How to put a child to sleep in the afternoon: Methods of Molding

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Among the problems arising from young mothers with the baby, often call the daily rest of the little man. Many parents can not put a child to sleep during the day. The problem is that it is impossible to affect persuasion on the infants, and the older babies cannot fall asleep, even if the baby lies in the crib. Sometimes the process of laying takes more time than rest, a huge number of mom nerves is spent, crumb is crying, but not sleeping. Most inexperienced moms allocate three main problems: difficulty with falling asleep, the reluctance to fit into the crib, the refusal of crumbs to sleep.

Among the problems arising from young mothers with the baby, often call the daily rest of the little man. Many parents can not put a child to sleep during the day. The problem is that it is impossible to affect persuasion on the infants, and the older babies cannot fall asleep, even if the baby lies in the crib. Sometimes the process of laying takes more time than rest, a huge number of mom nerves is spent, crumb is crying, but not sleeping. Most inexperienced moms allocate three main problems: difficulty with falling asleep, the reluctance to fit into the crib, the refusal of crumbs to sleep.

How much kid should sleep during the day?

Mom knows how the tired kid looks like, so you need to watch the behavior of the crumbs. Crocha terate eyes, yaws, then climbs, becoming irritable, nervous - his daily sleep requires an increase, and the number of night hours of recreation recreation. If the amount of sleep does not affect the behavior of the crumbs - leave everything as it is.

Day sleep is needed to the baby, it increases the assimilation of information by 15%, the speed of reactions is 16%. Scientists argue that children sleeping enough time in the afternoon have strong immunity.

Child with toys

How to put sleep in the afternoon baby

Before laying sleeping a monthly child in the daytime, the attachment of a baby to the chest, feeding from the bottle. Breasts fall asleep only completely satisfied.

Some kids after feeding are a little walk, and then fall asleep. Install the sequence of behavior will help simply monitor the kid.

If the kid sleeps badly in the afternoon, constantly waking up, climbs to put your baby sleep, use the Harvey Carp method. The American pediatrician shares falling asleep at 5 stages:

  1. Non-human blunders. Moving legs with legs, the newborn wakes up itself, so it does not fall out. The appearance of a maternal womb appea to the swellantia, the crumb in diapers returns to the usual state of small mobility, calms down.
  2. Speaker. It must be unprecedented, remind the rhythm of the heartbeat. The kid calms down, feeling the usual rhythm, warm. The six-month crumb is kept on the handles until half a heart, and then put in the crib. Gradually, he will take away from the method of dummy, will get used to fall asleep in the crib.
  3. Using the nipple. In the first months of life, a sucking reflex is strongly developed, the nipple will help calm down. Immediately after falling asleep it is taken out. After 6 months, the child from the nipple is studied by replacing a soft toy, other attributes.
  4. Laying on the "bar". Babes are well falling asleep on the side.
  5. Using "White Noise". Monotonous sounds: the murmur of the stream, the noise of the surf, the singing of birds, very quiet, barely heard, contribute to the rest of the baby. After falling asleep baby, the sounds are cleaned.

Using the technique, the mother will be able to apply not all five paging stages at the same time, only some, comfortable in a particular case. H. Karp admitted this option to label the infants.

Many pediatricians, and Dr. Komarovsky among them, recommend a joint sleep with infant. Mom puts sleeping baby under the bar, herself rests near. For a newborn, finding near mom, the sounds of the beating of her heart - a great way to calm down, sleep.

Upon reaching a child six months for day rest, the baby uses a crib.

Children of the first year of life the place of stay tie to action. The baby should not play in the crib, then the blocke will be set that they are sleeping here, the laying will end with rapid falling asleep.

Breasts of the first months of life often torment colic, laying the crumb to sleep, make a massage of the belly. Circular movements are carried out in a tummy clockwise. Massage removes colic, helps calm down.

To put a newborn baby, some parents use soft attacks: stroke the back, handles, notes, legs, ears. The baby gets used to, identifies certain attack with sleep, quickly falls asleep.

In the first months of life, the crumb regime is built around feeding, and other needs appear to the semi-annual age. After half a year, the child teach to the regime, gradually standing it.

Military infant

How to put sleeping the day of the child up to one and a half years

Children of this age are sensitive to the mood of the mother, the mode is only built, the mother needs to be patient.

It is important to comply with simple rules:

  1. The baby lays sleep at any time of the day in the same clock. The mode facilitates the flooding process. A daytime dream is arranged in a certain way: the interval after the morning wakebeam should take about 6 hours, and not less than 4 years left before falling asleep.
  2. It is impossible to lay a child sleeping in after-school time. The need to urge it, make an important work will not force the child to fall asleep. The exceptions are cases when crumb shows explicit signs of fatigue.
  3. It is undesirable to teach the baby to sleep in a wheelchair, car, other places, for this not intended.
  4. There should be no loud sounds in the room, bright light. Ideally, the resting child is distinguished separate space, the night curtains are tightly. This will not be distracted by a bright ray of the sun, flying a bird, loud sound.
  5. For 1-1.5 hours before sleep, the child does not allow playing moving games. It is better to feed it, read the book, see pictures, play quiet games.

For children from half a year, pediatricians are recommended to develop a ritual of falling asleep. More daily action entails a faster falling asleep.

Be sure to change the baby in the clothes in which he sleeps at night. Pajamas should be bright, beloved Croha. Squeeze the freelo on the pot, dress clean diapers.

A one-year-old child produces a farewell ritual with a sun: they say the sweet dreams of the sunshine, the curtains are hung.

The baby is offered to a soft toy instead of a nipple.

When making the child, hold on the handles, the dormant baby is put in the crib on the bar. Well, if at night the baby sleeps in the same place.

The crumbs fall asleep faster when stroking the handles, ears, marigolds, easy pats, ass.

Australian resident of Nathan Dailo laid his Chado in 40 seconds, only stroking the face of a child with a soft napkin.

Daily timely sleeping baby is useful to young mom. Woman gets a permanent scheduled free time.

Baby in autolo

How to put a baby up to 3 years of age

One-year-old children understand many words of adults. Laying to relax during the daytime becomes a mandatory daily ritual:

  1. The kid for one and a half hours before laying occupy calm games, read fairy tales, consider pictures, draw.
  2. Immediately before bedtime, the child washed, disguised in pajamas, put on a pot, pampers put on.
  3. The ritual of farewell with the sun, closing the curtains is desirable.
  4. The child falls into the crib, takes a favorite toy.
  5. Mom tells a fairy tale, sings the lullaby, includes white noise.
  6. At the 2nd age, the main thing is to intrigue the child. Offer putting a book under the pillow to dreamed a fairy tale.

With age, the baby is useful to tell what he will take after rest, say secret: time will come faster if you sleep. It is recommended to do this ritual that is not recommended for all kids, the freeware children, fantasizing, are excited - the falling process slows down. For the same reason, the child does not promise a cartoon after sleeping, candy.

Starting from one and a half years, children teach to fall asleep in the room on their own. Mom reports that it will be released for a moment, it turns out, closes the door, it returns only after 60 seconds (even if the crumb is crying). The crying crumb is soothing, they screamed and come out again.

Gradually, the child gets used to the new behavior of the mother, and the intervals of the independent stay in the room are becoming longer, the child gets used to falling asleep. The methodology was described by the Spanish pediatrician Estimille, he recommended to remind the baby throughout the day, which soon needs to sleep, and then act according to the described scenario.

If a 3-year-old child sleeps bad during the day, he has no mode, the fallback time is not fixed, there is no flood algorithm, then quickly put such a child will not work at once. Applying the described tips, my mother will have to be patient, to develop the necessary habits from your chad. Award-winning endless patience will be a strong health of a little man, the calm behavior of the child, the ability to plan his own time.

Child with a favorite toy

Several common tips

Putting without a child's problem to sleep during the day requires compliance with the general rules:

  1. Putting a child sleep, mom should not be annoyed. A young woman temporarily needs to be patient, talk to a calm voice. If the process of laying has come out of control, then voltage should be removed. It is useful to dance with the baby, look out the window on the birds, then laid next to sleep.
  2. Special attention is paid to the organization of a bed location, creating comfortable conditions for sleep. Mattress, pillow (for children from 1.5 years) should be comfortable. Linen - hypoallergenic, pleasant, calm color. The sleeping place is plated with soft pillows, rollers, blankets, which creates a feeling of comfort, security.
  3. The light in the room is signed, avoiding too bright. Sounds are reduced to weak, quiet.
  4. I woke up before the child it is not necessary to immediately take on the hands, approach the bed, perhaps it has not slept, will fall again. Any actions are taken at the appearance of crying when the kid himself got up in the crib.
  5. No need to change dramatically, often sleep rules. A sharp change of behavior, actions will provoke the stress, will cause stress at a small little man, which does not contribute to rapid falling asleep, a good rest.

To accustom a breast child to quickly fall asleep easier than the kid at 3 years old. Showing proper patience, perseverance, sequence - can be corrected at any age. Chado will grow healthy, cheerful, Mom will have the opportunity to give the time to other concerns.

In the evening, after a warm bath and feeding, a breast child usually falls asleep without problems. This is not surprising - every day, the crumbs are filled with labor and new impressions, so it is waving in the evening he is happy to go on vacation. It is quite another thing - day dream. Pretty often parents complain that there is almost no falling asleep without tears. Are there no reliable ways how to put baby sleep without hysterical? Of course, there are, but one cunning techniques can not do - it would be nice to know the physiology of the baby and the main reasons why he can refuse to sleep. The source: ©

How to put baby sleep in the afternoon
How to put baby sleep in the afternoon

The daily sleep of the baby is simply necessary. The newborn has a dream for up to 20 hours, about half of which he chooses during the day. Every month, day and night sleep duration gradually declining. By the year, children are already sleeping 11-12 hours, of which no less than 2.5-3 should have two daily sleep. A normal sleep for a newborn is especially important, the entire first month of whose life takes almost adaptation to the new conditions of the existence, in which he got, choosing his mother's tummy. At the same time, biorhythms, regulating periods of physical activity and recreation begin to form.

To three months, the baby has already managed to more or less adapt to a new life and begins to know the world. A huge number of new information is collapsed for it, which a little brain is simply not able to quickly recycle and assimilate. Therefore, after 2-3 hours of active wakefulness, the baby wants to sleep.

But here there is a conflict between his desire to sleep and the possibility of doing this - an over-excited childhood psyche should be much longer to calm down than the adult. Strongly tired infants simply cannot fall asleep and he needs understanding and helping mom. During any sleep, there are vital processes that have a direct impact on the growth and development of the kid:

Growth hormone is produced;

comes physical relaxation;

Stabilizes the nervous system;

Information is recycled;

Energy stock is replenished.

Imagine what will happen to a small organism if it all deprivates it?! If you do not put a baby to sleep on time, he just changes in front of her eyes - from a cute smiling karapusus suddenly turns into a wet from sweat loudly, well, which is simply impossible to calm down. Not a rested laid day, the baby in the evening is overwhelmed so much that it is not possible to fall asleep again. Therefore, the first task of the mother is to choose the optimal for it and corresponding to the needs of the infants for the alternation of sleep and wakefulness and strictly observe it. After a few days, the baby will get used to the schedule, and it will be so easier to put it.

Features of laying

You probably have already heard that the preparation for the evening sleep should be accompanied by certain rituals, which, repeating from day to day, help the baby to relax and prepare for a night rest. In the afternoon, these rituals may also be present, but in the abbreviated version in another form.

So it is necessary that the baby understand that the preparation is now being prepared only for short-term rest. Then go to sleep he will be calmer.

Dressing up. It is better that for night sleep was separate pajamas. In the afternoon, the baby can sleep in panties or diapers and a light t-shirt or pamper.

Soft light. Do not create complete darkness in the room where the baby will sleep. It can bring down the biorhythms, and he will scatter a few hours, and then it will be impossible to put it in the evening.

How to put baby sleep in the afternoon
How to put baby sleep in the afternoon

Moderate noise. It is not necessary to ensure complete silence either, avoid only sharp sounds that can scare a baby. Let him get used to the fact that Mom is near and is engaged in his business while he rests.

An excellent option to lay the baby to sleep without scandals - walk. What could be better relaxing outdoors? Yes, in a stroller, which slowly moves and smoothly swaying, lulling the baby. If you are so comfortable - combine a walk with one of the day dreams.

But remember that the child to sleep during the day only on the street is impossible for several reasons. First, for him it is a way to know the world, so walking during wakefulness is more useful and informative for the baby. He meets the outside world and receives new impressions that develop the brain and train the psyche. Secondly, what you will do in those days when weather conditions do not allow you to go through the hour and a half you need for day sleep. If you teach a child to sleep only in a moving wheelchair, then be prepared to run with her around the apartment in case of bad weather. Finally, sleep in the crib is more useful for the baby, as he tends him to independence and develops awareness that the bed is a place to sleep. But then try to learn how to crawl and sit, the baby spent more time in active movement - on the rug or on a playpen. It will develop it physically and promote faster falling asleep when it falls back to bed.

Small mother's tricks

A single recipe, how to put a breast child to sleep during the day, does not exist. All children have different temperament and psychological features. What works perfectly with one baby is completely out of the other. Mom will have to experiment a little to find effective means or come up with several own little tricks.

How to put baby sleep in the afternoon
How to put baby sleep in the afternoon

Here are some techniques and tricks that have already successfully use many moms: Cool bedroom . Fresh air acts as excellent sleeping pills, not only for a walk. In a well-venting bedroom, the baby will fall faster and scatters longer than in a stuffy room. The air temperature must be moderately cool - not higher than 18-20 ° C, preferably even in the summer. But to be in a room with a working air conditioning, the baby should not - it can easily be cold.

Warm sheet . Often even asleep children wake up and start crying at the moment when mom is trying to put them in the crib. It is cold for cold sheets, when contacting with whom the baby is experiencing an unpleasant feeling. Put the heating in the bed, and then the child will come to her with pleasure, and the pleasant warmth will help to relax and kindly replace the presence of the mother.

Mamina Toy . Another trick, capable of deceiving the feelings of the baby. All infants have an excellent smell and unmistakably distinguish the mother's smell of many others. Square for several days with a small soft toy, and then give it to the baby. Let it be his companion on the crib. Hugging a teddy pet, the child will not feel lonely, and the presence of the mother's smell will calm him even in a dream.

Cozy nest . All parents try to buy a spacious bed for the baby so that it is more convenient for him to sleep. But sometimes it works in the opposite direction, especially in the first months of life in the baby. Accustomed to close contact with mother and small living space in the uterus, in the big bed he feels lost. Therefore, if you practice swaddling before bedtime, and the baby likes it, - do, but do not soak it too tight to allow me to move and breathe normally. Or simply twist from another blanket "nest" and the impoverish the baby there - he will like it so much.

Uniform noise . Surprisingly, some children are much better falling asleep during the day, and not in the evening just because there is no tanning silence, which often scares the child. The quiet buzz of the washing machine, a quietly working TV, the sound of the water flowing in the kitchen or the hiss of food in a frying pan soothing the child and help him faster to dive into sleep.

Tactile contact. Even short-term separation with mom is experiencing a baby very hard. But you can put the baby in my own bed only in extreme cases - when the child is very sick, or mom is so tired that he cannot get up to him. For tactile contact, it is enough to keep the baby by hand or ironing on the head. It is even enough for some children that Mom simply sits nearby, and someone must be installed before bedtime in his arms. Do not deny the child in proximity - it is extremely important for him now.

Quiet melody . If during pregnancy you often listened to classical or meditative music - fine! Be sure - the same disk will face soothing and on the child - after all, the melody will be familiar to him and remind you of the serene time when he was in the uterus. You can just quietly sing a song, but not the same lullaby, which usually sounds before bedtime.

Massage of animal . You don't need a full relaxing massage in front of daytime - Leave this pleasant and very effective procedure for the evening ritual. But the five-minute massage of the animal is just what you need. It is caressing for a child, helping the digestive system and the excellent prevention of painful colic, which often do not give to babies to sleep.

How to put baby sleep in the afternoon
How to put baby sleep in the afternoon

Aromatherapy . Beautiful folk agent for improving sleep. But not all essential oils for infants are useful. Yes, and the concentration of them in the air should be lower than for an adult. It will help to quickly fall asleep a few drops of anise or lavender (high-quality!) Essential oil, added in aroma lamp or ultrasonic air humidifier.

Pendant carousel . Perfectly works in most cases. But when the child is awake, it is necessary to remove it. Being all the time before your eyes, the suspension will quickly get tired of the baby, and he will lose all interest in it. Eyes tracking behind rotating objects quickly calms, usually after 10 minutes the child falls asleep.

These are only 10 examples of how you can put baby to sleep without unnecessary scandals and tears during the day. Surely every mother there is some more tips, which we did not mention. Therefore, it is useful to consult with each other, but we must remember that every child is individual. And if, trying a new method, you see that it does not work - look for something your own.

If the baby is ill

The most difficult for any mother those periods when the kid is ill. At this time, the child becomes extremely capricious, but at the same time the observance of the day's regime is extremely important for his recovery. The flow of anyone, even at first glance, completely harmless, the disease in children must control the doctor under the year. Especially if the child is the firstborn and mom is not familiar with childhood diseases.

How to put baby sleep in the afternoon
How to put baby sleep in the afternoon

During the disease, to ensure the calm of the baby, you can go for some concessions while putting it in the afternoon or evening.

For example, allow you to fall asleep on your hands (but at the same time do not rock if the child is three months old!) Or take into your bed overnight (when he wakes up so often that it is very extinguishing mom). While the child is sick, he does not perceive it as a bonus or assignment, such actions of the mother just facilitate his condition. But as soon as he begins to recover, everything should return to the usual channel. Otherwise, then you will have to spend a lot of time and nerves to wean it from the unwanted habit of you, which will be formed in a newborn literally in a couple of weeks.

Consult with your doctor and in the case when problems with a dream in the child arise constantly, although most often they are not associated with the physical health of the kid.

If the child does not relate normally during the day, he always sleeps worse at night. And constant lack of sleep provokes neurosis and psychosomatic disease, is one of the reasons for the strong decrease in immunity.

Day Son.

Day sleep is a necessary part of the harmonious development of a children's psyche.

Pediatricians adhere to this opinion, this is confirmed by numerous studies in this area.

Prevention of hyperactivity, anxiety, nerve children's disorders, is a regular sleep in a bright day of day.

How to put a child to sleep in the afternoon as it is very important to form him a habit of quietly fit into the crib at that time of the day.

Laid clock sleep

The amount of time allotted on the daily sleep is determined by the need for a child in accordance with age:

  • The newborn in the first three months of life should sleep on 17-20 hours a day;
  • From 3 to 6 months, the baby sleeps from 14 to 17 hours, of which 4.5-5 comes to day sleep;
  • half a year of the total 14 hours for sleep, about four, the child sleeps during the day;
  • In 1 year, the children per day are sleeping for 13 hours, during the day - 2-3;
  • In 2-3 years, daytime sleep is 2-2.5 hours from 12-13 total time;
  • Children 4-5 years old should sleep at least 11-12 hours in total, at the same time 1-2 - during the day;
  • At 6-7, the dream is relying 11 hours, on the daily - about one and a half.

To seven years, the need for day rest in children is gradually disappeared. The child goes to monophasic sleep and is able to withstand 10-12 hours of wakefulness.

These indicators are average. There are children who sleep a little less or more norms, but at the same time they feel well, individual features should also be taken into account.

Parents need to remember that the lack of day sleep adversely affects the health and development of the child.

Fast fatigue, reaction and memory reduction (up to 16%), excitability, reduction of disease resilience and many other factors will result in the absence of the proper organization of sleep.

The formation of a regime in the kid

Girl sleepingMany parents believe that adhere to any day of the day there is no need to sleep, there is, playing and walking the child should be when wants.

However, this approach is considered not quite correct.

To pay attention to the needs of the child must necessarily, but at the same time a certain systematicity must be present.

A little man, as well as an adult, is needed by his biorhythm, according to which his day passes. When the main events: awakening, eating, walking, day and night sleep - occur at about the same time, the child feels comfortable. In addition, later, when the kid will have to attend a kindergarten, it will be easy for him to adapt to the routing adopted there and do not have to experience additional stress.

The main items of which consists of the routine of the day:

  1. Morning rise . The biological clock of the child is arranged in such a way that it is easily waking up in the morning of 6-7 hours, and the maximum brain activity of the baby falls on 8-11 o'clock in the morning. Therefore, it is best to wake up the child will be about seven. After the morning procedures and breakfast, he will have enough time for games, classes, knowledge of the world and much more.
  2. stroll . Each kid must be in the fresh air as often as possible. In the summer, it is best all the time that is not busy and a dream, spend on the street. A walk can be cognitive or active, in any case, it has a positive effect on the formation of immunity, strengthens the body, contributes to improving appetite and helps the child calmly fall asleep at the last time.
  3. Day Son. . For the formation of a child of a certain mode, it should be laid in the bed at the same time. For daytime rest, as for lifting in the morning, you need to choose a certain hour, depending on the need of the baby. The baby, who sleeps for three hours, start to fit in 11: 30-12, older children - at 13-13: 30. The most important thing is not to deviate from the appointed time more than half an hour. Then the child, accustomed, will readily agree to rest according to the regime.
  4. Evening laying sleep . In order for the child to calmly fall asleep and woke up in the morning rest, the ritual of preparation to sleep should also be thought out. It should begin and end at one time every day. So the child's body will come up, fall asleep it will become faster, sleeping calmer. It is recommended to choose time from 19, but no later than 21 hours.
Sleeping baby

Kid falls asleep

In addition to these core moments, there are still indispensable breakfasts, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner, but how and when to feed your child every mother solves herself. Some sit down to dinner before bedtime, others on the contrary, after the kid falls around.

The most important thing is to clearly consolidate the time for meals, then the mode will be fully formed. Walking, games and classes can change places or skip depending on situations.

Forming the routine of the day for your child, parents not only help him feel well, correctly alternating activity with rest, but can plan their current things, knowing how much the child will want to eat or sleep.

The kid is going to sleepDoes your baby capricious and does not want to sleep? How to put a child to sleep in 5 minutes - useful tips for parents will help you solve the problem.

Did you send a child in kindergarten? How should the kid adaptation to new conditions, let's tell me further.

On how to treat worms in a child, you will learn from this information.

What is useful for the day?

Dad stacked the daughter to sleepSleep In the daytime, the child is needed.

The nervous system in children is often emotionally overloaded due to the large number of different impressions.

Rest during the day serves as prevention from various neurological problems, has a sedative effect, reduces the risk of behavioral disorders.

If the baby sleeps in the afternoon regularly, he has a higher concentration of attention, he behaves calmer himself, is capable of independent classes without adults, less susceptible to sudden mood changes. The child is easier to learn new skills, mastering knowledge, better mastering information.

Growth hormone is produced in a dream, which is of great importance for physical harmonious development.

In addition, there is a general strengthening of the body due to improving immunity.

The lack of a day sleep child may have the consequences that parents need to know:

  • delay of intellectual, mental and physical development;
  • excess weight - the missing energy is often compensated for by a large amount of calories;
  • irritability, no concentration;
  • Capriciousness, plasticity, etc.

It is impossible to compensate for the lack of day relaxation night. If the child does not sleep in the afternoon, due to the overwork of nerve cells, it becomes restless, overexcitation does not allow to sleep tightly in the evening, makes a sleep restless and intermittent.

Features of the organization of day sleep

The child falls asleep well with momIn order for the child to fall asleep during the day without resistance, you need to help him tune in and physiologically and psychologically.

To make it right, you should know some uncomplicated rules.

Compliance with the routine of the day is one of the fundamental conditions. Getting used to fall asleep at the same time, the child will want to sleep to the appointed hour.

It should not be shifted without objective reasons to shift this time, otherwise there is a risk of shifting the entire familiar rhythm specified by the mode.

It is important to stop excessively active actions shortly before sleep. The opinion that if a child runs and will be happy before bedtime, it will fall asleep and will fall faster, - erroneously. The kids are not able to calm down on the team, transporting he just will not be able to sleep peacefully, or his sleep will be short in time and will not give the necessary rest. Approximately an hour before laying should stop noisy, moving games.

It is better to find a calm lesson:

  • Painting;
  • modeling;
  • game in the designer, etc.
Child draws

Drawing - good lesson before bedtime

Loud sharp sounds act on the kid annoyingly and will interfere with sleep. It is not necessary to create silence, but noises should be monotonous, even. You should also cover the curtains from the bright sun, although the darkness is also not needed. Calm daylight and light noise background will help the child to fall asleep faster.

A special ritual before bedtime will help the child to tune in correctly. It can be a read or taledted fairy tale, a glass of warm milk, a favorite pajamas, Sveta Song or something else, the main thing is that it acted on the baby soothing. Repeat and follow the ritual follows every day. The child will wait for him with pleasure and fall asleep without protest after.

It is also important that in the room there is no stuffy or cold. Before bed, you can ventilate the room, the temperature should be about 20 degrees. It is not superfluous to post a child, blanket and clothing should not to flicker movements. Comfort during sleep helps the child have a good rest.

Baby tears to sleep alone

The child must sleep in his crib

Do not teach the baby to sleep in the car or fall asleep in the stroller during the walk. If you replace this day dream in the crib, it will quickly get used to the brand and fall asleep independently will be difficult.

Do not forget about such an important point as tactile contact. If you hold the baby by hand or stroke the back, the gentle touch will act as peaceful, it will fall out calmly and faster. You can speak with him a quiet voice or about something monotonously talk.

You need to teach a child to go to bed voluntarily, no need to resort to threats. Having promised to leave it without your favorite cartoons, if it does not fall to bed, you can achieve the opposite effect, the baby will be upset and will not sleep at all.

It is very important to remember that the time for which the child falls asleep may be different. Some children will spend 15 minutes, others - forty. It is necessary to patiently give him the opportunity to sleep quietly, not to demand it immediately.

The most important thing in the organization of day sleep for children is calm and goodwill parents.

Cry, the threat of punishment, irritability it is impossible to explain to the child that it is time for him to sleep, rather it will cause protest or tears.

Patient, calm, friendly tone, affectionate appeal will help tune in to sleep, calmly calm.

It is important for parents to understand that their rhythm of the day should not contradict the child's regime. If there is a day sleep time, you should not talk loudly, including music or receive guests. It can prevent the child to sleep normally.

Mom is tiredStress in young mothers - frequent phenomenon. After all, mom has to do only to the baby for all day. How not to go crazy on maternity leave and what to take yourself? Read useful tips.

What if the kid has a three-year crisis? What he is expressed and how to behave parents, you will learn from this material.

To accustom a child to a calm day sleep is not completely difficult. When complying with the permanent mode of the day, in a comfortable familiar setting, the child will quickly learn to fall asleep in the afternoon, without persuasion, tech and scandals. It is necessary to show constancy and patience, to create a pleasant atmosphere so that the baby loves the process of laying in the crib and agreed with pleasure to sleep during the day.

Day sleep will help him grow harmoniously and develop, while maintaining health, including psychological.

Video on the topic

Each mother dreams that her child quickly and easily fell asleep not only at night, but also during the day. Because this time is very important for the restoration of forces, both the children themselves and their parents. But in practice, most often it turns out that children with whims go to bed and this ritual becomes a real torment. How to avoid this we consider in our article.

How much should a baby sleep during the day?

The question about the number of children's sleep watches during the daytime, of course, depends on the age of your Chad. Below is a table with exemplary sleep standards for different ages. In addition, the child's health state should be taken into account. If the kid is experiencing a slight indisposition, it is quite possible that he will flip longer than the usual or the opposite will refuse to sleep. In this case, you still need to try to stick to the required amount of sleep hours per day.

Table with sleep standards

How to put baby baby sleeping at home


In the first months of the life of the kid, all the difficulties of falling asleep usually reduce the satisfaction of physical needs. And if the crumb is fed, there is a dry diaper on it and it does not hurt anything, then he falls asleep without tears and screams with a certain period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude possible painful signals in the body of the infant and periodically carry out procedures for maintaining personal hygiene, as well as take care of the correct feeding.

  • Usually in the first four months of life, the breasts are particularly worried about colic. The discomfort and abdominal pain interfere with them to fall asleep. Help reduce unpleasant sensations in the baby help special suspensions (such as Espeamizan) or a massage of a tummy (stroking clockwise with circular motions). Even perfectly helps additional heating of the tummy with a warm diaper.
  • The second of the most frequent causes of breast concerns can be teething. With that, all the kids are happening in different period, someone has been at 4 months, and someone has only 6-7. Special gels and cooling dispersed for teeth. How to put a child for 2 years sleeping at home
  • The main soothing ritual before falling asleep for infants is feeding. Mama nursing baby breast milk is very important to follow its nutrition, and children on artificial feeding need to choose a suitable mixture. So that the baby does not torment the bloating and discomfort in the stomach, after feeding it should be held, vertically leaning against the tummy, within a few minutes.
  • Wrap a baby in a soft diaper or blanket. It will create a comfort and a sense of security for him. Just do not use tight swearing. The kid must move freely to feel comfortable during sleep.
  • Do not forget about the diaper. Some mothers use simple diapers instead of diapers. But truly sleep a child and relax mom will succeed only if the baby is in a high-quality disposable diaper.
  • The tech is the fastest way in order to calm the baby before bedtime. But as the baby is growing up, it is better to try to use other alternative ways. In order not to have had to, then have a long time to teach the crumb from falling asleep on your arms.
  • If the child cried during sleep, you should not immediately approach the bed. Perhaps he woke up because of some extraneous noise and will fall asleep soon.

From 2 to 5 years

How to put a child for 5 years sleeping at homeAt this age, children are already quite active and independent. That is why there are enough to sleep in a daytime problematic. Because any beliefs and arguments do not particularly act. But still children are still quite small and they necessarily need a daytime dream to restore forces, as well as their correct psychological and mental development.

If the child categorically refuses to go to sleep in the afternoon, offer him just to lie down half an hour in a relaxed atmosphere. For girls, offer an interesting game in which you need to help put a doll or a bear. The boy is allowed to allow you to bring a small-sized favorite typewriter.

Basically, the failure of sleep is caused by the fact that the child is not yet tired and spent little time on a walk. Therefore, do not forget about charging and active games in the fresh air. Then the child himself will gladly agree to soak in the crib for a couple of hours during the day.

The main rules of good baby sleep

Regardless of the age of the child, several conditions should always be observed for its full, strong and healthy sleep.

  1. Daily regime. Clearly melted actions, repeating, every day help children better adapt to environmental conditions and have a beneficial effect on their immunity. The son or daughter will be easier to fall asleep in the afternoon, if they already know that in the morning they will go walk on the street, then come home, and then after half an hour of playing in a relaxing atmosphere will be resting on a daily dream. Then you will not have to persuade and swear to crouch for a long time to go to bed, because all actions will be in a habit and will be committed as a familiar ritual.
  2. Active wakefulness. In order to fit in the daytime, it happened quickly, and easily provide a child good motor activity in the fresh air during walks. By the way, it is advisable to walk from 1.5 to 2 hours, then your child gets enough and his desire to relax in the afternoon.
  3. Choose a convenient time for feeding. If after accepting the food of the child pulls to sleep, then feed it tightly after the morning walk directly in front of day sleep. If the situation is reverse and son or daughter wants to play after eating, then by contrast, replace lunch on a glass of milk, and after sleeping, bother as usual.
  4. Carrying. When you go for a walk Do not forget to open the window to ventilate the room. In order to in the room where the baby sleeps the air was not overlooking dry or wet. The optimal temperature for a comfortable sleep is 19-22 degrees. In addition, during ventilation, all the pathogenic microorganisms are eliminated, which are in the room, which is very important for health.
  5. Comfortable bed. The sleeping place must have a sleep. Clean bed and a cozy bed with a good orthopedic mattress - that's all you need for a healthy sleep.

Knowing some secrets of the right child sleep, you can easily lay a little forth on day holidays.

How to apply all useful tips in practice, you will learn from video

This question really became a problem for me.

Based on this table, we should sleep in the afternoon of 1.5-2 hours (we are 1.8)

In my opinion, the daily dream of the child is not just needed, it is necessary. Almost all pediatricians, psychologists and neurologists speak about this. Day sleep provides proper mental and physical development.

I have long seen how much my child's capricious becomes, if not sleeping in the day. It happens exactly that. Or, without falling off on time, she still falls asleep in the evening, then setting us a sleepless night.

I reread a bunch of tips, methods, but it is impossible to introduce a stable daytime sleep in a stable time. The child is hyperactive, so you really need a day dream.

Moms, at what time do your kids fit in the day? What time do children laugh in kindergartens? And how do we restrain?

Many mothers attempt to put a child in the afternoon to sleep often ends with hysteries and children's tears. Maybe you should not force the baby to sleep if he does not want it? This is an incorrect decision, because all the kids should sleep a few hours a day, their physical and mental health depends on this. And so that the crumbs did not have stress, you need to know how to put a child to sleep during the day.

How much baby should sleep

Often the excitement of parents about the lack of day sleep in their chad is unreasonable, because It all depends on biorhythms , Perhaps the baby is poured at night and rest for him during the day is not needed. True, it concerns more than an older kids, if not to put baby, he will be a capricious and flexible, and, most likely, will fall asleep in the evening, which will cause night insomnia.

Stay sleep baby

If the two-month-old child does not sleep during the day, most likely, there were some violations with recreation and waking regime. In an adult, with the fatigue of the body, there is a decrease in the activity of the brain, he begins to yawning, relax, I want to sleep. In infants, such a process has not yet been formed, so he does not know when he needs to move to sleep.

If you wish, put in the crib baby without hysterics and tears, parents should create Maximum comfortable conditions for recreation

  • eliminate all annoying factors;
  • feed the crumb, it will not sleep hungry;
  • It is comfortable to wear, taking into account the air temperature in the room. Relaxing and cause drowsiness.

Breast kids can be laid in the crib with such Methods :  

  • Speaker. This is an effective way that promotes the rapid falling asleep. Mom is enough to take the baby in the hands and start it to download, as his eyes immediately close. However, you should understand that it is very difficult to wean from such a way of falling asleep, and when the crumb will grow up, it will be more complicated in his arms;
  • Dummy. A sucking reflex is one of the major in breast kids. Satisfying him, the baby has drowsiness. The disadvantage of this method is the same as the previous one, you must understand that the moment will come when it will be necessary to abandon the pacifier, which will cause severe stress in crumbs;
  • Fall asleep near the chest. Many mothers practice this comfortable way, it is worth it to give a baby breasts, as it immediately falls asleep. But the chest is also not the right choice to lay the infant. If possible, try to replace it with a bottle of milk.

Best when the baby falls asleep himself, as soon as it is put in a crib. It turns out this not everyone, but here everything is simple - you need to create favorable conditions for sleep, and Karapuz will fall asleep quickly and without tears.

How to put a child from 2 years to sleep during the day?

When the child marks 2 years, he often refuses day sleep. Deciding to make her daughter or son lie down in the bed strength, your attempts can only end with tears.

What to do in such situations, how to make a child sleep in the afternoon? There are several ways that our grandmothers used, they could put their kids sleeping in the afternoon easily, quickly and without tears.

Teach a child to sleep in the afternoon is not so difficult, it contributes Developing the right day и Performing certain rituals preparing him to rest. What exactly will you do with your baby to relax and cause drowsiness, to solve you. Some kids love light strokes on the back, others - to listen to a fairy tale, but the third is a relaxing music.

There are such cases when children shortly before sleep are engaged in active activities, playing the moving games that are cheating. Then the parents are perplexed why the child is not sleeping in the afternoon, although everything is natural, the kid's body does not calm down, but, on the contrary, beats.

How to prepare a child to sleep?

Proper preparation for day rest contributes to healthy and strong sleep. What is needed for this? First of all, do not forget before bed To ventilate the children's room . Fresh air contributes to rapid falling, it saturates the brain with oxygen, so the kid will be fully rest.

If your child does not sleep in the afternoon, try to call him interest, together Buy Pigete with favorite heroes Read the fairy tale . Such rituals may like the baby, and he will only sleep, so that he won the book.

Tell the crumb that during a day relaxation, he can see bright dreams. Some kids willingly lie down in the crib along with their toys. Allow the baby to take Several favorite toys , he will first put them on, and then sleep himself.

If you failed to find out why the child does not want to sleep, and all methods are invalid, you will need Specialist help . Turning to a neuropathologist, he will tell you why the child sleeps badly poorly or gives to sleep at all. Only with the help of a specialist you will be able to eliminate the problems that have arisen and normalize the mode of the day of your child.

In most cases, the sleep disturbance in children arises because of the wrong actions of their parents, therefore review whether you really do everything correctly.

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