Erection of a member in men: disappears, weak, sex, bad

In Eastern culture, such spices such as curry, red pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus, cardamom are used as natural aphrodisiac. Each of these products is a powerful sex stimulant that increases the attraction and enhancing sensations from intimate relationships.
Erection of penis Very important for a man, boyfriend, boys, teenagers (teenage), boy. Erection in men Depends on the huge number of factors. For normal operation of the sexual system should be sufficient erection time. If a Erection disappears , weak erection, no erection, a bad erection quickly weakens and falls, this is a serious reason to appeal to a specialist in private medical practice. Fast Men's erection Must be sufficient for conducting sexual acts. If a Sex erection gives failures, involuntary morning erection (in the morning) has not appeared long ago, the night erection is sluggish, incomplete, you celebrate Problems with erection , you need to undergo diagnosis and Treatment of erection .

Erection of penis in men. Why disappears, no, how to do, improve erection? Improvement, increase strengthening erection

In Eastern culture, such spices such as curry, red pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus, cardamom are used as natural aphrodisiac. Each of these products is a powerful sex stimulant that increases the attraction and enhancing sensations from intimate relationships.Erection of a member. Disappears erection?

Erection of penis Very important for a man, boyfriend, boys, teenagers (teenage), boy. Erection in men Depends on the huge number of factors. For normal operation of the sexual system should be sufficient erection time. If a Erection disappears , weak erection, no erection, a bad erection quickly weakens and falls, this is a serious reason to appeal to a specialist in private medical practice. Fast Men's erection Must be sufficient for conducting sexual acts. If a Sex erection gives failures, involuntary morning erection (in the morning) has not appeared long ago, the night erection is sluggish, incomplete, you celebrate Problems with erection , you need to undergo diagnosis and Treatment of erection .

Why disappears the erection, the causes of the lack of erection, the effect on the erection

Reasons due to which often Erection disappears diverse. What affects the erection? The effect on the erection has the following factors - the causes of weak erection.

1. Diseases of the nervous system (stress, neurosis, depression, apathy, asthenia, VDR, vegetative-vascular dysithonia, fears, sclerosis, alzhelera disease, senile dementia).

2. diseases of the prostate gland (acute or chronic prostatitis, prostateness, prostate adenoma).

3. Team diseases (orchitis, epididimitis).

4. Diseases of the urinary system (cystitis, urethritis).

5. Cardiovascular system diseases (IBS, coronary heart disease, hypertension, GB, arterial hypertension, high, high blood pressure / Hell /, hypertensive crisis, stroke, infarction of MiOgrad - heart rate, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) .

Increasingly at the reception at the gynecologist, are interested in how to increase libido in women, and what drugs are safe to use in such a situation? Funds that can quickly and effectively increase the libido set, however, such drugs are forbidden to be taken systematically, despite the absolute nature and safety of the composition. It is possible to use stimulants for excitation periodically, for the severity of feelings and in case of short-term loss of libido. If the loss of sexual desire has a long period, then the reason must be installed using a detailed survey of the body.6. Diseases of the endocrine system, low testosterone level, decline in androgens (gynecomastia (increase in breast / dairy / glands in men, obesity, anorexia, pathological male climax, diabetes, after castration).

7. Psychological reasons (anxiety expectation syndrome of sexual failure, anxiety, imperidity, psychological problems).

8. Fatigue, severe physical work.

9. Injuries, surgical operations.

10. Hydodina, sitting work.

11. Drug use.

12. Smoking, tobacco.

13. Alcoholism, alcohol abuse.

14. The effect of negative physical factors (electromagnetic radiation, radiation radiation).

15. Incorrect meals (oily food, high-calorie diet, fried and smoked products, overeating, carbonated drinks, hamburgers, sausage, beer, sweet - candy, cakes, cake, cookies, waffles, puffs, slots, grazing).

16. Reduced sexual entry (libido).

17. Venericual diseases (veins of the disease), sexually transmitted infections.

18. Earlier transferred children's infections (infections in children), circumcision (after circumcision).

19. Age (with an increase in age there is a deterioration in the erection, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 years).

It should be remembered that after erection and ejaculation, the refractory period comes during which a man cannot carry out sex acts, having sex. The angle of erection in all men is different, the higher the member directed, the better the erection.

Sarklynik conducts treatment of erection violations, developed a video course "Healthy Erection - Healthy Sex", you can watch it even in HD quality. Interesting exercises for erection, training, yoga, meditation.

Improvement and enhancement of erection

Sarklynik (Saratov) conducts a comprehensive improvement in erection, increasing the erection of the penis using effective methods. Violation of the erection of the penis can be cured. You will forget about what is unstable, bad, soft, unstable, not complete, weakened erection.

How to extend, improve, enlarge, strengthen erection?

At consultation, patients ask: " How to extend quickly Increasingly at the reception at the gynecologist, are interested in how to increase libido in women, and what drugs are safe to use in such a situation? Funds that can quickly and effectively increase the libido set, however, such drugs are forbidden to be taken systematically, despite the absolute nature and safety of the composition. It is possible to use stimulants for excitation periodically, for the severity of feelings and in case of short-term loss of libido. If the loss of sexual desire has a long period, then the reason must be installed using a detailed survey of the body.Erection of Penis ? "," How to instantly improve and strengthen a member's riser? "," How to raise an erection during sex? "," What to do if the erection disappeared, she falls, why not? "," Why no erection? " "How to control the situation?" Unfortunately, many drugs, means of improvement, medicine, ring, vitamins, rising funds, tablets, folk remedies, stimulants for erection do not help get rid of diseases, so do not engage in self-medication, contact Sarklinik. The doctor is a sign, how to extend and improve the erection. Strengthening, raising, extension, strengthening, an increase in erection is quick and comfortable. After treatment, you will have a frequent good long-term strong erection. Modern medicine will help you.

Men's erection, treatment of erection, how to increase the erection, how to treat erection

If a Men's erection The "sexual apparatus" (genital) gives failures if you are ashamed of your partner, a girl, a woman, you just need to take the treatment of erection from a doctor. The lack of a good erection is a big problem. Moreover, if there is a random erection on the beach, in transport, in a public place, on the bus (in pants, in shorts, in swimming trunks), normal erection when viewing erotica, but there is no one before sex, the erection disappears during sex, its quality suffers , Member falls, then it is very bad, you need to treat an erection. If you have problems, you can online ask the doctor's question, find out all the secrets how to keep an erection, get the answer for free, read reviews.

If you have a long permanent or painful erection, and it does not fall within a few hours, then this is also a reason for concern, as Praipism can develop. If you have pain with erection, this symptom may be the appearance of diseases such as prostatitis, colliculitis, vesiculitis.

Erection in women, girls, female erection, clitoris erection, nipples

Men are asked: "Is it possible Erection in women, girls ? " W. Increasingly at the reception at the gynecologist, are interested in how to increase libido in women, and what drugs are safe to use in such a situation? Funds that can quickly and effectively increase the libido set, however, such drugs are forbidden to be taken systematically, despite the absolute nature and safety of the composition. It is possible to use stimulants for excitation periodically, for the severity of feelings and in case of short-term loss of libido. If the loss of sexual desire has a long period, then the reason must be installed using a detailed survey of the body.Women and girls before and during sexual intercourse (if high-quality stimulation of erogenous zones has been carried out), the clitoris is reinforced, the clitoris erection occurs, the grease is released into the vagina. There may be such a process as the erection of the nipple or the erection of two nipples. Nipples become solid and well towers. Dear girls and women, if your husband, men, lover, guy, partner falls erection (on his wife, on a woman, on the girl, on his mistress), there is its deterioration, reduction, weakening, No erection , the potency disappeared sharply, it gives a failure, unstable insufficient soft bad shortfast fast, short unstable Slised cotton erection , Petinging (Peting) does not help, talk to the partner and make it come to the doctor to receive. The duration of the erection of the sexual organ must be at least 8 minutes, in this case the girl and a woman can get a high-quality orgasm, and not think about such a state as a premature fast early erection, how to delay it. If you have noticed a son, teenagers have an erection (teenage, including in a bath, in the pool, a sudden spontaneous non-permanent short-term or prolonged, unexpected on a nudist beach, in public, in transport, on medical examination, isolation (including condom) No need to arrange a scandal about this.

How to call, make a penis erection?

Dear girls and women, if you want to call and make an erection from your partner, bring the guy (man) before the erection, you need to stimulate it, make him a massage, including do not forget about the penis massage and a kiss in a penis (with a kisses will be pleasant Feel). And then there will be no questions: "How to raise an erection?" "How to solve the problem?" "How to call that drinking, which helps, what does it mean, how to achieve an erection in the shower?"

Strengthening erection in Saratov, how to cause an erection?

Sarklinik conducts a comprehensive strengthening of erection in Saratov Reviews of the treatment of sexual disorders in men. Effective treatment methods allow you to restore the erection even in running cases. Sarklinik will strengthen Erection . If you have Loss of erection (Standing, sitting, lying, on the side), pain with erection, painful erection (pain in the penis, sore member), disappears unstable erection during sex, bad sex, if preventing the condom, there is no morning erection, evening, night, day erection - Do not matter, call Sarklinik. Raising, maintaining and stimulation of erection will occur in a short time.

How to achieve an erection how to cure an erection?

Sarklinik knows how to check, very quickly and effectively achieve an erection that Increasingly at the reception at the gynecologist, are interested in how to increase libido in women, and what drugs are safe to use in such a situation? Funds that can quickly and effectively increase the libido set, however, such drugs are forbidden to be taken systematically, despite the absolute nature and safety of the composition. It is possible to use stimulants for excitation periodically, for the severity of feelings and in case of short-term loss of libido. If the loss of sexual desire has a long period, then the reason must be installed using a detailed survey of the body.It is necessary for an erection how to achieve a rack erection, how to treat an erection, how to make an excellent and good erection, how to raise, returned, keep, strengthen, to save, stimulate, increase, get an oak erection in men in Saratov and in Russia. You will have a stable stable stone maximum continuous powerful instantaneous correct persistent erection, as a number, including re-(after orgasm). The doctor will tell new ways to improve the erection, will help you will with a weak erection and its strengthening, treatment of erection problems, will teach the erection. If an erection disappears when equipping a condom, it is a formidable symptom at which it is necessary to apply to the doctor.

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Problems with an erectile function at 40 are observed quite often. This process occurs against the background of various diseases, as well as a reduction in sexual activity due to other factors. The treatment of impotence in men after 40-50 years must be carried out at mandatory, as pathology can lead to a complete loss of sexual attraction.

In the "ABC Clinic" you can go through the necessary diagnostic measures aimed at identifying the causes of impotence, as well as obtain highly qualified advice of doctors. The equipment and staff of experienced employees will help determine the presence of pathology in the early stages and will tell about how to restore the potency in men after 50, assigning appropriate treatment.

What potency is considered the norm in fifty-year-old

The normal amount of genital contacts in men after 40-50 can be from 8 to 10 times. At the same time, the average duration of the act is about 3 minutes. However, in case of disorders, the erection after 40 may decrease.

Symptoms of impotence:

  • incomplete illustrable erection of penis;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • lack of erection in night or morning;
  • Reduced sexual attraction.

Problems with an erectile function in 40 years are observed quite often and is not pathology, but signals any diseases in the field of sexual system.

Causes of impotence in men after 50

There are many provoking factors that affect the erectile function. These factors should be eliminated before the start of treatment.

Reducing Testosterone levels

The development of male sex hormone (testosterone) has a direct impact on sexual attraction and is responsible for the stability of the erection. In view of the age-related changes, the potency in men after 40 can significantly decrease. At the same time, the level of production of sex hormone is only 2% of the initial level.

Reduced muscle tone and elasticity of vascular walls

Reducing the tone of vessels can influence the influx of blood to the penis. In this case, there is a violation of blood circulation in the field of small pelvis. The lethargy of the muscle system also aggravates the problems and leads to the development of impotence.

Elevated cholesterol as a potency weakening factor

Problems with potency in 40 years can occur against the background of an increased level of cholesterol. The erection occurs as the cavernous bodies are filling out in the penis. Cholesterol sediments on the vessels can lead to the defeat of the entire vascular system, thereby causing their blockage. The process leads to the absence of proper filling of the blood of the penis and, as a result, causes an erectile disorder.

Inflammation in the organs of a small pelvis

The weak erection after 50 may occur against the background of pathologies in the urogenial path caused by inflammatory reactions. These diseases lead to stagnation of blood, which in the absence of effective treatment may result in complete or partial impotence.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Venefacts may cause a potency reduction after 40. However, the violations themselves do not directly influence. The process is mostly associated with psychological factors - fear of pain that accompany the formation of dangerous pathologies.

Side effect of drugs for potency

Often, on the background of taking drugs that increase potency, a side effect is developed, which leads to disorders in the sexual sphere, including a decrease in erection. These drugs are used to treat impotence in men after 40 years.

The consequences of bad habits

Abuse of harmful habits (alcohol, smoking) can provoke disorders in the sexual system in men. According to statistical data, smoking men suffer from erectile dysfunction 2 times more often compared to non-smoking men.


Special massage actions can be assigned as a treatment that will help restore and improve local blood flow, as well as prize the prostate area. About how to improve potency after 50 years with the help of massage, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

In each case, an individual scheme is being developed to restore potency.

How to deal with impotence after 50 years with a diet

Weak potency in 50 years may result from violation of power rules. Therefore, products containing many beneficial macro and trace elements should be used - seafood, dairy products, nuts, vegetables, honey.

It is recommended to abandon the consumption of salt, fried, sharp, alcoholic beverages, sugar, beer, and soy and legumes.

Alternative methods

Non-standard or alternative erection recovery methods can be assigned as therapy.

How to increase the potency in men after 50 - Ways:

  • Medical anal expansion. The specific procedure allows you to have a stimulating effect on the prostate. When using this method it is recommended to consult a specialist in advance with a specialist, since this method has contraindications.
  • Poison bees. Another specific method allows you to achieve positive results in a few weeks of therapy. The bites of these insects have an exciting effect on the nervous system and contribute to restoring local blood flow, which has a beneficial effect on potency.
  • Application of vacuum. The treatment of impotence in men after 40 can be carried out using a special device that helps restore the erectile function and strengthen local blood flow. You can purchase the instrument in any pharmacy.

It should be borne in mind that specific therapy should be held in a complex with medication treatment.

How to enhance male potency after 50 years: Affordable drugs and dietary supplements

Increased potency in men after 50 years can be achieved with medicines. Before applying these drugs, it is recommended to carefully read the instructions for use.

How to increase the potency in men after 50 - a list of possible preparations:

  • Viagra. This remedy has high efficiency and helps strengthen sexual excitement. The dosage is 1 capsule for half an hour before the start of sexual intercourse. Contraindications: Myocardial infarction, diabetes mellitus.
  • Cialis. This drug is designed to treat potency in men after 40. On a day, 5 mg drug is prescribed as therapy daily. Before sexual acts, the recommended dosage is 20 mg 20 minutes before the estimated sexual proximity. Contraindications for receiving are functional renal disorders and liver.
  • Levitra. Tablets need to be used directly 1 hour before the start of sexual contact. The dosage should be not more than 10 mg. Contraindications include: Cardiovascular diseases and tract pathology.
  • Impise. Capsules must be taken in the evening and morning. Course duration - 1 month. The drug has a positive impact on the hormonal background and helps strengthen the erectile function after 50 years. Before sex it is recommended to take 2 capsules directly in 1 hour before sexual proximity.

Reception of these drugs is carried out only after prior consultation with the attending specialist.

How to save potency to deep old age

To prevent the development of impotence, a number of preventive measures must be observed.

How to raise potency after 50:

  • Avoid indiscriminate sex contacts.
  • Getting rid of destructive addictions.
  • Use of vitamin and mineral complexes.
  • Timely treatment of various diseases, first of all, urinary.

In compliance with all rules and timely appeal to the doctor, it is possible to get rid of the problem in 95% of cases.

Treatment and research on the reduction of male potency after 50 can be held in the medical institution "ABC Clinic". Our service has everything necessary to pass the procedure with equipment. Experienced urology and sex professionals will help designate effective treatment based on an individual approach to each patient.

Prices for the treatment of impotence in men after 40, 50 years in Moscow

The cost of treating impotence in men after 40, 50 years in the clinics of Moscow urology

ABC Clinic 1499 rub.

Krylatskoye from 1950 rubles.

Youth from 1950 rubles.

Kursk from 1950 rubles.

Square Ilyich from 2000 rubles.

Textiles from 1950 rubles.

Belorussian from 1950 rubles.

Voikovskaya from 1950 rubles.

Roman from 2000 rubles.

Sevastopolskaya from 1950 rubles.

Frunzenskaya from 1800 rubles.

VDNH from 1950 rubles.

Sign up for reception by phone + 7 (495) 021-12-26 or filling out the online form

The administrator will contact you to confirm the record. The confidentiality of your appeal is guaranteed.

How to increase potency in men?

There are many ways to increase potency: exercise, medicines, surgical methods.

With a minor reduction in sexual attraction, ragners and infusions of medicinal herbs can help. For example, the decoction of the seeds of the clover meadow. For decoction you need 1 tbsp. Spoon of seeds clover meadow and 200 ml of red wine. The mixture is boiled in the water bath of half an hour. Or such an infusion: a tablespoon of the rhizomes of AIR pour a glass of boiling water and insist. Fix and drink. Of course, there are medicines offered by the pharmaceutical industry. Viagra has been most popular for many years. The effect of the drug is based on the expansion of the arteries and the improvement of blood flow.

Another drug - Sialis acts the same, but more than a long time. The action of the tablets lasts about 40 hours.

These drugs should be carefully drinking to persons with kidney and liver lesions, heart problems, anemia, ulcer of the stomach, blood coagulation disorders. You can not use older and persons under 18. Side effects: dizziness and pain in the joints.

How to increase potency in a woman?

Violations of sexual attraction in women are called frigidity. According to statistics, such a problem is worried about 25% of women. More often there are frigidity associated with psychological problems, for example, after rape. It is difficult to treat. But it happens that hormonal pathologies or venereal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, anemia, menopause, depression are becoming the cause.

There are medicines to enhance sexual attraction in women, for example, Angelic Forte. This tool slows down aging and increases reproductive function. In the body of a woman host Angelic Forte, the normal hormonal balance is gradually restored. The medication includes guarana extract, astragal and vitamin E, rightly called vitamin youth.

Massage oils and lubricants are also popular. For example, massage oil of the Sester.

It is useful to include meat, fish, eggs, stew, solid cheese and spices, horseradish, ginger, avocado, nuts, aloe juice with honey, sea cabbage, artichokes, asparagus, celery, coconut, dates, apples, cinnamon, onion, bitter Chocolate, figs and honey. It will be useful for you that the libido in women can increase the ordinary pumpkin seeds. It is useful to use orange oil, geranium oil and cloves, lavender and patchouli, musk, violets, geraniums, sandals and jasmine during massage.

How to increase potency at home?

IMPORTANT If you fail to know how to increase the potency without harm to health. It is known that sexual dissatisfaction, especially in men can cause some serious endocrine and mental disorders.

The first thing to be done is to try not to be overworked at work and sleep at least 6 hours.

Eat beans, cereals, cheese, raspberry, beef. These products supply the body with a protein necessary to generate testosterone in normal quantities. Cabbage, apples and rosehip are indispensable sources of vitamin C, it also takes an active part in the synthesis of hormones. Be sure to eat garlic, almonds and drink milk.

Useful tinctures from plants: Tribulus, Damina, Ginkgo-Biloba, etc.

You can try to use preparations with vegetable components, such as Laveron. It increases the sexual desire in men. It takes an hour to proximity. Side effects occur much less frequently than when taking Viagra. Pleasant bonus - vegetable extracts of the drug have a positive effect on the nervous system and can help in the fight against depression.

Levitra - Tablets to increase potency, stronger Viagra 10 times. The drug has the same side effects: headache, diarrhea, lower vision. Levitra is contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys, heart, stomach and hemophilia ulcers.

Impaza is a relatively new drug, it has the principle of action from Viagra and Levitra. This is a homeopathic agent that practically does not affect side effects. The effect of the drug is long - more than 3 months.

And, of course, it is important that the beloved and desired woman will be near. Reduced potency should be treated, consulted with a urologist or a sexopathologist, and in some cases, when psychological problems are the cause of disorder - and with a psychotherapist.

Power supply

Products affecting potency are called aphrodisiacs. They rejuvenate the man's body and allow him to feel confident with his beloved woman.

It is very useful to use products with a sufficient amount of protein, such as forest nuts and pistachios. Fruits useful for improving sexual desire can be lemons, as well as figs. Onions are very useful for recovery in the body of a hormonal balance. Herbal grass: Charker, St. John's wort, Anis, Tarkhun. Include in the menu mushrooms, nettle, dandelion, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, wine vinegar, meat, game, mussels, grain, chestnuts, beans.

Products, power boosting potency

Many wonder how to increase potency, only changing the food habits. Here are some products that are beneficial affecting men's strength: seeds, fat fish, avocado, olive oil, horseradish, perga, low-fat meat, buckwheat and pearfall, orange, papaya, melon, apricot, pear, bananas, chicken eggs. Refuse smoking, do not abuse soy, smoked, salt, fast food products.

Pechechennikov V. G. presented the National Certificate of Quality of the Russian Academy of Natural Science[7], [8], [9], [10], [11]


There are several groups of drugs that improve potency. Levitra and Viagra improving blood tide. The impaza is a homeopathic preparation that activates the NO-Coffress enzyme. Viagra and Levitra take one tablet per hour before sex, Laveron - in 40 minutes. They are available at a price, they can be purchased online and the pharmacy closest to your home. Side effects when receiving are marked very rarely. They do not have the effect of addiction.

Here are some more groups of drugs to strengthen potency: alpha-adrenoblocrators, analogues of prostaglandin E, androgens, tocopherols, activators of nitrogen oxide synthesis. Sometimes even testosterone is prescribed in the form of injections.

Side effects: dizziness, impairment of vision, nasal congestion, tremor hands. Therefore, drugs for increasing potency are contraindicated in severe somatic diseases.

Vitamins that increase potency

How to increase potency by taking vitamins and use them with food? What vitamins are useful for enhancing sexual attraction in men?

The main vitamin responsible for the potency and the reproductive function of men is recognized by Vitamin E. It prevents the development of muscle weakness. To get it in sufficient quantities, you need to fill food with vegetable oils, drink milk, eat meat, chicken and quail eggs. Vitamin C is also necessary. It can be obtained from cabbage, fruit, berries, rosehip. Vitamins of group B are needed for the work of the nervous system. Vitamins B1 and B3 in large quantities are contained in red fish, B6 - in peas, bananas and cheese. Do not forget about butter and fish oil - now it is sold in capsules, so that the associations with the opposite taste of fish fat are irrelevant.

How to increase potency by folk remedies?

Many men dream of a good potency when failures begin in intimate life. And not everyone wants or may be due to contraindications to take pills. Folk medicine funds become the only way out.

Take 200 g of honey and melt it in a water bath. Mix with a liter of warm water and make appliques to the penis. Leave for 5 minutes. Course - 10 days.

Moch mustard and attach to the feet. They have a positive effect on blood circulation and increase the duration of the erection.

Mixed coffee spoon mix with a teaspoon of dry lemongrass leaves. Fill the mixture with a glass of hot water and put on fire. Do not let the brand boil. Decrax remove from fire at first bubbles. Take a decoction before proximity.

Grind 100 g of drunks of the thyme and pour the glass of boiling water. You can use twice a day after meals. Drink immediately how cool down.

Exercises that increase potency

How to increase potency with exercises? Buy phytball and press it on it. Pressing on the ball is perfectly helped in strengthening the abdominal press. The ball should remain motionless. For one approach, you can make 10-12 pushups and relax.

The muscles of the buttocks and the pelvis strengthens the exercise "Bridge". You need to lie on the back, put your hands down the palms down, lift and slowly lower. For one approach, repeat 10-12 times. Make 3 approaches.

The following exercise strengthens the shoulder muscles and muscles of the bottom of the back. It must be done on a relatively slippery floor. Take the posture, as for push-ups. Then, keeping hands straight, tighten your legs. When the legs are at an angle of 90 degrees, make the opposite sliding movement. You can do three approaches 12 times.

Pechechennikov V. G. presented the National Certificate of Quality of the Russian Academy of Natural Science[12], [13]


Not so long ago, a bracelet that enhances the potency "Power Balance" was invented. It protects us from harmful emission mobile phone and wireless Internet, computers and tablets. It increases natural for the body, positive frequencies. Its effect is similar to the effect of charged natural stones. You can wear it around the clock. There are different colors. Now you know how to increase potency and protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic emissions, just putting your hand bracelet. It is very stylish and looks like a clock. His action on himself has already tried the stars of football, auto racing and famous Hollywood actors.

The scientific evidence of the action of the bracelet on the body is not. Placebo effect plays a big role, so the bracelet can help if you believe in its power. But it is impossible to hope only on the bracelet, it is necessary to make other measures that we described in the article to feel the increase in male strength. You can not wear a bracelet to people with allergies to it or if the cardiogram is implanted.

Pechechennikov V. G. presented the National Certificate of Quality of the Russian Academy of Natural Science[14], [15], [16], [17], [18]

How to increase potency without drugs?

Are you wondering how to increase potency without drugs? Here are some tips. First, your dinner should be easy. Otherwise, the body will give all the forces to digest food. Eat 50 g almonds. Peep warm water with honey. Secondly, sleep about 15 minutes, get alarm clock, do not sleep for a long time. After sleep, you can press, pull up, wring down or jumping with a rope. Do not fulfill fatigue. After the workout, take a contrasting shower. Think useful food for the day: fruit, seafood. Fit regularly, without snacks. Sausages and alcohol, especially beer, eliminate.

We live at a time when there are a lot of money how to increase potency, the main thing is to know that this problem is completely solvable.

The man's body is very susceptible to the effects of surrounding factors that often negatively affect the quality of state. The slightest stress, emotional instability - and now you are driving in the search bar of the browser: how to improve the erection in a man. Before switching to action, you need to carefully study everything, weigh all the "for" and "against". There are quite a few reasons for sex dysfunction, each of them requires its actions. It can be started to begin with psychosomatics, reflection, but to end with physical deviations.

In this article we collected all the methods and recommendations. But still, if you encountered a question how to raise an erection, then this is the first bell to visit the doctor.

Why it decreases

All sexual problems in men are reduced to the weakening of the erectile function of the body. An erection is a member's hardening, its increased readiness for sex. A partial or complete loss of an erectile function causes a sense of inferiority, introduces to a depressive state. If this state lasts more than 3 months, it already makes sense to talk about erectile dysfunction. So what are the reasons how to increase the erection?

In men of young people, dysfunction develops due to infections or the injuries of a small pelvis. After 40 years, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes can be reasons. The problem of this suffer men with bad habits (smoking, alcohol). Obesity, developing from a low-speed lifestyle, use of harmful food due to a sequigued arousal, can be obesity (fat produces estrogens - female sex hormones, which leads to a decrease in testosterone). Also an important role in this sad process plays stress (as a rule, in such conditions, the entire activity of hormones goes into the brain).

How to enhance it: effective methods

Erection enhancement is not easy. Here the main thing is not harmful. There is a fairly wide range of methods for restoring male sexuality, but each of them must be approached with extreme caution. From the course of the reasons to determine difficult even to specialists, so before treatment, try to analyze all the factors that, one way or another, could reduce the erectile function.

Below is a list of methods capable of returning men's strength. Let's start with less harmless, and perhaps with the most effective.


Power is the basis of the foundation. If you are already looking for ways - how to strengthen the erection, then you need to start work with the analysis of nutrition, from the point of view of correct / incorrectness. The absorbed food must be diverse, and its techniques are full. Only in this case the body will be able to enrich the useful substances.

Daily calories depend on age, physical activity (you can calculate using the Fat Secret application). For example, Men Middle Body from 18 to 30 years old need 3000 calories per day, and after 50 years - 2800 kcal.

This daily rate should be divided into 4 reception: breakfast (25%), lunch (35%), snacks (15%), dinner (25%). How to raise an erectile function in men? Quin enough after awakening drinking a glass of cold water or fresh juice. Biologically active substances useful for male health are contained in carrots, celery, greenery - you can make Fresh of them.

You can eat only in 20-30 minutes: the juice needs time to run all metabolic processes in the body. There are no special recommendations for breakfast and dinner: porridge, omelet, soup, fish - everything like the roerages love. To prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, the cooler will fit well.

Perfectly affect the regularity of the excitation seafood, because They contain the amount of cholesterol needed for the body. It is not postponed on the walls of the vessels, blocks the development of cardiovascular diseases. Cholesterol is able to quickly restore testosterone synthesis, improve the erection. Fish in general in the diet should appear at least 3 times a week, and best - in tandem with vegetables.

Snacks should be no more than three:

· Second breakfast (fruits, nuts, berries, green tea);

· Shelter (vegetable salad, smoothie or juice, nuts);

· For the night (a glass of yogurt or kefir).

How to increase the erectile function in men using food? Everything is simple: Eat fatty fish, low-fat meat, seafood, beets, celery, carrots, garlic, parsley, onions, dill, figs, drier, dairy products. In the daily diet, enter nuts, they increase the erectile process well.

Eliminate must be deleted, fried and fatty dishes, flour, sweet, carbonated and alcoholic beverages (especially beer).

The most important thing is that they are regularly told. Due to this, the metabolism will improve, blood circulation is activated (in the genitals, too).

Exercise and Massage

No wonder sport is life, physical activity is something that improves the erection quickly, effectively, without consequences. Sexual opportunities for young men (18-30 years old) are revealed using moving games, running, swimming. The blood circulation is improved, the strength of the muscles increases, endurance is returned. Only moderate physical exertion can positively affect the health of men, the high, on the contrary, reduce the erectile function.

If you fight with sexual problems, then avoid physical activity associated with a long seat, shaking (auto racing, horse and cycling). They adversely affect sexual desire.

Methods for improving the erection include therapeutic gymnastics. So the exercises of A. Kegel from the middle of the last century to this day are noble for men. At home, these exercises can be made from the general complex:

1. Squeeate the muscles of the sexual organ during urination, overlapping the jet. This action will help you quickly find the Lobkovo-Copshing Muscle.

2. A couple of times a day strain-relaxes LKM (5-10 approaches for 3 seconds). Gradually increase the time, the number of approaches.

After a week, you will notice a significant strengthening of the erectile state, improving the blood circulation of the genital organs, the removal of the stoles, improving the work of the prostate gland, increase the duration, the quality of sex.

Raising erection with massage - the method is probably the most pleasant. But too ticker: not always the focus of the defeat can be massaged, it is better to consult with a specialist.

From sexual diseases, the massage of remote areas of the body associated with the sexual system on the reflex level is well saved. It can be general wellness and segmental. General - improves blood circulation and metabolism, stimulates the body, supports male strength. Segmental normalizes blood circulation in a small pelvis, contributes to the restoration of the sexual system, increases satisfaction from sex.

How to increase the erectile function at home? You can make a cans of the lumbosacral area of ​​the spine. It restores an erectile function, strengthens the walls of the vessels, enhances blood circulation in a small basin, increases sensitivity. For a full procedure, you need only anything: sucker cans, massage cream. Each side of the spine is massaged 2-3 minutes, then vertical raising cans in the direction of venous blood movement. Thus, the body of the body is eliminated: the outflow of lymph and venous blood occurs, the influx of arterial blood is normalized. In terms of frequency, the procedure is made 8-10 times every other day.

Regular sex life

The answer to the question: "How to support the erection" is quite simple and obvious - regularly do sex with a proven partner. Abstinence causes blood clips, lymphs, sewing glands, which affects, in turn, on the development of prostatitis, erectile dysfunction.

Contacts with random partners will bring infections that will reduce the excitation to "no". Excesses in sex can lead to penis injuries and all the same dysfunction.


An increase in erection ensures the right physiotherapeutic procedures, and they are selected, exclusively, a physiotherapist doctor. Based on the age of the patient, its condition, the presence of other diseases the following procedures are performed.

1. Electroson and electrophoresis on collar zone with sedatives. They restore sleep well, eliminate neurotic disorders.

2. Laser therapy, electric mud, magnetotherapy, rectal electrostimulation. Return the processes of nutrition of the tissues of the small pelvis organs, restore blood circulation.

3. Ozone therapy, transcerebral ultra-high-frequency therapy. Synthesis is resumed, allocating the secretion of pituitary and hypothalamus hormones. Due to the healthy production of hormones, the sexual function of the body is improved, the duration of sexual excitation increases.

An increase in erection for a long period is possible after passing the course of sanatorium-resort treatment. Physiotherapy procedures in combination with natural healing sources are able to bring out your sex life completely to a new level. The appropriate time and place to rest should be a doctor, do not neglect its recommendations. Special efficiency in the treatment of sexually related diseases, the sanatoriums of Caucasian mineral waters are famous.

Reflexotherapy and psychotherapy

Chinese medicine may well boast of their developments in the treatment of male diseases. A significant increase in the riser occurs through the impact on acupuncture points (AT), located in the course of energy channels on the body surface. With high-quality reflexology, you can forget about the use of drugs.

Chinese doctors have developed many ways to increase the erectile function in men using reflexotherapy. They believed that the energy channels the energy of Chi, which is responsible for the functioning of the entire body. On AT can act with the help of point massage, acupuncture, cavity cigarettes.

Everything related to the exposure points, the number of procedures, the intervals between them defines the reflexotherapist. The course of therapy allows you to return the resistant powerful sexual energy and even increase the male self-esteem.

Erectile dysfunction is often accompanied by neurotic disorders, so it makes sense to talk about psychotherapy. Even if the main cause of sexual problems is the cardiovascular system, neurosis is joined sooner or later. The man is lost confidence, which is reflected not only in sex, but also at work.

The psychotherapeutic course helps to restore mental equilibrium, return the stability of a nervous mental state, improve communicating with others.


A fDE-5 inhibitor can quickly increase the erection, the type phosphodiesterase 5. Such substances expand the blood vessels of the penis, release nitrogen oxide. These include: "Levitra", "Tadasip", "Kon -", "Sialis", "Viagra".

Preparations are effective in violation of potency caused by psychogenic and vascular factors. They are sold only by the doctor's prescription. Under all positive effects, there are also side: blood tide to face, headache, nausea, dizziness, problems with color perception, tachycardia. For the effect of drugs, stimulation and excitement need, otherwise they do not affect.

The action of the omeopathic preparation "Impise" is directed to the activation of the synthesis of nitrogen oxide. But the effect can be seen only after a month of reception.

For the extension of the vessels, non-selective alpha-adrenoblockers are well suitable, for example, "Fentanyl". Motropic antispasmodics are prescribed with them, which expand the vessels by relaxing smooth muscle tissue.

Resistant erection may occur instantly, thanks to the injection of Alprostadil ("Cavergect", "Edex") in the cavernous body of the penis. The vessels are expanding, quickly filled with blood. These drugs doctors prescribe a man with impotence. It is not recommended to take it on its own, because there may be violations in the structure of cavernous bodies, and then the curvature of the genital organ.

Androgen drugs are prescribed if the lack of genital hormones reduces the erectile ability in men. They must be taken together with the therapy of the main disease, which caused a reduction in potency, violation of the work of the endocrine system.

Folk therapy

If we are talking about how to improve the erectile function at home, traditional medicine will come to the aid. Before using folk methods, it is better to consult with a specialist. Consider several types.

1. Lowering the erectile function due to infectious inflammatory processes in the genitals.

A decoction from the dead bees: a tablespoon to pre-pour hot water, cook on slow fire for 1 hour. After that, strain, add boiling water, take on a spoon in front of breakfast and lunch 1 month. Active substances in the composition of the subluoron are killed by microbes, relieve inflammation, improve sex life

Broth for lifting inflammation: 2 tablespoons of crushed and dried birch leaves, wild-to-cheer mixed with each other. Pour the glass of boiling water, leave overnight in the thermos. In the morning, strain and three times a day to take half an hour before meals for 4 weeks. Such a decoction will remove the swelling and inflammation of the tissues, neutralizes infection, improve the erectile state will strengthen the immunity.

2. Ways to enhance the erection against the background of hormonal failure.

Parsley juice and celery juice take half an hour before eating 3 times a day for 4-6 weeks. Plants contain phytohormones, normalizing the general hormonal background. They improve the quality of sexual excitement, raise libido, are well suited for elderly men.

Like an option - every day for 4-6 weeks to take dried pumpkin seeds. They increase the hormonal secretion of genital organs, increase male strength, improve libido.

3. The deterioration of the erectile function due to blood circulation disorders

Buckwill kidney and aspen bark: planting a vegetable mixture, pour its tablespoon 0.5 liters of water, cook for 20 minutes. Then leave toasting for 1 hour, strain and drink a quarter cup 3 times a day for 4 weeks. You can add honey for taste. Thanks to this brave, the vessels are expanding, the duration and quality of excitement increases even in old age.

You can eat 5 fresh garlic cloves for 30-40 minutes before sex. This method can be used as "ambulance" for fast riser.

If the question arises about how to strengthen the erection, then it is better to immediately consult a doctor, especially if the problem has existed for a long time. An experienced urologist will pick up the course of treatment and drugs for any symptoms.


Effective and popular tool from impotence still remain biologically active additives for food. They normalize the endocrine system, activate the bloodstream, enhance the sexual attraction after the first application.

They do not need to be afraid, due to the environmentally friendly composition. They, as a rule, include aphrodisiacs, vitamins, amino acids, plants extracts, beekeeping products, spices.

Despite the fact that Chinese pharmacists love to add ingredients of exotic origin to drugs, it does not affect potency and erectile function.

Natural supplements strengthen the body, ensure an increase in erection in men. The most popular among them:

· "Brave commander";

· "The Secret of the Emperor";

· "Golden Viagra".

More drugs can be seen in the WELL-MEN store catalog.

After the coursework taking the bars, blood vessels are cleaned, blood dies, the general tone of the body increases, potency returns.

If the effect is needed "here and now", then the male peineili spray is well suited. It consists of only vitamins and vegetable extracts.

About men

"Potency" is a philistine concept denoting the ability of a man to conduct sexual life. Bad potency, or impotence, implies that this ability is broken. But what includes such a disorder?

Doctors prefer the term "erectile dysfunction" - He implies that the patient is experiencing problems with exciting or with the healthy functioning of the penis. We can talk about the insufficient tone of this body, which makes the impossible sexual intercourse, or about the problems with ejaculation (sperm emissions), which is too early or accompanied by unpleasant sensations. The impotence is a complete lack of erection, that is, the extreme negative degree of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is rarely an independent disease - in the overwhelming majority of cases we are talking about the echo of a serious pathological process affecting many organs and systems. In addition, the reduction in potency may be a psychogenic nature - to be the consequence of emotional injury or a severe stressful situation.

Half men older than 40 years or later faces erectile dysfunction. However, according to medical statistics, the impotence "the younger" every year: Middle-aged people come to the doctor, and even young men. Experts explain the situation by changing the lifestyle of citizens (a decrease in physical exertion, unbalanced food), an ecological situation and even the growing role of social networks in communication with women - the lack of physical interaction in the first stages of dating negatively affects the hormonal background of a man.

Causes of erectile dysfection

Treatment of sexual disorders

The main causes of the erection violation serve various vascular diseases, diabetes, lack of testosterone and injury. More than 200 million men, according to statistics, more than 50 percent of men over the age of 40 are experiencing such problems and are trying to have such problems and are experiencing such problems.

In 80% of cases, erectile dysfunction is a consequence of diseases that are not related to mental activities (somatic).

  • age and age diseases;

  • neurogenic disorders at the level of the head and spinal cord, peripheral neuropathy;

  • endocrine diseases and, first of all, diabetes;

  • Cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, atherosclerosis);

  • other somatic diseases (renal failure, lung disease and liver);

  • diseases of the urogenital system;

  • Harmful habits: smoking, alcohol, drugs;

  • The side effect of drugs, and those provoking the development of erectile dysfunction, quite a lot: a number of drugs of a group of hypotensive products, diuretic, hypolipidemic, psychotropic.

The main reasons for the above are cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus.

Among the psychogenic causes of erectile dysfunction, there should be a different kind of depression, stress and restless states. The erection in men occurs at all, where we see it and feel, - it is born in the head. The disorder of the erection is psychogenic, and when it does not occur from unnecessary unrest, then experts call it a state "failure syndrome". This is not a disease, a single "puncture" - practically normal. It is bad when such a state is rooted and becomes usual.

Reducing sexual attraction against the background of strong physical or mental overwork is also a normal protective reaction of the body. If I'm tired - it should be resting. Therefore, at elevated loads, the body is protected by a decrease in sexual entry. This is such a common phenomenon that he has its own name - manager syndrome.

How to improve potency


To preserve the potency, sufficient prevention. If there are signs of erectile dysfunction, then additional measures are needed. Modern medicine offers several ways to increase potency:

  • Receive medicines. We will need preparations for the treatment of the underlying disease, if it caused the deterioration of the erection. Medicines are also prescribed to stimulate testosterone production, alpha identulibers, antispasmodics. The method of treatment is selected with the doctor. It is impossible to take drugs yourself.

  • Physiotherapy. Men with a reduction in potency is therapeutic physical culture for improving blood circulation, eliminating stagnation in a small pelvis.

  • Use of devices. There are several models of devices to help cure prostate diseases, at the same time improve potency and even increase the penis.

  • Massage. Array of prostate and external genital organs are one of the most effective ways to restore potency.

  • The use of folk remedies. Decorations, infusions, tinctures and ointments can be prepared independently of herbs, honey, propolis and vegetables.

Demographic Tablet


First oral preparations from erectile dysfunction - Fifth type phosphodiesterase inhibitors (FDE-5) - appeared in 1998 and immediately became the heroes of numerous myths. At first, doctors and patients were afraid of addiction, sexual exhaustion and side effects. However, numerous studies, years of medical practice and the testimony of hundreds of thousands of men have already proven that the PDE-5 inhibitors, whose action can continue to 36 hours, have only a positive effect on the overall condition of the body.

The classification of drugs to increase the potency is quite complex. However, it is important to understand it: otherwise you will not be able to choose the need for you to correctly.

Erectile dysfunction, that is, the inability to achieve or maintain an erection can be caused by various reasons: insufficiency of blood circulation in the organs of the small pelvis, damage to the nervous system, injury to the penis. An important role in the development of erectile dysfunction is played by a psychological factor. Naturally, drugs aimed at restoring potency can affect various structures depending on the cause that provoked the problem.

The following groups of drugs that are able to influence potency are distinguished.

  • medicines that increase the level of nitrogen oxide (sildenafil citrate, tadalafil);

  • alpha adrenoblockers (hydrochloride hydrochlorine);

  • analogues of prostaglandin E (alprostadyl);

  • Combined drugs.

What do doctors and patients choose - Sialis, Viagra or Levmitra?


Viagra was only the first step towards saving the situation. After she, a number of even more effective means appeared in the fight against impotence, such as Levitra and Cialis. Moreover, Sialis exceeds its predecessors in all respects. For example, if the action of Viagra lasts only 4-5 hours and it is necessary to take it shortly before an intimate meeting, then Sialis works at least 36 hours, does not depend on the feeding, alcohol and does not cause side effects that are characteristic of other drugs. This tablet acts very softly, and the effect occurs only with sexual excitation. That is, a man can pay more attention to cares for a woman, building relationships, and not to its complexes, and you can not hurry anywhere.

In just 6 months after the appearance in the American market, Cialis was a serious competition by Viagra. In half cases, urologists write to patients with Sialis. According to the latest studies conducted in America ImpactRXTM, during which doctors preferences were preferred, it was found that American urologists appealed to Sialis 56 percent of cases, compared with 21% for Levitra and 23% for Viagra. The same trend was observed and when repeated appeals, when the patient himself revealed the desire to move to another drug, - 2/3 of the men chose Cialis.


  • FDA approved in November 2003 for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, is the only prescription oral drug that improves potency to up to 36 hours in most cases in men. Calis is currently available in more than 60 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the United States and European countries.

  • Cialis (or Tadalafil) for one and a half years suppresses the production of FDE-5 enzyme in the body, causing the termination of the erection. The drug is a selective FDE-5 inhibitor. That is, Sialis more actively blocks the FDE-5 enzyme, leaving the remaining useful enzymes of the FDE group alone.

  • The main difference between Cialis from Viagra, until recently, fantastic with this ailment alone, is the time of action. If the action of Viagra lasts only 4 hours, then Sialis is effective 36 hours after reception. Another advantage of Sialis, Time notes, is that a man is ready for love 30 minutes after the drug is taken, against the hour of Viagra. Now, in order to make a woman happy to all Weekend, just just one small tablet, writes Time.

However, everything must be paid for everything - some tests received a small headache. In the literal sense of the word, the extension of the vessels in the brain just does not pass. Actually, in the instructions for the drug it is written: "the undesirable event is the headache (11% of cases)."

  • Levitra

  • It works 4-5 hours, which will be not enough for a serious courtship. But but begins to act in 15 minutes. Studies have shown that the levitra helps more than 50% of cases, even when Viagra is powerless to help. In 92% of patients, an erectile function is normalized after the first reception, 74% note the occurrence of an erection sufficient for a successful sexual intercourse. It is also established that the levitra is effective in 72% of patients with diabetes and in 70% of patients who have undergone operation to remove prostate gland. The effect of Cialis is even more - this is a very soft tablet, and acts almost reliable.

But still the most visible effect you will receive when using Levitra, it is this means first of all recommend doctors for medicinal purposes.

  • Generic Viagra

  • The active ingredient is Sildenafil. The action of Viagra is based on an increase in blood flow to a gender member. Viagra is not a hormone and non-Aphrodisiac. The action of Viagra begins 30 minutes after reception and continues at least 4 hours. Most patients can take Viagra daily. Generic Salis. The active ingredient is Tadalafil. Sialis is the newest, approved by the FDA tool for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Sialis is the only drug that not only acts quickly (the effect occurs within 30 minutes), but also remains effective full 36 hours, thus allowing you to choose the moment that is optimal for you and for your partner.

You can take Xialis in the morning and be prepared for proximity throughout the day, in the evening and even the next day. Generic Levitra. The active ingredient is vardenafil, a new tableted oral agent for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction. Levitra action is similar to Viagra - it also increases blood flow to a sexual member, helping to achieve erection and support it. Although the effect of Levitra is similar to the action of the popular drug Viagra, but in many cases, the Levitra acts more efficiently. According to the results of a set of clinical tests, the levitra preparation has proved efficiency as a means of maintaining the potency and treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Preparations have some differences: Viagra and Levitra act for 6 hours, and Cialis is 36 hours. It is also considered that alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of Viagra and Levitra, but is indifferent to Cialis.

The difference between the software is in the speed of the effect of the effect (soft-tablets are triggered faster than ordinary) and in the application method. Soft-tablets dissolve under the tongue, which allows you to drink alcohol and there are fatty foods, while in the reception of ordinary tablets alcohol is not recommended.

About women

Are there preparations for improving sexual attraction for women?

The modern lifestyle leads to constant stress, experiences that negatively reflect on the health of women. So, she can lower the libido, the degree of pleasure from intimate relationships. To correct the situation there are several methods, one of the main among which is the use of drugs that increase libido in women. Familiarize yourself with their effect, the rules of choice.

Causes of the Reduction of Libido in women

  1. Reducing sexual desire or libido are subject to both women and men. Intimate proximity does not bring pleasure, passion fades.

  2. The reasons for the decline in female potency are psychological and physiological factors:

  3. Changes in hormonal balance - in the female body, too, there is a testosterone male sex hormone. If it falls (for example, due to the reception of hormonal drugs), the sexual attraction is reduced. Call the decline in the libido can actively generate prolactin hormone, which neutralizes the effect of testosterone. Its synthesis is active during pregnancy, breastfeeding. After some time, hormones are balanced, libido increases.

  4. Age, menopause - over the years, the functioning of the ovarian women gradually fades. Climax begins, which is accompanied by a decrease in the development of female sex hormones of estrogen, which is manifested by dry vagina. It becomes painful to have sex, so the ladies refuse intima without physical or psychological discomfort.

  5. Diseases - for the power of desection affect gynecological, general-quality, organic diseases, urogenital, heart and blood sugar, diabetes, anemia.

  6. Harmful habits are alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction reduce the activity of centers of the brain, which are associated with sexual desire and excitement.

  7. Infectious diseases of the genital organs (colpit, cystitis, urethritis) - they are accompanied by severe inflammation, pain.


Vaginism is the painful spasm of the muscles of the vagina, which is caused by psychological problems, for example, sexual violence, fright during sex. Sexual intercourse is impossible in such a situation, a woman is disgusting intimate relationships.

  • Fatigue, chronic stress, depression, a complex of inexperience, fear of becoming pregnant - these psychological reasons are more often the factors of the Reduction of Libido. A thin psyche of a woman is very sensitive to any manifestation of a partner who may seem wrong to her. Raising libido in women

  • There are several methods that increase libido in women. They depend on the initial reason that the problem is caused. So, H.


The treatment of diseases, the restoration of the power mode, the refusal of smoking and taking alcohol, the solution of psychological problems with a specialist, the reception of vitamins, acquiring useful habits.

  • To correct the situation, you need to gain confidence, love yourself, your body, shortcomings, get rid of the complexes, check for hormones and fill their drawback by substitution therapy. In case of running cases, doctors prescribe drugs that increase the libido in women, and homeopathy, antidepressants, psychotherapy sessions are helped.

  • Medication drugs for raising libido Among drugs for the treatment of sexual dysfunction are popular with biologically active additives and vitamins for raising libido in women. They are aimed at improving the blood circulation of female genital organs, which contributes to the release of lubrication, excitation.

Some drugs act instantly, have a long (up to 9 hours) effect. Such funds do not cause negative reactions from the reproductive system, because they contain natural components. Some drugs affect the ovaries directly, which leads to the development of the female sex hormone estrogen in large quantities. Due to this, a woman is experiencing a vivid orgasm, due to the stimulation of genital organs, their sensitivity increases. Before buying, it is important to familiarize yourself with the contraindications, make sure the safety of the drug.

Massage banner.jpg.

Pregnancy for the use of funds are pregnancy, lactation, age up to 18 years, leukemia, diseases of the liver, kidney, blood formation, hearts, vessels, increased blood pressure.

What pills to increase libido can be used?

  • Each woman is unique, special, and has an individual sensitivity threshold and sexual entry force. The reasons for the reduction of libido can become both physiological and psychological factors. If the reason lies in the presence of diseases, then you need to spend competent treatment. Psychological factors can be eliminated independently, and women's stimulants can help.

  • Women's Viagra - Beautiful tool to establish sex life, and get rid of sexual dissatisfaction. The effect of receiving the drug is stored within 5-6 hours, you need to take 40 minutes before sexual contact. Due to the increase in blood circulation in the small pelvis organs, the libido and the sensitivity of erogenous zones increase, contribute to the release of the natural lubricant of the vagina, increase the brightness of the orgasm.

  • Laveron - Vegetable biologically active additive consists of 13 active ingredients, which are extracts from various plants. The drug enhances sexual sensitivity, eliminates disorders of the intimate sphere, restores the hormonal balance in the body. The Laveron manufacturer declares the successful treatment of frigidity, strengthening and extending the orgasm, eliminating psychological complexes. But, no mass clinical studies have been done.

  • Provestra - A unique drug to increase women's libido is a mixture of nutrient and plant components. According to the instructions, after taking the drug, rapid excitation occurs, the sensation of intimate relations is brighter and deep, a reusable orgasm is possible.


  • - One of the most popular funds for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. This component enters the female Viagra and therefore the action is similar: the sexual attraction and sensitivity increases, frigidity is eliminated, the orgasm is achieved faster and becomes longer.

  • Hormonal drugs to increase libido in women If the hormone imbalance becomes the reason for the reduction of potency, then hormonal means to increase libido in women are prescribed. They help resume the synthesis of Estrogen and Testosterone. Hormonal drugs that are highly increasing the libido in women are produced in the format of tablets, capsules, creams, injections, gels, sprays. Often, doctors prescribe women to receive oral contraceptives that improve libido increases sexual activity and the level of natural lubrication.

Popular drugs are the regular, Jess, Zhanin, Dimia

(stand from 1000 rubles per pack of 21 pcs.). They are accepted one thing per day from the first day of the menstrual cycle. Then there is a break for menstrual bleeding, the course is repeated. The duration of reception depends on the problem and effectiveness of treatment. In some diseases, the tablets should be taken up to three months without a break. After the abolition of the libido rises.

Effective raising of libido in women by folk remedies and products

It is possible to increase the women's libido not only by pharmaceutical preparations, but also such actions as an active and healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition. If you take stimulants there is no desire or there are any contraindications, you can consider the recipes of traditional medicine.

Phytotherapy recipes are the easiest, safe and effective way to improve sex life. Fitotherapy proposes to use brazers and infusions of herbs such as bay leaf, rosemary, sage, juniper, ginseng root, ginger root, Calgan. An excellent result was shown by alcoholic tinctures of plants such as wild yams, shutwavari and a nickery shooting. Single attention deserves a tincture of a golden root that needs to be taken an hour before sexual relations, in the dosage 2 tablespoons.

Additional phytotherapy recipes can be defined products that will have invaluable benefit not only in intimate life, but also fill the body with the missing microelements. It is worth noting that the reduction in sexual waste occurs due to the lack of zinc, so it is necessary to try to fill the diet with the rich content of this element.

Goods for massage

The leaders in the content of zinc are oysters that needed raw. Also delicious truffles mushrooms are capable of awakening sensuality and strengthen sexual attraction. An excellent result shows regular consumption of calm salmon caviar, which is a storehouse of useful vitamins and trace elements.

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