What do girls like sex: Features of perception, tips

Spontaneous sex
Sex is designed to delight your partner. It is important to understand what girls like in sex, because intimate relationships with different women are always distinguished, everything is happening here individually. One more like hard sex, the other is gentle, and someone is an opponent of role-playing games and other experiments. It is important to always stay in the eyes of your chosen perfect lover.

Sex is designed to delight your partner. It is important to understand what girls like in sex, because intimate relationships with different women are always distinguished, everything is happening here individually. One more like hard sex, the other is gentle, and someone is an opponent of role-playing games and other experiments. It is important to always stay in the eyes of your chosen perfect lover.

Features of sex perception girls

In the intimate sphere, each woman has its own ideas about the ideal sex, so you can forget about the existence of universal techniques. It is also worth saying goodbye to the judgment that the ladies love oral sex. Trying to understand what to like all the girls during sex, the guy needs more attention to pre-caress. To get excited, a woman needs a little longer than a man. Call this condition will be able to with the help of kisses, massages and stimulate erogenous zones, you can also use intimate toys.

Girls like sex in the morning in the dawn:

  • No need to take care of how it looks;
  • The whole process occurs under male control;
  • Woman likes to feel welcome at any time.

Morning sex really like both men, because most of them have a strong erection in the morning.

What sex like girls

In bed, women love to receive from their man not only affection and attention. The beautiful semi is like a variety of intima, tenderness and cruelty at the same time, manifestation of feelings from the second half. Determining what usually like girls in bed , Sexologists allocate:

  1. Compliments. It is important that you feel your attitude not only to her body, but also to the soul. Tell me that she has a charming smile and the most beautiful eyes.
  2. Prelude. Preliminary affairs - mandatory part of the process, they should last sufficient amount of time for a woman. Most girls like touch. Gently stroke the wrists, hands, shoulders - women have a very many erogenous zones on the body.
  3. The right pace. When a man feels that his partner reaches orgasm, you need to adhere to the original tempo and not to do unnecessary movements.

Four species of sex that will definitely like

Men always want to know exactly what sex girls like.

Spontaneous sex

ДFor this, it is worth trying 4 types of sex that will drive a soul mate:

  1. Before going to bed. Does not require special efforts from the parquet. A man is enough just to hug her beloved, and the desire will not leave himself for a long time.
  2. Spontaneous sex. He adds the severity of sensations, because you can be noticed at any second.
  3. Multiple. Sex at 2-3 goes will make a man more confident, and the girl will enjoy several times, and emotional discharge will only benefit partners.
  4. Camhouse sex. This book will like those who do not want to monotize in their bed.

The question of the duration of the Social

Not all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are pleasure from long intimate intimacy. The body of any woman is individual, therefore the duration of sexual act depends on the set of reasons. For a girl in intimate proximity, the main thing is not only a physical feeling, but also emotional. To find out what sex 100% will like women, you do not need to be an expert in female psychology.

Here you can allocate 3 main types of tempo in sex :

  1. Fast or sex without preludes. Ensures a sexual intercourse in an unexpected place.
  2. Long. This type of proximity includes preliminary affairs to full excitation. Sex should grow out of a slow pace in accelerating. Well, when the first girl reaches orgasm.
  3. Middle. This type of sex happens at each pair: a short prelude and a change of 2-3 posts during seitia.

Erotic massage

Not every guy knows that an erotic massage has a beneficial effect on the relationship in a pair, gives the opportunity to the girl to open up, feel sexual. The main thing is that in the process did not distract anything:

  1. Relaxing atmosphere.
  2. Interior and lighting. It is necessary to create muted light and romantic atmosphere, light candles and decorate the room with flowers.
  3. Incense. It is best to use aromalamp, essential oils or a candle with a rose aroma, lavender or jasmine.
  4. Relaxing music. Calm melody, preferably without words, so as not to distract from the massage session.
  5. Solid surface. The main thing is the convenience of the girl.
  6. Massage oil (it can be heated a bit).

Massage with candlelight

Even if the guy does not own the skills of massage, it is not scary, because the main thing is to make a pleasant beloved. First you need to grasp the back of the oil, then stroke it along and across. Do not forget about the neck and shoulders, because they are always in a tense state. When a woman completely relaxed, you can go to an anal massage, while massaging the clitoris - so a man will do a doubly pleasant to his beloved.

Intimate places require a special relationship, so they should be massaged with tenderness. Mind the buttocks are followed by more intense movements, and breasts - circular. Women like it when special attention is paid to the nipples, as they are an erogenous zone.

A man must make a massage slowly, moving from one zone to another, increasing the excitement of the partner. You need to figure out what your girlfriend likes, look for her reaction to touch.

Foot massage

The footsteps have special sensitivity, since they have a large number of nerve endings. An awkward movement can cause a tick of your partner and spoil the entire romantic attitude. For a woman to be nice, you need to knead the feet carefully, without delivering unpleasant sensations. Then you should move to the heels and fingers of the legs.

Hair game

Many men like long hair in a woman. The strong floor enjoys the fact that in a sexy impulse, you can grab your choices for them, hide them on your hand, having deprived it for the opportunity to move. The main thing is not to overdo it and do not cause your favorite painful sensations. There are poses in which it is convenient to keep the girl by the hair.

Like the ladies when a man caresses the hair strands from their face. Such a manifestation of tenderness in sex speaks of a partner's feeling towards his chosen.

What do not like women in bed

A woman is not only a sexy object, but also a person with their own characteristics and preferences, including in sex.

What do not like girls in sex

Some moments a man is better to avoid, because then the lady disappears the desire and arousal:

  1. Premature orgasm from a partner. Women's peak pleasure comes not as fast as men. The partner may finish, and the chosen one will not receive orgasm.
  2. Silence in sex. The bed is not the place where it is worth silent, it is important to show your emotions, issue sounds and moans. Sex is still an emotional process.
  3. Snocks on the body. Most women do not like bruises on the body after dosos, especially if they are in a prominent place. No one needs oblique views of others surrounding and whisper behind their backs.
  4. Traces from bites. Men believe that bites are capable of exciting a woman, but in fact they cause only unpleasant sensations and pain. Exception is only the ear of the ear.
  5. Necrick. Men's beard is undoubtedly fashionable and stylish, but in sex gives a lot of inconvenience. It scratches the gentle skin of the partner, causes redness and unpleasant itching.

To know whether the girls like expert sex, you need to discuss intimate questions, talk about what you want to try in bed. There is nothing terrible in this, on the contrary, such conversations bring partners, relations become more confidential, and sex is simply gorgeous.

Useful advice

In women and men, various views on intimate life, which is obvious to first, they do not take into account the second. There are small tricks that will bring the lady to orgasm:

  1. Make love preferably in the morning. In the morning, men have a big activity by developing testosterone.
  2. Useful practitioning role-playing games. Playful notes will add new emotions to the relationship and will allow unfamiliar roles to partners. A man can be a superhero, and the saved girl will not refuse thank him.
  3. Need to tune in to intimate intimate. It is worth disconnecting external stimuli, which distract from prelude and sexual intercourse.
  4. Learn to feel when the partner reaches orgasm, so that at this moment does not reduce the pace.

It is important to feel and understand the hidden desires of each other - so the relationship will become more trusted, and the pair will not be prohibited in sex. It is necessary to talk, in another way there is no possibility to understand that the partner wants and everything suits him.

Tune into intimate proximity

Sound accompaniment

Men and women also differ in the manifestation of sexual feelings. In sex, you need to give will to emotions, accompany the process of moans and screams. The bed is a place where you can throw out emotions and get a discharge. You should not restrain myself, no person will like the silent sexual intercourse, so the partner will think that he did not deliver the girl pleasure, and it hurts self-esteem.

Learn her body

Sexual life for a couple is very important. A man must deliver the pleasure of his woman, so he should know where its erogenous zones are located. Nature went to meet the male sex and made these places on the female body most attractive.

Basic erogenous zones:

  • lips;
  • chest;
  • nipples;
  • genitals;
  • language;
  • underbelly;
  • clitoris;
  • navel;
  • Feet;
  • legs;
  • hair;
  • neck;
  • waist;
  • wrists;
  • buttocks.

In these zones are receptors responsible for feelings. If a man, caressing any zone, does not see a response from a woman, it means that this area does not have an erogenous. Here, too, everything is individually, so the guy must study the female body, slowly moving from one part to another.

A man will always understand the reaction of the partner, which spurled the right point, the girl at that moment feels bright erotic emotions.

On oral caresses

Oral sex is a delicate question for some girls. Not all the ladies receive pleasure from him, but many are shy about it to admit to their partner. And not all men are able to deliver pleasure to girls with the help of oral affection, there is no experience, and the lack of understanding of how the clit needs to be caught correctly.

A man who still wants to give a pleasure to a woman with an oral act, it is worth starting with a pre-caress. As soon as the woman relaxes, the partner should move from kisses to the neck, then go down and lower. The most important part of the female genitals is the clitoris, this body is very sensitive, so it requires a careful relationship.

If the partner does gently and carefully, then the discovery of the elects will not make himself wait long. About the approaching orgasm will testify the moans, the girl will begin to bent and move the hips. Watch the reaction if your favorite shudders, then you do something wrong.

Show men's quality

A man must dominate the sexual intercourse. Many women like their choices to show their initiative, sought them. Representatives of weak gender want to feel desirable.

Dominance of a man

For this you need guys:

  1. Get rid of stereotype that women have sex less than men. Ladies get the same pleasure from intimate proximity.
  2. Not only a woman is obliged to be beautiful and well-groomed, the partner should also not forget about himself and be attentive to the little things.
  3. Men who invite a young lady to their territory, it is worth getting at home to start. Bardak is not the best atmosphere for sex.
  4. We must not forget about the means of contraception, it is not necessary to shift responsibility for women.
  5. A man must behave in male, and not as a student of senior classes. You need to seduce a woman too.
  6. Pay attention to the reaction of the partner.
  7. Before sex from a man should be pleasant to smell, for this you can use toilet water.
  8. It is necessary to remove socks during intimate intimacy.
  9. Even after sex, you need to pay attention to the girl.

It is important to be a man in intimate relationships, and not only think about getting an orgasm. Sex act is an intimate dance for two, so the pleasure of the partner should be in the first place.

On the importance of orgasm

Men should be forgotten that women like a member of large sizes, since it is a stereotype. Most often, the girls receive an orgasm with the owners of the genital organs.

During orgasm, a hormone oxytocin is thrown into the body, which is responsible for calm, satisfaction, and also eliminates the feeling of anxiety. Also, the body receives:

  • serotonin - a hormone of a good mood;
  • Dopamine is a hormone of pleasure;
  • Endorphins who give the condition of bliss and happiness.

The orgasm has a positive effect on the physical, psychological and emotional state of women, so a man must pay as much attention as possible partner. Satisfied, happy and calm girl is the best thing that can raise the mood to her beloved person.

Men should perceive sex not only as the physiological need of the body, but also as a special emotional and psychological contact with a girl. Relationships in a pair are folded from many moments, but Intimate plays a big role. If the partner does not feel pleasure from sexual intercourse, it is enough just to talk and understand this issue. Hear hear and listen to the soul mate, because in intimate proximity there should be trust.

Women adore in sex

Why18? Because it is a magic number. Eighteen - this is the minimum age (smaller, according to most legislation), when a person has a full reactionaries to have sex, which makes this number an ideal number for input that women adore in sex. You can perceive information, idiot or guide.

Kisses i

Kisses, passionate hugs, strokes - what plays a paramount role for an unhappy. Laski is a kind of engine that either leads you to the finish, or stalls halfway to it. Try to be sensual and lard. Do not overdo it, and do not pushing, like an eighth grader. And yes, do not need to close the eyes during a kiss, in the name of the whole saint. In general, good luck.

You bite her 2

Do you want it to be faster? Start on top. Most women adore when a man takes her neck and ear. But it is not necessary to do it indecently long. You want it to be in bed with a lover, and not with an unsaturated-in one? Men, note: Learn to turn the manipulation by the siblish, lips and teeth, and the prices will not be!

Predatory look 3

Passionate, hot look - what you need. Many girls complain about the excessiveness of the guy. But believe me, in reality it is not. Let's truth in the eye: no one loves cold, impregnable lovers. Azful contact is an indispensable path to obtaining true pleasure.

Slow undressing 4

Everyone knows that women love to tease. When it comes to sex, it also acts. Being with the "right" man, a woman feels sexual and desired. But she likes this increasing arousal when the man has not had time to remove all the clothes from it. Believe me, this desire is growing in geometric progression. So, do not rush to shoot everything and immediately. Slow stripping the key to the hottest sex.

Women excites slowness

Games with breasts 5

Games nipples may not be excited. Girls love when guys lick, eat and make other pleasant things. The nipples are very sensitive. Therefore, it is not necessary to twist and strongly compress them. Of course, if the lady herself does not feel about it.

Prelude. Many preludes 6

Physical conditionality is definitely nice. But sometimes women prefer preludes sex. And they make it clear that the woman is desirable, beautiful and sexy. Men, respect the desires of your beloved. Moreover, with the help of pre-wave, it will come to the desired mood to deliver you stunning food.

Games with clitoris 7

The very large number of women does not receive vaginal orgasms, no matter how often they are engaged in sports. The man who is masterfully drawn by a squatter, reaches the best results in bed. Do not forget about this particle, please.

She sees how you excite 8

Razozo is nothing to explain. The fact that the girl leads to a man in an excitement, makes it feel delighted and one of the strongest and exciting.

Excites male wish

When you are completely naked 9

Despite the fact that she has long like to be at least one attribute of clothing, she likes to contemplate his partner disarmed and completely naked.

Penetration 10

Chantiveness when a person is inside you. You both feel the pulsation of the spelling bodies, as if dissolved in each other. There is nothing better than that's true.

Sweat eleven

Another girl does not want any casual man in the gym of the pupro-flow of her, no matter how cute it is. But to see, feel and even trying a person when it occurs in bed during sex, can call the vestor.

Whisper 12

Loud, ridiculous conversations about sex leave for later. During the coat, she cannot be able to whisper her cute or dirty words. Pretty food that you will whisper. Phrase: "You're so much like your mother now" clearly seems inappropriate.

When a man makes feel like a sex 13

Do you like to hear that he is doing something perfect? In addition, if you love each other, there is nothing better than knowing what to know that she brought his beloved to the peak of orgasm.

Desire to be goddess

When the partner is so passionate that you can not fourteen

I like the same girls. If all that you are capable of occupying, it is a grumble, moans and heavy sighs are beautiful. So at once, what does everything right.

Hard and fast sex fifteen

Remember when it was about foreplay? Yes, it loves all the young ladies. But at times they can be without it. For example, you just quarreled or she is tense, there is nothing better than fast and passionate sex.

To be top sixteen

Watot moment The girl feels what can control. Control movements, set rhythm. The feeling of complete power is very sexy.

Orgasm 17.

Of course, how can you love all the above things without the main one - orgasm? Ettyrastively very important point in relationships. Many girls really like when their partner emits their fluid or on them. Of course, it excites it as long as you follow the displacement and guide the precautionary measures.

It excites the orgasm

Time after sex eighteen

What is better to be better than lying in an embrace after an act of love, enjoying creating, pleasant conversations? So we do not know. Of course, there will be more, if you do not light, and she does not have to talk to himself.

It turns out to be in the eyes of the girl the perfect lover, you must learn one-only pose, having sex not more than five minutes and smaller touch the partner with your hands! Next - say the ladies.

"Whatever they say, but we, girls, treat sex. In addition to those cases, when you, men, are trying to spoil it. That is, to improve that, in fact, the same thing. No, seriously! You can think what to indulge in the old-fashioned passion - without the use of nanotechnology and the use of poses that even Jackie Chan will be frightened - it's already indecent. Only this is what I tell you It is not necessary to find in it the points G, K, U and still half the alphabet, have a black tantra belt or drag with you to bed all sorts of strange pieces from sex shop. It is enough to remember that you have always knew and skillful, just in The pursuit of sexually technical progress was slightly forgotten. I looked through (sometimes not without horror) Frank letters of girls who caused me to help me, and amounted to a complete guide for sex, which really (emphasize: Indeed, not because you yourself think so) Like girls .

How it is low! - Masha, 24 years:

"Usually guys pay attention to kisses before and during foreplay. But as soon as we go to the active phase - all, no tenderness. And in vain. Kiss during sex is insanely romantic. When in the midst of African passions, he looks into my eyes and sensually kisses her lips, I'm waiting much more than if the guy, let's say, kissed me out below "

It is better not to try to do it, which is called, on the go and without loss of dynamics. There is a chance to be in charge of the teeth and lips, towed her nose to the eye or just fill the bump. Slightly slow the pace, focus on her face, to determine the location of the oral cavity with an accuracy of a centimeter, and the kiss as the classics of melodramatic cinema is made. And then ("Camera! Motor! Remove!") Continue with new forces, why are you all here, actually gathered today. By the way, here's another way to slow down your own orgasm and accelerate the onset of the girl.

Comrade Missionary - Polina, 25 years old:

"The missionary posture is considered boring and non-mode, but it is effective. For me personally, this is the only option in which I can experience a vaginal orgasm. And, I suppose, not one me. The main thing is that the guy lasted at least five to seven minutes. Sorry, not everyone has enough excerpt. Usually thirty seconds "sandwich", and then suits the damn that. Then so, then so much. Only I will begin to adapt as - Batz! - Already a new posture ... "

Love for frequently replacing pictures is programmed in men almost at the genetic level (it is enough to remember what happens when you have a remote control in your hands). But if you like to rotate the partner as vigorously as Alina Kabaeva Bulavami and the hoop, it is hardly worth counting on a miracle. The probability that in the course of active movements will accidentally be revealed by a position in which the girl unexpectedly overtakes the orgasm, is negligible (at best, the partner is slightly rolled by some outland muscle, which did not reach her hands during the class of aerobics).

In a word, missionary - the choice is not a boy, but a husband (in the sense - an experienced user). And let him not bother you that it is mentioned in the "Kama Sutra" in the section "For those who are prescribed by sexual rest." The position "Male from above" still has two undoubted bonuses that are almost impossible to spoil: a comfortable penetration depth (is regulated by a slight movement of the hips) and additional friction arising between your pubic and its clitoris. Well, if you suddenly feel the calling to the zevot, you can always start imperceptibly clicking the remote control from the TV.

Pry - Good - Elena, Moscow:

"A good way to deliver partner a pleasure to show her how you masturbate. We, girls rarely falls happiness to watch the guy who keeps their dignity in his hands (usually after excitement it immediately turns out to be in us). When we see that the man itself creates with him, then we feel silent almost a secret act. It excites and inspires confidence in the partner. "

Believe me for the word: the vast majority of girls are not in a hurry to spread their hands at all because of modesty. The fact is that the male organism, with all his visible brutality, the mountains of the muscles and thickets of the bristles, seems to us with something treacherously fragile. One awkward movement - and now the cavalier teeth teeth sheets from pain. Relieve this pest stereotype is easier than simple: it is enough to demonstrate a partner, like you yourself without special ceremonies and quite a doom of our dignity. After such a master class and our business will go much more tracker.

Further go one

Only deaf-dumb intimophob, who lived the last couple of millennia on a uninhabited island, may not know that the girls, in essence, are pretty native treat their own orgasm. Yes, yes, we still agree to go to you to watch the unique collection of beer mugs at all because of this. That is, the orgasm is like, but to experience it for men? No.

- Irina, 27 years:

"The easiest way to give me pleasure is to get it yourself and stop cycling on my orgasm. I want to see that the man is completely absorbed by the process and sex really in the buzz. And the fussy attempts in order to make me well, endless questions and clarifications, on the contrary, they act extremely oppressing. Looking at how one hand the guy grows up the clitoris, the other thing that my ass, the tongue is trying to reach the nipple, and even before any erogenous zone, I start thinking: "Damn, he is trying so much, and I still!"

Attention: the word "think" sounded! And to do this during sex it is also unacceptable, how to embroider smooth or spread the Solitaire "Spider". What exactly should be taken, in order to look like a man who in the buzz, "you probably know without our prompts.

Storm in the hallway - Anna I., 23 years old, Kiev:

"We, like you, sometimes you want elementary primitive sex! Without preludes, unnecessary movements. Suppose, on the floor in the hallway, with raw-knee-knee-knee skirts. And for some reason you are taken to bite us at the neck, caress your nipples, tear the clitoris (good is not still knowing where it is, it saves the situation). A man who, after a romantic dinner, with a candlelight, silently takes my hand and hobble in bed, get more points than the one that after long courtesy will also be in the bedroom It comes to bed, sometimes you need to not hide, but to act quickly. And it is better at all without reaching bed "

The method is good in cases where sex with the same partner has already begun to acquire the features of the automated process and turn round rituals. The more impromptuity and insatiability will be in your field, the higher the chance that the girl will even experience an orgasm (or at least that it is surprising by surprising by orgasm). Just from: a small victorious war must last at least five minutes. To the smaller, as sexologists calculated, we still disagree.

Tell me uncle

Although many parts of the body are involved in sex, we continue to love you with ears.

- Katya, 22 years:

"I adore when, during sex, the guy is becoming, whispers all sorts of tenderness or even shouts. The main thing is not to be silent. Otherwise, it begins to me that at that moment he is not with thoughts with me, but at work or, worse, on the other

Yes, here we are constant. And if you do not give you a single sound and muscle in the sex process that everything that happens at least anything that happens, a girl can visit an unpleasant guess: she does something wrong. And how in that case arrives a decent girl? That's right, decides that she is unworthy of you, dresses and leaves (quite possible, even in the monastery). Then then exercise in eloquence, convincing it to return, it's better to establish verbal contact from the very beginning.

Proper installation - Natalia P.:

"No one canceled the animal sex in the" Doggi-Style "pose. After all, only in her a man can stroke my back or, say, squeeze the neck. And in general, only in this pose the girl does not distract a direct view of the partner (and this is important if she has complexes) and she has the opportunity to focus only on their feelings. And in general, which is natural, then not without orgasm. And this is the most natural pose "

Girls with complexes are usually not friendly with orgasms, not because they have no point g there, but because they are shy. For the list of the most common causes will leave the pages of six hundred and magazine, so I will limit the one that men allegedly do not recognize. You just do not laugh, but we are afraid to insult your exacerbated (especially during sex) the feeling of beautiful. It is only in science fiction films like "Emmanuel", a person's orgizming female looks like the fingers losing. In real life, the girl for getting some, even the most accurate, orgasm is forced to make a lot of effort. Hence the original, and unhealthy blush, and vulgar facial expressions. Alas, we are not ready to risk your reputation. In the knee-elbow position, the confidentiality is guaranteed: you can cry as much as you like, morning and go in paroxysm of passion, and in the meantime you will see our equally emotional heads and spins. To successfully complete the operation, the mirror does not turn out on the wall.

Stop Signals - Victoria, 19 years old:

"Men always pay attention to female legs, but for some reason they do not hurt them. And they have, by the way, not only for beauty! When the boyfriend made me a foot massage for the first time, and then she was still on her fingers, I realized that it was even steeper than Cunnilingus (considering that the masters of this case were rare). First, it is wildly pleasant. There is no such number of nerve endings, in my opinion, more nowhere. The main thing is that the movements were light and padded. Secondly, it is incredibly intimate. If a man does not forget to kiss my legs - it means he is really crazy about me "

If you still have not bothered to get a massage officer's diploma or concerned about the observance of sanitary and hygienic standards, there is an even easier way to benefit from girls. Put on her socks! Seriously. Dutch scientists turned out to be observing others and found a mystical connection between the center of the female pleasure and the temperature of the women's feet: eternally imposing individuals risk not only catching cold, but also not to get to orgasm. So the question "Do you warm your maiden?" And in the bed will not be completely superfluous.

Go on the hair

Climbing on the personal stylist, the remaining pennies on the jars with air-conditioned shampoos and fading means of traditional medicine - and all this is that you wanted to spoil us hairstyle!

- Anya Ya., 25 years old:

"Men rarely caress their hair (on the head). In my opinion, this is an obvious slip, because such a simple caress, how to launch hands into the hair on the back of the back and slightly squeeze them, even in a public place he excites wild. And what to say about the pose "Doggi-Style", when the slightest hair tension can cause a storm of emotions! "

Yes, we also knew that in childhood the boys jerked us for the pigtails, obeying their waking libido, and not from harm. And we do not have anything against remembering youth. It is not only a matter of exciting nostalgic memories, but also in the nerve endings that react to a touch-haired electric discharge (hair works, roughly speaking, as a conductor). So, if your surname is not Valuev, do not be afraid to grab us for the mane rigorous.

Manual assembly - Aurora, Zaporizhia:

"I give a specific tip: The girl lies on his back, bent his legs, the partner is perpendicular to her body and deals directly by SOTIMI - only not too actively, so as not to distract. And the girl in the meantime is engaged in himself (speaking easier, masturbating). An understandable thing, the same can be done without a partner, but here, firstly, the company, and secondly, the partner additionally warms me the kisses, strokes. And the whole responsibility for achieving orgasm is shifted to my shoulders "

Your noble rush to remove her hands with the words "give me a self", as mentioned above, it is hardly evaluated. For truly emancipated, moral support is much more important than physical. Taking this opportunity, you can sit down (and if the girl seriously notice, it is imperceptible to shoot at the camera or sketch), like what she does there. One day when she will have sex with you with a low nail polish, you will have a great opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

Called recordsmen

What is cool looks in porn and spectacularly sounds in a free retelling of friends, it is not necessary for us at all, girls. Check out the five most common male delusions from sex giantism.

More active

The guy who has time to make six hundred frictions, irreplaceable when it comes to burning extra 300 calories (and its calories). In all other sense of the efficiency of such high society programs is minimal.


A forty-fake prelude and two hours of steam acrobatics - possibly the Olympic champion dream of such a marathon. For girls of standard physical training, the border between amazing and exhaustive sex runs somewhere around the twentieth minute.


An attempt to reach the female heart literally is doomed to failure, because only the first two thirds of the vagina possess sensitivity. On more depth penetration, if they are generally needed, we usually ask themselves, and even then only on the approaches to orgasm.


Between the silent cavalier and such that in non-printing expressions commented on every one and our movement, we often choose the first. If you don't confuse us with your different speeches, you will be distracted to distract.

More precisely

If the girl accidentally mentioned that he loves when she was bitten by the ear of the ear (kissing in the armpit, tick the heels to the toilet enshik), - this does not mean that now no sex should do without this species. Prior to specials for special occasions, otherwise, from the category of loved ones, it will go into the category of allergens. "




Only in the case when sex gives pleasure to both partners, it is considered to be productive. It is more difficult for men, as it's not so easy to choose a key to female orgasm. You need to know in detail what exactly like girls in bed. Sexologists give several valuable tips on compliments, preludes, the right pace of sexual intercourse, sound, attention to its erogenous points and oral affection.

All these tricks will help heat her body, activate all erogenous points that lead to orgasm. Based on these knowledge, a man will be able to build an action plan regarding what to do during sex. Let us also talk about how long the sexual intercourse should be, according to women, what mistakes men are better to warn in advance.

That girls love in sex

Any girl seeks to ensure that this time sex was truly special, not similar to previous times. And only units among male are able to embody such wishes into reality. This merit will be the knowledge of all subtleties and techniques, with which you can make a nice lady. Sexologists recommend paying attention to communication, talk more compliments, to pay enough prelude time, select the right pace, pay attention to all erogen points and not to be able to be oral affection.


First of all, to show your attention and love for the soul of a woman, and after to her body. Remember that all fair sex representatives love ears. Therefore, make compliments, say warm and tender words. But try not just to flatter, and notes really all of her advantages - a smile, eyes, hairstyle, charms of figures, etc. Be sure it will allow her to liberate in bed and thank you with your attention.

Do you do your girlfriend compliments?

Yes Not


Mandatory component of sexual intercourse - prelude. Without her, a woman just can not be enough enough, it will lead to dryness of the vagina, unpleasant feelings from penetration, to minimal pleasure in principle. Any girl loves touch, which are not docked on the same corners of her body. Erogenic dots are on the neck, ears, hands, shoulders, chest, stomach, hips, etc. I caress them with their hands, lips, tongue, touches the body to the body.

Right temp

Start always with slow, neat movements, which, after a high-quality foreplay, will deliver a true pleasure to a woman. Discard the rush, sharp jolts and rudeness, if only she does not ask for it. Increase the pace as the excitation increases, it is determined by its breathing and body movements in the tact. If you feel the approach of the orgasm, in no case do not change the tempo, otherwise it will easily miss this valuable moment.

Sound accompaniment

The manifestation of feelings and sexuality in a man and women is very different. It is extremely important for it during the proximity of fully expressing its emotions in the form of groans, screaming, etc. Therefore, it is not necessary to suppress the wishes of splashing feelings, on the contrary, the partner must encourage it, try not to be too quiet and silent in the process. Well, if the background for the beloved will be quiet to play the relaxing music.

Attention to erogenous points

Her body is the main key to pleasure and orgasm. Men are largely mistaken, paying attention to the stimulation of only genital organs. You can awaken sexuality, carefully studied all the corners of her body. You can do this with the help of finger tips, palms, lips and language.

Most of all nerve endings leading to excitation are on such parts of the body:

  • lips;
  • neck;
  • ears;
  • chest;
  • genitals;
  • underbelly;
  • navel;
  • legs;
  • Feet;
  • wrists;
  • buttocks;
  • small of the back.

Here, from the point of view of anatomy, feeling receptors are located. During the foreplay, you can touch these sites, studying its reaction. Everything is very individually what a single lady likes can be completely indifferent to another.

Oral caress

The most delicate process for a pair - oral affairs. Almost all girls get true pleasure if the partner does everything right. What you need to know and be sure to perform to bring it to orgasm:

  • A prelude should be attached to oral sex, it is not necessary to immediately fall to clutter and vagina;
  • We can relax a partner with tender kisses, touches to the above erogenous zones;
  • With the help of kisses, they descend along the neck to the chest, from it to the stomach, and from there delicately touch the tongue to clutter;
  • The first contact with the clitoris must be gentle, without pressure and hurry, since more than 8,000 nerve endings are located here;
  • As soon as the clitoris begins and swells, you can practice different techniques for its stimulation;
  • When the partner is extremely excited, together with the caress of the tongue and lips, you can be in the course of the hand, stimulating the vagina.

As soon as the girl starts to moan, bending his body towards the language, lips, it means that an orgasm is approaching. At this time, it is important not to slow down the pace of stimulation, not changing the tactics of behavior.

Erotic massage

Few men of men appreciate such a kind of prelude as an erotic massage. But it is such actions that help the girl relax, to relax, distract from unnecessary thoughts.

There are several conditions on the organization and execution:

  • Creating a relaxing atmosphere - muted light, calm music and full privacy;
  • Lighting and interior - in the room you can freeze the candles, decorate the room with a different misher, flowers and in other romantic stylistics;
  • Incense - with the help of essential oils, you can enhance libido and sexual attraction, for this use aroma and jasmine oil, ylang-ylang, lavender, roses, etc.;
  • Music - sound support enhances the massage efficiency, so you can choose a playlist with relaxing music;
  • Massage oil - so that the touches were pleasant, it is important to use special oil, heat it in the palms, so that the girl was nice.

For such actions, it is not necessary to have special skills. You can safely experiment, making what it would be nice. The object will first be back, shoulders and forearms, neck, after you can go to the buttocks and legs, feet, and hand brushes. The final station is genitis.

Plan of action in bed

What is high-quality sex, experienced lovers know how to bring a partner to true orgasm. If this does not happen or happens, but after, it is worth walking on the main rules of sex with a woman. Sexologists recommend the following:

  • Mood. The main rule of good sex is the lack of negative, nerves, stress. Therefore, it is necessary to work on the emotional background before proceeding with action.
  • Strip. Never hurts to rather remove from yourself and partners "Outfitting", and even more so do not let it undress to her. Undress each other during the preludes and games without a rush.
  • Atmosphere. Complete all the case, create a cozy nest for you both to enjoy passion you were comfortable.
  • Relaxation. Before sex act, try to rest at least 1-2 hours, as further actions will require both physical efforts from you. After sex, let yourself be for some time together.
  • Prelude. Pay proper attention to pre-caresses. On average, they must last from 15 to 30 minutes, affect different erogenous points, as mentioned earlier.
  • No conversations. It is not necessary during the rapprochement, caress and sex to conduct conversations for any topics. It not only distracts, but also knocks down from rhythm. Is it possible to suggest each other erogenous places and sexual fantasies.
  • Diversity. Do not dwell on one action scenario. Surprise it with new poses and places for proximity. Refuse ordinary and manifest the initiative.
  • Lubrication. If its vagina allocates not enough natural secret, do not hesitate to use special lubricants. You can find warming and exciting means on sale.
  • Sex toys. To bring in sexual life. There is nothing shameful in their use, on the contrary, they will strengthen the pleasure of proximity.
  • Collect time. The best time for sex is morning and evening. In the first case, this is a great body training, a high concentration of sex hormones. In the second, partners completed all their affairs and have more free time for each other.

Do you need long sex for orgasm?

For each woman, the question of the desired duration of sexual intercourse is purely individual. While one needed more time for rich and warming up, others have time to experience pleasure in a matter of minutes, ending the partner's faster. Much depends on physiological and psycho-emotional factors.

In general, sexologists recommend practicing alternately different types of sex:

  1. Fast - can be abandoned by prelude, engaged in spontaneous sex in unexpected places. This happens when partners simultaneously cover a wild passion and desire.
  2. Average - in this case, partners pay a little time for the prelude, after which they start to sex, having time to change about 2-3 pos.
  3. Long - in this case, the partners are not in a hurry, they maximize the prelude, oral caresses. In full excitement, it is embarked in a sexual act, experimenting with postures, species of sex, places, alternate a different pace. Ideally, this is when the first girl cums.

What girls do not like in bed

Remember that the woman first of all is a person with her preferences and desires. Do not perceive it only as a sexual object. In order not to lead to the fact that the desire will disappear during proximity, you should avoid several typical errors:

  • Premature orgasm - ladies often do not complete so quickly, and if the partner finishes first and rapidly, it can cause disappointment;
  • Silence - girls show themselves actively and emotionally in bed, moan and even shout, they are unlikely to like the complete lack of manifestations from the partner;
  • Soca - it is not necessary to get involved in this activity, because in the future it will experience strong discomfort from oblique views from the people around the people;
  • bites - For men, this is considered a manifestation of passion, the woman of such actions may cause pain, will the exception will be bitten by the UH ukhi;
  • Necrick - in the course of long affection, including oral rigid bristles may injure her gentle skin.

Just like women carefully preparing for intimacy with you, you are also trying to follow your hygiene. Pay her more attention in ordinary life, say pleasant words, show romance. Its emotional background in many ways affects the quality of proximity. And what to do in bed, you already know from the Soviets given above.

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What sex loves a woman, what posture prefers?

Women feel intimacy and love when they say, touch their partner and share their thoughts and feelings with a loved one. They are usually more interested in emotional intimacy than in sex.

Man and woman.

The feeling of genuine intimacy takes time to arise and how to develop. Therefore, women are not in a hurry with intimate relationships. They want to go through the stages of acquaintance with man, become friends, touch, kiss, hugging and showing affection. In the end, they begin to have sex when they feel intimacy and believe that they are in love.

Amazing features

If women usually take proximity and love before they want "good sex", does it mean that they won't want to have sex with a person before bringing together with him? No, this means that sex often does not bring satisfaction, even when an orgasm occurs, without the presence of a close feeling.

When some women feel the pressure of a man who wants to incline them to sex, they think: "This man does not love me as a person. He loves me just for what can do with my body. " Such girls often have a resentment on men in general.

Men, sex and feelings

Women are likely to be even a bigger mystery for men than men for women. Despite the fact that girls are important for guys, from the point of view of the latter, they live in some parallel universe - with all these menstruation, childbearing, unrestrained emotions and even hysteries that men cannot or do not want to understand.

Couple in bed.

Men are often not too good in understanding their own feelings, but even worse they focus in the feelings of women.

However, many of them see sex as a way to get close to the ladies and, perhaps, even make pleasure to them. To do this, they try to find out by all the ways, what sex loves the woman who they like. The fact that they overestimate the carnal side of the relationship, of course, does not prevent them from constantly thinking about it, as well as that sex will help to fix everything in relations with a woman. "All she needs is a good man," this is a general decision of male and female problems for many men. And usually the decision is rooted incorrect.

All-friendly ladies

Women can forgive clumsy, partial or non-existent erections and premature ejaculation men in which they are in love. They may even demonstrate certain acting abilities in the name of love, imitating orgasm. The only thing they cannot forgive is the lack of love, tenderness and attention.

Unsatisfied woman.

Some ladies avoid sex. They simply feel that, giving sex, they will quickly turn into a toy for carnal joy.

Thus, some women cost without the desired attachment, especially at the beginning of relations to avoid pressure in an intimate life.

Women's tastes

Sexy game should not necessarily end with orgasm to be satisfying. Yes, ladies like climax. And they want to experience it. But they do not have such a need for orgasm as men and do not consider his lack of problem, so there is no reason to experience a remorse of conscience if you have finished earlier than the girls. Do not think that girls beg you to bring them to orgasm. What kind of sex loves a woman, heavily depends on her temperament, and "reach the finish" like not everyone.

If you check too much on your inability from time to time to call the girls an orgasm, even after they explain that sex can give pleasure, regardless of this, your second half will be forced to simulate orgasm regularly. It is sometimes necessary to imitate it, but this is an extreme way to make a man do not feel the insignificance.

Passionate woman.

What is the conclusion?

Girls respect and appreciate your desire to satisfy them in 99.9% of cases, but you cannot expect the same from them. They still will not be as sexually active as men. They are biologically programmed and socially due to be more careful in relation to sex as a whole, because it is they who carry a child and that they are dealing with all public stereotypes regarding intimate life, since women in case of what are called prostitutes and accused of insufficient chastity . Please do not specify your "courtesy" as a reason why you can knock out sexual services at any time. If you do not give this argument, you will have much more chances to have sex with the lady you like.

Special physiology

Men often think that the representatives of the beautiful sex are set up for sex much less often than they, but the fact is that the ladies are simply arranged differently. For many women, the desire does not necessarily precede with excitation. They need them to touch, caressed and loved, and only after that they will have a desire to have sex. Therefore, instead of whining how excited you are, sneak up to your beloved woman behind and start rubbing your shoulders and go down to the belt or try to climb it somehow. The key to everything is physical contact, so touch your beloved girls! Despite the fact that the question of which sex loves a woman is very subjective, touching absolutely everything.

Two loving person.

Sincere compliments

Speaking a girl more often that it is beautiful, not exaggerating. Often women are aware that they are not like Venus Milos, so do not try to lie in the face. Urgered compliments seem insincere, so they are ineffective. A normal girl will always be grateful to the truth about how it looks, for polite indication of deficiencies, etc. Tell her that you are particularly interested in, whether something she did, or what she is wearing, and avoid comparing it with other women at any cost. Start with "I like how you ..." or "I like when you ...". It knows much more important than knowing what kind of sex female poses are more like.

Women also want to be depraved

Do not think that you are special due to the fact that you have so many depraved thoughts. Ladies can also fantasize various things, so let them understand your most intimate desires. The more you feel comfortable with your sexual aspirations and the more you openly and honestly report them, the greater the likelihood that the lady you like will accompany you in your dirty journey in the depths of your lustful fantasies. Ask, in which posture loves to have sex to have sex, like you.

Boy and girl.

Many love robust

A woman will not necessarily consider you a sexist if you want to object it in bed. Some of them actually want to be conquered, conquered or even objectified as long as the objectification in bed does not penetrate other aspects of your life together. Some dirty feminists are very often preferred when they dominate them in bed. The girls are very easily separated what is happening during sex, from the rest of life, so demonstrate trust and tell them what you want before starting it. It is also an answer to the question of which sex love mature women.

Feel free to be affectionate

Most women also want caress, like most men. Therefore, do not break to resort to oral sex. Do not be broken by cunnilingus, roman, caressing women's female stop and fingers on the legs with the help of the mouth, lips and language - depending on the fact that the listed girl likes. Most of the most beautiful sex representatives are very needed by such caresses from the man, but shy about them to ask. However, there are exceptions, because it is more often interest, which poses love women in sex. Some, for example, very much like the post "69", and some - no.

Do not talk about what is better to be silent

Most women perfectly understand that every guy in the soul of a dog and a tribal stallion, latently dreaming about the female woman to fertilize every woman. You just don't need to remind about it! If you have the need to present someone else during sex with your beloved, do it, but silent.

Most girls prefers experienced guys

Despite the fact that women, as already mentioned earlier, more responsibly approach to sex, they still prefer to deal with a young man who knows what does, i.e. has a certain experience. Virbs, confident that the clitoris and point G is the same thing, you can hardly be good sexual partners. Sad, but this is the truth of life.

Young people.

The main thing is soul

It is nice to look at the pretty guys, but in any case, a pretty appearance will not cause a girl of interest longer than a few minutes. Your face and body is only a "barr" to the "main dish." The main "dish" in a situation foreshadowed is how well you can attract a woman to feel that it is the center of your universe, at least for a short time. This requires self-consciousness and self-confidence. The girls are evaluated from how the guy holds himself, walks and says, and not from how much he looks like Brad Pitt.


Now you know which sex loves a woman. As you can see, a lot in this matter is built on myths and stereotypes of men about the representatives of the beautiful sex. What sex prefers women, actually depends on the woman itself, i.e. There is no universal response to this question, which would be suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, there are some general principles on which the presentation of all representatives of the perfect sex about sex, physical intimacy, and so on. Also, what sex prefers girls, very much depends on the age: those that are more relaxed and can gladly divide your perverted fantasies, while those who are slightly 30, and even more so older ladies prefer conservative (and Pretty boring) forms of physical coitia.

What can I say? Before dragging someone to bed, you need to ask how to ask (at least through cautious mediated questions), what your choices like, and if it belongs to some age, national or religious group, find out what sex you like most Women in this category. And then you will succeed!

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