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Published: 07/26/2020

Published: 07/26/2020

For complicated work, employees certification is certified. This procedure is necessary for assigning a certain qualifying level. At the highest level of qualification, the employee is allowed to work on complex objects.

Are no exception and welders. To obtain admission to work, they pass attestation of NACS. This organization is based in order to control the quality of work in the welding sphere. In order to prevent problems with the passage of the exam, most specialists prefer to enjoy professional help in passing certification or attend courses of advanced welder's qualifications.

What is Nax certification

Certification of welding technology Nax is a confirmation of the professionalism of the welder. The received certificate indicates the competence of a specialist in his business, and also confirms that it is aware of the safety rules, has welding techniques and can work with complex welding equipment. Also, both practical classes are conducted as part of the program, the direction of which is determined on the basis of the professional responsibilities of the listeners.

The NACC abbreviation itself is decrypted as the "National Welding Control Agency". This organization certifies not only welders, but also engineering and technical workers related to welding work. Fit to the official registry NACS allows you to get admission to welding hazardous production facilities. Employees in this registry can also count on the increase in salary.

Who needs a certification of Nax

Not only welders and masters welders are applied for certification of NACS, but also technologists and engineers.

Verification of knowledge and skills of working personnel engaged in the welding area, provides such types of certification of the Nax:

  1. Welder Nax. A specialist who passed this exam receives a certificate providing admission to work in responsible objects. The duties of this employee include welding of any alloys and metals in all possible spatial positions. It also performs work on cutting, stroking and planing material. The welder, certified by the National Welding Control Agency, is able to impose seams of any type and take rational solutions in the event of an emergency;
  2. Master welder. Master requirements are much higher. Its competence includes not only welding. He also provides control over the activities of other welders and advise them in writing or oral form;
  3. Technologist. The duties of the technologist include the control of enterprise production processes, including welding;
  4. Engineer. The duty of an engineer is to control the compliance with the rules that regulate the welding process. The engineer is also responsible for the development of documentation that approves these rules.

Order of passage

To obtain admission to the welding process, you must contact one of the points of certification of Nax. To apply for certification and advanced training, you need to collect a number of securities.

In accordance with the requirements of the National Welding Control Agency, such documents for certification of NACS will be needed:

  • Documents that confirm the availability of special education;
  • Medpravka, indicating the absence of pathologies incompatible with welding;
  • certificate confirming the employment experience of the employee;
  • certificate confirming the rank of worker;
  • 2 photos 3x4 cm.

The procedure itself consists of three stages: a common, practical and special exam. First of all, employees passing certification take the practical part of the exam. As part of this exam, the skills of the welder are inspected, as well as knowledge of technological requirements, safety regulations and labor protection standards. If the welder could not pass the practical exam, then it can repeat the attempt in 30 days.

In the case of successful handling of the practical exam, the specialist receives admission to the general and special part. As part of these exams, a specialist skills check on the ability to perform complex welding compounds. It remains to add that the welder can simultaneously be certified in several types of work related to the welding sphere.

Welder Certificate Nax

In accordance with Rostekhnadprove's regulatory documents, in order to have the right to work on hazardous production facilities, welders and welding specialists (welding managers, master, pro-paper, technologists, technologists) should receive an EXC certificate. To date, almost all specialists working in the field of welding seek to confirm their qualifications. One way is the passage of certification or certification. The most common working system is Nax. It is important that after passing the CEX certification procedure, the certificate issued is entered into the publicly available registry. What makes it possible to check the welders and their employers information on the Internet and confirm the authenticity of documents. Serious large assembly companies are usually refused to take welding professionals without a corresponding certificate. Unfortunately, the validity period of the NACS welders is small and learning has to go back, which is quite expensive.

Decoding certificate of Nax

The NACK certificate is indicated on which object and which welding works can be performed by a welder undergoing certification. Certification is carried out depending on the level of training and groups of technical devices on which the welding production specialist will work.

All the topic studied during the training will allow successfully to pass the examiners when receiving certification, and enterprises get qualified specialists and become successful competitors in the enterprise market providing similar services.
Decryption of the Welder Certificate. Field of distribution of certification

Types of certificates of Nax, certification levels

  • I level - Certified welder;
  • II level - Certified master welder. Specialists whose written or oral instructions are mandatory for the execution by welders when conducting welding works (master, pro-paper, IT.P.);
  • III level - Certified welder technologist; Specialists who are managers of individual divisions of the enterprise that ensure the implementation of welding works and whose signature is needed and sufficient for use in the enterprise of documents defining the technology of welding work (heads of departments, laboratories, sectors, technical bureaus, managers of working groups, etc.) ;
  • IV level - Certified welder engineer. Specialists who are heads of welding service (organization), whose signature is needed and sufficient to approve the management of the enterprise (organization) of guidelines and regulatory documents to fulfill all types of welding works (main welders, their substituents, etc.)

Groups of hazardous technical devices:

  • Pet lifting and transport equipment;
  • Coolel equipment;
  • Gas equipment;
  • NGDO-oil and gas equipment;
  • HUNP- equipment of chemical, petrochemical, refineries and explosive production;
  • Mo-metallurgical equipment;
  • Equipment for transportation of dangerous goods;
  • GDO- mining equipment;
  • Sk- construction structures;
Certificate Nax photo
Sample certificate of Nax

Types of certification of Nax

To get a certificate of the NACK, you need to go through the certification procedure that is carried out by checking the practical skills and theoretical knowledge in accordance with the welding method and the group of technical devices, the welding of which performs the welder in production.

Certification of welders is divided into primary, extra, periodic and extraordinary.

Primary certification There are welders who did not have previously certified NACS. With primary certification, welders hand over common, special and practical exams.

Additional certification Welders passed by primary certification, to expand the field of certification. With additional certification, welders give a special and practical exams.

Periodic certification There are welders who end or expired the validity period of the NACS. With periodic certification, welders will hand over special and practical exams.

Extraordinary certification Welders are held after their temporary removal from work for violation of welding technology or repeating poor-quality welded joints. With extraordinary certification, welders hand over common, special and practical exams.

For good welding specialists in the field of welding, it is not difficult to pass the exams to get a certification certificate of the NACS. To make it successfully, you need to know the procedure for certification, there are a lot of any nuances in it. It is necessary to determine which to choose objects for certification, welding methods, materials main and welding, diameters and thicknesses. This stage is most important because it depends on the area of ​​certification and, accordingly, what specific work can perform the past certification of a person.

Start preparations for certification It is necessary with regulatory documents in accordance with which the certification of welders (I level) and specialists of welding production II, III, IV levels of vocational training Namely "Rules of certification of welders and welding specialists" (PB-03-273-99 ) and the "technological regulations for the certification of welders and welding specialists" (RD 03-495-02).

The next step needs to prepare the necessary documents and the application without which the certification will not allow

Documents for certification of Nax

To pass the procedure for certification of NACS and obtaining a certificate, it is necessary to prepare documents specified in the rules of welders and welding professionals:

  • Certificate of experience in the method of welding from an employer or a certified copy of the employment record;
  • Medical certificate of the established form of health status that a person can perform welding work and does not have any contraindications (a reference value is better to clarify in a specific attestation center, since it does not all require it, so you can avoid extra spending;
  • Documents confirming the qualification discharge on welding methods;
  • Documents on education, certificate, diploma or welder certificate;
  • Consent to the processing of personal data;
  • 3x4 photos in the amount of 2 pieces.

The procedure for certification of Nax

When all documents are collected, you can submit an application to the attestation center. We will usually be issued on the site of the center in which the certification will be held. Individuals undergoing certification an application can be helped to issue employees of the Center. It is very important to correctly determine the type of work, the area of ​​the certification that will be indicated in the certificate so that there are no "surprises" on the arrival. For each type of work, you need your certificate, therefore, the welder gets tolerance only to the type of work on which certification passes. It is not an option to ask for everything in a row, because the cost of certification will be incredibly high. Start this process is better in advance in many centers. Submitted documents can be considered for a very long time.

After the application with a set of documents will arrange employees of the NACS, prescribe the date of the passage of special training and the date of the exams practical and theoretical.

In a practical exam, welders must breed control samples and specialists perform a written practical task. After the practical exam, the welded samples are carried out, in satisfactory results, appoints the date theoretical exam, when unsatisfactory - the candidate is considered not to be certified;

On theoretical examination you need to pass tests according to the declared certification facilities and the welding method, for a specialist of the level on which certification passes. Theoretical exam is carried out in writing or using a computer. A welder is considered to be sustained testing if he replied correctly at least 80% of the questions asked. Questions must be said can get the most diverse, including those who are not relating to the direct work of a specialist. Therefore, it is nice to prepare for the theoretical exam, questions on certification can be found on the Internet.

All procedure Certification lasts from week to month. After the successful passage of certification, the protocol and the certificate is issued, the design of these documents can take place for several days, and even weeks. Upon receipt of the certificate, it is necessary to check your data and the area of ​​certification for compliance with the application. Despite the high price of certification, employees of some centers are quite negligent about their duties and errors are possible. The received certificate is considered valid if entered into the register of the welding production certification system. How to check availability in the registry read in the article How to check certificate of NACS on authenticity.

How much does it cost to get a certificate of Nax?

There are no single rates for certification. Prices are highly dependent on the specific attestation center in which you appeal and the required distribution area. On average, in Russia, the Welder Certificate of the Nax will cost 25,000 to 150,000 rubles, a welding specialist (master, pro-ITR) from 15,000 to 90,000 rubles. It is worth noting that this is quite expensive, the private commercial organization for alas and establishes prices at their discretion.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of ads with suggestions to buy Nax. At the same time, the cost will be much more than in the official attestation center and you need to not forget that you can get on scammers.

How to recover

If the certification documents are lost or stolen, then you can get a duplicate certificate and protocols. Unfortunately, Nax does not have a single archive. You can only restore the certificate by contacting that center that conducted certification. If this center is buried, then restore the documents is unlikely to succeed. Before the duplicates of documents are usually issued without charge charges. But in the extradition of the duplicate certificate of the NACS may refuse if you do not have paid it yourself when the certification is passed, and your employer. Then it will be necessary to get permission to receive a duplicate.

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Specialists of welding production, having a small experience, sooner or later be faced with the need to receive a certificate of NACs. This document confirms the professionalism of the welder and allows it to carry out work on particularly responsible sites. From this article, you will learn how to get into the category of in-demand and highly paid workers, which are crusts of Nax and for what time they act.

Nax and its varieties

What is Nax? The National Agency for Welding Control is an organization whose authority includes examining work personnel, enterprises, technologies, materials and tools. In addition, NACS is developing and improving regulatory documentation, issuing textbooks, consultations during work on particularly responsible facilities.

Certification can be:

  • Primary. Moves by welders who have not previously passed certification. The exam initiative can come from the specialist himself, if it is counting on a specific vacancy, or from an enterprise that is taken for the implementation of a large project or increases the level of employee qualifications due to other reasons.
  • Repeated Relevant for those specialists, the validity period of which is coming to an end.
  • Extraordinary. Through it are welders who violated technology and dismissed from work.
  • Additional. It is necessary if the employee needs to expand the area of ​​certification of the current certificate. In addition, it is welded by welders, no specialty worked in six months.

How to pass attestation of Nax, you can learn here.

Personal certification

Nax for working personnel is carried out on four levels:

  1. Welder;
  2. Master welder;
  3. Technologist welder;
  4. Engineer welder.

The duties of the welder Nax include maintenance of metal structures on particularly dangerous objects. It is necessary to be able to weld any metals and alloys of any thickness in all spatial positions, as well as produce a surfacing, planing, cutting materials.

The competence of the certified Master-welder includes a distribution of written and oral instructions, which must be performed by the Welders of Nax.

Past certification of technologists-welders lead those divisions of the enterprise that are engaged in welding. Such experts are responsible for the sequence and quality of production work.

Welder engineers Nax are responsible, including for regulatory documents regulating the fulfillment of welding work of all types.

During certification, welders hand over theoretical, special and practical exams. Initially, you must pass a practical exam. If the attempt was unsuccessful, it is possible to repeat it no earlier than a month. Then you will be admitted to the remaining two tests. How to read the CDC certificate. Field of distribution of certification

Certification of production

In the certification of the welding production of the Commission for consideration, it is necessary to present the following documents:

  • Technological card of works;
  • Instruction;
  • Quality certificates for welding equipment, tools and materials;
  • Contract for the implementation of periodic control of the NACS;
  • A list of techniques that have already passed the certification;
  • Certificates of the NACK employees.

EFC staff pay close attention to the equipment completeness; the correspondence of its technical characteristics of the indicators prescribed in the passport; The quality of the consumables and the strength of welded connections. As a rule, the basis for the removal of the verdict is an assessment of the quality of welding of two parts from various metals. If it is satisfactory, then the enterprise will be certified.

Documents that are issued after the exam

If you have passed a course in one of the Cax centers and successfully passed the exams, then for 2 weeks will become the owner of the following documents:

  • Certificates of the end of the courses;
  • Protocol attestation of welding specialist;
  • Certificate of certified specialist.

Certified welder can also find its data in the overall registry. The information is made there for 2 weeks after the successful exam. Knowing the registration number of its documents, you can not only check their legality, but also get duplicates in case of loss or theft.

Attestation certificate

The NACK certificate is a document in which the level of a specialist is specified, it contains its photo and is registered which types of work has the right to carry out this employee. In addition, thanks to the certificate, you can find out:

  • Purpose of certification (geographical binding),
  • registration number,
  • Document duration,
  • date of birth of the owner of the certificate
  • The surname and initials of the head of the attestation center, which issued a document.

Corks Nax contain deciphering abbreviations, which are indicated by groups of weldable materials, types of compound, positions during welding, etc., so the decryption of the entire certificate is quite simple. Certificate of Specialist Welding Production Nax

Certificate NACS has a limited time. Thus, for the welder 1 level, the term of the next certification will be suitable in 2 years, 2 and 3 levels - after 3 years, 4 levels - after 5 years. In case of certification of enterprises, the certificate is truly for 4 years, serial batch of consumables - for 3 years, a small consuming batch of consumables - for 1 year.

On the Internet there are many proposals related to the acquisition of the NACc certificate. Despite the tempting perspective, get a crust, avoiding exams, you should keep in mind that the registration number of the purchased document will not be reflected in the registry, so its authenticity of the employer can easily be installed. In addition, starting to work on a false tolerance, in case of an unforeseen situation, you can endanger your life and the life of your colleagues.

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Currently, there are voluntary certification of welders in our country. Its principles and rules were developed by a self-regulating organization (SRO) by the National Welding Control Agency or, Abbreviated, NACs. This SRO was specially organized to effectively control the certificate issuance of welding workers at industrial enterprises. You can order attestation of NACS of all levels and species in GC "GEFEST CONSALT".

Certification of welders solves the following questions:

  • Confirms the compliance of the employee with the requirements of standards and rules, creates basic prerequisites for ensuring the safe functioning of welding production, its quality, ensuring the safety and reliability of the welder;
  • Allows organizations providing installation services for metal structures and other work, including welding technologies to take contracts in the Russian market, EVAZES;
  • Creates conditions for consumer conditions under which his interests will be reliably protected from unscrupulous welding service providers, gives them the opportunity to evaluate their quality;
  • It helps to increase the competitiveness of the entire industry.

Various levels of certification of Nax

The presence of the NACC certificate today becomes an important condition for the expert welder could perform his work. The National Agency has developed the procedure and necessary rules to which the specialist must comply. Certification is carried out by regional representative offices of the Agency, after the conclusion of the attestation commission. This is the authorized body in which qualified NACK experts include, as well as specialists of Rostechnadzor.

Experts NACS have special certification, they are included in their own register of the Agency. The Certificate of Nax welder is designed to confirm its sufficient professional level, its suitability for performing certain works.

There are 4 levels of certification that has the opportunity to go to Nax specialist now;

  1. Certified welder;
  2. Certified master welder;
  3. Certified welder technologist;
  4. Engineer welder.

Mandatory certification will be required to be specialists who want to acquire admission to particularly responsible work produced in dangerous as well as difficult conditions. In addition, specialists of the level above the 1st, which are the leaders of the enterprise or its division, must also undergo mandatory certification.

The procedure for obtaining a certificate of Nax

Certificate NaxThe practical skills of the welder specialist are checked according to the established GOST regulations and its own documents. The specialist must fulfill the practical task in the eyes of experts from the Commission, the corresponding certificate area. Theoretical welder test at the I level includes the need for a response to 15 questions. When checking knowledge at II, III, IV levels need to answer 20 questions. Preparation will require methodological materials that were developed by Nax. The exam is written or using a computer. The candidate will be considered the current theoretical verification when he gave the correct answer to 80% of the questions asked. But if necessary, the Commission may carry out an additional interview.

Coordinate the necessary requirements and conditions.

We collect and prepare turnkey documents.

Submit a package of documents to the attestation center.

The applicant is allowed for exams (accompanied).

The official certificate is issued with entering the registry.

NACC certification is available to all employees to enterprises, welding and welding specialists who have appropriate vocational education, sufficient qualifications, preparation.

The procedure for obtaining a certificate of the following (from an individual):

  • The applicant submits an application for a certificate to the attestation center;
  • The appropriate package of documentation is served, including documents on vocational education, acquired qualifications, as well as certificate from the enterprise (certificate from its place of work);
  • The attestation center decides on the admission of the applicant for certification or refusal. The decision must be accepted in 3 days. The refusal is accompanied by a written explanation of the reasons;
  • A welder certification is held, it includes the theoretical, as well as the practical part;
  • With successful certification passing, a certificate is issued, the welder's certificate number will be listed in the registry.

Certificate validity (certificate):

  • I welder levels last 2 years;
  • II and III level will be valid 3 years;
  • Certificate / Certificate IV level is valid for 5 years.

In the case when the applicant did not pass attestation, theoretical or practical part, then he has the right to re-pass up to 90 days. After re-emptying certification issued a written refusal to the attestation commission.

What are the types of certification of welders in Nax

Now the Agency practices 4 types of certification:

  1. Primary certification;
  2. Additional;
  3. Periodic certification;
  4. Extraordinary Certification.

Primary is carried out for specialists without admission to various welding work. If the employee wants to acquire admission to various welding work, not specified in its certification certificate, then he needs to undergo additional certification. Periodic is made at the end of the term of certification documents in order to extend. But extraordinary certification will be required by welders, for some reason it turned out of work.

In addition, the NACx distinguishes the types of certification of specialists of welders on production, depending on the areas of work and types of technical equipment, with which a specialist works, for example, for oil and gas production (NDHO), gas (GO), various equipment used in chemical, dangerous, oil production (OKHNVP). Now the hotel technologies have been created in the Nax for the passage of the current certification of welders working on the NDGO, GO, OKHNP and other types of production equipment.

For some types of equipment, for example, the NDHO, the regulatory of the certification procedure takes into account the federal, corporate, sectoral methodological documents, for example, the regulatory documentation of Transneft OJSC. If you have any questions, the site of this JSC contains the necessary information regarding the procedure for certification of welders who want to work on oil and gas equipment. You can also familiarize yourself with additional information in any nearest Cax Attestation Center.

Download Sample Application for the Welder

Download Sample Application for Specialist

GK "Gefest Consult" offers to take advantage of the current service - to pass the certification of welders in the Nax. We can also have certification in Nax for welding equipment, which is used by your company, as well as welding technologies. The cost is formed according to the application provided from the Customer and depends on the species and levels of the required certification.


Conducted certification


Conducted companies


Attestation centers

The service is provided in all regions of the Russian Federation turnkey.

Official admission according to the current regulatory acts.

Partnership cooperation

As deciphered by Nax

To collect responsible structures will be trusted not every welder. And most likely the chosen candidate will be an employee who has passed the certification of Nax. Proper decoding Abbreviation: National Welding Control Agency. The name of the organization directly indicates the type of its occupation: monitoring the qualifications of specialists employed in the field of welding metal structures. Not only welders, but also engineers and new technologies pass the test stages in the walls of the institution. So, the Welder Certificate of the NACC is considered as such, the level of preparation of which meets the requirements of production standards.

Official site of the NACS Registry of welders - find yourself by last name

In addition to licensing employed in welding work, the agency is engaged in other functions:

  • development of standards and relevant documentation;
  • publication of methodological manuals;
  • introduction of technical recommendations in enterprises;
  • advisory support of complex processes;
  • Formation of commissions from experts and high-level specialists;
  • Personal certification.

Nax certification: Welder levels

Determining the level of qualifications is carried out in four levels:

  • First - Welder Nax . Organizations of independent experts give a specialist good for welding of responsible structures;
  • Second - Master Welder . Higher discharge specialist. It can not only perform, but also control the welding process, as well as to indicate the correctness of the implementation of specific technological operations. Recommendations may be made both orally and in writing;
  • Third - technologist . Engaged in the control of all welding processes in the enterprise;
  • Fourth - engineer . Services managers who are engaged in the control of welding processes of any level of complexity and are managers of relevant services.

It is important to emphasize that NACx certifies not only by specialists, but also equipment that is used to perform technological operations. In other words, the agency is designed to control the frames, the process and snap.

Welders pass three stages of testing: primary, re-and extraordinary. The purpose of events is two important points:

  • the company's readiness to perform a certain type of work on the compound of metals;
  • Confirmation of the level of training of specialists who are allowed to conduct responsible welding operations.

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How to get certificate

Licensing of welding industry specialists is carried out in training centers listed in the Nax registry. Before applying for the passage of the relevant tests, the welder must collect a package of documents. It includes:

  • extract from the employment record with an indication of the work experience in the specialty;
  • Protocols for the delivery of safety standard;
  • photos;
  • Documents on the receipt of profile education;
  • Medical health certificate.

To check the maximum objective for rent two exams: on theory and practice. In cases where a test is not passed, it can be repeated in a month. First of all, practical skills of work are checked. If they have not been handed over, the applicant is not allowed to theoretical exams.

Employees of engineering must know the highly specialized requirements for specific areas of work. Quite often questions intertwined and affect not one, but several types of welding processes. Therefore, engineers should prepare for passing exams thoroughly and know technical standards and requirements of any kind of welding.

Attention! After a half-year break in labor activity in the specialty, regardless of the reasons, the welder or engineer must undergo certification and pass the Tax exams.

In the preparation process, it is recommended to study the documentation and standards that were developed by the agency specialists in the last period. In the training of welders, all themes and questions are included in the examination program are included. It is important to attend such courses on which:

  • TB welding works;
  • Basic welding equipment, auxiliary equipment and consumables;
  • Methods to eliminate welding seam defects;
  • Methods and types of welding process control;
  • Technology welding and soldering metals.

However, all the above themes welder can learn independently without a mandatory visit of advanced training courses. Just he will not receive a certificate on the passing of these courses. But it does not matter if the exams confirming the level of employee qualifications will be successfully submitted.

Certificate Nax

With a positive assessment of the test skills, a testimony of a special sample is issued. It is a confirmation that this specialist can work on all the objects under Rostechnadzor. Such a certificate is issued to welders of all levels without exception subject to a positive test outcome.

Repeated certification by welders should be passed only in two years, the masters and technologists will hand over attestation exams even less often - after three years, engineers are five years later. In each document, which is issued to experts in hand, refers to the type of work to which the specialist who received a document is allowed.

For example, if the CD abbreviation is in the certificate, it means that the welder has the right to work with manual arc welding, please - manual argon conversion welding. Other designations:

  • G - gas;
  • AF - automatic method under flux;
  • KTS - contact point;
  • MP - mechanized.

If the courses listener passed the exams for admission to several types of welding, then several abbreviations are affixed in the certificate, respectively. We emphasize that the document received is a kind of admission to the work on welding of responsible structures.

Certification of organizations and enterprises

If there are welding processes in the list of services of the company, then the structure itself is also subjected to NACC certification. The purpose of such an inspection is to confirm or refute the technical capabilities of the company in performing a certain type of work. Experts check how correctly organizational and technological tasks are solved; How measures are being carried out on quality control. And the main task of such monitoring is confirming the availability of qualified personnel for welding work.

It is important that the enterprise has documentation on technological processes that are used in the organization's production activities. It is a detailed instruction with a description of all stages of performing a wider cycle. As a rule, it is developed by profile specialists with higher education. The quality of study of the technical documentation sections is largely depends on the duration of the company's verification by SBS specialists. The shortcomings can extend the validity period and ultimately lead to a refusal to issue a certificate.

Specialists of the company's checked need to be carefully prepared for certification. Commissions Nax must be provided to the following documents:

  • technological cards of operations performed;
  • a valid contract with the control laboratory to selective product samples;
  • industrial instruction of the welder;
  • Certificates of Nax, issued by the Company's specialists;
  • A complete list of equipment and separately that CEX certification has been passed;
  • Quality certificates for consumables and welding equipment.

In the process of certification of the company, as a rule, the quality of welded joints performed by welders of this organization is checked. In this case, it is allowed to resort to different methods of quality control, including destructive. Welding equipment is subject to check. Subject to the requirements of the regulatory documentation, a corresponding certificate is issued. It is signed by all members of the Commission and is valid for four years.

Operated equipment and equipment are checked by technical parameters. They should be the same as they specified in the accompanying passport. Deviation of indicators for the worse is the basis for the Commission to refuse to admit the equipment to perform welding. In the same way, things are both consumables. Provided that electrodes or other consumables are manufactured by large batches, a certificate is issued for a period of three years. If the products are small, then the document is issued for a period of one year. Communicably checked complete set of equipment provided to verify.

During the inspection, all systems and mechanisms are checked: electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics. Testing necessarily includes trial welding of two metal blanks. After that, the quality of the seam received is checked and appropriate conclusions are made.

Additional Information

In manufacturing plants there are employees who cannot be attracted to certification. These include:

  • partbooks;
  • specialists who are involved in work in the framework of a short-term employment contract (no more than two years);
  • Young professionals;
  • An employee adopted on the competition worked for less than one year;
  • A specialist who is currently undergoing training courses.

Unfortunately, not all the leaders of enterprises and organizations understand that the Nax certificate is tolerance to the fulfillment of welding and its availability of employees. Otherwise, the welder cannot fulfill its duties. This is illegal. Before the start of the certification, members of the Commission should make a tolerance - permission to verify and exam.

Not every welder is allowed to assemble responsible structures. And only those who have passed the certification of Nax. What is NACS - decipher such: the National Welding Control Agency. It is this organization that is engaged in the control of the qualifications of workers related to welding work. These are not only welders, but also engineers, and technologists. By the way, each employee has its own level, but about it is slightly lower. So, the welder (NACS certificate received) is considered the highest qualified, therefore, it can perform work in the most responsible sites.

sample decoding certificate

The agency is engaged not only by the licensing of welders, in its conduct of a fairly large amount of functions.

  • Development of regulatory documentation.
  • Methodical manuals.
  • Consultations about properly held welding events.
  • Developing technical policy in enterprises.
  • Formation of expert commissions.
  • But the main thing is a certification.

Levels of certified workers

There are four levels for which certification is made.

  • Level number 1 is a welder of Nax. That is, it is welcome to carry out welding of responsible structures.
  • Level number 2 is a master welder. This specialist can control the welding process and give instructions about properly conducted operations. Instructions can be oral or written.
  • Level 3 is a technologist. Mainly, technologists are controlled by all welding processes in enterprises.
  • Level number 4 - engineers. These are the heads of welding services that approve documentation regulating welding processes.

It should be noted that welding equipment and tools are taking place. That is, the Agency controls the quality of the used snap-in confirming the ability to weld the responsible structures.

Welders pass three types of certification:

  1. Primary.
  2. Repeated when the time is coming the time of study at the courses of Nax.
  3. Extraordinary. This can happen if doubts have doubts from a higher organization in the qualifications of the welder.

The goal of the NASK certification has two points: to check the readiness of the company that is engaged in welding, and confirmation of the qualifications of employees of the company admitted to the conduct of complex welding works.

How to get a certificate

Licensing employees is produced in special training centers that are in the Nax registry. In order to pass on the exam, the welder provides a package of documents, which except the application includes: a medical record, an extract from labor, confirming work experience, documents on education and special preparation, photographs, safety verification reports.

Rent 2 exams: theory and practice. If one of the exams is not commissioned, the welder can re-pass a test in a month. The first is the exam in practice, if he is not commissioned, then the welder is no longer allowed to pass theoretical knowledge. As for the certification of engineering composition, their knowledge is mainly checked for verification of standards and requirements in narrow directions on narrow specializations. Often, the issues of the Commission affect not one type of welding, but several. Therefore, it is recommended to know the engineers to know all types of welding, requirements for them and technical standards of the welding process.

Attention! If the welder or engineer did not work for half a year in his specialty, then it must complete the Tax exams.

Before the exam, it is recommended to explore the documentation for welding processes and standards that are developed in Nasc sidelines. Training in the courses of welders affects all positions that will be present in the exam tickets. Therefore, it is very important to attend such courses. The courses are required:

  • Safety technique during welding;
  • methods of control of welding seams;
  • Welding equipment and consumables;
  • Welding and soldering - technological processes;
  • Ways to eliminate the obtained defects.

In principle, all these sections the welder can explore both independently without visiting advanced training courses. Just at the same time, the certificate will not be issued on the hands, that the employee passed these courses. The main thing is to pass the certification of the Commission.


Welder Nax receives a certificate at the end of positive exams. Nax Certate - What is it? This is a confirmation that the worker can work on objects that are controlled by Rostechnadzor.

The certificate is issued to all specialists (all levels). At the same time, the Welder Nax passes re-certification in two years, the master and technologist through three, and the engineer in five years. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in the certificate will be marked, to what types of welding work this employee is allowed.

For example, the "RD" mark suggests that the Welder Nax is allowed only for welding operations by manual arc welding. Rad - manual argon conversion welding with uncomplicated electrodes. G - gas. MP - mechanized. KTS - contact point welding. AF - automatic method under the flux. List is large for each position. Multiple marks are often set, which provide admission to several welding types. The received certificate is tolerance for welding of responsible structures.

Certification of enterprises and organizations

Companies that are engaged in welding processes should also pass attestation of NACs. Its goal is a confirmation that the company has all the possibilities (technical, technological and organizational) on the conduct of certified technology, which inside the production is carried out correctly. Of course, the presence of specialists confirmed by NACS, a prerequisite.

At the same time, a technological documentation should be present at the enterprise, which describes the welding technology technology used on the facility. In essence, this is a technological instruction, as well to carry out welding operations. It is usually developed by specialists with higher education. From how qualitatively a documentation was developed, the duration of certification of NACS will depend on. The shortcomings will only increase the check, which may ultimately lead to the failure of the certificate.

Therefore, it is recommended to prepare specialists of companies. What will be necessary for this will be provided by the Commission of the NACC.

  • Technological card of the welding process.
  • Instructions.
  • The contract that the laboratory of welding control conducts periodic checks.
  • Quality certificates for welding equipment and consumables.
  • List of equipment that has already passed the certification of Nax.
  • Certificates of Nax, confirming the qualifications of employees of the company.

In the process of checking a company for compliance with NACC standards, welded joints are usually examined. Here are used and destroying methods and non-destructive. Welding equipment is checked. If all the standards are observed, the certificate is issued. He is signed by the members of the Commission, indicating the name and position. Certificate is 4 years.

As for the equipment check, it is certified by technical specifications that must comply with indicators in the accompanying documents (passport). The deviation in the lower side gives the right to commission not to take it as possible in the conduct of welding operations. The same applies to consumables. If they are produced by serial parties, the certificate is issued for three years if small parties, then for one year. Must be checked completeness of technological equipment.

When testing, all systems are checked: electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical. Typically, the check passes in the form of welding of the joint of two metals. Based on this and the assessment is given.

additional information

There is always a group of workers to the enterprise, which is not subject to certification. This list includes:

  • specialists working under an urgent contract for up to 2 years;
  • partbooks;
  • Welder Nax (master, technologist, engineer), which is in advanced training courses;
  • The completed contest worker who works for less than one year;
  • young specialist.

Not all enterprise leaders understand that the Tax Certification is tolerance. If there is no employee, it is impossible to allow him to conduct welding work or their control. This is illegal. Checking organizations when conducting certification must present their own tolerance, that is, permission to conduct inspections and exams.

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Certification of welders of Nax - training and certification of welding specialists

ANO DPO "SUTS" BASE "invites to undergo training and certification of welders and specialists of welding production NACS. Classes are carried out on the basis of PB 03-273-99 and RD 03-495-02. After a successful certification passage, we ensure the acquisition of the NACC certificate with the record in the NACC registry.

  • OSKS activity is determined and regulated by legislative acts of continuation.
  • Accounting for welders and specialists is carried out in the open register of NACs.

What is Nax?

Nax is the National Welding Control Agency. It is one of the subdivisions of the SASV welding production system.

Who needs learning and certification of welders and specialists

The certification of welders and welding specialists is carried out in order to establish the sufficiency of their theoretical and practical training, checking their knowledge and skills and providing the right to welders and welding specialists to perform work at objects controlled by Rostechnadzor.

Where and how to pass attestation of Nax?

Certification is carried out in any region of the Russian Federation, regardless of the place of residence. It is organized on the basis of independent attestation centers included in the NACC structure. Exams accepts attestation commission.

The remote certification of the NACC is not carried out. For her delivery it is necessary to be present personally.

In order to get certification of the NACC specialists are obliged to pre-pass predatestational training.

Levels of welders and specialists of the NACS and requirements for them

  • Certification of the welder NKS I level . Required welders. Gives admission to welding work. Requirements : secondary or incomplete secondary education + specialized courses, work experience - 6-12 months, depending on education.
  • Certification of Specialist NACS II Level . Masters required. Allows not only to perform work independently, but also to control other welders. Requirements : minimum secondary education, work experience - 6-36 months.
  • Certification of Specialist NACS III Level . Requires technologists. Allows you to develop documentation related to the welding process, to determine its technology. Requirements : Middle technical for welding production or higher technical education, work experience - 3-36 months.
  • Certification of a specialist NACS IV level . Requires engineers. It makes it possible to lead welding processes and approve the documentation according to which work is underway. Requirements : Higher Special Education on Welding Production and Additional Preparatory Courses.

Certification frequency

Periodicity depends on the level of the welder / specialist. Documents Nax for :

  • level I welders are valid 2 years;
  • masters and technologists of the II and III levels - 3 years;
  • IV level engineers - 5 years.

When the certificate is coming to an end, it is prolonged - periodic certification is carried out. To extend the Welder Certificate of the Nax, documents should be submitted no later than 1 month before its expiration date.

Types of certification of Nax

  • Primary . We need welders, which before that there was no admission to welding or surfacing equipment compounds, structures and pipelines, controlled Rostechnadzor of the Russian Federation.
  • Additional . Requires welders and welding specialists, who had a break in the work of at least 6-12 months (subject to the execution of works prescribed in their certificates). As well as specialists who have surrendered primary certification, but planning to perform work that are not recorded in the certificate. It also takes it in the case of updating the legislative acts of Rostechnadzor of the Russian Federation.
  • Periodic . Welders are required, which expires the validity period. You can take up no more than two times, it is necessary to take primary certification again.
  • Extraordinary . We need welders who were removed from the performance of official duties due to violation of technologies or due to poorly performed works. It can be carried out at the request of an employer or representative of Rostechnadzor of the Russian Federation.

What do you get, having passed training and certification

  • Certificate of Nax welder of the installed sample
  • Minutes of the Attestation Commission
  • Including in Open Register

Note! The certificate gives admission solely to the performance of the work, which in it are indicated.

Cost of certification of NACS for welders and specialists:

Certification of level welders (approximate) from 15 000 rubles
Certification of specialists 2 and 3 levels (approximate) from 18 000 rubles

The training price depends on the selected program, the number of certified welders / specialists and other factors. To clarify the cost, apply or contact the training center staff.

Required documents for training and certification of welders

  1. Request.
  2. Photocopy of passport.
  3. Photocopy of workbook, certified by the seal and signature of the head of the enterprise.
  4. Photocopy of medical certificate 086 / y, certified by the seal and signature of the company's head.
  5. Color matte photo 3x4.
  6. Photocopy of the certificate / diploma of welding education for 4-5 categories, certified by the print and signature of the manual (for level I).
  7. Photocopy of Certificate of Nax on the I level (for certification at the level II), at the second level (for certification to the III level).
  8. Photocopy of industrial safety protocol (for II and III levels).

Types and methods of welding

Melting / surfacing methods:

Cipher (method) swimming trunks / surfacing Decoding method
RD Manual arc welding with coated electrodes
Rada Manual argon-making welding non-compatible electrode
ГGas flare
RDN Manual arc pressure coated electrodes
RDV Bathing manual arc welded coated electrodes
MP Mechanized flaw melting electrode in medium of active gases and mixtures
KTS Contact Taking Weld
Kso Contact shovel welding
MF Mechanized Welding under Flux
IPY Mechanized powder welding in active gases
MPS. Mechanical welding self-defense powder wire
MPSV. Bathroom mechanical welding self-defense powder wire
MFV Bathroom mechanizer welding under flux
Af. Automatic welding under flux
N. Welding with a heated instrument of polymer materials
Zn. Welding with pronounced heaters of polymatic materials

 Groups OTU (hazardous technical devices):

Cipher group OU Decipher cipher group OU
Pto. Podle-transparent equipment
To Boiler equipment
GO Gas equipment
NGDO Oilgazo-mining equipment
MO. Metallurgical equipment
OKNP Chemical, petrochemical, oil refineries and explosive production equipment
State DGO Mining equipment
Exercise Equipment for the transportation of dangerous goods
CK Building construction

Regulatory documents

  • PB 03-273-99 . "Rules of certification of welders and welding specialists"
  • RD 03-495-02 . "The technological regulations for the certification of welders and welding specialists"

Sign up for training and certification of welders and welding specialists of NACs to the Fundamental Center. The knowledge gained is enough for you to successfully pass certification, get a certificate of the Welder of Nax and work in the specialty.

Consultations are free, please call, mail or fill in the feedback form on the site.


G. Khimki Street Academician Grushin

House 8, room 1


8 (499) 372-09-62

8 (901) 543-54-25

Support and consultation

You can always seek free advice on learning to our leading training center managers.

Leave an application for learning

Training welders Nax.

All employees of enterprises planning to associate their professional activities with the implementation of welding or surfacing work must necessarily pass attestation of NACS - the National Welding Control Agency. This applies to those who want to achieve professional growth in these works. This not only allows you to comply with the legislative requirements in this matter, but will also increase the practical and theoretical skills of workers.

The price for tuition begins from 95 tr. For timing - one month.

There are requirements for passing welders with the corresponding level of professionalism of certification. They are set forth in such legislative and regulatory documents of the Russian Federation, as law No. 1029618-6-FZ, the Resolution of Gosthernkhnadzor No. 63 of 30.10.98 and No. 101 of 19. 06. 06. This is also the leading documents and technical regulations, Regulating as the process of certification of welders and welding production.

In essence, certification is the process of passing a specialist of several exams confirming the compliance of its practical and theoretical preparation of the qualifications to which he claims. Accordingly, preliminary training is necessary to prepare for these exams. In addition, without providing a crust on passing preliminary training, admission to certification is not produced.

Who needs to be trained Nax?

Training takes place all welding workers applying for certification of NACS. In general, they are divided into 4 groups, in accordance with the level of qualifications.

Employees receiving 1 level are specialists who have experience in welding production at least 6 months and applying to the "Welder of Nax" level.

2 Levels are obtained by those employees who have the right to provide mandatory instructions to fulfill other employees. They get the "master welder" qualification.

The following 3 levels are obtained by specialists, whose duty is to develop, approval, control of technological welding processes. They are assigned the qualification "welder-technologist".

The latest category of specialists is the governing staff and engineers of welding production, on the signature of which the approval of the entire documentation required to perform surfacing and welding works is depends. Their qualifications are "Welder Engineer".

Where can I get trained welders of the NACS?

Training is conducted by specialized centers. Terms and cost of training are determined by the need for employee level of training. On average, the cost of learning is from 95,000 rubles, and the duration is a month.

After studying, all the training specialists receive a document of the established sample, which is a certificate or a crust on the end of the training, which in the future it will be necessary to attach to the package of documents necessary to submit an application for certification.

What advantages is learning?

The main task is to provide the level of knowledge that is necessary for the successful passage of certification of NACK employees. In addition, training is always accompanied by an increase in the skills of a specialist, expanding his skills and knowledge. The type of preparation under consideration will allow employees to receive and improve knowledge not only in the field of welding work, but also in matters of ensuring safety and labor protection during their implementation.

If the organization plans to conduct welding, especially in cases of dangerous or complex objects, the presence of certified professionals will become a clear advantage compared to competing organizations.

Properly organized training plays not the last role in the surrender of the necessary examinations and receiving certification. In case of insufficient training, the exams can give up employees again and again. This leads not only to temporary losses, but also significant financial costs, because each new exam requires a re-payment.

In addition, when verifying the regulatory authorities, the company will avoid prescriptions or even penalties caused by the involvement of unqualified specialists.

  • How is the certification of welders of the NACS?
  • The process includes surrender by experts:
  • practical;



Obtaining according to any one of the listed unsatisfactory exams is the basis for refusing to issue a certificate. In this case, training will play an important role.

It is worth considering that the successful passing of the practical exam automatically provides admission to pass both in common and special exams. If a specialist practical exam did not pass, he can reasse it again. To do this, it will be necessary to recover, re-pay the exam. He will be able to recall him no earlier than a month and no later than six months since the primary delivery. The same conditions for renovation apply to two other exams.

In cases of successful delivery of all three exams, employees receive appropriate certificates, the validity of which is established in accordance with the level of profric training. For the first level, the validity period of the issued document is 2 years, for the second and third - 3, the Fourth Level Specialists have been valid for 5 years.

  • How to prepare for the certification of welders of Nax?
  • To qualify for certification, the specialist must have:
  • Profile secondary special or higher education;

production experience corresponding to the requirements of the certification to which he claims;

Complete specialized training in the training center.

  • Training programs developed by such centers are compiled based on the level of profric training and production specialization of students.
  • General issues in all programs provided by training centers are:
  • information about the welding materials and equipment used;
  • control quality of work performed;

Methods to eliminate possible defects;

General safety regulations and labor protection during welding work.

The content of the curriculum.

The content of the curriculum in each case is selected individually, depending on the professional qualifications of students, the level of vocational training on which they plan to be certified and the type of welding works carried out by them.

In general, the composition of training programs includes the following several sections.

The first section is an introduction that provides the main terms and concepts that will be used with further work of specialists and during the provision of training material.

The second section covers information on the classification of technical devices used during the work. This section is formed based on the type of welding work performed by the program's listener.

The next is dedicated to the study of regulatory documents, such as regulating documents or security rules.

The main materials used in the production of welding work are studied.

The next section includes information about the basic requirements for the welding equipment used.

Next, the program of conducting welding works is studied as part of the program.

Also as part of the program, the requirements and quality of finished products, welding connections, and the quality control procedure is also described.

An important section of the program is information about providing safety, as well as fire fighting events during welding. At the end of training, there is a direct training of specialists for passing theoretical exams for certification - in common and special.

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