How to celebrate the New Year in different countries of the world

Burmese marks the new year in the middle of the spring, the holiday is given 3 days. To hide the gods, the birma is arranged contests on the rope tightening.
New Year is a holiday that applies to all nations. And around the world it is celebrated in different ways. Perhaps you have established the opinion that the new year is celebrated everywhere by a friendly company, at the table, waiting for the Gifts under the Christmas tree. But it is not so. Somewhere instead of the Christmas tree, it is customary to hang socks over the fireplace, and somewhere to carry out carnivals. Where and how this holiday celebrates, we want to tell you.

New Year is a holiday that applies to all nations. And around the world it is celebrated in different ways. Perhaps you have established the opinion that the new year is celebrated everywhere by a friendly company, at the table, waiting for the Gifts under the Christmas tree. But it is not so. Somewhere instead of the Christmas tree, it is customary to hang socks over the fireplace, and somewhere to carry out carnivals. Where and how this holiday celebrates, we want to tell you.


In all cities of Russia, Square is decorated with huge trees or fir trees. Under them, in turn, as in a fairy tale, the grandfather of the Frost wake up with his granddaughter, characters from different cartoons. The day before the holiday, the whole country is preparing. To celebrate the New Year with a calm soul, people on this day are completing all things, give debts, put in order the mind and home, and also decorate the Christmas tree that is at home. The table is covered by 10 hours. Almost all channels show a musical and entertainment show "Blue lights". The culmination of the holiday becomes the speech of the President of the Russian Federation, which he broadcasts to the whole country. In this speech, he speaks about the results of the past year, wishes all happiness, health and well-being in the new. After his speech, exactly at 12 o'clock in the morning, the chimes begin to talk. At this point, bottles with champagne open on all tables of Russia, people make desires for the New Year. In this second, fireworks begin to fly out of the windows of the houses, in all houses you can hear congratulations filled with joy and happiness. On the squares you can hear how people sing from joy and congratulate other people, and on the very street you can see a lot of people who came out, wanting to launch their salute. In Russia believe that if a person has slept a new year, then in the coming year it will be sluggish, sleepy. Therefore, people are having fun all night until the morning of the next day, so that with a calm soul go to sleep.

Burmese marks the new year in the middle of the spring, the holiday is given 3 days. To hide the gods, the birma is arranged contests on the rope tightening.

Great Britain

To make a desire, the British write a separate letter to Santa Claus. In it, they list the desired, after which they throw written in the fire. People believe that smokingly from the letters delivers the parcel of the Christmas grandfather. And if children think that this is true, then parents still have to buy hotels in stores. The British mutually buy hotels of approximately one price. One of the customs is to give gifts by drawing. Send different postcards with the plot of Christmas here is considered mandatory.

Burmese marks the new year in the middle of the spring, the holiday is given 3 days. To hide the gods, the birma is arranged contests on the rope tightening.


Bulgarians love to celebrate this holiday at home. So accepted in other European countries. To get a gift, the youngest family member rises under the Christmas tree and sings festive songs. It happens before the new year. Tradition Bulgarian - New Year's kisses. The clock beat 12 times, and after that the light goes out in all houses. At the same time, lovers kiss. After that, the tart with a surprise is put on the table. His independently on pieces cuts the hostess at home and presents everyone who is sitting at the table. The one who came across a coin - to be rich all year. By the way, in Romania and Austria, the Cake Surprise is also some tradition.

Burmese marks the new year in the middle of the spring, the holiday is given 3 days. To hide the gods, the birma is arranged contests on the rope tightening.


On the night before the new year, you can hear how the bell tspes exactly 108 times. Not as in Russia, but it has a certain meaning. Each ringing is a kind of reminder of vices. In total, they are 6, it is anger, windiness, nerazumia, greed, timidity and envy. According to the Japanese, each of them wears 18 shades, because of the number of shocks - 108. In addition, in Japan, it is customary to give gifts with animals, in honor of which they call the year. As an ornament in front of the house, they put a fox man, which means "pine at the entrance." It is done, however, not only from pine, but also from bamboo sticks or plates from rice. The kids on custom receive their gifts.

Burmese marks the new year in the middle of the spring, the holiday is given 3 days. To hide the gods, the birma is arranged contests on the rope tightening.


If you mix the rites of Indian and African beliefs with shades of Europe, we will get the Brazilian New Year, with its colorful carnivals and a worship of the ancient gods. On the eve of the holiday on the beach, more than 3 million people can be gathered, and they are all watching the sophisticated fireworks. At the same time, in the lagoon di Freitas, a Christmas tree is illuminated, a long 82 meter. This is the highest tree in the world. Together with her, Jesus Christ himself spread his arms, thereby blessing the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro.

Burmese marks the new year in the middle of the spring, the holiday is given 3 days. To hide the gods, the birma is arranged contests on the rope tightening.


Traditional gifts from the Swedes are homemade candles. Why are candles? The Swedch's light personifies hospitality, fun, cohesion. In the middle of winter, light becomes smaller, therefore, to preserve heat and goodness, they give each other candles. The celebration begins with the fact that the fathers go out of the house under different pretexts, and the already dressed in Julia Tomten returns. This is done primarily for children. On the eve of the holiday, people throw serpentine, play in a dodder, and Yultomten gives children gifts. That's how new year comes to replace the old in this wonderful country.

Burmese marks the new year in the middle of the spring, the holiday is given 3 days. To hide the gods, the birma is arranged contests on the rope tightening.


Before going home before the New Year, it is advisable to put a piece of nougat and a bottle of champagne in the basket. Unlike Bulgaria here this holiday is more public. This is because it is on this night that people gather on the main square to enjoy grapes and admire the carname. There is a tradition, according to which it is necessary to eat 1 grapes in each of the 12 stons in order for the cherished desire. So do those who in the midst of the holiday holds his houses.

Burmese marks the new year in the middle of the spring, the holiday is given 3 days. To hide the gods, the birma is arranged contests on the rope tightening.

United Arab Emirates

Emirates are distinguished by the fact that the new year is celebrated here 2 times. Many families are accustomed to celebrating it in a quiet festive atmosphere, but most celebrates in a large party with salutes, goulans and peers until the morning. Year after year, the world is surprised by large-scale fireworks, the center of which is usually the major cities of Down Town, Bourges Califa. More sophisticated and "bombing" new year is celebrated in Dubai. Neighboring Emirates celebrate this event more compromising. New Year's Eve can be held in the desert with Bedouins. Another opportunity to meet a year is a party on the beach.

Burmese marks the new year in the middle of the spring, the holiday is given 3 days. To hide the gods, the birma is arranged contests on the rope tightening.


The celebration here is the name of the Sylvester. Christmas is a completely family holiday. On this day, each family member should be at the same table. As in almost all countries, it is customary to exchange gifts in Germany. The Germans call this ceremony - Bezhert. The main dessert of the New Year's feast can be considered a gingerbread routing, with German der Lebkuchen. Long ago, this dish could be long in a shop. Among other dishes on the table, you can most often see baked carp. In Germany, there is a custom to give pigs, usually from glass and porcelain.

Burmese marks the new year in the middle of the spring, the holiday is given 3 days. To hide the gods, the birma is arranged contests on the rope tightening.


In China, instead of ordinary ate put "luminous trees". Almost everyone who spent this holiday here speaks about it. These trees are decorated with colorful and very bright lanterns. The eyes immediately rushes a characteristic oriental style. Similarly, the inhabitants of China are decorated at home. Kids to get gifts, in front of the New Year hang on the walls of stockings and tights. They make it so that the grandfather Christmas put the gifts in them. In the north of the country, the house is decorated with taryry trees, or peach tree branches. All this should bloom in order to symbolize prosperity. Only blooming branches are decorated with streets of cities and villages. All people in the evening take part in dragon dances. At the coming of the Sun, people breed fires, which are located decent families.

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In the New Year, the inhabitants of the People's Republic of China make the Buddha's ablution in the temples and practicing dials when they hear good wishes to their address.

As you know, in each country and each people have their own national traditions related, including, and to conduct various holidays. Sometimes among such traditions there are very exotic, unusual and extravagant. Let's see how the new year is celebrated in different countries of the world.

New Year Holiday, coming at the time of the transition from the last day of the year on the first day of the next year. Many notes nations in accordance with the accepted Calendar. The custom of celebrating the New Year existed already in Ancient Mesopotamia in the third millennium to ad. Start of year S. 6. January was found Roman Ruler Julia Caesar. In 46 BC. Most countries celebrate the new year on January 1, on the first day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. New Year's celebrations, taking into account the belt, always begin in the Pacific Ocean on the Islands of Kiribati. The last year of the inhabitants of Midway in the Pacific Ocean are found.

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For those who want to travel all year with pleasure, i.e. For us with you, it is best to celebrate the new year in Ecuadorian. Ecuadorian tradition prescribes: while the watch beat 12 times, you need to run with a suitcase or a big bag in your hand around the house (can be around the table The New Year comes to the Israelis in September. Before the holiday, pomegranate, honey, apples and fish and pray. Particularly important appeals to God are announced next to the reservoirs. ).

The New Year is a truly international holiday, but in different countries it is celebrated in its own way. Italians throw out old irons and chairs from the windows with all southern passion, Panama residents are trying to noise as widely as possible, for which they include their cars, whistling and screaming. On Ecuador, there is no particular importance to the bottom linen, which brings love and money, turn off the light in Bulgaria, because the first few minutes of the new year is the time of New Year's kisses. In Japan, instead of 12, 108 bell strikes sounds, and rakes are considered the best New Year accessory - to rake happiness.

Germany. Santa Claus comes to the Germans on the donkey

Let's start with Germany, from where the tradition of decorating the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree at the whole world. By the way, this tradition appeared there in the distant times of the Middle Ages. The Germans believe that Santa Claus rides on a donkey, so in the shoes, children put the hay - to treat him. And in Berlin, the Brandenburg gate takes the most interesting: hundreds of thousands of people utter toasts for the reunification of Eastern and West Germany - there is a very emotionally celebrated there.

Italy. In the New Year from the windows fly irons and old chairs

Perhaps some of these ideas are you using when celebrating the next new year. Happy holidays to you!

Italian Santa Claus - Babbo Natal. Italy believes that the new year should be started, freeing from the whole old one. Therefore, on New Year's Eve, it is customary to throw out old things from the windows. Italians really like this custom, and they fulfill him with passion characteristic of Southes: old irons fly the window, chairs and other trash. According to the signs, the released place will certainly take new things.

On the New Year's Eve, the Italians necessarily have nuts, lentils and grapes - symbols of longevity, health and well-being.

In the Italian province, there is still such a custom: January 1, early in the morning it is necessary to bring water from the source. "If you have nothing to give to friends," said Italians, "give water with an olive branch." It is believed that water brings happiness.

For Italians, it is also important to those who are the first to meet in the new year. If January 1, the first counter, whom the Italian sees, will be a monk or priest - it is bad. It will also be undesirable to meet with a small child, and to meet the humpback grandfather is fortunately.

How to celebrate the New Year in different countries of the world

Ecuador. Red underwear - to love, yellow - to money

In Ecuador, even at midnight, the dolls will be burned under the so-called "cry of widows" that mourn their "bad husbands." As a rule, "widows" depict men, disguised into women's clothing, with makeup and in wigs.


For those who want to travel all year, tradition prescribes: while the watch beat 12 times, run with a suitcase or a big bag in your hand around the house.

Do you want to get rich in the coming year or gain big love? To make money in the new year "fell like snow on the head," you need, as soon as the clock is trying 12, put on the underwear of yellow shades.

If not money is needed, but happiness in personal life, then the underwear should be red.

Well women - they can choose the top of their underwear, and the bottom red, or vice versa The New Year comes to the Israelis in September. Before the holiday, pomegranate, honey, apples and fish and pray. Particularly important appeals to God are announced next to the reservoirs.  And what about men, if you want both?

The best way to get rid of all sad moments that happened in the outgoing year, the Ecuadorians see to throw a glass of a glass with water, with whom all bad breaks are broken.

Sweden. New Year - World Holiday

But Sweden presented the world the first glass christmas toys (in the 19th century). There for the new year it is customary not to extinguish in homes light and brightly lighting the streets - this is a real holiday of light.

In Sweden, before the New Year, children choose the Queen of Luchi. She is dressing in a white dress, they wear a crown on his head with burning candles. Lucia brings gifts to children and pets pets: a cat - cream, a dog - a sugar bone, donkey - carrots. On the festive night in the houses will not go out, the streets are brightly lit.

SOUTH AFRICA. Police closes the quarters for traffic movement - refrigerators fly from windows


Do not walk under the windows in South Africa during the celebration of the New Year

In the industrial capital of this state - Johannesburg - residents of one of the quarters traditionally celebrate the new year, throwing their windows with various objects - from bottles to large-sized furniture.

The South African police have already closed the Hillbrow quarter for the movement of motor vehicles and appealed to those living in the area not to throw out refrigerators from windows on New Year's Eve. According to the police representative, in connection with the existing tradition, this quarter is considered the most dangerous in the city.

"We spread thousands of leaflets with a request not to throw out such objects from the windows as refrigerators and not to shoot in the air from the firearms," ​​said the representative of the South African police, Crabn Nead.

On New Year's Eve, this quarter will patrol about 100 police officers.

England. To be together for a whole year, lovers must kiss


In England, it is customary for the new year to play ideas for children to the plots of old English fairy tales. The Lord Disorder leads a funny carnival procession in which fabulous characters are involved: Hobby Horse, Martov Hare, Saltay-Bolt, Panch and others. All New Year's Eve Street Traders sell toys, whistles, squeakers, masks, balloons.

It was in England that the custom arose to exchange congratulators to the new year. The first New Year's postcard was printed in London in 1843.

Before bedtime, children put a plate for gifts that Santa Claus will bring them, and the hay is put in the shoes - a treat for a donkey.

The bell ties about the arrival of the new year. True, he begins to call a little earlier midnight and makes it a "whisper" - the blanket that he is Ukutan, prevents him from demonstrating all the power. But exactly twelve bells undress, and they start loudly calling in honor of the new year.

These minutes are lovers to not part next year, they must kiss under the leaf of mistletoe, which is considered a magical tree.

In English houses, turkey with chestnuts and fried potatoes under sauce, as well as stewed Brussels cabbage with meat cakes, followed by pudding, sweets, fruit.

The British Islands has a great distribution of the custom "inlet of the New Year" - the symbolic line of the transition from the last life to the new one. When the clock beat 12, open the back door at home to release the old year, and with the last blow of the clock open the front door, the inlet New Year.



For Americans The new year comes when huge luminous clocks on Times Square will show 00:00. At that moment, thousands of people gathered on the square begin to kiss and hurry to the car beep with all their strength. And the rest of the country's residents understand - here he is, the new year. You can start a traditional dish of dark pea. It is believed that it is he brings good luck.

In the USA, where in 1895 The White House was hanging the first luminous electric garland in the world, and where the tradition of writing a "New Year's tasks" with promises and plans for the coming year, the solemn feast was not accepted for the coming year, the solemn feasts are not accepted, how to give gifts, it all arrange it only for Christmas , and the Christmas trees they definitely transplanted into the ground, and do not throw away, as we have.

Scotland. You need to get a barrel with tar and roll it down the street


In Scotland, the holiday of the new year is called "Hogmani". On the streets, the holiday is celebrated by Scottish songs on the words of Robert Burns. According to the custom of a New Year's Eve, the barrels with tar and they rub them down the streets, thus burning, so old year and inviting the new one.

Scots believe that from the one who will be the first in their home in the New Year depends on the success or failure of the family for the entire next year. Great luck, in their opinion, brings a dark-haired man who introduces gifts to the house. This tradition is called Ferst Fucked.

For the new year, special traditional dishes are prepared: oat cakes are usually served for breakfast, pudding, a special grade of cheese - Cupbane, for lunch - boiled goose or bipfstex, pie or apples baked in the test.

Guests must certainly bring a piece of coal to throw in the New Year's fireplace. Exactly at midnight, open the door to release the old and let the new year.

Ireland. In honor Pudingi

Irish Christmas is a greater degree of a religious holiday than just entertainment. Grilled candles put near the window in the evening before Christmas, to help Joseph and Mary, if they are looking for shelter.

Irish women bake a special treat Seed Cake for each family member. They also make three pudding - one for Christmas, the other for the New Year and the third - on the eve of baptism.

Colombia. Old year puts on stilts


The main hero of the New Year's carnival in Colombia is the old year. He is walking in a crowd in high stilts and tells funny stories to children. Pope Pasquale - Colombian Santa Claus. No one knows how to arrange fireworks.

On the eve of the New Year on the streets of Bogota, a parade of dolls is held: dozens of puppet clowns, witches and other fabulous characters attached to the roofs of cars, pass through the streets of Candelaria - the most ancient district of the Columbian capital, saying goodbye to the inhabitants of the city.

Australia я


New Year in Australia begins on January 1. But just at this time there is such a heat that Santa Claus and Snow Maiden spread gifts in bathing suits.


Sky over Sydney sparkles numerous salutes and fireworks, which are visible from a distance of 16-20 kilometers from the city.

New York Confetti falls on IAMS Square

Vietnam. New Year sails on the back of the carp

New Year, Spring Holiday, Tet - all these names of the merry Vietnamese holiday. Branches of a flourishing peach - a symbol of the new year - should be in every home.

Children look forward to midnight when you can start a palm tree with small homemade flaccuts.

In Vietnam, the new year is celebrated on the lunar calendar, between January 21 and February 19, when early spring comes here. At the festive table - bouquets of flowers. On New Year's Eve, it is customary to give each other twigs of a peach tree with swollen kidneys. With the onset of twilight, Vietnamese bonflary in the parks, gardens or on the streets, several families are collected by fires. Special delicacies from rice are preparing on coals.

All the quarrels are forgotten on this night, all the insults are forgiven. Vietnamese believe that God lives in every house, and in the New Year this God goes to heaven to tell there, as each family members spent the outgoing year.

Once the Vietnamese believed that God floats on the back of the carp. Nowadays, Vietnamese sometimes buy live carp on the new year, and then produce it to the river or pond. They also believe that the first person who will enter their home in the new year will bring good luck or fail in the coming year.

Nepal. New Year Meet Sunrise

In Nepal, the new year is met with the sunrise. At night, when the full moon, the Nepalese light huge bonfires and throw unnecessary things into the fire. The next day, the holiday of paints begins. People paint face, hands, chest with an unusual pattern, and then dance and sing songs on the streets.

France. The main thing is to hug a barrel with wine and congratulate it on the holiday


French Santa Claus - Per Noel - comes on New Year's Eve and leaves gifts in children's shoes. The one who gets Bob baked in the New Year's cake receives the title of "Bobov King" and on the festive night everyone obeys his orders.

Santons - Wooden or clay figures that put near the Christmas tree. By tradition, a good owner-winemaker must certainly be choke with a barrel of wine, congratulate her on the holiday and have a drink for the future harvest.

Columbia Karnival

Finland. Motherland of Santa Claus


Finns do not like to celebrate the new year at home

In the snow-covered Finland, Christmas is considered the main winter holiday, which is celebrated on December 25th. In the Christmas night, overcoming a long road from Lapland, Santa Claus comes to the house, leaving a large basket with gifts for the joy.

New Year is a kind of christmas repetition. Again, the whole family is going to buzzing from a variety of diverse tables. On New Year's Eve, Finns are trying to find out their future and guess, melting wax and pouring it into cold water.

Cuba. Water poured water

Children's New Year's holiday in Cuba called the day of kings. Kings of the wizards bringing gifts to children, name is Baltasar, Gaspar and Melchor. On the eve, children write them letters in which they tell about their cherished desires.

Cubans on New Year's Eve are filled with water all the dishes, which is in the house, and at midnight begin to pour it out of the windows. So all the inhabitants of the island of freedom wish the new year of light and clean, like water, paths. In the meantime, watches beat 12 strokes, it is necessary to eat 12 grapes, and then good, consent, prosperity and the world will accompany you all twelve months.

Panama. Loud new year

In Panama at midnight, when the new year just begins, calling all the bells, howling sirens, buzz cars. The Panamans themselves are children, and adults - at this time shout loudly and knock all that they will fall under his arms. And all this noise in order to "back up" a year that comes.

Hungary. For the new year you need to bind

In Hungary in the "fateful" first second of the new year, they prefer to whistle - and, using not fingers, but baby shoes, horns, whistles.

It is believed that it is they who distinguish between the dwellings of evil spirits and call upon joy, well-being. Preparing for the holiday, Hungarians do not forget about the magical strength of the New Year's dishes: the beans and grief keep the strength of the spirit and body, apples - beauty and love, nuts are capable of protecting from trouble, garlic - from diseases, and honey - sweeten life.

Burma. Good luck brings pulling ropes

The new year in Burma begins on April 1, in the most sultry days. For a whole week, people from the soul watered each other with water. There is a New Year's water festival - Tindjan.

According to the ancient believe, the gods of rain live on the stars. Sometimes they gather on the edge of the sky to play with each other. And then it is raining on Earth, which promises a rich harvest.

To get the favor of star spirits, Burmese came up with a competition - pulling the rope. They take part in the men of two villages, and in the city - two streets. And women and children are applauding and screaming, customizing the lazy sputs of the rain.

Israel. Need to eat sweet food and refrain from bitter

New Year (Rosh Hashana) is celebrated in Israel in the first two days of the month of the Tishre (September). Rosh Hashana is the anniversary of the creation of the world and the beginning of the reign of God.

Praznik New Year is a prayer day. According to custom, on the eve of the holiday, special food is eating: apples with honey, pomegranate, fish, as a symbolic expression of hope for a coming year. Each meal is accompanied by a short prayer. Basically, it is customary to eat sweet food, and refrain from bitter. On the first day of the new year, it is customary to go to the water and pronounce the prayer of Tashlich.

India. New Year - Holiday Lights

In different parts of India, the new year is celebrated at different times of the year. At the beginning of summer - the feast of Lori. Children gather in advance at home dry branches, straw, old things. In the evening, they burn large bonfires around which they dance and sing.

And when autumn comes, Diwali is celebrated - holiday lights. On the roofs of houses, thousands of lamps arrange on the windowsill and light them on the festive night. Girls are allowed on the water of small boats, on which lights also burn.

Japan. Best Gift - Rake to Lack Happiness

Japanese children meet New Year in new clothes. It is believed that it brings health and good luck in the new year. On New Year's Eve, they hide under the pillow picture with the image of a sailboat, on which seven fabulous wizards swim - seven patrons of happiness.

Ice palaces and locks, huge snowy sculptures of fabulous heroes decorate the New Year North Japanese cities.

108 bell strikes announce the arrival of the new year in Japan. At a long time, each conclusion "kills" one of the human vices. They are considered to be the Japanese, only six (greed, anger, stupidity, frivolity, indecision, envy). But each of the vices has 18 different shades - this is the Japanese bell on them.

In the first seconds of the new year, it should be laughed - this should bring good luck. And so that happiness came to the house, the Japanese decorate it, more precisely the entrance door, bamboo and pine branches - symbols of longevity and loyalty. Pine personifies longevity, bamboo - loyalty, and draining - love.

Food on the table is also symbolic: Long pasta - a sign of longevity, rice - wealth, carp - forces, beans - health. Each family is preparing a New Year's treats - Koloboki, cakes, rice flour bells.

In the morning, when the New Year comes into its rights, the Japanese go out of their homes to the street - to meet the sunrise. With the first rays, they congratulate each other and give gifts.

In the houses put branches decorated with the balls of Moth, - the New Year's Motiban tree.

Japanese Santa Claus name is Segatsu-San - Mr. New Year. Favorite New Year's entertainment girls - a game of Volan, and boys in the days of the holiday launch a traditional air serpent.

The most popular New Year accessory is a rake. Each Japanese believes that it is necessary to have them for the New Year than to lake happiness. Rake from bamboo - kumad - make up 10 cm to 1.5 m and decorated with a variety of drawings and talismans.

In order to draw the Deity of the Year, which brings happiness in the family, the Japanese build a small knotted knot from three bamboo sticks to which pine branches are tied. More wealthy people buy dwarf pine, bamboo sprout and a small debris of plum or peach.

Labrador. Store rep

In Labrador store the reverse from the summer harvest. It was hollowed from the inside, there are burning candles and give children. In the province of Nova Scotia, which is based on Scottish mountaineers, merry songs transported from Britain two centuries ago, sing every Christmas morning.

Czech Republic and Slovakia. Santa Claus in a ram hat

A cheerful little man dressed in a shaggy fur coat, a high ram of a hat, with a box behind his back, comes to Czech and Slovak children. His name is Mikulas. For those who studied well, he always has gifts

Holland. Santa Claus sails on the ship

In Holland, Santa Claus sails on the ship. Children joyfully meet him on the pier. Santa Claus loves funny draws and surprises and often give children marzipan fruits, toys, candy flowers

Afghanistan. New Year - the beginning of agricultural work

Navruz - Afghan New Year - falls on March 21. This is the time of the start of agricultural work. Elder village spends the first furrow in the field. On the same day, cheerful fairs are opened, on which the magicians are focusing, routine, musicians.

China. Need to be poured with water until you congratulate

China has a New Year tradition of Buddha swimming. On this day, all the statues of Buddha in the temples and monasteries are respectfully wash in clean water from mining sources. And people themselves are poured by water at the moment when others are pronounced in their address New Year's wishes of happiness. Therefore, on this holiday, everyone goes through the streets into the covered clothes.

Judging by the ancient Chinese calendar, the Chinese are part of the 48th century. According to him, this country enters 4702 years. To the Greorian Soul Succession, China has passed only in 1912. The chinese new year date each time varies in the interval of January 21 to February 20.

Iran. Everyone shoots from guns

In Iran, the new year is met at midnight March 22. At this moment, the shots came from rifles. All adults hold silver coins in the hands of an excrepitable stay in native places during the entire advancing year. On the first day of the New Year, according to custom, it is customary to smash in the house old clay dishes and replacing it new.

Bulgaria. Three minutes of New Year's kisses

In Bulgaria, guests, relatives gather for the new year at the festive table and in all homes for three minutes the light goes out. Time when guests remain in the dark call minutes of New Year's kisses, the mystery of which will keep darkness.

Greece. Guests wear stones - big and small

In Greece, guests capture a large stone with them, which thrown at the threshold, saying words: "Let the owner's wealth be heavy, like this stone." And if the big stone did not get, they throw a little pebble with the words: "Let Belmo in the head of the owner be so small as this stone."

The new year is St. Vasily's Day, which was known for his kindness. Greek children leave their shoes by the fireplace in the hope that Saint Vasily fill the shoes with gifts.

South Korea. New Year

Koreans with a special trepidation belong to each holiday and try to spend it beautifully, bright and fun. South Korea - This is a country where holidays appreciate and know how to spend beautifully. It is not surprising that another Western Winter Celebrations was added to the traditional for the country of the morning freshness of the Eastern New Year in the process of globalization.


 New Year in South Korea Celebrated twice - first by the sunny calendar (i.e. on the night of December 31 on January 1), and then on the lunar (as a rule, in February). But if the "West" new year in the country of morning freshness does not carry a special symbolic load, the traditional New Year in the lunar calendar in South Korea is of particular importance.

New Year in Korea Starts with Catholic Christmas. As in Europe, the Koreans dress up a Christmas tree, and also prepare a lot of postcards and gifts for relatives, loved ones, friends and colleagues. It is worth noting that Christmas celebrations in South Korea It is even brighter than the calendar New Year, which is celebrated quite formally. These days in the country of morning freshness are perceived, rather, like rare weekends, rather than, festive. Therefore, everyone is striving to get into their native city, visit parents or just relax outside the city, for example, in the mountains. By the way, even there is an interesting mountain route that allows you to meet the first day of the New Year on the top of the mountain.

Australia Fairverk

We also met a new year on top, more precisely on the roof of your home!

Real New Year in South Korea It comes through the lunar calendar and is also called the "Chinese New Year", as it has spread to Asia from the subway. This holiday is the most beloved and important for residents of the country morning freshness. The new year in the lunar calendar is also the longest holiday in South Korea. Festivals and festivals continue for 15 days.

the main New Year's tradition Korea - Festive dinner, which is taken to spend in a family circle. According to beliefs, on the festive night at the table there are perfumes of ancestors who are considered full participants in the celebration, so the table should be as many dishes of national Korean cuisine. There is also a feast a day Sollal - the first day of the new year. All relatives are going to a richly covered table to congratulate each other, discuss current affairs and plans for the future.

All the next days after the new year on the lunar calendar in South Korea It is customary to visit relatives and loved ones, congratulate and present gifts. Moreover, according to Korean traditions on the first day of the New Year, it is necessary to fulfill the rite of "SEBA" - solemn worship of parents and all the sufferers. All the first day of the new year, young people visits the elders and beat off the bows three times in a row, falling on his knees and applying foreheads to the hands in front of them in a certain way. In return, the elders give children traditional Korean sweets and money.

However, the new year on the lunar calendar in South Korea - This is not only a family, but also a nationwide holiday. For 15 days, street processions are held in the country, traditional massive walking with costumed dances and masqueragas. Such a bright spectacle does not leave indifferent either the Koreans themselves nor numerous tourists.


In Malaysia, the European New Year is celebrated on the night of the thirty-first December for the first January. This holiday is celebrated in all Malaysian states, except for those where the Muslim population prevails (for example, in the states of Perlis, Kelantan, Trengan and some others). Some Muslims still take part in the New Year's celebrations, although alcohol is prohibited for them.

28 Parity Champs Elysees

We are not Muslims, so they celebrated the new year on Russian customs, although instead of the Christmas tree we had palm trees

On New Year's Eve, Malaysian television does not recommend drivers to sit behind the wheel, since all sorts of accidents involving cars managed by drunk drivers have long been an integral attribute of the holiday. For Malaysia, the new year is not an official holiday, but thanks to the considerable strengthening of the foreign policy state and the expansion of its political and economic relations with Europe, most Malaysians with hunting adopt European traditions of the New Year celebration. In the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, as well as in other major Malaysian cities, the magic atmosphere of the New Year holiday reigns on New Year's Eve.



And the most recent on the planet celebrate the new year's offensive inhabitants of Bora Bora in Oceania. The holiday here passes, like Brazil, on the sea coast, and exactly at midnight the candles are lit, multicolored fireworks are launched and a foam champagne is broken on the glasses. There is a belief: if you have time to make a desire from under the mountain of the rising sun, it will definitely be implemented.


It doesn't matter where the new year will occur, the main thing is that it will be remembered!.

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New Year's traditions of different countries are very different except that all nations are trying to spend the new year fun. We will not talk about Russian traditions with a New Year's Christmas tree and Olivier, but we will share interesting facts about traditions in different countries of the world.


What is not strange, but not all countries celebrate the new year on December 31! For example, the Chinese New Year celebrate February 12.


Do not confuse church holiday Christmas Happy New Year - these are different holidays. Christmas is customary to celebrate in Europe and America on December 25, and in Russia on January 7th. And in Russia, the traditions of celebration are much different from European.

European New Year traditions

If you decide to visit Europe for the holidays, you will see as the buildings are decorated with garlands, christmas branches and balls. Especially love to celebrate the New Year in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, there is very picturesque during this period.


In Europe, the celebration of the New Year in many countries is very different. For example, in Austria, it is customary to send postcards with a traditional symbol of happiness - four-grade clover, and on the New Year's table must be a filling piglet - if you eat a piece from it, you will be happy for the whole next year.

13Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Fireworks on the background of Petronas towers

Throughout England, the new year's offensive is accompanied by ring-blowing bell-bin bells, which is configured until midnight, and at midnight louder. At that moment, lovers, to never part, should be sure to kiss under the branch of the mistletoe - this tree is considered magical. From the festive dishes the mainstream are stuffed turkey with chestnuts under sauce and sweet pudding. Interestingly, it was in England that a tradition was originated to exchange congratulatory cards.

But in Hungary in the first minute of the new year, it is decided to deafenively whistling in a shoe or horn. It is believed that the whistle drives away from the dwelling of evil spirits and encourages good luck and well-being. Preparing for the holiday, Hungars do not forget about the magical strength of the New Year's dishes: the beans and peas symbolize the strength of the Spirit and the Body, and the apples promise beauty and love.

The French are arranging cheerful feast with wine and songs. Children give gifts in shoes. On a festive table, turkey, truffles and foie gras are served.

Meet new year in red in Italian


Italians have a tradition to celebrate New Year in Red, as the red color promises good luck. All stores are filled with red. They are also famous for throwing out all the not necessary right in the window when it breaks midnight. In Italy, fish dishes are preparing, baking and cappelletti (like dumplings).

Jump into the new year in German

New Year's table.jpg.

In Germany, in a minute before the New Year, everyone will be closed on the chairs and "jump" in the New Year. It is customary to walk through the streets, connect champagne and start fireworks. On the tables are usually a herring, carp, pies, nuts, fruits, sausages and rugs.

Beat dishes "for happiness" as in Denmark

In Denmark, it is customary to beat the necessary dishes on New Year's Eve. Dishes beat for happiness.

Burn everything bad in Scottish tradition

Scots get rid of failures - all bad burned. On New Year's Eve, they get old barrels, in which whiskey and wine were once kept, failed tar and ignite. Burning barrels Kartat on the main streets of Scotland - the action symbolizes the burning of the old year with all its problems.


Christmas tree on Red Square.jpg

108 bells are reported to residents of the rising sun on the occurrence of the new year. At a long time, each ringing kills one of the human vices. They believe the Japanese, only 6: greed, anger, stupidity, frivolity, indecision and envy. But each of the vices has 18 shades - this is the Japanese bell on them.

The Japanese begin to celebrate the New Year on December 25 and continue almost a month. Their dwellings are decorated with bamboo compositions, plum branches and ate. It is customary to visit the temples on New Year's Eve. Japanese are treated by the Japanese of each other with rice pellets of white and pink.

Celebrate several times indian

In India, they meet the new year more often than in any other country of the world. The traditional Indian year, Goodie Padava, meet in March.

New Year.jpg.

Hindus celebrate the new year 8 times. In the summer, for example, - the feast of Laurie, on which the old things are taken, dry branches, straw. In the fall, the Hindus celebrate Diwali - holiday lights, lighting on the roof of houses and windowsill on New Year's Eve thousand lamps.

Walking in Vietnamese

In the New Year, the Vietnamese do not sit at home. They are accepted to burn fires on the street, treat each other with rice dishes, produce a live carp in the pond or river, because God, according to their beliefs, swims on the back of this fish.

Without trees in Thai

Thais celebrate New Year on April 13th. Thai treat Buddhist monks with festive kushans. Buddha statues are washed with water with rose and jasmine petals. These days it is difficult to stay dry - people from water pistols, from basins and hoses pour passersby and passing water.

European New Year.jpg.

In this country, you will not meet either the Christmas tree nor the usual attributes. Instead, Thais will share you with water. This tradition is aimed at attracting good luck and cleansing.

New Year's recipes

Turkey with American herbs

New Year in Italy.jpg

The main dish on the New Year's Table of Americans is a turkey baked with herbs.


Turkey carcass - (5.5-6.5 kg),

Creamy oil - 1 pack Vegetable oil

- ¼ cup Seasoning "Turkey Juicy"

- 2 tbsp.

Lemon - 1 pc

Onions - 1 pc

Celery Stem - 1 pc Garlic

- taste Salt

- 2 tbsp. Pepper black hammer

- 1 tbsp.

Cooking. In a bowl, mix the softened butter, vegetable oil, greenery, grateful lemon zest, add seasoning, salt and pepper to taste. Separately, cut the onions by semirings, pieces - celery, clean the garlic. Turkey well rinse, dry, remove the loss. Oil mixture Well, soda the turkey outside, spray and pepper outside and inside. Inside, put a mixture of chopped onion, celery, garlic cloves and half lemon. The hole will be covered with toothpicks, knit the legs with a durable thread.

Bake the turkey in the oven preheated to 230 ° C for 30 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 175 ° C, cover the turkey with foil and bang another 1.5-2 hours. 15-20 minutes before the end of cooking, remove the foil and let the ruddy crust form. Before feeding, give the finished turkey to cool half an hour.

Duck stuffed with fruit

European table New Year.jpg

Stuffed bird prepare both in Denmark, but instead of turkey use duck.

You will need:

Duck carcass - 1 pc

Apple - 1 pc

Pear - 1 pc

Kuraga - 200 g

Raisin - 100 g

Lemon - 1 pc

Celery Stem - 1 pc Carrot - 2 pcs

- 3 teeth

Creamy oil - 2 tbsp. Honey

- 3 ppm Seasoning "Turkey Juicy"

Mustard Sugar

- 2 tbsp. Seasoning "Turkey Juicy"

- taste Garlic

Lemon juice Pepper

Creamy oil - 1 pack - taste

- 3 tbsp.

Cooking. Duck rinse and dry. Gently, not to damage the skin, remove the bones and meat, leaving the bones only in the wings and legs. Mix honey, mustard and chopped garlic in the bowl, add salt and pepper to taste. The resulting mass is dying duck inside and outside. Apples and pears cut down her slices, removing seeds, and remove in a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and 2 tbsp. water. Carrots cut into cubes, onion - half rings and fry together on vegetable oil. Dried fruits rinse and soam in water heated with creamy oil.

Prepared duck fit with fruit, onions with carrots and dried fruits. Cross the cut into the toothpicks, wrap the duck in the foil and bake in the oven preheated to 175 ° C for an hour, periodically removing the foil and watering the carcass to be formed by gravy. 15-20 minutes before the end of cooking, remove the foil and let the ruddy crust on the adhesive.

Mulled wine

Mulled wine drink in Europe and Russia. Mulled wine is an important component of the Catholic Christmas Celebration. At any festive bazaar, you can warm up a glass of mulled wine.

The origin of the word "mulled wine" in Russian is ambiguous. There are two versions, as the word came to our tongue - or from Staronenetsky, by reducing the phrase "Glühend (ER) Wein" (hot wine), when the German "Glühend" turned into "Mlinte". The Germans themselves call the Glühwein drink (gluvain). And perhaps the word happened from the Polish language, in which there was a transformation of the word, since the Poles say "Glintwajn".

New Year in Asia.jpg

Stuffed bird prepare both in Denmark, but instead of turkey use duck.

In the New Year, you can pamper yourself with warming mulled wine, especially if you celebrate a holiday outside the city or gathered to walk on New Year's Eve. Pour mulled wine into a thermos and feel free to run to play snowballs.


- 5 pieces Nutmeg

- 0.5 ppm Powdered sugar

- 150 g

Water - 1/4 cup

Orange - 1 pc

Wine - 1 bottle

All spices put in a saucepan with 750 ml of water. Bring to a boil, then strain through a fine sieve into a pure saucepan. Add sugar, wine and cut on 8 pieces of orange. Bring to a boil (but do not boil!), Making sure that the sugar completely dissolved. Serve mulled wine hot.

Gingerbread gingerbreads

New Year's table in India.jpg

Cute gingerbreads will suit a treat or QC sweet gift. In Europe, gingerbread has become popular since the times of crusades to the countries of the Middle East, from which Europeans borrowed the recipe for unusual spicy ginger cookies. And since then, the festive fairs have become "ginger", and gingerbread baking has become an integral treat for Christmas holidays.

Ingredients: Honey liquid

- 300 gr Sugar

- 250 gr

Butter - 200 gr Flour

- 750 gr

Egg - 4 pcs Ginger hammer

- 2 tsp. Ginger hammer

Cinnamon Ginger hammer

Cocoa Baking powder

- 4 tsp.

Orange zest - 2 ppm Vanillin

- 2 chips

Softened oil mix with honey, eggs and sugar. Then add all the dry ingredients from the recipe to this mass. Mix the dough. Leave it in the film in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Then roll the dough with a thickness of 0.5-0.7 cm. Cut the dough shapes from the dough. Put them on a baking sheet with parchment paper. Bake the gingerbread at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Decorate them to your taste.

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Germany: Fish, fortune telling and "dinner on one"

In Germany, the main holiday is Christmas, so the main celebrations and gifts come on December 25th.

New Year in Thailand.jpg

The new year is noted modest: the Germans give each other small little things bringing good luck. On this day, they do not sit at home: the youth will cope with the New Year in noisy companies, the older generation people gather in restaurants, walk on balls or concerts, where they wish each other "good slip in the New Year".

For the holiday, the house is decorated with multi-colored garlands, wreaths from the needles and figures of Santa Claus. When the clock begins to beat midnight, the Germans climb the chairs or tables and with the last blow "jumped" in the New Year.

For the year was successful, fish dishes should be on the festive table. Some Germans guess, pouring molten lead in cold water. There is a nation with the nation's traditional New Year's films: the comedy "Dinner on one" and the episode "New Year's Punch" from the TV series "One heart and one soul".

United Kingdom: fateful "first leg" and noisy walking

New Year in Thailand.jpg

New Year in the UK is also inferior to Christmas. As soon as at midnight, the clock on Big Ben is trying 12 times, everyone starts shouting, whistling and noise, welcoming the new year's offensive. After everyone hugging and congratulations to each other.

British Chtutut tradition of the "first leg": who is the first time on the threshold of the house in the new year, he will bring good luck. The most desirable guest is a young, healthy and cute brunette or a foreigner. But women, blondes and digging owners will not be happy.

Canada: "Bathing of a White Bear", skates and striped caramel

New Year in Thailand.jpg
In Canada, they begin to prepare for the celebration a month before the New Year. The Christmas trees decorate the angels figures, the Bethlehem star and red striped caramels in the form of a staff. Unlike Christmas, Canadians meet a new year not with family, but with friends. They skate or participate in the Bathing of the White Bear. This is the name of the swimming polarity, which promises health and well-being in the coming year.

USA: New Year - Baby, Disassembled Christmas Tree and Falling Ball

The symbol of the American New Year is a baby in a diaper. According to the tradition, for 12 months, the child ages and conveys his duties to a new infant.

New Year in Thailand.jpg

December 31 traditionally undergo sales. Americans return Christmas gifts to the shops that they did not like or did not fit. New Year's trees often free from jewelry and transplant them to the ground so as not to throw away.

New Year in Thailand.jpg
On the night of December 31, on January 1, the main New Year's magic occurs on the Times Square Square. At 23:59 there is lowered a huge ball from the skyscraper of One Times Square. In a minute, he flies 23 meters, and the last 10 seconds are counted together. The new year comes when the ball touches the Earth.

Mexico: 12 grapes, Pinyata and yellow panties

New Year in Thailand.jpg

In Mexico, holidays begin on December 12, from the day of the Virgin Mary Guadeloop. People are having fun on the carnavals and do not come to work in the last two weeks of December. An indispensable attribute of the holiday is the breakdown of piling. Pinyata is an elegant clay toy, inside of which surprises are for children. Such figures hang in the yard and try to blindly split them with a stick to get filling.

New Year in Thailand.jpg

One of the main holidays for Catholic Mexicans is Christmas, it is celebrated on December 25th. The streets will be empty, because this day needs to be held in a family circle. A real spruce or pine is not affordable, so people are dressing artificial wood with balls and garlands. The actors play theatrical statements on biblical motifs. Santa Claus in Mexican traditions are not.

New Year in Mexico is celebrated on the night of January 1. During the battle, Mexicans are trying to eat 12 grapes - one for every mandated desire. Girls dreaming to find love next year, put on New Year's Eve red underwear. It is more likely to wear those who want to become rich and successful. Dreaming travels run in front of the house with a suitcase.

France: kisses under the mistletoe, "bean king" and "New Year's obligations"

New Year French are also celebrating at the festive table. Someone trapes at home, and someone goes to a restaurant to try a special menu. President of France congratulates Nation Happy New Year.

New Year in Thailand.jpg

Special custom for the French is a kiss under my mistletoe. The beam of this plant is suspended to the ceiling, and the couple kissed under it will soon get married.

The French Bake Pie, which put one bob. To whom this bob gets, he becomes the "bean king." Until the end of the holiday, everyone must fulfill his orders.

At midnight, the French give themselves a promise to do something in the new year. The widespread "New Year obligations" refers to the decision to lose weight, play sports or begin to eat right.

Residents of France usually give money for the new year. So they thank representatives of popular professions: concierge, postmen, rescuers, nanny and cleaners.

Japan: silent feast, 108 bell and cadomasy strikes

New Year in Thailand.jpg

During the New Year holidays - from December 28 to January 4 - business life in Japan literally freezes. The Japanese are carefully prepared for the holiday: they bring order in the house, buy gifts to relatives and loved ones, send greeting cards, visit holy places to ask for help and well-being for themselves and their family.

New Year in Thailand.jpg

The chief symbol of the celebration is the decoration of Gadomana - this is a product from a pine, which should be at the entrance to the house to protect it from evil spirits and other unclean.

Of particular importance is the family New Year's meal, which begins on the evening of December 31. It passes quietly and chinno, without noisy conversations and drinking songs: Nothing should distract from thoughts that he is waiting for everyone in the coming year.

New Year in Thailand.jpg
On New Year's Eve in Buddhist temples, 108 beats are hit in the bell. With each blow, as it is believed, everything is bad, which should not be repeated in the new year. January 2, the emperor goes to the balcony of the palace to welcome the people.

China: Spring holiday, red underwear and practical gifts

New Year in Thailand.jpg

The Chinese New Year is a spring holiday. It falls on one of the days between January 21 and February 21. This holiday is red, which symbolizes happiness and good luck. People wear red underwear to scare away trouble. Spring holiday is customary to celebrate home by the whole family, so the Chinese working in big cities return home. It is the only opportunity to travel for them, because there are no vacations in China.

Many families are pushed for the holiday of dumplings, and in one they put a "happy" coin. On the New Year's table there may be more than 20 dishes. In poor families, only one meat dish is put on the table, but no one touch him to show the neighbors that they can afford it.

New Year in Thailand.jpg
A typical gift for the new year - Hongbao - a red envelope with money. The Chinese love practical gifts: cigarettes, alcohol, large bottles with vegetable oil or packaging with sparse boxes of milk.

India: New Year's country and mango instead of ate

According to the ancient traditions, there is no such holiday in Hinduism as the New Year. Tradition to celebrate it on December 31 came to India from Europe. He is noted mostly youth from large cities. New Year's symbol here - decorated with fruit and vegetables. Mango tree. Indians give each other sweets and treat guests with sharp dishes: the savory food, the happier will be the year.

New Year in Thailand.jpg

In India, Laurie is celebrated on the night of January 14: the harness is stuffed, prepare corn and rice on this fire, bypass around the fire and eat cooked.

Most Indians celebrate the lunar new year in the spring. And in October-November in India hosts the most important holiday - Diwali, festival of lights. It is met with fireworks, lanterns and candles.

It turns out that India is the newest year, because there are the beginning of the year at least four times.

Australia: Santa in swimming trunks, metrosider and the best fireworks

New Year in Thailand.jpg

January in Australia - the midst of summer. The weather stands hot: in the south of the country - up to plus 35, in the north a little more - to plus 30. You can swim and need, so Santa Clauses in bathing suits are spreading gifts to obedient children.

New Year in Thailand.jpg

The Christmas trees in this climate are not growing, so the Australians dress up a small tree with red flowers - Metrosideros.

There are no official New Year holidays in Australia, but January 1 is a weekend. On this day, everyone goes to nature and beaches, and in the evening - in restaurants and clubs. In a calm parties, the party continues for another week, but on January 2, everyone goes to work.

Australians know a sense in festive fireworks, which are visible for tens of kilometers from the place of the event. One of these events takes place in Sydney - in the main harbor of the country.

Israel: "New Year of Trees", the first prayer and at once three holidays

New Year in Thailand.jpg

In Israel, the new year is celebrated three times, and this is absolutely independent holidays. The Jewish New Year is called Rosh Hashan, its exact date is determined by the Jewish calendar. It usually falls for September or October. According to Torah, it was on this day that God created the world, so he is counting from him. On the first day of the year, Jews go to water to pronounce Tashlich prayer.

In January, another local New Year is coped - the holiday of trees, he is the same Bi-svat, to which the bulk of fruits matures. On this day, it is customary to plant trees and arrange a feast, preparing dishes from a crop.

New Year in Thailand.jpg

On the Jewish Table, fish, pomegranate, as well as various beet and carrots dishes are necessarily present. Such love for these gifts of nature is explained by the fact that their name from Hebrew translates as something good. But from bitter food, the inhabitants of Israel prefer to refrain, thinking that thus protect the coming year from bad events.

The secular new year is celebrated on the night of December 31 to January 1. In Israel, January 1 - ordinary working day.

North Korea: Mayonnaise, Irony of Fate and Memory Day

The holidays of North Korea are divided into two groups: ideological and traditional. The new year in the country is celebrated twice: first in the Gregorian calendar, and then - according to the traditional oriental. Souluscript in the DPRK Other: There will be not 2020, and the 109th year. The account is conducted from the birth of the first leader of the country - Kim Il Sena - and is called Calendar Juche.

New Year in Thailand.jpg

Lunar New Year is usually celebrated in late January - early February. The main tradition is considered to remember the dead. In the houses set small altars to which traditional food and drinks bring. After that, residents of North Korea go to congratulate relatives and friends. The obligatory point on the route is the nearest statues of Kim Il Seine and Kim Jong Ira. They bow and bring flowers.

The celebration of the New Year on December 31 came to North Korea during the USSR. January 1 and 2 - official weekends. Unlike Russia, mass midnight festivities in the DPRK no: people celebrate the new year's offensive in a family circle.

On the holiday table, traditional Korean dishes and treats who came from the Soviet Union are combined: national rice dumplings and cold fish noodles are complemented by a salad like Salad Olivier. Residents of North Korea love to refill festive dishes by mayonnaise and look at the New Year holidays film "Irony of Fate, or with a light steam!".

Already very soon under the battle, we will open champagne, raise glasses and make a desire. The smell of mandarins, fireworks on the street, Bengali lights, the speech of the president - here they are typical attributes of the Russian New Year. And let's travel to other countries of the world and get to know the local traditions of the most beloved holiday of Russians, learn how to celebrate New Year in different countries of the world

So, let's go.

How to celebrate New Year in Australia

New Year in Australia comes before all. Australians among the first in the world welcome the new year's offensive.

At this time, hot summer is raging here, because December and January are the summer months. Here are all sorts of free shows and concerts. In Sydney at midnight in the Harbor Sydney Harbour, one of the largest fireworks in the world is launched.

And exactly at midnight, all parties are interrupted and people are buzzing, whistling, ring in the bells. So the new year is invited.

How to celebrate New Year England

In England, it is customary to order gifts from Father Christmas (literally - the Father of Christmas). To give a letter to, it must be burned in the fireplace, it is smoke that delivers all the wishes for its intended purpose.

This is the magical side of the question, but we will not forget that the British are very scrupulous and balanced people, so real gifts are chosen with great care. As a rule, in the family pulls lot - who will give to whom and what. The cost of the presents should be approximately the same.

Despite the fact that people around the world have become much less writing letters on paper, nevertheless, in England, an excellent tradition to congratulate all friends and familiar Christmas and New Year cards, which are sent by mail are still preserved in England.

How to celebrate New Year in Burma (Myanmar)

Between April 12 and 17, the new year in this state comes to the hottest days of the year.

The celebration lasts three days, and the date began to be announced by the government in the pre-New Year Epistle.

We believe in Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, and Burmese in the rain gods. To attract the attention of the gods, the inhabitants of the country are arranged competitions, and women and children try to make as much noise as possible.

In a different way, this holiday is called the Water Holiday. All residents go to the streets and water each other with water.

How to celebrate the New Year in Bulgaria

Often this holiday is called Vasilyev day, he received her name in honor of St. Vasily. The new year seems not so significant as Christmas and is not so magnificent and fun. Nevertheless, the New Year's table should be broken by the coming year to be richer.

After the New Year's feast, children, adolescents and young people make "Survachk". These are such kizylovy sticks decorated with red strollers, garlic heads, nuts, coins. They should knock on the backs of family members, in order for the next year to have health and well-being.

Also on New Year's Eve explode from the fireworks and launch fireworks.

How to celebrate New Year in Brazil

New Year in Brazil is a summer holiday, because At this time there is a hot weather and shines the bright sun.

If we are accustomed that the new year is a family holiday, then in Brazil everything is exactly the opposite. New year is customary to meet in noisy companies in clubs, bars, on the beach.

Gifts are usually given purely symbolic, because The time of major and significant gifts falls for Christmas. And our traditional kraist fight is replaced by the countdown of the remaining seconds of seconds, after which the universal education occurs.

In Brazilian culture, African pagan traditions are also found, so, for example, it is customary to launch white flowers and candles on the water, make desires.

How to celebrate New Year in Vietnam

Instead of the Christmas tree, tangerine trees, apricot and peach branches. It is at this time that most fruit trees bloom, therefore the holiday itself is associated with flowers and fragrances.

Traditionally, the new year falls on floating dates between January 20 and the end of February, when flowering in full swing. Streets and houses are decorated with blooming branches.

The new year is considered a family holiday, and is always celebrated in the family circle. Children are the first to congratulate the older generation, and the parents in turn give children money in the bags. Covers and coins must be new.

Before the new year, it is customary to collect rich gifts for the Buddha and bring them into the temple. On the streets within three days there are various entertainment events that end in the night bright, lush procession of the dragon.

How to celebrate the New Year in India

Dates for the celebration of the New Year in India a lot. It all depends on the region. But there is an official date, it is March 22. Traditionally, the Indian New Year is a family holiday, which all family members are going to, all far relatives.

Nevertheless, the influence of the West makes itself felt. And more and more youth goes outside, chatting funny songs and drinking alcohol. By the way, the new year is the official day in a year, which is allowed to consume some alcohol even by the police.

Instead of ate, Hindus dress up a mango tree, and at home decorate palm branches and garlands.

How to celebrate New Year in the USA

In America, the main attention is paid not to the gift itself, but on its packaging - boxes and boxes, soap of multi-colored paper and various cases. After all, pleasure is precisely to deploy a gift. By the way, then most of the presents joyfully return to the store, so gifts are made to give a check.

The new year is celebrated much calmer than Christmas, most often in the family circle.

How to celebrate New Year in Japan

Once upon a time the Japanese noted on the Chinese lunar calendar. But from the nineteenth century began to be celebrated on the generally accepted Grigorian summer.

For the holiday is prepared for a long time and carefully.

In modern Japan, the first place is occupied by the team, so the corporate parties are very popular among the Japanese. Mark New Year with colleagues - the duty of everyone.

Also in Japan there is a tradition "greeting card". Such a congratulation will definitely be sent to all friends and acquaintances. At the same time, if the Japanese at least once wrote a postcard, he must do it every year. Even in the elementary school of Japanese children are trained by the signed postcard. Wishes are written in 2-3 weeks before the new year's occurrence, but they are always dating on January 1. Postmen try to deliver the 1st day postcard.

Back in the late 80s, the Chinese custom came to connect the arrival of the New Year with one of the animals of the eastern calendar. A little later, the traditional European figures of Santa Claus and deer appeared, the Russians began to decorate home by Christmas wreaths, and from the beginning of the twentieth century it became taken to run fireworks.

I won't be surprised if in the near future we will begin to molten each other by the "drums" or water water.

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New Year's mulled wine.jpegGinger Gingerbreads for New Year.jpg

How not to celebrate the main night of the year in different countries? What traditions do people who live on different continents do? Where does the new year comes not in winter? In this article we collected the brightest facts about the favorite holiday of millions of people.


On the eve of New Year, the Finns are guessing on the wax, and there are many dishes and drinks on the festive table. The most desirable treat for Northerners is a sweet porridge from rice and a sink.

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Finnish Santa Claus is called Joulupuk. This name is translated as a "Christmas goat", so the good grandfather is called for what he rides on the harpped wagon. The old man hears good, so he is better to tell him about his desires, so that they did not recognize the evil spirit.

On New Year's Eve, Swedish children spend the election of Lucia - Queen of Light. The girl appointed to this post puts on a white dress and a crown on which burning candles are fixed. Lucia treats delicacies of pets and gives children. The holiday of light is accompanied by burning on the streets, as well as in the houses with bright lights.

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In the responsible moment of the arrival of the New Year, the inhabitants of Hungary get out of the bins of horns, twins, whistles and whistling struggle. In this way, they purify the house from evil spirits and exempt space for well-being and joy.

In the Hungarian New Year's dishes there are peas, beans, nuts, apples, honey and garlic.


On the eve of December 31, the French decorate the house on wood figures and clay. Santa Claus in France responds to the name of Per Noel and puts gifts in shoes. The king of the New Year's Eve is the child who gets a festive pie with baked inside beans.


Each Spaniard for the battle of local chimes necessarily eats a dozen grapes - this ritual gives good luck for the whole next year. In Spanish stores, they even sell banks with grapes without seeds and skin. Another interesting point: the new year you need to meet in the lower underwear of red in order for the next 12 months not to experience material problems. Tradition applies to men and women.



Many people know that in the New Year Italians get rid of old things, throwing them directly into the windows, according to medieval traditions. This custom is not respected in all major cities, it is mainly alive in the village area. On January 1, the inhabitants of Italy go beyond running water and carry it home, trying to meet the born old man. According to beliefs, it promises good luck, unlike collisions with children or monks.

Instead of Santa Claus gifts in the country distributes Fairy Fairy Befana. However, the magic grandfather in Italy also has, his name is Babbo Natal.


At the festival, residents of Apennel eat lentils, nuts and grapes, which are symbols of health, wealth and long life.

South Africa

As in Italy, in South Africa get rid of old things, throwing them right into the window. True, in recent years, the authorities seek to prohibit this tradition for security reasons.




Nepalese things are not thrown away, and immediately burned in the fire of New Year's fires. With the arrival of the morning, the inhabitants of Nepal decorate themselves with patterns and begin to spin in dance and sing, noting the holiday of paints.


The British celebrate the new year peacefully and at the same time diverse: play scenes from fairy tales, carnival and street fairs are satisfied. For gifts, children are preparing not stocking, as in a number of countries, but a plate, which is put on the table. Slightly before midnight, silence dilutes the ringing of the bell, which signals the occurrence of the new year. At the same time, under the branch of mistletoe, the kisses are in love with the kisses - it is believed that this romantic ritual will relocate a couple of parting over the next 12 months.

An turkey with potatoes, chestnuts, sauce, baking with meat filling and stewed brussels can be present at the classic festive table of British. Fruits are served for dessert, as well as pudding.

German Santa Claus, like English, puts gifts to a plate, but travels on a donkey. Adults are having fun on lead, board games and fireworks.



The Germans are almost not prepared for a winter holiday of nasty dishes, limited to the snacks of the type of raklet and fondue. Popular fish and donuts.



Scottish New Year is called Hogmani and runs in the format of the festival of fire. Its participants burn the barrels filled with tar and symbolizing the old year. Also, this is a tribute to the ancient traditions by which the flame defended from evil forces and, abandoned into the water, provided people with support for the spirits of water.

The most desirable first guest is January 1 in the Scottish House - Brunette, which crosses the threshold not with empty hands. A man with dark hair, according to local beliefs, brings good luck. Guests coming for the holiday should bring with them coal, which they will later throw in a fireplace for good luck.

The New Year's table in Scotland serves cakes from oats, cheese and pudding, in the afternoon - Bifstex, goose, apples in the test or cake.


The new year in the country of the Rising Sun is found in new clothes to protect against disease and in general to become a favorite of fortune. The christmas tree serves a small Motiban tree. Pine branches decorated doors. Bamboo sprouts and branches, peach and plum mini trees are also welcome. On New Year's Eve, every Japanese dreams to hear 108 bell bells to become better and get rid of the negative.

Health and well-being in the family symbolize such dishes as rice, noodles, beans and carp.



For Vietnamese, the new year comes from 21.01 to 19.02. They decorate rakes that symbolize the ability to get money and happiness. Local Santa Claus - Tao Cuan - they consider able to fly across the sky, crawled carp, and becomes a dragon. In order for the magic spirit to fulfill a desire, you should talk about the real carp and release it in the reservoir. Wonderful fish will certainly give these words to God. In the New Year, it is also accepted to exchange good wishes written in black in red, decorate the house with branches of a blooming peach and blow up homemade flappers.

The main Vietnamese New Year's dishes are prepared from rice.



Ecuador, Peru


In large cities of these countries, rites are held for the new year, people communicate with shamans and try to see the future with their help. There is a popular fortune telling on egg and beer.

Completed and signs. To attract good luck, Peruvians and Ecuadorians decorate a beautiful young woman with fruits. Happiness helps to attract optimistic yellow clothes, and love is red. Ecuadorians dreaming to spend a year in travels, should take up several times around the house with a suitcase in her hand during the battle. And in order to get rid of last year's negative, it is recommended to throw a glass from the window filled with water. It will collapse with him and all evil, which is present in a person's life.



The character called the Old Year is proclaimed by the main character of the Columbia Carnival. It moves on stilts and entertains children with funny stories. Local Santa Claus, who is named Pope Pasquale, is responsible for fireworks. Before the new year, the puppet parade is suitable.


The new year here is based on the celebration of the Day of the Water Goddess Imanga, the patroness of the sailors. It is giving her gifts and in the form of candles and colors that are sent to the climb, and they make desires. On New Year's Eve in Brazil, the chimes are not beaten - the remaining seconds are considered loud until midnight. Of the gifts, they give mostly souvenirs, as the main presents are awarded for Christmas. On the festive night dressed in white (in small cities - in blue) people get sick, forgive each other and together look at the light show in Copacaban and Salute in the town of Di Freitas. After the new year, the carnival begins.

USA, Miami


The most noisy and fun events in the New Year are unfolded on the street of Ocean Drive - Central in Miami Beach. Here are not only forbidden unusual dances and outfits, on the contrary, they are welcome. The performances of musicians and artists occur near the toys and garlands of the Christmas tree. Another option to celebrate the holiday is to go to a cafe or restaurant, where stars are opposed, often world-class. Wealthy tourists go to the new year in a yacht cruise and watch the fireworks from the deck of this chic vessel.




In the country, Kangaroo the New Year is celebrated not in winter, but in the summer. The most serious scale of the celebration is taken in large cities, where diverse creative teams are opened in the open air. One of the largest fireworks on the planet is launched into the sky in the Harbor Sydney Harbor. The magnificence of the salute is very pleasant to evaluate from the Tower of the city of Sydney, tickets are sold in advance. The Falls Festival passes in Tasmania and Victoria, especially popular with young people. In all states, Australians congratulate each other with the New Year loud and noisy. On January 1, they go to the beach, where they enjoy surfing, dancing and organize picnics. Parties last another 5 days.



Residents of Panama on a holiday try to behave as noisy as possible to enlist the support of good forces.



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