Calibration is carried out as follows:

  1. You must fully charge the battery of the device.
  2. Disable the adapter and restart the laptop. After downloading, go to the BIOS and leave the device in this form until a complete discharge until the computer itself turns off.
  3. Connect the adapter. You need to charge the battery at the maximum.
  4. Load Windows and check the battery status using the command line.

If everything goes smoothly, then the old data of the controller will have to be reset. The disadvantage of this method lies in a small functionality and minimal set of features.

Third-party utilities

In automatic mode, the standard program for a laptop will help to perform calibration. Such utilities are available manufacturers of devices for diagnosing capacity and battery status. They can be downloaded on the official manufacturer's website for free. In addition, there are many universal utilities that are suitable for computers of various brands. Here are some examples of such programs:

  • Cases requiring battery calibrationUEFI System Diagnostic - Software on HP laptops. To use this program for a laptop battery, you need to press the ESC button while loading the device. After the menu appears, you should click on the F2 button. There will be an automatic transition to the system diagnostics where the user needs to select the Count "Battery Test". After the end of the check, you just need to make the battery calibration.
  • HP Support Assistant is another high-quality program for Hewlett-Packard devices. To restore the battery charge data, you will need to go to the start menu, programs and select a graph with the name of the utility. In a welcoming window, the user will be able to specify the parameters of the software. After that, you need to click the "Next" button, select the "My Computer" icon, open a Diagnostics tab (Diagnostics) tab. It remains only to click on the HP Battery Check window. The inspection results will help to determine what actions should be made with a battery (replace, calibrate, and so on).
  • Energy Management is a profile utility for Lenovo devices, which allows you to control the power supply of the device. After downloading and installing software, you must run it and press the gear that appears in the main window. Then you need to click on the "Start" button and run the calibration process by pressing the "Continue" graph.
  • Battery Mark is a restoring program for a laptop battery ASUS, Acer, Samsung. The peculiarity of this utility is the universality and the possibility of operational conduct of discharge cycles. The main purpose of the software is the regulatory testing of the device in a working or sleep mode, during the maximum load on the processor.

There are other third-party programs. Among them are found both free and paid utilities. The first features a simple interface and a minimum set of functions, for example, testing the performance of a laptop battery, identifying shortcomings. An example of such software is "Batterycare" and "Battery Eater". Paid utilities will delight expanded functionality. Here you can see statistical data, get notifications, check the battery capacity, make power tuning, etc. An example of such a program is "Smarter Battery", "Battery Optimizer".

Laptop manufacturers are recommended for recovering batteries to use profile utilities. Third-party software may not affect the performance of the battery and the device as a whole.

Built-in software

Reliability frequencyCalibration can be performed without resorting to third-party utilities using the BIOS system. A standard program for a laptop battery ASUS, Acer, Samsung and other brands is suitable. Thanks to simple software, you can see and correct errors associated with the charging process, directly to the BIOS. Depending on the manufacturer, the procedure for performing actions and the location of the buttons may vary.

In devices with PHOENIX BIOS, the calibration process will look like this:

  • Entrance to the BIOS computer.
  • Selection and launch of the Smart Battery Calibration feature, which can be found in the "BOOT" tab.
  • Pressing the confirmation button "Yes".
  • Waiting for the end of the battery restoration and the exit from the BIOS system.

Performing this procedure, you need to turn off the charger from the network. Otherwise, the user will receive a warning message.

Methods for extending the battery life

Adhering to the elementary rules of operation of the laptop Akb, it is possible to significantly extend the life of the battery life. In order for the device to delight its owner uninterrupted work, it is recommended to comply with the following recommendations:

  • Assessment of the capacity and status of the laptopRegular update of ACPI drivers and chipset programs that are responsible for the power supply of the device, the correct interaction of the main software and additional components.
  • BIOS update to the current version, which positively affects the performance of the laptop battery.
  • The use of various power supply schemes, pushing out from the type of work and the level of loads. For example, when ordinary surfing or watching a movie online, it is recommended to disable the "High Performance Mode".
  • Removing the battery in cases when it is possible to connect an adapter to the network.
  • When not using the battery, it is necessary to leave it charged by 60-70%. It is caused by the fact that lithium-ion batteries do not tolerate recharge or complete exhaustion.
  • You can not allow overheating of the device.
  • It is not desirable to use the device indoors with high humidity or low temperatures.

If the battery quickly consumes a charge even from the network, you should contact the service center for diagnosing the device. Perhaps the battery already requires replacement. The cause of this can also be a broken power supply unit or a charger to be replaced.

Adhering to simple rules of operation and regularly using special programs to restore the laptop battery, each user will be able to extend the battery life and the level of real charge performance indicators that are displayed by the controller on the monitor.

The battery is the first element in a laptop that is subject to wear. Over time, the battery capacity is reduced by virtue of natural physical processes, and the device is increasingly and more often connect to the outlet. Fortunately, this process is reversible.

Chip asked how to track the process of obsolescence of the battery, and is it possible to do something to extend your life.

Why it is useful to monitor the laptop battery

Laptop Battery Restore: Cheaper than Buy NewBecause when buying a new battery, a stingy can pay twice. For the sake of interest, we found out how much a new battery for different series of laptops will cost:

But it is not worth sharing the lower boundary of the price:

  • First, it will not be an original battery from the manufacturer. . Most likely, the brand is not known to anyone.
  • Secondly, you can deceive with a capacity. Do not check the battery in any way visually - perhaps it will be noticeably less declared.

And in general, why spend money, if you can make a good practice - follow the battery state?

How to track the condition of the battery

Without programs

You can use the built-in Windows tools. Open the command prompt on behalf of the administrator and execute the following command:

PowerCfg.exe -Energy -Output C: Battery.html 

Laptop Battery Restore: Cheaper than Buy New

In the specified Windows file will provide you highly A detailed report on the power consumption of your laptop - and indicates non-optimal settings for the power supply, and will show processes that strongly consume the battery. But most of all should be interested in a small section Battery: Battery information. And the last two digits in it:

Laptop Battery Restore: Cheaper than Buy New

If the last complete charge is much less than the calculated battery capacity, your battery is time to restore or replace.

Using programs

For those who do not like to mess around with a command line, there is a set of small utilities to control the battery. For example, a simple, convenient and Russified utility Battery Care. .

Download Battery Care

Laptop Battery Restore: Cheaper than Buy New

She is wonderful three things:

  • Firstly, It tracks battery discharge cycles - From her complete charge to full discharge. When their number exceeds 30, the program notifies the need to recover the battery.
  • Secondly, It monitors the stated and actual battery capacity. , and in the event that they begin to vary greatly, notifies the need for recovery.
  • Thirdly, She calculates the percentage of battery wear And you yourself can see how much degraded your battery is - and whether it is time to change it.

How to restore the laptop battery do it yourself

So, you received a signal that the laptop battery lost in the container. There are two relatively simple way to restore the battery capacity yourself: full of discharge и Calibration of the battery controller.

Full of discharge

Sometimes, the battery capacity is restored, a fairly simple procedure:

  1. Charge the laptop battery to the maximum (but not to disable from the network).
  2. Go to Control Panel> Power Supply> Creating a New Power Plan Laptop Battery Restore: Cheaper than Buy New
  3. Choose High performance and press Further Laptop Battery Restore: Cheaper than Buy New
  4. On the next screen in all drop-down lists, select Never And move the brightness slider to the maximum. Laptop Battery Restore: Cheaper than Buy New
  5. Click Create And disconnect the computer from the network.
  6. Leave the computer until the battery is completely discharged, and the device will not turn off in itself. This will be full of discharge.
  7. After that, as soon as possible, connect the computer back to the network and charge it back to 100%.

This procedure allows you to not restore the complete capacity - it is impossible to eliminate the physical wear of the batteries - then at least to increase it to extend the service life of the device.

The main thing - do not forget to return to the optimal power plan in Control panels .

Calibration Battery Controller

Laptop Battery Restore: Cheaper than Buy NewSometimes a decrease in the battery capacity is actually fictitious. This is not a real loss of tank, but just some kind of failure of the battery controller. If the system shows that you have a 10% charge, you can actually be 50%, just the controller fails and transmits it with incorrect data. The problem is solved by the calibration of the controller, that is, the elimination of the failure.

Different laptop manufacturers have their own utilities for calibrating the AKB controller. We collected a small selection for popular brands:

Your manufacturer (for example, Samsung) the calibration utility can be built into the BIOS. Try to click on Delete. or F2. And choose the menu Power Arrows on the keyboard. If there is an item Battery Calibration , Select it, click ENTER And wait for the end of the procedure.

Laptop Battery Restore: Cheaper than Buy New

What to do if the battery is not restored

In this case, probably serious physical wear, which requires a specialist intervention. Many service centers offer a battery capacity recovery service. In Moscow, such a service will cost 950 rubles - in any case, the difference compared with the purchase of a new battery is usually quite significant.

In the service center, the Master will reveal your battery, disconnect from the controller and remove batteries. After all, inside the plastic case there is simply a chain of several batteries, something like this:

Laptop Battery Restore: Cheaper than Buy NewIndependent replacement of nutritional elements is not provided here. That is, the batteries are not inserted into the nests, as in toys or other gadgets: their contacts are soldered together. Those who want to do repair independently, need to remember the following nuaceas.

Disassemble the case is not so easy. According to the manufacturer logic, the battery is a disposable element, its repair is not provided. Therefore, the body gloves "tight".

Old batteries need to be removed. That is, to unlock the welded contacts, which is not really so simple.

New, respectively, need to be soldered. In production, it is not even soldering, but contact welding. Not the fact that you will succeed.

And it is not all the features of the repair: for example, before installing each power item you need to "pump" in a special charger. So our advice to you - do not experiment if you, of course, is not an electronics engineer. In the service, everyone will be done for you, although they will ask for money for work. Restoration of the laptop battery is essentially a professional replacement of batteries in the battery pack.

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Photo: author, Wikimedia Commons, Aliexpress, Nublo Informatica

Sooner or later, each user faces the situation when the battery from its device becomes fully or partially not suitable for use. The easiest solution to solve the problem is to purchase a new charger. Unfortunately, the batteries are quite expensive, so users often resort to restoration of the device on their own. Detailed technique and will be considered in this article. It is suitable for laptops of different brand - Lenovo, Asus, HP, Samsung, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, etc.

How to restore the battery on the laptop

Return of battery performance

First of all, it is important for you to realize that any actions taken with respect to the charging element can entail a complete refusal of the device from work. This is due to the fact that with third-party intervention, the controller is blocked for recharging. In this regard, it is advisable to replace the battery completely or make exclusively calibration.

Method 1: Battery Calibration

This is probably the easiest method of restoring the battery performance, but it can be significantly improved by the charge rate and extend the battery life. On the Internet there are many utilities specializing in calibration. Most Popular Representatives: Battery Eater, Batterycare, Battery Optimizer. When using any of these applications, you will notice the result literally for a couple of minutes. Programs analyze the condition of the battery and select the most optimal mode for its operation.

Battery Calibration Process on Laptop

Method 2: Hand charging cells

The use of this method is associated with a significant risk of bringing the battery to complete unsuitability. Most often it is used if the charging element does not see the computer. For charging, a device is needed, which is called IMAX. It is with his help you can return the battery that the condition that was still when purchasing the device, well, or, lead it to complete unsuitability.

  1. Make sure the kitter on the device works. To do this, you will need to promote the battery and use the multimeter.
  2. Spend a visual analysis of performance. Make sure all chips are soldered and there are no dark spots. If any malfunction is detected, you can be sure to confident that the problem lies in the controller.
  3. An example of a disassembled controller from a laptop battery

  4. The same procedure can be made easier. It is necessary to attach a copper cord to the fighter contacts and find out the voltage of the miltimeter.
  5. Use the connector on the controller from the laptop battery

  6. If the controller is not amenable to self-repair, it will definitely have to acquire a new battery.
  7. Check the performance of cells. To do this you need a tester.
  8. Slide the case and find individual elements similar to simple batteries.
  9. An example of an open battery from a laptop

  10. With the help of the previously used device, find out the voltage force for each pair.
  11. Check battery pairs in a laptop battery

  12. If suddenly some elements are not active, they will simply be replaced to return the battery performance.
  13. In order to make a charge of an IMAX device, it will be necessary to attach it using a special balancing cord.
  14. Using Balancing Cable from Imax

  15. The rest of the wiring is attached to the track or directly to the board.
  16. The positive cable is connected to the corresponding pole, after which IMAX starts and the terminals with contacts are attached according to the char. For simplicity of this step, the Terminals made different colors.
  17. Clem connection process from Imax

  18. Switch to the main menu of the device and go to the block "USER SET PROGRAM" .
  19. Go to the User-Set-Program section on IMAX

  20. Be sure to make sure the battery is suitable for IMAX settings.
  21. Choosing a variety of battery on IMAX

  22. Open the main window, select the desired mode and click on the item. "Start" .
  23. Transition to battery balancing on IMAX

  24. Be sure to set the number of cells available in the battery.
  25. Go to the Balance section and click on the inscription "Start" To start the battery performance procedure.
  26. All that you have left is to accept charging and wait for the end of the recovery procedure.
  27. The process of checking the battery using IMAX

  28. Check the device by finding out its voltage. With correct operation, the value should be equated to the rated power.
  29. Right battery voltages from laptop

  30. Connect the battery and make sure that the laptop was able to detect it.

Method 3: Manual replacement of cells

In the event that any cell came to unfortunately, and the previous method did not give the result, you will need to personally change the non-working component. It can be bought in special stores or just get from an unused battery.

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The most important thing is to pay attention to - the power of new cells. It should not be different from other elements used.

  1. To replace the cell, first of all, it is necessary to remove it from the network. Usually enough for this simple soldering iron.
  2. Even if only one element is not working in the pair, it is recommended to replace both, even one that does not cause any anxiety.
  3. Successfully disabled pair of batteries

  4. Connect new batteries and connect the circuit, necessarily making sure the connection is correct using the multimeter.
  5. Checking the laptop batteries using IMAX

  6. Perform the steps described in the second method in order to calibrate the cells and on this recovery procedure can be considered complete.

When performing all these actions, the controller may be damaged. In order to return its performance, a special software is used, which can be found on the resources of manufacturers or the Battery EEPROM Works program. But usually use these applications can only people closely associated with electronics, since the simple user will master such a software will be extremely problematic.

You can fix the battery from the laptop yourself, but there are very significant risks, which is not always justified. Agree, weakly working battery is still better than blocked.

The most vulnerable part of the laptop is the energy unit. It is mobility that causes the choice of a gadget that does not provide an upgrade, unlike a desktop computer. The laptop battery includes several elements of Forms of Factor 18650, connected in pairs to increase the total capacity, and in a quantity, in an amount to obtain the desired voltage at the output. The failure of one cell will reduce the capacity and voltage of the entire battery.

Battery laptop

Why the laptop battery life is reduced

The reason for the reduction of the capacity may be incorrect operating conditions of the device, deep discharge of the battery. The control chip malfunction is possible or an opening at any point, violation of contacts with the processor. Proper diagnostics by 50% will solve the problem, the method of resuscitation of the battery is determined. In the laptop, there are software that control the current battery status, you can install programs to restore the battery work with your own hands.

Often, in a serviceable battery, inconsistency of the internal components of the system occurs. The problem sharply reduces battery charge. In this case, the battery is required - return to the initial capacity to align the operation of cells, chip and control unit. Taking advantage of the batterycare laptop restoration program, you can get an automatic assistant free. The program itself will calibrate, it is important at this moment not to turn off the laptop and do not use it. The process can last up to 10 hours.

Notebook Battery Settings

Having installed ultimate, you can check the condition of the battery, the remainder of its life cycle. Worn battery generated resource, calibration will not help.

Is it possible to restore the laptop battery?

All other methods of intensive care, except calibration, are associated with the opening of the Energy Emergency Corps. It is necessary to determine the type of cells - lithium and or nickel-metal hydride set of elements is installed inside. Information will be available on the battery case. Your task will be the replacement of old components on fresh, identical in containers and dimensions. It is important to open the battery case without damage to the lid and the controller inside.

Set the reason for the output of their standing battery will help resist in the form of a 12 V voltage light and multimeter. You need to connect the extreme conclusions with the car light bulb and check the voltage by a multimeter. If it is equal to the worker - the reason in the controller. Below the worker - you need to find scored banks - measuring the tension on each. Copy the compounds scheme or take a picture large in several positions. The controller carefully remove the assembly to spill. Measure the voltage on the terminals of each element and make a rejection.


Laptop battery recovery after deep discharge

Perhaps the lithium battery was discharged below the minimum threshold. Then it is necessary to deceive the controller and restore the charge of each element to 3.4 V, without breaking the connection. You need to put a battery for charging without a controller, applying resistance, 5 W light bulb, and a regular charger. After raising the voltage, install the controller again, close and charge the battery at the place. So restore the battery from lithium batteries after a deep discharge.

Nickel -Cadmium or metalhydride battery is provided in the working condition by the impact of cold. You can restore the capacity of the laptop battery with your own hands, putting it in a thick plastic package in the freezer for 12 hours. After the device, they give a little warm, remove the condensate from him. After 30 minutes, the battery put in place, include meals and leave for 10 hours, not a disturbance gadget. At the end of the charging, you should completely discharge and recharge the battery before work. With the help of the freezer, even a completely deceased battery can be restored for 30 minutes. It is not clear how to explain the phenomenon, but the method is valid.

How to restore Li-ion laptop battery

Latest laptop models are produced using lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries. Gadgets with such energy drives poorly carry cold, they are characterized by a deep discharge and difficulty of subsequent charging. Restoring the performance and capacity of the laptop battery with your own hands in the following cases:

  • The operating resource of the cells is designed for 3-4 years, but it can be exhausted much earlier, with a loss of capacity by 50%. Then the node disassemble and replace all or partially accumulators 18650, identical. The method is called "repacking".
  • Faulty controller. It is impossible to restore his work at home, it will be necessary to buy a new part.
  • There are damages in the power scheme, the contacts moved, the wire break - the malfunctions are diagnosed with instruments.

Repair of lithium drives is associated with the danger of depressurization of the housing and the release of harmful aerosols, ignition. If the controller is damaged when opening, the details are further repaired economically useless.

How to restore a laptop lithium battery

Tools for repair AKB

There are two types of lithium batteries - lithium-ion and lithium polymer. The second have a soft packaging, take any form and less dangerous when the shell is destroyed. In laptops, the lithium-ion elements of the forms factor 18650 are used more often, in light ultrabooks - soft lithium polymer elements.

How to restore a lithium-ion battery, what conditions do it is necessary to fulfill? For repacking, the elements are selected fully corresponding to the old on the tank, voltage and dimensions. Procedure:

  • Open the battery cover, without damage - a difficult, but solved task.
  • Conduct a visual inspection of the assembly for the presence or absence of traces of the cliff, KZ, contact violations. Take a picture of the assembly, taking into account the fact that you have to restore all the connections.
  • Check the scheme for integrity multimeter. The voltage must be, the absence speaks of a chain break or a controller malfunction.
  • When replacing elements, use the remaining bridges or put copper wires, ensuring the desired area of ​​contact. Fly quickly, not overheating case.
  • Perform connections with controller and thermal sensor.
  • Ensure the correct assembly by performing measurements by a multimeter on the outputs.

The case can be glued or combined with a tape. The main thing, the battery should be in place. To restore the charge and the capacity of the laptop battery, you should dig it, making several cycles charge-discharge. You can use the Special Calibration Program.


We offer a visual lesson how to restore the laptop lithium battery charge with your own hands. Pay attention to the features of connecting batteries in the battery.

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