IPhone flashlight turns on in itself? Find fast ways here to turn it off

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The included flashlight has largely replaced the traditional flashlight and became an indispensable tool in our daily life, because it is more convenient. Want to find clothes in the dark or consider something in more detail? Fortunately, Apple has made a built-in flashlight, which can provide you with a big service. However, in recent times, many people report that the flashlight on their iPhone has a tendency to suspiciously to work, especially on the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later iPhone models. It is very offensive. Many iPhone users commented via twitter: My favorite function of the new iPhone is how just accidentally turn on the flashlight. The flashlight on the iPhone X is involved in itself. Then you need to turn on and off it so that it worked. I'm so confused ... so how Turn off the flashlight on the iPhone X and later ? We will tell you the rapid ways to solve it.

The included flashlight has largely replaced the traditional flashlight and became an indispensable tool in our daily life, because it is more convenient. Want to find clothes in the dark or consider something in more detail? Fortunately, Apple has made a built-in flashlight, which can provide you with a big service. However, in recent times, many people report that the flashlight on their iPhone has a tendency to suspiciously to work, especially on the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later iPhone models. It is very offensive. Many iPhone users commented via twitter: "My favorite function of the new iPhone is how just accidentally turn on the flashlight." "The flashlight on the iPhone X is involved in itself. Then you need to turn on and off it so that it worked. I'm so confused "... so how Turn off the flashlight on the iPhone X and later ? We will tell you the rapid ways to solve it.

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Part 1: General ways to turn on / off flashlight on iPhone X and later versions

For a blocked screen

After updating iOS 14, you can detect that in the bottom of the locked screen for your iPhone X there are small and cute buttons 2. One is a flashlight, and the other is a chamber label. To turn on the flashlight, you just need to push the flashlight icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Then the LED flash glows, and the flashlight icon simultaneously becomes brighter. When you need to turn it off, you can press again and hold for a few seconds to become a gray lantern icon.

Touch Uutton Flashlight on a locked screen

Another way is to ask Siri to help you. Here are some examples of proposals that you can use. "Hi, Siri, turn on my flashlight." "Hi, Siri, you will not turn on my flashlight?" "Hi, Siri, could you turn on my flashlight?" The key lies in the fact that you must mention "turn on my flashlight". If Siri correctly understands your instructions, it will inform you: "It is included." To turn it off, tell me "Hi, Siri, turn my flashlight."

Ask Siri Include flashlightTips:

You can adjust the brightness of your flashlight to meet your various requirements. Just click on the flashlight, and you will see a segmented brightness level strip. Swipe up and down to change it. This Council is not available with Siri's voice assistant at present. You must make your flashlight brighter or Dimmer manually.

Change Brightness Flashlight

For unlocked screen

To enable flashlight on your iPhone, you can also use the control center. Go to the iPhone screen to wake it up first. Spend your finger down from the right upper screen corner to display the control center. If you have an iPhone 8 or an earlier version, you should spend your finger from the bottom of the screen. Then click the Lantern icon tab in the control center, as shown below. Click the Lantern icon again to turn off the flashlight.

Turn on flashlight lantern

If you could not find a flashlight icon in the control center, you can do the following to configure the control center. Go to Settings> Control Center> Configure controls. Press the green "+" icon to add a flashlight to the control center. After you do it, you will see the lantern icon in the control center.

Setting and adding a lantern control center

Part 2: Solutions 4 to correct the lanterns included suspicious

Solution 1. Scope of the iPhone screen directly

You will be happy to learn how quickly turning off the flashlight on your iPhone X. This method is a universal solution. You just need to spend on the iPhone screen right left when the iPhone is blocked. Then release the operation of the smack back to the locked screen. Your flashlight will turn off in a few seconds. Please control the strolling time. You do not need to completely carry out your finger. Just inform the iPhone that you are going to open the camera "Camera", this is enough. This method is quite cunning. Since the same light is used in the flashlight and the camera, the iPhone will think that you are going to take photos. Pretty comfortable!

Scope iPhone to turn off flashlight

If your iPhone Camera application does not work, you must first fix your iPhone and try this method later.

As for the correction of problems with the iPhone flashlight and Application iPhone Camera, here we strongly recommend using the one-step and full-featured IOS System Recovery software. It can not only solve the problems mentioned above, but also allows you to solve all IPhone problems, iPad and iPod running iOS 14.

Step 1 Download IOS System Recovery for free and run. In the interface, select "Restoring the IOS system".

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to a computer. Then the window will appear. You can choose the "Problems with Devices" status and click "Start" to fix your iPhone.

Select the status of the iPad.

Step 3. Select "Advanced Mode" and click "Confirm" to follow the instructions in the interface to place the iPhone in the DFU or recovery mode.

Advanced mode

Step 4. After transferring the iPhone to the DFU or Recovery mode mode, the category, type, model and iOS version of the device will appear. Then click "Restore" to download the firmware and correct the disabled camera / flashlight iPhone to normal state.

Check information about iOS

Solution 2. Ask Siri Turn off flashlight

If you want to turn off the flashlight without any action, you can simply ask Siri words to complete all this. Like the inclusion of the flashlight, you can also turn it off using the following offers. "Hello, Siri, turn off my flashlight." "Hi, Siri, will you turn off my flashlight?" Siri will reply "it is turned off" and instantly turn off the flashlight. If you have not installed "Hi, Siri" to wake up Siri, you can click the "Awakening / Sleep mode" button and ask Siri to turn off the flashlight.

Ask siri turn off flashlight

Solution 3. Firmly Press the flashlight icon on the locked screen

On the locked screen of the iPhone X, you can easily turn off the flashlight. First wake up the iPhone X by lifting it by pressing the side button or moving the screen directly. Secondly, click on the lantern icon to turn off the flashlight. When you turn off the flashlight, the icon will become gray.

Click the gray lantern icon

Solution 4 Turn off the flashlight on the iPhone using the control center

This solution to turn off the flashlight on the iPhone is similar to its inclusion. All operations are performed in the reverse order. You must hold down from the right upper screen corner to display the control center. If you have an iPhone 8 or an earlier version, you should spend your finger from the bottom of the screen. Click the flashlight icon in the control center, and the flashlight will go out.

Control Center Turn Off Lantern


In this post, we submitted general ways to turn on / off flashlight on the iPhone for a locked / unlocked screen. Meanwhile, we provide a solution 4 to turn off the flashlight on the iPhone, swipe on the iPhone screen on the right left directly, ask the Siri to turn it off, click the flashlight icon on the locked screen and use the control center to turn it off. Which one is the easiest? Do you have other ways to turn off the flashlight on the iPhone? Please leave comments below and share with us.

Thanks to smartphones, we are always at hand not only a whole office, but also important things indispensable in everyday life - for example, such as a flashlight.

In the article we will tell and show where the flashlight is on the iPhone, how to turn on and off the flashlight, as well as for what functions it can be additionally used. As always, all instructions will be equipped with step-by-step photo and video comments made on the example of iPhone 8 Plus.

Table of contents

Enable flashlight on iPhone through the control center

Apple manufacturers took care to turn on the flashlight could be as easily and minimized - after all, sometimes it may be urgent. Therefore, in order to activate the flashlight, it is not necessary to even unlock the iPhone. How to activate a flashlight?

We need to open the control center - for this you need to swipe your finger up from the bottom of the display, and "pull out" the control point menu. This can be done both from the unnecessary display and from the screen of any application.

Figure 1. Swipe Up Call Control Center.

  • In the control center menu that opens, click on the lantern button. Ready, it is turned on.

Figure 2. Click on the flashlight icon.

  • Additionally, we can adjust the degree of brightness of the flashlight - for this you need to hold the icon with a flashlight for a long time, and an additional brightness menu will appear, in which four options for light intensity are available - from the most muted to the most bright.

Figure 3. Select the lantern glow brightness mode.

  • When the flashlight is turned on, the icon with its image is always blue - it means that the option is active. When you turn off the icon will again become gray (inactive mode).

Figure 4. Blue lantern icon - flashlight enabled.

Using a flashlight for notifications (LED flash for alerts)

In addition to the main destination, the lighting functions, the flashlight in the iPhone is also endowed with an additional opportunity - it can serve as a "bearing" and notify about incoming calls, messages and other notifications. Not everyone knows about this option, it must be activated through the settings:

  • We go into the settings, scroll down and select the "Universal Access" section.

Figure 5. Go to the settings section.

Figure 6. Find a section universal access.

  • Now you scroll down again, and select the item "Audiovisual Element". It is activating the "Flash of Warning" function in it - we put the engine to the active position (green).

Figure 7. Select an audiovisual element.

Figure 8. Connect the outbreak of warnings.

Ready! Now the flashlight flash will signal you with a new message, a call or notification received by phone. If you wish, it can be deactivated by transferring the option "Flash of Warning" into an inactive position.

How to turn off flashlight on the iPhone?

To turn off the flashlight, we need to go to the control center (swipes your finger from the bottom of the screen up), and click on the burning lantern bluffing icon. After shutdown, the flashlight icon will again become gray.

Figure 9. Go to the control point.

Figure 10. Click on the lantern icon to turn off.

Figure 11. In the disabled mode, the flashlight icon is gray.


As we see, the flashlight on the iPhone is very easy to turn on and off, it takes literally a couple of seconds. We can adjust the brightness of the flashlight glow, and also use it as an additional alert signal with incoming calls, messages and notifications, if we need it.

We hope the instructions were clear for our readers, and now you can easily use all flashlight functions on the iPhone!

How to turn on the flashlight on iPhone - where to find

It often happens so that you need to go somewhere, but there is no flashlight at hand. And it is easy to solve the problem: you can highlight your way with that light bulb that is in a mobile phone. But if the owner uses the phone operating on the IOS operating system, it will be a bit problematic. The fact is that the light bulbs are not in all gadgets operating in this operating system. On how to turn on the flashlight on the iPhone, then in the article.

Where to find a flashlight in iPhone

In the iPhone six plus, s and other modern models there are no such option. It replaces the usual LED flash, located near the camera lens on the rear panel of the mobile phone.

Important Nuances Installation Simple Programs

The resource of the LED allows you to use the light bulb without any problems, but if you turn it on more often, the phone will turn off the phone quickly.

How to turn on the flashlight on iPhone or iPad

If you need a flashlight, then you can turn it on not only on your mobile phone, but also on iPad running on the IOS 11, S, SE operating system and higher. It was in them that the "Intensity" button appeared, which helps adjust the brightness of the bulb.

How to turn on an iPhone flashlight? You can do this in different ways.

This is done through:

  • telephone control center;
  • voice helper;
  • Camera located on the phone itself.

Below about each method in more detail.

How to turn on the flashlight on iPhone through the control center

Enable the option in this way is incredibly easy.

Find the right tab incredibly just

For this, only required:

  1. Take your mobile phone, unlock it.
  2. Top-down on the screen on the screen. A curtain with new tabs will appear on the screen.
  3. Find the Flashlight tab, click on it. The icon will light up with white.

Here you can change the brightness of the light bulb. This requires:

  1. Press the icon with a flashlight and for a long time to hold it with your finger.
  2. In the new menu, spend your finger from above-down or vice versa. So you can change the brightness of the light bulb.

You can adjust the intensity of the light bulb

Note! The lower is the lowest level of brightness, and high is the highest level of brightness.

Through voice assistant

Very often, many functions on the phone can be included via Siri's voice helper. Including a flashlight.

This requires:

  1. Take into your hands a mobile phone.
  2. Press on his screen a large round button. The system will immediately translate to the voice assistant.
  3. Say: "Siri, turn on the flashlight." The system will quickly execute the desired command.

Assistant need to ask the right questions.

Important! The intensity of the light bulb here is impossible to choose.

Through camera Iphona

You can enable this option even through the chamber running on the phone.

The camera is needed not only for photos

This requires:

  1. Find the camera "Camera", go to it.
  2. Go to video recording mode.
  3. Enable flash.

For your information! The uniqueness of this method is that the light bulb can be turned on even on a locked phone.

The iPhone X holders have their own ways to turn on or disconnect the bulb. They even have an application with it on the blocked phone. So, if you click on it, the light bulb will turn on or turn off automatically.

And the light bulb on the phone can not only highlight the path. Using it, the system notifies the user that the incoming call came to the phone, the message. Configure this feature is incredibly easy.

You must open the right tabs.

The user needs:

  1. Take your phone.
  2. Find on it the "Settings" tab, click on it.
  3. Open the category "Basic".
  4. Go to "Universal Access" section.
  5. Find the "Flash Warnings" tab, activate it.

How to disable flashlight on iPhone or iPad

Three ways, how to turn off the flashlight on iPhone:

  • Go to the phone, open the curtain, press the button with the light bulb. If the button has purchased a gray color, this indicates that the light is turned off;
  • Call the voice helper Siri, tell the phrase: "Siri, turn off the flashlight." To turn off the bulb will need 1-2 minutes;
  • Take your phone with your phone with a light bulb, find the camera "Camera", click on it. The light bulb will be disabled automatically.

Note! Users iPhone X, XR still easier to turn off the light bulb. They only need to take their own blocked telephone, click on the tab with the desired image. The system will turn off automatically.

What to do if the flashlight does not work

It often happens that the user tried everything, the above described, but the bulb does not light up. The reasons for such a phenomenon may be several:

  • Software crash. This occurs in the event that the user turned on the light bulb on his phone once, and the second time it does not turn on it. Moreover, if he installed an unofficial firmware on his phone or made Jailbreak on his phone, the light bulb will not turn on. You can attribute the phone to the service center, where the wizards will help solve the problem. Also, the user can also solve its problem independently, restoring his iPhone plus from a backup created while the light bulb on the user's phone worked. And often it happens that the light bulb stopped working on the phone after installing a new application on it. If this happens, it is recommended to delete a new program;
  • Water penetrated inside the phone. Very often, the flashlight on the phone is disconnected due to the fact that moisture hit the housing. In this case, you need to dry your phone well, and even better attribute the smartphone to the service center. There, the user can repair the module, install a new one, make the phone more ringing;
  • Providing strong mechanical impact on the phone. Often users drop their mobile phones. Because of this, the LED-backlight module stops on them. The smartphone owner will also have to bear his smartphone to a service center where the module can replace.

Third-party lanterns for iPhone

Now in the AppStore you can meet many different applications that will help the user to set up a flashlight on the iPhone.

Note! The application called Best Flashlight is particularly popular.

With it, the user can:

  • activate the flash, which will be sparkling during the call;
  • remove important points directly from the downloaded application;
  • activate a cotton flashlight;
  • adjust the brightness;
  • control light with the rotation of your smartphone;
  • Install an additional widget for quick access to the application.

In addition, this program has built-in functions:

  • Sos;
  • ABC Morse;
  • stroboscope;
  • The ability to change the brightness of the flashlight.

Important! Some features in this application are paid, for example, connection via SMS.

But despite this, users still leave positive feedback on this application. Download it is incredibly easy.

Main application in the phone

The user is only required:

  1. Take your mobile phone.
  2. Go to it in the AppStore.
  3. Enter the word Flashlight to the search string.
  4. Choose the application that most liked the user.
  5. Click on the "Download" button, wait for it to download to the mobile phone.

Important! You need to download applications only from official sites. If the owner of the phone will do this from unknown sources, that is, the risk of getting a program with a virus that can be dangerous for software.

Now the user is just needed to log in to the downloaded application. The program interface is very simple, since the basic round button is displayed on the fore the developers. The owner of the smartphone only needs to click on it. To the left of this button there is a special scale. You can adjust the brightness of the flashlight. For example, if you do not need strong light, you need to lower the strip down. So the light will be completely dull.

For your information! Usually, such applications use the owners of the iPhone 7 and older versions, since they are not in the phone. This widget is included only through third-party resources.

The main thing, remember, the higher the brightness of the flashlight, the faster the phone is discharged. And here are the following applications even more spent battery charge on the phone, so specialists are recommended to turn them off during the lantern included:

  • Animated wallpaper. Live wallpaper is very spent by the battery on the phone. Therefore, experts recommend users to give preference to static pictures. Moreover, the more often the user will turn off the application and switch to the main screen, the noticeable for it it will be. Users who rarely use multiple applications at the same time can affect the phone and dynamic wallpaper;
  • Automatic display brightness. Specialists recommend turning off and install the brightness below the automatic threshold. Thanks to this, light sensors will not spend the battery charge, but the display will work a bit darker than the usual. Such an option is best to use those who are for a long time in one room, where the same level of illumination. Otherwise, the user will have to constantly open the control panel, add brightness to the phone;
  • Notifications from different applications. To precisely predict how much the battery charge is spent, it is incredibly difficult. For example, the user can have about 100 different applications, which per day send 1-2 notifications per day. And another on the phone can be 10 applications that constantly send various messages. Disable all notifications does not make sense, so increase the charge of the battery on the phone will definitely fail. But at the speed of obtaining information, this affects extremely negative;
  • Disable cell data. Virtually all programs need Internet for updates. And disable this option on the phone is also meaningless. All applications are different in different ways. Moreover, if the user constantly uses Wi-Fi, then turn off the notifications to him in general meaninglessly.

In addition, the battery charge is strongly eaten:

  • Geolocation. The connected GPS spends the battery charge very much, but on the phone this option is almost never turned off. Using it, the user receives data from the satellite, cellular steps, reads the position of the phone and transmits this data to the desired application. It is 1-2 times per minute. Moreover, programs that use GPS for their work are very strongly spent battery charge. For example, about 10-15 programs using geolocation can spend in 1 night about 10% of the charge. But here messengers, social networks, browsers, client-banks are not needed to be connected to geolocation. Therefore, these applications can be easily disabled. Applications with weather, trekking and advertising system services also access to GPS is not required;
  • Updating the content available on the phone. Content available on the phone is updated almost around the clock. And it can well eat battery charge well. You only need to update the most necessary content, for example, banking programs and workers messengers. The remaining applications can be updated via content synchronization, which occurs during the application start. If you disable update 10-20 programs, you can save 10% charge;
  • Push-updating mail. Specialists recommend configuring a 15-minute mail update interval. And some users can update mail 1 time in 30 minutes. Or 1 time in 1 hour. And for different mail accounts, you can configure different update modes. For example, you can configure push-updates for a working mail and turn on the hourly check of personal mail.

Note! The more mail accounts will be added, the stronger the charge on the phone will be spent.

Now almost all modern phones have a flashlight. And if it is not either, or for some reason it does not work, you can easily download the application and use the flashlight built into it. Make it easy and simple.

Almost all modern smartphones now have a built-in flash, which would seem to play a major role to illuminate the camera to create colorful and clear images at night. But not there was something ... Flash is also a universal flashlight, actively used by people around the world, especially on Apple devices. In general, the iPhone is not the first phone, which was equipped with a backlight and flashlight in one person.

Even in the first Nokia and Sony Ericsson, such technologies have appeared, so their absence is an imperfect luxury. Who does not know, right up to iOS 7 in the iPhone there was no separate option to activate the flashlight. Yes, it was easy to turn on the flash so that it is activated, but there was no separate option for this. That is why different programs that allowed to activate a flashlight through their separate tabs were very popular. Now this chip is in iOS.

How to turn on the flashlight

We will consider on the basis of iOS 11 and above, since it was in this version that the so-called "intensity" appeared for the flashlight, which allows you to increase the brightness or reduce it. How to activate it:

Control center

On the unlocked screen, make the swipe up to call the "Control Center", and click on the flashlight icon. It will immediately turn on. Note that the appearance of the icon immediately changes, which is very important. For example, if it is in you in the activated state, but the flash actually does not light up, it means that your smartphone is faulty.

Turning on the flashlight in the control point

At the control point, you can also choose the intensity of the glow. Click on the flashlight icon to call the 3D-Touch menu and select one of the options. A total of 5 levels are available, starting from the bottom. That is, the lower is the minimum brightness option. If you select a specific level, the system will remember this and will continue to automatically select it. Just keep in mind that, the higher the brightness, the faster the battery on your phone will be discharged.

Intensity of light

Voice assistant

Another universal way is Siri's voice assistant. Suitbox phrase "Siri, turn on the flashlight", and it will be automatically enabled. The only negative for the holders of smartphones under iOS 11 and above - cannot be selected intensity for brightness, so it will be turned on by default.

Turning on flashlight


You can enable flashlight even through the camera application. To do this, it is enough to run it, go to video shooting mode and click on the flash icon by activating it. The flashlight will immediately turn on, and you can highlight them any areas. It is also useful and when shooting itself, when you need to capture any personnel, but the illumination is insufficient.

Enable flash in the chamber

You can also enable it if you simply make a swipe left on the locked screen, and then switch to the "video" mode and activate the flash. This method is useful in what can be used on any iPhone with iOS 11 and higher, even if you cannot unlock it.

Flashlight on iphone x

The iPhone X users and other earlier models have a separate icon with a flashlight on the lock screen. That is, you can simply click on this icon on the locked screen, after which the flashlight will be activated. It would seem that the same version of iOS would seem, but in this case, Apple decided to add its unique chips.

iPhone X lock screen

Sourid app

Apple Store still has applications that allow you to launch a flashlight on your smartphone in several clicks. For example, the BEST FLASH LIGHT program is very popular, which allows not only to activate the flash, but also to shoot from the application, activate a cotton flashlight, adjust the frequency, control the light through the rotation of the smartphone, to install an additional widget for quick access. Despite the fact that part of the functional is paid, many users leave positive feedback to this program.

Enable flashlight in Flashlight

Flashlight features

Widget Flashlight.

Such programs, by the way, will be very helpful to users who have iOS installed below version 7, so if you have an iPhone with an old version of the operating system, then the use of backlight will be possible only through third-party applications.

How to turn off the flashlight

Here, in principle, you need to go "from the opposite", and perform almost the same actions as with the activation of the flashlight:

  • In the control center you need to just click on the icon to repay the flash. This will be evidenced by the replaced picture;

Turning off the flashlight at the control point

  • Siri sufficiently pronounce the phrase "Siri, turn off the flashlight", and it will be turned off automatically for a split second;

Turning off the lantern

  • If you make a swipe left to call the camera, but the flash will be activated, it will automatically turn off. It is not clear whether the bug is this or a special Apple chip, but at the moment it works exactly so;

Turning off the flash in the chamber

  • On the iPhone X, you only need to click on the flashlight icon on the locked screen, and it will turn off if it was activated before it.

Why may not work flashlight?

Unfortunately, sometimes users experience problems with the activation of the outbreak, which, for some reason, ceases to work. We listed the main reasons due to which it could be caused:

  • Software failure . As a rule, it may not work once, but when re-activated, the flashlight works. It also does not work if you installed the "left" firmware or made Jailbreak to your iPhone;
  • Moisture . Very often, the backlight ceases to work when moisture gets. In this case, you need to completely dry the phone or carry it to the service center, where you will be replaced by the module or set to install a new one;
  • Mechanical impact . Sometimes users drop their smartphone, and it is hit by the LED backlight module. In this case, only the module replacement will help.

Options for activating and deactivating the flashlight on Apple smartphones are very much, and on the last models it is clearly seen that the flash module shines many times brighter. This not only helps when shooting quality rollers, but also seriously cuts out if you are in a dark room and urgently need any light source. And since the smartphone is the only thing that accompanies us everywhere, the flashlight, in principle, cuts out in many situations. Share links:

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