How to fry peanuts in a frying pan with salt and without butter

Roasted peanuts in spices
Peanuts - a useful product that is profitable to buy in the raw form for self-preparation. The roasted nut acquires a pleasant taste and benefits the body. To eat peanuts with pleasure, during the purchase you need to pay attention to its quality, storage duration. There should be no traces of insect vital activity on nuclei.

Peanuts - a useful product that is profitable to buy in the raw form for self-preparation. The roasted nut acquires a pleasant taste and benefits the body. To eat peanuts with pleasure, during the purchase you need to pay attention to its quality, storage duration. There should be no traces of insect vital activity on nuclei.

Nuts are one of the favorite delicacies of both children and adults. This is a wonderful snack and culinary decoration. Peanut helps to diversify many salad recipes. In a fried form, the product becomes crisp, acquires an attractive color and improves taste. More about how to fry peanuts in a pan in order to eat it below with taste and benefit.

Options frying

Roasted peanuts in spices

There are several most accessible peanut preparation options. It can be sent to the oven or microwave. But it is best to fry peanuts in a frying pan. This is the most elementary way to home.

In shell

Before buying peanuts in the shell, you need to take a nut and shake. If the knock of the blows of a dry grain will be heard inside the fetal wall, then this means that he has already lost moisture. You need to choose another.

Nuts are roasted in two stages:

  1. Place a bowl with cold water for about 30-40 minutes. This allows the nuclei well to swell well;
  2. Then get out of the water and dried with a towel;
  3. poured on a baking sheet and sent to the heated oven is calculated for 10-12 minutes before evaporation of excess moisture;
  4. Partly roasted nuts in the shell are laid out on a preheated pan with thick bottom and high sides;
  5. constantly stirring, roasted on medium heat for 12-15 minutes;
  6. Gently spend on a plate fallen by parchment;
  7. covered with light kitchen towel and leave for 20-30 minutes;
  8. The cooled peel is over and separated by nucleists.

Ready peanuts is distinguished by a special aroma. It is laid out in a paper bag that allows you to retain the unique taste of nuts for a long time.

With salt

Peanuts with Solua

Many prefer peanuts, which fry with salt. Most often used frying pan of a large diameter so that the nuts are roasted with a thin layer. The order of preparation is as follows:

  1. Choose purified raw peanuts in the amount of 500 g and take 8-10 grams of food (non-iodized) salt;
  2. The fruits are revised, throw back;
  3. nuts are washed under running cold water;
  4. Heated with a towel for 10 minutes. This time is enough to make the moisture completely absorbed into the fabric;
  5. The frying pan is heated at minimal fire for two or three minutes;
  6. Dried kernels are poured onto the hot device and fry 5 minutes. Periodically stir the nuts in the direction from the walls to the middle of the pan. As a result, the product is uniformly prepared;
  7. After five minutes, the fire is communicated to the average. Frying continues. Nuts are mixed more intensively. Thermal processing is adjusted to fifteen minutes;
  8. A bowl is stuffed with parchment and pour roasted peanuts. The paper is folded and with its help get rid of the residues of the husks;
  9. The light kernels without an outside impurity are sent again to the frying pan and before salting, 3 minutes are heated. Turn off the fire, add salt and stirred thoroughly;
  10. Speed ​​grain in the croke, rolled out of paper. They assign until the salty nuts are completely cooled.

Peanut contains useful trace elements, vitamins and fats. The product is indispensable for avitaminosis, exhaustion, protracted disease. It has high calorie. However, it is not necessary to be overly fascinated by earthen walnut people with sore joints, and prone to allergies.

In oil

For this recipe, peanuts are fried in oil. Choose 600 g of nuts and take 40 ml of olive oil or sunflower oil. Prepare delicacy according to the following algorithm:

  • Peanut washed, leaving the sieve and leave the glasses excess moisture. Then poured on the towel and dried;
  • Put the pan with thick walls on fire and split. Purify and warm oil. Then peanuts are sent to a frying pan. The product tomatifs no more than three minutes on fast fire and reduce to the average. Constantly stirring, fry a quarter of an hour;
  • Pleasant smell and garamed nuts sign about product availability. Husk darkens and starts peeling;
  • The slab is turned off and covered with a lid in a frying pan. After 10 minutes, the product fully comes to readiness. Crispy and tasty peanuts becomes after complete cooling.

Roasting peanuts without oil in a frying pan

Peanuts in the husk in a frying pan

For frying without oil, as for other options, healthy peanuts are used.

The fruits are selected and washed in colander with flowing water. Leave to drain. Then dried by a towel:

  1. For roasting, a thick-walled cast-iron frying pan or dishes with a non-stick coating are used;
  2. Set a frying pan on the slab with a maximum fire. For quick, optimal roasters, peanuts are poured a thin layer on the hot bottom of the dishes;
  3. the spatula constantly stir nuts and reduce the fire to a minimum in order to prevent their burning;
  4. After drying the peanut, the husk peel and disappears. After that, the fire is reinforced to the average and continue the process;
  5. If the beech peanuts are tightened, but there is still a raw nucleolo, then the fire is reduced;
  6. Readiness is determined by taste. Provided that the core acquires a golden hue, the burner is turned off, and the grinding of 5 minutes is covered with a lid;
  7. Peanuts are spearing into a paper glass or envelope for gradual cooling;
  8. Store nuts in glassware for one month.

Important! The average frying period is 15-20 minutes. However, to determine the readiness it is better to try nuts. When a slight crackling in a pan appears, this means that the product is almost ready. It is noticeable how she dares and slightly separated by the husk.

In caramel in a frying pan

For the preparation of 500 g of peanuts (without a shell), 60 g of butter, 130 g of sugar are required in caramel. A sweet snack is preparing as follows:

  1. The kernel is rinsed under the crane, spend in a bowl. They whipped with boiling water and leave nuts in water for 10 minutes. Then the kernels are wiping together, purify the husk;
  2. dried peanuts on the towel;
  3. Creamy oil melt in the pan;
  4. Sugar sand oil sugar and reduce fire strength to a minimum mark;
  5. Caramel constantly stir up to the complete dissolution of sugar grains and the appearance of a golden shade. Then peanuts are spooking into it and, constantly stirring, fry for ten minutes;
  6. The finished product is removed from the stove and pour into a bowl.

You can eat in chilled or warm. The delicacy is well saved in a plastic container to one week.

In microwave

The preparation of peanuts in the microwave has its own feature. If the frying process is wrong, then the nut can remain raw inside and dried on top.

Therefore, the roasting process is performed in the following order:

  1. Choose peanuts covered with husks;
  2. Nuts are washed and dry by a towel. It increases the total cooking time to two minutes;
  3. Arazis in the amount of 200 g is poured into a container with a wide flat bottom;
  4. A strong power is selected in 700-800 watts. Microwave turns on for a short time (not more than a minute). The door is opened and stirred with a wooden blade. This allows you to achieve uniform ingredients;
  5. To determine the degree of readiness of the product focus on their own sensations. Several nuts are cooled and taste;
  6. When the peanuts are fruited, it is left in the microwave for 10 minutes. This time is enough for the nuclei completely "reached";
  7. Drink peanuts chilled in 20-30 minutes after it is taken from the microwave oven.

In the oven

Peanuts on Anti

Fail the peanuts in the oven fast enough:

  1. The oven is heated within 150 degrees. With higher temperature indicators, the product can completely burn;
  2. nuts are washed and dry with a napkin or towel;
  3. The baking sheet is fooled;
  4. One layer of nuts is distributed over the surface of the foil and sent to the oven;
  5. After 10 minutes, the peanuts slightly dried. It is stirred with a wooden stick;
  6. continue to fry another 3-5 minutes. Then the oven turns off and the baking sheet with peanuts leave the nuts "reached" to complete readiness.

For the preparation of the product in the shell, the time increases by 1.5-2 times. Store roasted nuts is suitable in paper envelopes. In a room with reduced humidity, they can lie for one month and not dance.

The composition and benefit of peanuts

It is known that peanuts are greater than 50% consists of oil. Proteins in nuts 27%. The product includes a significant amount of vitamin E. This combination of beneficial components makes peanuts extremely popular among legumes.

Important! In frying and heat treatment, all useful and antioxidant properties of peanuts are preserved. He becomes easy to see.

When roasting peanuts, pay attention to the term of heat treatment. In the dietary purposes it is useful to use the product that is prepared without oil and salt, spices, sugar. But even with such restrictions, the dish has a pleasant, rich taste.

Peanut butter

Earthwood is a rather high-calorie product, and it costs it in small quantities. Roasted peanuts has great benefits for the human body. It slows the aging due to the presence of such strong antioxidants, as olein and p-kumaric acid, Vitamin E.

With the constant consumption of roasted peanuts, food is prevented:

  • The disease of the stomach and intestines;
  • increasing cholesterol level due to its absence in peanuts;
  • Alzheimer's disease.

With proper roasting, peanuts contributes:

  • Improving memory;
  • Activation of brain activity:
  • regulation of metabolism;
  • extension of muscle mass (due to the content of natural protein);
  • prevention of heart disease and oncological diseases;
  • Maintain the health of the nervous system.

Peanut consumption within 30 g per day for an adult is optimal. At the same time, it must be borne in mind that the earthwood is recognized as a high-caliped product. Special danger represents a skin.


Fry peanuts in a frying pan is very simple. It turns out crispy, fragrant. Depending on the tastes of family members, you can cook sweet home delicacy or salted snack, with the addition of oil and without it. With the help of roasted peanuts, you can strengthen your health.

Many years ago, an earthen walnut was opened in South America, which, with the help of Portuguese sailors, spread through other states - Brazil, China, Senegal, France, India, Russia. Peanuts gradually became popular because of its shade and nutrition, because in a hundred grams of nuts, you can find in grams about:

  • 26.3 - proteins;
  • 45.1 - fats;
  • 10 - water;
  • 2.6 - ash;
  • 10 - carbohydrates.

Those who are sitting on a diet, it is worth considering that in the same hundred grams of nuts there are 551 kilocalories, as well as potassium and calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, sodium and iron. For a small fee, you can get a storehouse of vitamins of group A, B, RR, C, E, proteins, oils of plant origin. Today, peanuts in fried form can be purchased in any shop, especially his sweet version loves kids. It is not necessary to abuse this delicious and nutrient product, as it can cause obesity.

Fried peanut: classic cooking method

Peanut prepared for frying

Peanut prepared for frying

Many people are interested in how to fry peanuts in a pan so that it does not harm their health. To prepare a high-quality classic earthen nuts correctly, it is necessary to carefully go through it carefully, removing rotten and spoiled. It is not necessary to cook skins and crushed pieces, because only the whole and half nuts are suitable for frying.

After peanuts are passhed, it must be discarded on a clean sieve, a piece of gauze or colander. It is necessary to remember that the nuts can and need to be washed under intense the stream of flowing cold water, and then give a track of an extra liquid and dry, decompose into one layer on a towel for fifteen minutes.

After the preliminary procedure to fry peanuts in a pan follows all the rules:

  • To fry the classic walnut is necessary only on a dry non-rigid type pan;
  • The perfect option for the roasters will be the thick-bottomed frying pan of the cast iron, as the saying is to "Babushkin Option" with high sides;
  • Nuts need to be properly distributed in a container into one or two uniform layers, since more layers do not die on weak fire;
  • Frying peanuts, it is strictly forbidden to move away from the frying pan, because it needs to constantly stir the wooden spatula and not allow the peel to carry;
  • Once moans leave moans, and the husk will begin to disappear, the fire should be added to the mid-level.

Many hostess can not understand how to determine the readiness of an earthen nut. It is not difficult to answer this question: thermal processing on average fire continues to maximize twenty to twenty-five minutes without the burning of individual instances.

Properly roasted peanuts

Properly roasted peanuts

It is best to determine the readiness after tasting, but if this is not possible, then pay attention to:

  • Tint - The middle of the nut must have a golden shade;
  • behavior - Ready delicacy should crack and jump in a pan;
  • shell - On the root version of the husk easily disappears from the fetus.

If it is true to fry peanuts in a frying pan, then it can be stored in a glass, glass container with a tightly adjacent lid or a paper cule of about thirty days.

Roasted peanuts in shell

It is interesting to know how to fry peanuts, without cleaning it from a thick shell, because sometimes you don't want to mess with it. As for all stages, nuts are pre-washed with a powerful stream of cold water from under the tap. In this embodiment, they add up to a large bowl, poured with water and left in it about forty minutes. This is done so that the nucleists are swollen as much as possible, and then the remains of dust are carefully removed from them by damping them with a towel.



If there is a dense skin on the peanut, it's just that it will not be possible to remove it, so fry will be on a special scenario. To do this, heat the oven to a hundred ninety-degrees, put nuts in the peel with one uniform layer on purely washed counter, no more than twelve a minute to fry in the oven to completely evaporated the extra moisture. After that, transfer the half-waged mass on a thick-walled frying pan from high-quality cast iron, fry it on an average light of about 10-15 minutes with constant stirring.

As soon as the nuts go through two stages, they will have to carefully pull out and folded on the dismantled parchment. To cover them with a towel and give them a quarter of an hour, and then carefully separate the nucleoli from the peel, overlooking it.

Peanut Spitting with Salt

Salt gives nuts a special taste

Salt gives nuts a special taste

Lecting, frying peanuts with salt is absolutely not difficult. He is perfectly suitable for a foaming glass or just to enjoy crispy nuts in a circle of friends or family when watching a favorite transfer.

To obtain an excellent result, again, rinse peanuts with flowing cold water, and before that carefully go through, removing all the substandy instances so that rotten nuts do not spoil the final result.

Peanuts must be thrown into a sieve, a colander or a gauze folded in several layers. After the liquid is slightly stalk, you will have to put the composition on a cotton towel, stretching it as much as possible throughout the table. Excessive moisture will go into the towel about ten or fifteen minutes, and while the hostess will have time to prepare the very cast-iron frying pan from the first way of roasting.

Fry nuts will have to be in several stages that can not be changed in places:

  1. Put the pan on the gas stove;
  2. Install a fire at a minimum;
  3. warm the subject of at least three to five minutes;
  4. pour into one layer on the nut nuts;
  5. with constant stirring to fry for at least five minutes;
  6. The highlight will be the periodic movement of nuts to the center of a frying pan for an improved roasher;
  7. Five to seven minutes, add fire under the frying pan to the average and fry a quarter of an hour with intensive stirring.

To add piquancy into nuts, you should not use iodized salt, even because of its useful properties. It is sufficient to stock ten grams of an ordinary cook salt to bring the product to the perfect state, but its volume will have to be explored on an amateur.

After the product is fully ready, it should be placed about a minute on a towel or into a paper bag, carefully rubbed with his hands to remove the husk.

Nuts without a shell will ideally put on a pan and save a little on a weak heat for about two or three minutes, and after adding enough salt and shake intensively several times. Next, folded the finished products are no longer on the towel so that the solica does not crumble, and in the sleeve made of washesized paper. There, the product can be stored at room temperature no more than thirty days.

Roasted peanuts in oil

Sometimes there is a question about whether to fry peanuts on a dry frying pan. Can be tastier and more correctly pouring some vegetable oil on it, which heaves dry nuts and makes their taste original and richer? This version of the frying delicious delicacy is also applied, so it will be necessary for its incarnation of olive oil and a large cook salt (again not iodized. ). If we talk about proportions, then the half-tag of peeled and walking nuts will have to forty gram of olive oil and grams of ten-fifteen salts.

Peanuts are mandatory is washed with cold water, because it is not only getting rid of dust and dirt, but also deprived of her husks. You can wash exclusively by the earthen nuts exclusively, and so that it does not lose taste properties and not moldy, it is thoroughly dried.

Cooking peanuts in olive oil will not be difficult even for a schoolboy if the presence of a cast-iron pan with high sides and a thick bottom, which will be needed to get rided.

With frying nuts do not have to lie on each other

With frying nuts do not have to lie on each other

In boiling oil, a nut mass is poured into a thin layer, which will have to ask for a minute of three on the maximum fire. Next, the fire under the frying pan is placed on the average level, and the fifteen-minute frying cycle occurs with periodic stories.

How to determine the readiness? It is necessary to wait for the moment when the shell becomes dark and places to be detached, and the dizzying fragrance floats in the kitchen. It was then that in the mass should be evenly pouring out salt, thoroughly mixing the resulting dish.

After the fire will be turned off under a frying pan with salt delicacies, it should not be removed from the stove. So the nuts are impregnated with a mixture of oil and salt, they are left on a gas or electric stove under the lid for another fifteen minutes.

Real gourmets advise to wait for a complete cooling of snacks and only then open the lid, since it is possible to get the most crunchy option.

Roasted peanuts with caramel

It is no secret that the kids do not like a salty option too, but to enjoy peanut in the caramel caramels will not mind at all. But not all moms are ready to spend money on small sachets of sweet delicacy, not knowing that it is not difficult to cook it correctly.

In order to prepare a paradise pleasure, you need:

  • shelter of purified, run and washed peanut;
  • fifty grams of high-quality cream oil (not spread!);
  • One hundred thirty grams of sugar sand.

Before cooking delicacy, nuts again move and wash under running water. After they are folded into a bowl, they are carefully covered with steep boiling water and leave to lie down for ten minutes.

Peanuts for such a method of preparation necessarily deprived of the husk, dried on a towel and only then moves to a hot-walled frying pan. A piece of creamy oil with sugar sand dissolved in it is melted in advance in this container, which reaches caramel consistency.

Caramel mass ideally should be without grazing sugar and have a gold color with a slight number of brown dots.

In the hot caramel mass, the dry peanuts, which, with a periodic stirring, is preparing for about ten minutes with periodic stirring.

Do not try to try a hot nut, because caramel has a property sticking to her lips and burn them . Instead, after ten minutes, the frying pan with sweet nuts simply removes the plates and spend the contents in a ceramic bowl.

You can only try nuts when they are completely cooled, and they are stored for quite a while at room temperature in a plastic container under a tightly adjacent lid. As can be seen, it is not difficult to make salt or sweet peanuts, if there is a minimum experience and skill.

What harm can the organism can bring roasted peanuts?

Fried peanuts

During the preparation of peanuts, it is necessary to remember that it is not only delicious delicacy, but can also lead to overeating, which is a heavy load for the body, for many reasons.

Fried peanut contains a large amount of high molecular weight protein. This protein is hardly digested and digested by our organism, demanding a significant consumption of energy. And anyway, despite the efforts spent by the body, most of the protein remains not learned.

Peanut is an extremely calorie product. At 100 grams of the product account for about 600 calories. When roasting, the amount of calories increases, as well as the number of fats. Therefore, it is not recommended to lean too much on fried peanuts if you follow your figure or suffer from high cholesterol. In addition, peanuts are usually roasted on vegetable oil, and everything is known that carcinogens are separated by heat treatment, oils. Most often, with frying on the oil, carcinogen peroxide is distinguished, which causes the development of cancer. It does not remain in oil, but absorbed into peanuts, making it harmful to the body.

Roasted peanuts, due to the high content of fats, is the cause of activation of the peristaltics of the intestinal tract, irritation of the digestive and acceleration of metabolism. This can lead to a violation of the functioning of digestive organs, pain in the stomach and chalk problems. For this reason, fried peanuts are not recommended to eat people with chronic diseases of the intestinal tract, stomach and pancreas.

Frequent use of roasted peanut affects the change in blood composition. Blood becomes thick, which causes thrombosis, and accelerates the development of varicose veins. These factors are especially dangerous for people, with violation of the cardiovascular system.

Earthwood, as they also call peanuts, is a strong diuretic, because it contains purines. These substances activate the production of uric acid in the joints, which may cause pain and complications in people with gout, arthritis, arthosis and other diseases of the joints.

Fried peanut contains many stimuli, capable of provoking allergies. It is very important to carefully take it into food, especially if you do it for the first time, because the allergic reaction can manifest itself in a variety of options: ranging from ordinary rash and ending with anaphylactic shock.

In general, if you use roasted peanuts within the normal range, it will not bring significant harm. However, before use, it is necessary to always take into account the features of its body, chronic diseases and predisposition to allergies.

The nutritional value

Contents in 100 g % of norm
Calorie 626 kcal 40.6%
Proteins 26 g 27.96%
Fat. 52 g 76.47%
Carbohydrates 13.4 g 9.5%
Alimentary fiber 4.8 G. 24%
Water 3 g 0.11%
How to fry peanuts at home

Peanut or earthwood is a delicious and useful product. It can be prepared with salt and sugar, depending on preferences. This dish like both children and adults. But how to fry peanuts right at home know a few, although there are various methods that give nutritional tastes.

You can fry snack in a frying pan, in microwave or using the oven, while it becomes crispy, and the taste is saturated.

The composition of the earthland

Before you cook a peanut snack at home, you need to know which plant brings harm, the benefits are also important in the use of nucleols. Earthwood consists half of vegetable fats. It contains vitamins, as well as amino acids, fiber, iron and magnesium. It is necessary to learn how to fry peanuts and clean it, since only in this case the product will bring maximum benefit for the body.

How to fry peanuts at home

The nuclei plants contribute to:

  • improving the concentration of attention;
  • prevention of depression;
  • stabilization of hormones;
  • Reducing toxic substances.

The crude earthen walnut is poorly digested, and his peel causes a violation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Fry with Solu

If you fry peanuts with salt, then such a snack will have to taste fans of chopped drinks and those who simply do not like sweets. The nuclei are good in use with a coffee drink and tea, they complement the taste, making it brighter.

For cooking you will need:

  • 0.5 kg - raw peanuts peeled from shell;
  • 5 gr. - Main salt.

The right number of nuts, for frying you have to go through, wash and dry with a towel. Place the fruits in the pan and install on slow fire. For three minutes, dry the mass constantly stirring. Add the intensity of the furnace and continue cooking for about 15 minutes. How to fry crude peanuts is known, but for its cleaning there are some tricks. The hot product is poured on the towel, the ends wrap up and make the movement with their hands. To clear the nuts from dry peel, you will not need a lot of effort, since it itself is easily lagging behind the nucleoli. Pure peanuts are returned to the pan, sprinkle with salt and fried for about two minutes. The dish is poured into a package of paper by a quarter of an hour, after which it is suitable for use.

How to fry peanuts at home
Tip! You can store a ready-made product for no more than a month.

Fry peanuts in a frying pan with salt is very simple, and the result is not only delicious, but also useful. After all, the nuts that have undergone heat treatment do not lose their beneficial properties necessary to human body.

Recipe with oil use

As you need and fry in a frying pan with vegetable oil it will be interesting to know each mistress, as it gives the nuclei a specific taste.


  • 0.5 kg of peanuts;
  • 0.5 l. water;
  • 15 gr. salts;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil.

Clean the nuts from the shells in advance, we clean and select the thoring instances after this, we rinse well. Heated water with salt and pour her to the finished mass. We withstand thirty minutes and drain the fluid, and peanuts lay out on a clean cloth and remove the peel. The next stage we divide the oil and nuts into two halves, roasting every batch of snacks in a pan separately. The process will take about 15 minutes of time to complete cooking. Store nuts by wrapped in simple paper. Cooked by this method and firebird peanut kernels, evenly absorb salt and have a taste of sunflower oil.

How to fry in microwave

How to fry peanuts at home

Cooking in the microwave is the rapid method, but the crispy crust will achieve quite difficult. Many want to learn how to fry in the microwave, as it falls less with him. The kernels are sorted and rinsed in water, dried and poured into a special container. The peel is immediately not removed, you can prepare the product fried in the husk. He fridge peanuts at average power and temperature for ten minutes. Then the product is taken out, separating the shell, salt to taste and dear for another 15 minutes. But how much to fry peanuts using the microwave oven, each gourmet decides on the basis of its taste preferences.

Baking in the oven

Baking nuts - the longest method of cooking from all. But in this case they acquire a pleasant fragrance. Fry in the oven describe many recipes, but they all have a common basis.

For baking, pure nuclei will need, which are evenly poured on the baking sheet in one layer and are placed in the preheated (200 degrees) of the oven. After 20 minutes of frying, the nuts are sprayed with salted water and sent to the idle for five minutes.

Tip! The core is recommended to salt hot, because in this form they have better absorbability.

How to cook nuts in the shell

How to fry peanuts at home

To fry in the shell and be sure to clean it, you should learn before buying a product. After all, this method is rarely used and not like everyone. Prepare shells in the oven, as only when exposed to high temperatures, they can break up. The fruits are distributed over the entire area of ​​the bench and placed in a heated up to 170 degrees of the oven. It is necessary to ensure that the shell is not burned. After 25 minutes, the snack is ready.

Fry in a frying pan, in a microwave or oven, you should learn before cooking. Not only the taste quality of the product depend on this, but also the preservation of its useful properties. And the nucleus of the earthen walnut can be used not only in the form of self-snacks, as well as add to other dishes.

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Ground walnut

Greetings 100polezno readers! Today I want to tell how to fry peanuts with salt in a frying pan. I will share my favorite recipe, I will reveal some secrets. Without them, you will never get the perfect product.

Peanuts - inexpensive and popular walnut (more precisely, seed beans). It is added to salads, confectionery, used as seasonings. This is the mandatory ingredient of many oriental sweets. Americans prepare their famous peanut pasta from him. And since it is obtained valuable peanut butter.

The nucleus is tasty not only in dishes. They are good in itself. It is worth a slightly fry, as they turn into a nutritious snack with a gentle taste and aroma.

What could be easier than frying peanuts? But everything is not so simple. Without knowledge of the nuances, instead of useful food, you risk getting something supplemented, devoid of vitamins.

Peanuts: how to fry correctly?

There are several ways. They differ in detail, but the essence is one: the nut is exposed to heating. It destroys pathogenic microorganisms, makes a snack more delicious.

Peanuts fry with salt, sugar or without anything. This is a simple cooking product. His preparation does not require a special fantasy flight.

Roasting in husk

This is the easiest way. For him, peanuts are suitable, which is sold in a supermarket or on the market. He does not have a solid peel, but it is covered with a thin pink skirt.

It will take half a nuts, plus-minus. Accurate weight depends on the capacity of the dishes. I do not advise you to fill to the top so that the nuts are not "jumped overboard" in the process of mixing.

I do this:

  1. Purchase pouring on the table.
  2. I go through.
  3. Pasting copies ruthlessly rejection. In the garbage goes small, unevenly painted and those that with sloping parts. Leave only large grains without flaws.
  4. I spend in a colander, I wash thoroughly under the crane. Water turn on the cold.
  5. Leave for 5 minutes to glass liquid.
  6. I pour out on a cold aluminum frying pan. The height of the layer is 2-3 cm. Pre-warm the pan does not mean. These are not cutlets that sometimes stick. Suitable stainless steel dishes, but without non-stick coating.
  7. I turn on the heating of the average intensity.
  8. Stir patiently until the nuclei get a golden shade. It is impossible to see it through the pinkish film. Therefore, I set the time or remove the trial. I take in the hands of 1 copy, smoke, I evaluate the degree of readiness.
  9. Turn off the plate.
  10. I continue to interfere with another 5 minutes so that the lower layers are not burned.
Flushing of earthen walnut

At this stage, the husk is removed with difficulty. When the beans are completely cooled, it is easy to remove it. By the way, this is one of the signs that they are fright right.

The minus method is that peanuts turns out "as is", without salt or sugar. To cover it with crystals or glaze, first will have to be cleaned (about it below).

Several important comments that will help save benefit

Peanut contains phytic acid. Here it is more than in beans, almond or Brazilian nut. To get rid of her, soak the beans in cold water for half an hour. Does it not necessarily (I'm not soaky). The substance prevents the assimilation of protein and vitamins, but it also has strengths. For example, antioxidant properties.

Intensively turn the layers so that each grain periodically rushes with a hot surface. The duration depends on the degree of completion of the dishes and the power of fire. My roast takes 20 minutes.

At high temperatures, the fruits are twisted outside, but will remain damp in. With low - you get stuck in the kitchen for a long time. Walnut you have a trip, but will not be twisted.

Do not use plastic or wooden blade for stirring. The first melts, and the second will begin charring. The device is suitable from silicone, stainless steel or melchior.

It is properly roasted peanut preserves the form, not split in half. Do not expect that the thin film "I myself will fall off." So that it separated, fried beans must be completely cooled.

Type a handful, overtake between the palms. And I also smell peanuts into a deep plate, squeezing with my fingers several times, and then the second. Better, of course, do it on the balcony, while neighbors do not see 😉

To remove the thin skin from the raw product, it is poured with boiling water and dry on a towel. This method seems to me too time consuming.

How to fry peanuts in a frying pan in a husk with salt?

Salted peanut kernels fried in husks

Salt profitably emphasizes the taste, softens the fat. If you just scare, then nothing will come. Crystals crumble down and you will not feel anything.

Enroll this:

  1. Bear and wash the nucleists.
  2. Keep on medium heat until half ready.
  3. Add a glass of refined vegetable oil (sunflower or olive - without a difference, just not mustard) and half a teaspoon NaCl.
  4. Continue to mix intensively for 5-10 minutes. So that fat is evenly distributed over the surface of each walnut. Peanut will be twisted and soaked with additive.
  5. Cool down.
  6. Place into the deep plate.

Salted peanuts - a great snack to beer. Unlike purchased, there are no flavors and preservatives in it. This is an affordable replacement of pop roof, sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Nuts nice to nibble when watching the series or reading news 😉

How to fry peanuts in a frying pan with salt without husk?

Salted peanut peeled

The way more time-consuming, but I like it more than the previous one. At the exit you will get a hearty snack without excess fat. The surface is covered with NaCl crystals instead of a nobody desired dry shell.


  1. Place the product in a sieve, rinse from dust.
  2. Give liquids dragging.
  3. Personal nut into a clean dry frying pan and send on the stove.
  4. For 10 min. Fry on medium intensity fire.
  5. Cool down.
  6. Separate all unnecessary, lose the fruit between the palms.
  7. Purified grains Put back.
  8. In the tablespoon of water, dissolve 0.5 h. Salt. If you want sharp, add a little red pepper there.
  9. Pour the solution to nuts.
  10. Put on the fire. Do not forget to stir.
  11. Wait for fluid evaporation.

A thin salty film will appear on the surface. She will give a unique taste and piquancy.

Now you know how to fry peanuts with salt in a skillet. Experiment using various spices. Earthwood is combined with curry, turmeric, garlic. Boldly add black pepper or paprik to it.

How to fry peanuts with sugar in a frying pan?

Peanuts in Sugar Glaziers

Sweet crispy shell and fried nuclei ... I love such a snack. It is sold in the store, but make houses much more interesting. It is easy, and it turns out much more tastier.

One of the main advantages - you will not get caught back or pinched the peanut kernels, because you yourself went in conscientiously and brought them to the right condition.

You will need:

  • 300 grams of raw peanuts,
  • Sugar sand - 0.5 glasses,
  • Water from the tap - 100 ml.


  1. Solvent Sugar in water ... directly replica Beetle from "People in Black" 😉
  2. Pour to half a fried nut. Be careful not to hit the ferry! Shortly before, reduce the gas to a minimum, and then increase again.
  3. Continue to cook. Do not move away from the stove, all the time "Sheburtish" with a spoon.
  4. For some time, peanuts will be cooked in sugar syrup. Then the liquid will evaporate, and the mass will become thick.
  5. When the nut is covered with sugar crust, remove from the fire.
Peanuts in sugar syrup in a pan
Sweet peanuts in the process of frying

It will take about an hour. I advise you to keep your appetite and do not try before this term. Peanuts must "reach" and finally dried.

The benefits of roasted peanut and consumption rate

Walnut is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has a lot of tocopherol and other antioxidants. They protect against aging, prevent diseases. Peanuts - valuable source of vegetable protein. It contains a large amount of fatty acids, normalizing cholesterol.

Roasted walnut is profitable from raw. In thermal processing, toxins and disputes of mold disintegrate (if they were there). Treatment increases protein digestibility, enhances the effect of polyphenols and other important substances.

Nutritionists determine the daily rate of earthen nuts as 30 grams. They do not recommend every day, but they advise you to limit the pair once a week.

Children under 3 years old peanuts are contraindicated. Follow the lack of signs of allergies. If rash appeared, redness or other unwanted symptoms, immediately refuse the product and consult a doctor.

Do not forget that excess salt badly affects the work of the heart and blood vessels. The product is not recommended for hypertension and edema of any origin.

To prepare a snack, choose a beautiful, uniformly painted product without a pronounced odor and extraneous impurities. Many authors advise to buy peanuts in the shell. They hope that it will be better. Motivation does not withstand criticism.

Peanuts in a dense shell may well be before last year and vocal. Yes, and mold on untreated fruits is developing faster than on properly dried. I'm not talking about manicure. He will suffer from manual cleaning.

Salon grains are popular in all over the world. They contain many valuable components, get rid of constipation, strengthen the nails, hair. I told how to fry peanuts with salt in a frying pan. Now you can do it at any time. Just do not fond too much so as not to spoil the figure.

In the roasted peanut, as well as in the product, a large number of useful trace elements that have a beneficial effect on the human body are contained. An exception in this case is allergic and people prone to a rapid weight set. In order to do not doubt the processing of earthwoods when buying, you can sink peanuts yourself. To do this, it remains to choose one of several ways of this process.

How to fry peanuts in the oven

The ideal temperature of the oven for this is 160 -170 degrees.

Before making peanuts in the oven, it must be preheated, and then to carry out the following sequence of actions:

  1. Select suitable one-piece or half-nosed nuclei without traces of rot;
  2. rinse nuts thoroughly and evenly distribute them on a napkin for drying;
  3. Smooth layer lay the kernel on the baking sheet with parchment or foil, and fry peanuts at a given temperature for 10 minutes;
  4. Opening the oven and mix nuts well. Leave them for another 5 minutes;
  5. Remove the sample, as it is ready to turn off the oven and wait for the time until the firefed peanuts come.

If desired, 2 to 3 minutes before the end of the nuts, you can sprinkle with salt, and in 5 minutes - pour with brine or sugar syrup. It is possible to fry peanuts in the oven and in the crude form, but, in this case, the process time will take 15 to 20 minutes.

How to fry peanuts in a frying pan

This can be done both using oil or salt and without adding these ingredients. For roasting earthwoods in the house, a non-stick frying pan is useful. Also for this process will fit a sackane of cast iron with a thick bottom. Regardless of the selected recipe, the fruits are required to carefully go through, and spoiled - postpone. Further, the annual earthwood is washed under the jet of water, discarded on a colander and laid out a single layer on the towel to dry.

In order to get rid of the peel on the fruits until the roasting is used, you can use the following way:

  • Immediately in front of the roasting, put the crude walnut in full in hot water for 10 minutes;
  • Then they need to be removed from there, getting into a towel and dry;
  • Next, each nut neatly shares between the palms until the entire husk finds it.

How much to fry peanuts in a frying pan

The duration of this process on average is 15 - 20 minutes. Determine the readiness of nuts is better not in time, but by sample. How many frying peanuts will also tell them their appearance. The fact that the product is prepared, they say easily dedicated darkened husk and the heart of golden color.

How to fry peanuts in a frying pan without oil

With this method of preparation, you can not wait for a complete drying of nuts, and pour them into a frying pan with high walls and a thick bottom and to spit a little on a small fire. Next, the flame is required to increase to the average and fry the peanuts in the pan before getting the desired result. The degree of readiness of the product will help determine the easily dedicated shell, and the nuclei themselves will crack and bounce. At the end of the process, the pan is required to remove from the fire and give to cool nuts.

From the beginning and before the end of the cooking process, the product must be constantly stirred to prevent the healing of earthen nuts.

The cooled nuts need to be cleaned from husks and shield to any suitable container. Ideal for this, a glass of glass with a lid is suitable. Roasted nuts are preferably used for 1 month.

How to fry peanuts in a frying pan with salt

Independently manufacture this useful delicacy at home can be three ways:

  • Add a fine salt (large will not stick to nuts) directly in the process of roasting in the fetus fetus in the husk;
  • Solid salt is ready and peanut peanut;
  • At the time of preparation, pour salt mortar nuts. It is preparing at the rate of 1 tbsp. Water spoon - 1 h. Salt spoon. Under the influence of fire, the liquid will be completely evaporated, and the fruits will acquire the necessary taste.

Under such a recipe is suitable sugar refueling, if you need to cook kernels in caramel.

How to fry peanuts without a shell in a pan with salt in oil

On average, 0.5 kg of nuts accounts for 30 ml of oil (preferably olive), and the salt is added to taste.

The previously described product processing procedure is carried out, and then the sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. On the hot frying pan, pour oil and pour out fruits without a shell. They must be searched for about 3 minutes. After that, the flame is reduced to an average level, and the preparation, accompanied by a constant stirring of the nuclei, continues for another 15 minutes;
  2. At the time of the visual assessment of the product, salt is added to it. The contents of the frying pan are mixed;

If the sides of the nut are burned, and the cavity remains raw, the fire is required to drop and fry peanuts for some time before purchasing the characteristic features of the finished product.

  1. The frying pan must be removed from the plate and cover it with a lid;
  2. It is recommended to wait for the final cooling of snacks to achieve the desired result.

Determine the fact that the kernel managed to fry correctly, will help the absence of bitterness in them.

How to fry peanuts in the shell

Pre-nuts placed in the shell must be immersed in cold water and leave to be soared for half an hour. Next, they are discarded on a sieve or colander for a complete flow of fluid.

Best excavation nuts in the shell process are thermally twice: first at hold the peanuts in the oven at a temperature of 185-190 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes, and then - in a pan.

After the oven, it is necessary to fry peanuts in a frying pan by constantly stirring for about 25 minutes.

Next, the finished peanuts are laid out on a napkin or a plate with a parchment, and is left to full cooling.

Store roasted salted walnut in the shell best in paper package. This will save their special fragrance.

How to fry peanuts in the microwave

This is the easiest way to how you can fry this product. The sequence of the process is such:

  • The nuclei is thoroughly washed, but do not laid out for drying. Still wet they fit into a special furnace furnace glass flat dishes with a thick bottom;
  • In this container, peanuts in the microwave will prepare 5 - 10 minutes at maximum power.
  • Every 1.5 - 2 minutes of nuts need to be mixed with a wooden shovel or spoon for uniform warm-up.
  • At the end of the predetermined time, the fruits need to be checked for readiness and, with a positive result, leave them in the microwave turned off for another 5 minutes so that they come.

The microwave oven does not allow you to accurately determine the degree of readiness of the product on external signs, therefore it is worth trusting our own taste. Qualitatively cooked peanuts in the microwave is the one whose scales disappear. This is the only indicator of the evaporation of moisture from the product.

How to fry peanuts in the microwave in the shell

For this, untreated earthy nuts are evenly distributed by microwave capacity in one layer and are sent for 3 minutes to the microwave with an average power level. Next, they must be pulled out, mix well and send again to prepare. To obtain the desired result, fry peanuts in the microwave to be required about 6 times. If the cooked nut has appeared to the taste, it goes into the microwave on the same power mode for another 1 minute.

How to fry peanuts in microwave with salt

Processed kernels should not be wet. To do this, after washing, they must be carefully witch to a towel or a napkin. Next is the following:

  • The fruits are placed in a glass heat-resistant container. They can be slightly sprinkled with olive oil and sprinkle with salt;
  • Peanuts are prepared in the microwave at a given power of 750 W. With this mode, nuts fry for 30 seconds. At the end of this time, they need to mix;
  • The total roasting time is about 5 minutes and every 30 seconds kernel must be interfered with a wooden shovel;
  • It is necessary to leave the fried peanuts in the microwave for another 10 minutes, after which it will be ready for use.

How to fry peanuts in a slow cooker

Conducting such a process is fully identical to the roasting in a pan:

  1. In the slow cooker, the "fry" mode is selected or "Baking";
  2. Some vegetable oil poured into the bowl and nuts are poured;
  3. If you wish, you can add salt to taste;
  4. Producing periodic stirring kernels, it is necessary to fry them to the sound of the process of completion of the process;
  5. Turn off the multicooker and give peanuts to stand 10 minutes;
  6. Transfer nuts to storage tank.

It is not difficult to fry peanuts on their own forces. To do this, it suffices to follow all these recommendations, and the desired result will surely please the taste and, at the same time, it will absolutely won't give by purchased analogues. The most important thing is to try to choose high-quality raw kernels, use the dishes suitable for each individual way and not be afraid to experiment. After all, competently cooked earthwood is not only useful, but also tasty.

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