PVE - What is? Detailed description, examples of games.

Abbreviation PVE (Player Versus Environment) is a player against a surroundings or a player against monsters, this term is the opposite of the term PVP.

PVE In games, this is usually the storyline, you can pass it both one and the company of other players (in some games). In many


Games PVE mode is the only way to develop a character, pumping it and picking up "LUTA" (Equipment). For the murder of "mobs" (monsters) we get experience points, as well as pumping the selected game character.

Sometimes in the PVE, the storyline is accompanied by gaming rollers where the plot is shown, the story, the purpose of the task is the so-called cat scene.

Almost all MMO games have PVE content and many more PVP, for example:



Lineage 2.



And many other MMORPG games.

Hello everybody! Dmitry Kin at the helm and immediately you a question in the forehead.

- What do you prefer PVE or PVP more? Oh yeah, because you do not fully understand what it is, right?

OK! Then you should not waste time, it is better to immediately begin to disassemble what PVP and PVE in games, compare both modes, and at the same time I will give you a few examples from different games. Here we go?

Confrontation in pvp games

With the development of the Internet, this regime has become very popular. If you say in a nutshell, then PVP is a game against other players.

What features are there games with real opponents?

  • Unpredictable result. You never know how your opponent behaves, from this game becomes more diverse.
  • Spirit of rivalry. When your opponents achieve high results, then you will definitely want to lose your nose with justice.
  • Participation in tournaments and championships. If you are a super player, then you can make myself a career of a cybersman, because it is in PVP battles, professional players earn their bread.

In general, if you have blood boiling from the desire to show your skills and put the ass to real opponents, this mode will definitely bring you pleasure.

Features of the PVE mode

Here it is no longer possible to face forces with real opponents. PVE is a confrontation with a computer.

It may be single games with passage, and can be online games in which you can unite with other players and pass the game together.

Let's post a few features of this mode:

  • You can choose complexity. Of course, this choice is not always available, but in most cases you can set the level of complexity of the game.
  • Studying the Gaming World. Relax and enjoy the passage, the developers tried to make the game unique.

If you like more than a dimensional game, PVE is your choice.

Examples of popular games

Now almost all games are tied to the Internet, and at the same time developers try to offer players at once both game modes.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Typical PVP shooter. Everything in this game is sharpened to confront teams. Let's get against skil players and you will not even chance for victory.

Warface is also a first-person shooter, but two modes are already combined here, you can shoot in live players, and you can collect the team and hover the pretzels to bots.

World of tanks. Who are we fighting here? Right with real players, which means this PVP game. Everything is very simple!

Now you yourself can easily distinguish PVP from PVE, and what kind of game the game choose this is just a matter of taste.

I personally love both modes, and in which one to play depends on the game itself, as well as mood. The main thing is that the process brings pleasure.

What do you like more? Write in the comments. And I finish this article, stay on the verge of reality along with the Kingames project and a good game.

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Pve is a reduction from Player VS Environment - a player against environment / environment. In the game with PRU conditions, all the efforts of players are focused on victories over monsters and dungeon bosses, that is, with artificial intellect.

The concept of PVE includes the character pumping to the maximum level by performing quests, murder of mobs and the passage of dungeons, participation in various gaming events and euments.

Pveo in the Second World War is a very large part of the game, and many are not helpful believe that the whole game is mostly oriented precisely on Pve. Although recently, there are increasingly paying attention to PVP, popularizing BG And the arena, offering a new PVP content. However, PVE in Wow still occupies a leading position. It is not for nothing that the quality of this part of the game content usually indicate among the advantages of World of Warcraft.

End-game Pve is a passage of the raid dungeon level at the maximum available player. As a rule, End-Game Pve requires a high-knowledge player features of its class, the presence of good equipment and the ability to quickly master in the new conditions. For the passage of the End-Game Pve, guilds are created, which constantly produces a set of new frames in order to ensure the guild of the necessary classes and specializations.

As in PVP, there are special PRU Bilds for all classes. The main difference between PVE builds in what they are targeting on:

  • Ensuring a stable damage throughout the entire battle with the boss, while PVP builds to apply massive damage for a short period of time
  • high-quality powerful tank and raid treatment
  • Survival of the tank under the blows of bosses, the presence of saving abilities for the experiences of particularly strong spells

Pve-Server - means that the players of the opposite faction will not be able to attack you outside the city at neutral territories, until you yourself install your character "PVP flag".

Unlike PVP servers, PVE servers meant the absence of a constant threat Gank : Attacks on you a representative of the opposite fraction, often higher levels. The PVP flag is disabled on the PVP default server, so you cannot become an enemy's goal without your own desire. However, if you come to the enemy territory, the PVP flag immediately turns on, while you still can not attack opponents until they attack you. These territories include servers include enemy capital, starting zones of races and special PVP zones, like Oolo.

I do not recommend WOW Pve Server to players who love an active game, meeting with opponents, fight for survival and so on. Often, playing on Pvea server, you get bored and you leave it disappointed.

Online Games For the most part, it is beautiful that the gameplay goes much more alive than in offline games. Awareness that the real person opposes you, delivers a lot of pleasure and makes a lot of features in the gameplay unattainable in the outside network game. Most online projects of all styles, and especially RPG, are specifically sharpened under the opposition between real players. It is the PVP (Player Versus Player) mode and is the main cherry on the cake. Although, in many network games, the character development and plot is impossible without PVE mode (Player Versus Environment). Not all players understand the difference between the modes, therefore, cannot correctly adjust and properly prepare their character. The main nuance is that weapons, armor and generally all the equipment, as a rule, can fit well for PVP battle and be little useful in PVE mode. True, not all MMO boasts such features, but where these features are still present, they are key factors of successful development. Let's try to figure out the character equipment and other features of these two game modes.

Pvp.Speaking about PVP and PVE modes, first of all you should imply RPG-style games. It is among MMORPG that these modes received the most distribution. In online strategies, for example, constant PVP also reigns, but, unlike MMORPG, everything goes here on the rolled track and fights against AI or real players are not too different. And if in the same "war tribe" battles occur solely between real players, then in "My Lands", the most "delicious" places meet hordes under the control of artificial intelligence, they are very difficult to speak with which it is extremely difficult. For example, in the popular MMORTS "TRAVIAN", there is a raus called "Natara". So, these very natures are managed by a computer and have some superiority before the rest. As for its own development, the player, as developed his village, is developing. As fought against real characters, it continues to do it with fights against bots. In other words, gaming techniques, both in peaceful and in military development, are no different. It is quite another thing when the player has its own specific character, frightened from the head to the legs of the appropriate equipment. In this case, there is a huge difference between PVE and PVP. For example, in MMORPG called "Runes of Magic" on PVP servers, starting with a 15-level level, players can attack each other, and do it they can absolutely without warning. But on the server with a PVE mode, before the start of the battle, the participants are obliged to achieve full and mutual consent. Naturally, both modes have to combine, in order to develop the hero, since the PVE mode, although it is not such an exciting as PVP, but it is on its shoulders that the plot is entrusted, the fulfillment of key quests and the entire evolutionary process.

Features of the equipment in some network RPG is that for PVP battles, arming and dressing the character, you need to achieve maximum stability, increasing the glasses of lives, increasing the chance of critical impact, improving the common breakdown, etc. But in PVE battles, especially when there is a job in the team like the next battle raid or siege of the castle, the first place comes out the equipment that will generally increase the effectiveness of a particular character type of character, from the point of view of its key role in the team. So, for the tank, things are needed as much as possible to protect it, for the so-called. "Damagra" - things that increase the accuracy for a healer - an increase in mana regeneration or an increase in the effectiveness of the healing of combat comrades. For example, in the famous "World of Warcraft" there is a concept as stability. This skill does not work when PVE battles, but is intended exclusively for PVP fights. The stability indicator is responsible for lowering the damage obtained, so it is key in battles against real rivals on PVP servers. Consequently, clothes and the rest of the props, which can be put on the hero, with a competent approach to the gameplay, will differ significantly, since things that increase the stability of the character in the PVP battles will not be useful in PVE missions. And similar examples mass. Thus, things that make emphasis in PVP battles for stability, making maximum damage, endurance, the ability to avoid damage, etc., give a lot of unnecessary bonuses in PVE mode. Ideally, the hero should possess two sets of uniforms and weapons for all cases of virtual life.

However, not in all network games such a difference exists. For example, the same "Fight Club" offers its fans, in the main mass, exclusively in the style of PvP. In the existing mode of training, as well as when performing some plot tasks implying battles against bots, there is absolutely no difference in the features of the equipment.

Differences of PVP and PVE modes in some network games.

As mentioned earlier, the PVP competition is the most interesting thing that most network games can offer. Actually, for the sake of PVP, people are mostly played in MMO. However, the gameplay of some multiplayer games is such that without the participation of traditional NPCs, mobs and bots can not do. For example, "11x11 - Football Manager" is forced to dilute Cup fights of playoffs with bots. It happens like this: the system exhibits a new tournament with a monetary prize. The total time reserved for its holding is 1 hour. The number of participants is 64. During this time, the necessary mass of the players will not have time to gain, therefore 10-20 real participants are gaining, and the remaining commands appear in the form of AI. At the same time, the fights against these commands are characterized by the fact that your players are not suitable for the match in an optimal form. Players simply did not have time to recover after the previous game, and the opponent's computer team absolutely always has soccer players with 100% vigor. As a result, games against such teams are very hard. It is worth noting that a similar mechanism uses almost all network games of sports and economic nature, whether football, basketball, hockey and other online manager.

For example, the gameplay in the famous "War Thunder" is built in such a way that without intervention of bots, it is also not to do. The passage of companies, individual missions or simple participation in random network battles is constantly associated with the presence of mobs in the form of ground and air equipment. By the way, "World of Tanks" is positioned, precisely as the purest PVP, however, some suspicious cases that occasionally occurring in the game process, they pushing the idea that instead of a real enemy, the player fights against artificial intelligence. For the slightest mention of such suspicion of the official game forum, the administration instantly banits of all and everyone, which once again confirms some validity of these troubled guesses, although collecting facts for evidence of the participation of AI in the game process is practically unrealistic. Nevertheless, this topic is so extensive that it perfectly deserves a separate article.

Among the players are constantly without subsidizing disputes about PVE or PVP. Some prefer one mode, others - the other. To someone like it calmly develop, destroying not too dangerous mobs and not expose their character excessive danger, and someone loves more hot-time. PvP opponents do not like to be constantly on a straight, look around, hiding the most valuable things in hard-to-reach places in order not to lose them, in the case of a possible sudden attack. Such players prefer smooth passage, battle against mobs, without different unpleasant surprises. PVE opponents fully insist that PVP is really close to the real life. For example, on the PVE server, on the same WoW, you can coherely, rude and in every way to play to other players, feeling your own impunity, but on the server with PVP such a Hama can immediately shit, killing and robbing. Such features are inherent, as a rule, client MMORPG. Browser RPG are simpler, although there are exceptions among them.

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