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How to celebrate the New Year in different countries of the world

Burmese marks the new year in the middle of the spring, the holiday is given 3 days. To hide the gods, the birma is arranged contests on the rope tightening.
New Year is a holiday that applies to all nations. And around the world it is celebrated in different ways. Perhaps you have established the opinion that the new year is celebrated everywhere by a friendly company, at the table, waiting for the Gifts under the Christmas tree. But it is not so. Somewhere instead of the Christmas tree, it is customary to hang socks over the fireplace, and somewhere to carry out carnivals. Where and how this holiday celebrates, we want to tell you.

"I can't do so anymore!": How to take mental pain and live happily?

What harms mental pain
I don't even know how to describe what I felt. Well, what could I say? Something my mood is lousy. But it is even closely similar to what was in reality. It is like a funnel inside. Huge, constantly buzzing, sucking everything that happens around. Any joy sucks and leaves only pain and emptiness. Such pain that I want to scratch the chest and grab it, squeeze, so that only it is not hurt. Thoughts only about one thing about this chert pain. And about when it all end? How to drown out such mental pain at least a bit? And desire one. To live to the evening to go to bed. Sleep as the only resignation. Probably, I still really really smell.

Psychologist Sergey Aleksandrov: What to do when it is scary to live

Psychologist Sergey Aleksandrov: What to do when it is scary to live
A modern man is confronted daily with household, professional, and just life problems. At the same time, quite a lot of people have real phobias - fear of one or another item, phenomenon or something else. But there are among us and people who are literally scary to live, which the reason can also hide behind the most various factors. And so terrible that they are ready to even impose on themselves, in order to get rid of this nightmare once and forever, which pursues literally everywhere.

Deer from wire with their own hands - 115 photos of beautiful ideas how to make

Absolutely anyone wants to plunge into a fairy tale for the new year. To create this fairy tale, people acquire Christmas decorations, garlands, tinsel and all sorts of figurines. Usually, a lot of money is spent on it, and considering the fact that the price itself takes off several times, the amounts can be colossal.

Patchwork: Instructions for making in various techniques

Beautiful blanket from multicolored stripes
Previously, in almost every home, it was possible to find a blanket or a bedspread, stitched from multi-colored flavors of the fabric. Now such products are popular again. Patchwork bedspreads decorate modern interiors, decorated in country style, Provence, minimalism. Ready-made samples of such artistic textiles are quite expensive. You can make a patchwork blanket with your own hands. The result is a fashionable, stylish, exclusive thing, made in the technique of Patchwork, which will be made at times cheaper purchased in the store.

✅ Who are lawyers such and what they do - tutorial. RF

Who is a lawyer, and what he is engaged in is a question, most often arising from the profession of profession. People with legal education are in demand now and will be in demand in the future. This is justified by the fact that their specialization is state laws. Thanks to the work of lawyers, every person, far from legal activities, can receive advice on difficult issues arising both in personal life and in the work of various kinds of enterprises.

How to reduce the temperature in children, clinic tips baby

What if the child rose the temperature? This question is sooner or later, every parent is concerned about the health status of the baby. That's just not all moms and dads know which temperature you can and knock down. So, for example, in newborns and cuttings until the year, the indicator up to 37.5-38 degrees, which for us, adults is considered elevated, is the norm. Child a month - the temperature appeared? Reduce it only if it rises above 38-38.5.

Eschinantus: home care, transplantation and reproduction, types

Features of Escinantus
Plant Escinantus is a representative of the Gesnery family. The name happened from ancient Greek word and translated as a distorted flower. This plant in the people is still often called Flower-sweet. Such names are related to the fact that Eschinantus has richly painted flowers having an extremely unusual inverted form.

"Under learning" or "to learn" as written correctly?

How to write:
Neither drink without letters, nor to eat, do not read the gate! This phrase from the work of Cat and Lodi Samuel Marshak clearly demonstrates how much it is necessary to be a competent person. Unfortunately, few people have this wonderful quality. Each generation is becoming less and less carriers of the Russian literary language, which carefully relate to him and try to preserve its wealth. For such people - to be competent equals the style of life. If you want to join the competent community, but in writing certain words doubt, we recommend remembering the spelling or to think. Or under teach? You will find the answer by reading this article.

How to get rid of the GDID: how to take on long hair, how to remove dry and dead shortening, remove and kill quickly, how to deal with parasites on your head, how to treat

The progress of the modern company of society does not reduce the danger of infection with some diseases. Among them is a pediculosis. As a few hundred years ago, the lice continue their existence. Pick up them are still simple. And to get rid of will have to try. Especially if we are talking about the nines. Nature took care of the babies: endowed them with a secluded house, which ensures safety and development. To get rid of parasites, it is not enough to kill adult individuals. It is necessary to destroy all the forms of life insect. We'll figure it out how to get rid of the GDID to give a confident feedback to the pediculosis.