Cooking apple vinegar at home: 5 best recipes

Cooking with your own hands

Cooking with your own hands

Self-preparation at home is the surest way to get apple vinegar with 100% naturalness. It is this quality that makes a real home vinegar not just a spicy spice, but also useful in many ways the product.

Homemade vinegar against shopping

Why do the seasoning at home, when on store shelves this product is presented in a wide range? Yes, everything is because of the same naturalness!

Most manufacturers are used to prepare apple peel, core and even tied trimming, all that usually goes into waste.

Often from apples in an industrial product - only the name. In fact, this is an ordinary table vinegar with apple flavoring. Also manufacturers can add all sorts of preservatives - to extend the storage period, and dyes - for the presentation of the appearance.

Natural against industrial

Of course, the spice made independently, the shelf life will be less, and it may not be very presentable. But, having prepared a vinegar at home, the hostess will be firmly confident about his health care.

Another plus of homemade composition is less acidity (4-5%) than an industrial analogue (at least 6%). Due to this, the first can be used not only in both seasoning and marinade, but also for the preparation of cosmetics, and even for the treatment of some ailments.

The conclusion from the above suggests itself: the best way to get high-quality apple vinegar is to make it at home yourself. Preparation will not require a lot of time and costs - the recipe seasoning is quite simple and affordable.

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Vinegar from apples at home: General principles of cooking

The first and main ingredient of home spices is the flesh of apples or their juice. Perfectly surpassed fruits and those that are assembled from the tree, and from the ground. But they must all be good, without signs of rot.

To make apple vinegar, it is best to take sweet apples. Although in the absence of sweet fruits, sour-sweet and sour.

Acetic uterus

Sugar is the second mandatory ingredient (although there are options for cooking and without use).

Also, honey, yeast, rye bread and crackers from it can be included in the wort for home seasonings.

One of the advantages of a natural product is that the recipes of the apple vinegar made at home, exclude the process of pasteurization. This allows you to save in seasoning all the benefit of raw materials.

When the product is ripening, its surface is tightened with a film called acetic uterus. Her appearance suggests that everything was done correctly. It is recommended to remove the film only after death when it drops to the bottom of the tank.

Live acetic uterus can be placed in another portion of the product. It will strengthen the fragrance and improve the taste of seasoning.


Important! After ten-day fermentation, the addition of sugar, polling and transfusions, apple vinegar must be withstanding 60 days. All this time, the container can not shabby, nor even move.

How to make apple vinegar at home

Vinegar made of sugar or honey with apple juice or softened fruits was popular in ancient times. Today it has the most different application.

In the culinary world there are a large number of recipes and tips on how to prepare an apple vinegar house from the minimum number of components.

Homemade apple vinegar on Sahara (fast)

The most popular recipe without the use of yeast is an apple vinegar from fruit puree.

For him will be needed:

  • Ripe fruits - 3 kg;
  • Sugar sand - 150 g (if fruits are sour, then up to 300 g);
  • water.

For a start, thoroughly washed apples are finely cut, warm up with the help of a tool, and are placed in the enameled container, fall asleep with sugar sand, poured with boiled water, cold to 70 ° C.

The mixture prepared in this way is removed into heat, away from sunlight. The contents of the pan are thoroughly mixed twice a day.

After 2 weeks, the composition is fastened and overflowed into glass jars. For the filping, the triple layer of clean gauze is used.

NOTE! For proper fermentation, the wort is not fuel to the edge of the container by 5-7 cm!

Banks with acetic semi-finished product are kept in a dark warm place no longer than two weeks, after which their contents are poured on a predetermined glass bottle.

Thus, you can get apple vinegar at home, a simple recipe for cooking that will not require a lot of time and large financial costs.

The whole process of creating such a spice will take about 1 month.

Home Vinegar Apple on Jarvis Recipe

At the beginning of the XIX century, American Dr. D. S. Jarvis offered his own recipe for cooking apple vinegar enriched with potassium. Subsequently, this recipe was quite widespread under the name of his creator.

The preparation of such a product takes more time, but the quality of him is much higher.

At the heart of such acetic seasoning - mature and surpired apples, cleaned from the slightest traces of rot, and wormochin. They are skipped through a meat grinder (you can use a grater or blender) - so that it turned out a homogeneous mass. At the same time, the apples must be crude - with peel, partitions, grains.


The resulting apple mass is stacked in a large (enameled or glass) dishes, and is poured with warm boiled (but not hot!) Water. The volume of fluid should be equal to the volume of fruit mass.

Also, yeast (10 g) are added to the composition, crackers from black bread (20 g) and honey (it is it gives the finished seasoning additional potassium). It is added from the calculation of 100 g / l of the resulting composition.

After that, the container (it is not necessary to close it), they will be sent to where it is dark and warm for 10 days. Periodically (recommended 3 times a day) everything is mixed.

After the expiration, the liquid is drained, filtered and enrich it with an additional portion of honey at the rate of 50-100 g per 1 liter. The dishes are covered with a multi-layer marlevary napkin, and again retracts into heat.

The further process of "maturation" spice on Jarvis can take up to 40-50 days. About his readiness will say the change in the appearance of the fluid - the turbidity will disappear.

Homemade Apple Juice Vinegar

An interesting and easy way is an apple vinegar from juice. The basis of fruits is taken as the basis - 2 kg (you can take more or less).

Fruits, sliced ​​large pieces, give to air to oxidation. Then press juice from them and overflow it into a glass bottle. From above on the neck of the bottle put on a medical glove. To start the fermentation process, all this is cleaned into place, inaccessible for sunlight, but at the same time warm (optimal temperature + 30 ° C).

How time will it take to make vinegar on this formulation - it is impossible to predict in advance. Depending on the various conditions and factors, the process takes from 1 week to 1.5 months.

The main indicator of the completion of the process is a glove. It follows to its maximum inflating. After that, the gloves are removed, and the contents of the bottle are transfused into a wider container, which is covered with a tissue or marlevary napkin.

In this position, the vinegar is left until the borement is complete, after which it is filtered, bottled, and is removed for storage.

Simple home apple vinegar on honey

Apple Recipe on Honey

Apple vinegar, the preparation of which is similar to the recipe of Jarvis. However, there is no bread.


  • Apples (1 kg);
  • Chilled boiled water (1 l);
  • honey (200 g);
  • sugar (100 g);
  • Dry yeast (20 g).

A puree is prepared from fruits to which the remaining ingredients are added. The whole composition is mixed and removed to heat (instead of the lid you can use the gauze). Within 10 days, the wort is mixed 2 times a day.

For the further maturation of the apple vinegar, the recipe provides for the filler of the wort and an additional spin of fruit mass. Both liquids obtained are mixed and left to continue fermentation by another 1.5-2 months.

Spice is considered ready when it becomes transparent.

Home apple cake vinegar

Another recipe for apple vinegar cooking at home. For it, the cake remaining after cooking juice is used.

The raw material is filled with sugar syrup that cooled to 40 ° C. There are also rusty crackers and yeast (their addition is not necessary).

All this is placed in a glass of glass, after which the neck of the tank is tied up with gauze folded in 4 layers.

The solution is mixed every other day. The total fermentation period is 10 days, after which the fluid is fastened and returns to the bank again.

Before you remove the seasoning to dive into a dark place, a little honey adds to it. After that, the bank is not rearranged and not shackped within 50 days.

Home apple vinegar: tricks and useful tips


In order for the homemade vinegar from the apples as much as possible and fragrant, in addition to the formulation, several rules and recommendations must be observed:

  1. Fruits for cooking It is advisable to use natural garden, not the store. If you have to choose fruit on the market, you should give preference to fruits with small worms. The presence of the latter indicates the absence of harmful chemical additives in apples.
  2. The dishes for fermentation should choose a glass or enameled. Tara from the "stainless steel" will not fit.
  3. Stirring the wort is necessary exceptionally wooden or glass blades (stick).
  4. For the maximum useful product, it is necessary to clearly comply with the cooking technology, to withstand the fermentation periods. Behind the latter is worth watching especially carefully.
  5. For the correct fermentation process, the escales need access to oxygen.

The finished apple cider vinegar can be used both when preparing dishes and to eliminate the symptoms of the cold, the treatment of bruises, massage procedures, weight loss, etc.

Important! With gastritis with increased acidity, ulcers, hepatitis and some other diseases, it is impossible to use vinegar even their own cooking!

Packaging and storage

Storage of finished product

So, now you have learned how to cook apple vinegar with your own hands. Now it must be carefully poured into clean glass bottles. At the same time it is necessary to try not to shake the precipitate and do not stir the liquid.

The latter result can be achieved with the most accurate overflowing in the usual way, or using a rubber tube.

NOTE! At this stage, various herbs can be added to the liquid to give it additional healing properties and aroma. After 3-4 weeks, this ingredient can be removed from the bottle - by the time the grass will already give the seasoning all its properties.

Store domestic apple cooking better in small glass jars (it is necessary to pour not "under the neck"), closed by dumplock lids or dense traffic jams.

Storage temperature - 6-8 ° C.

Shelf life - 3 years.

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Where to buy natural vinegar

If you cook apple vinegar at home there is no possibility, it can be searched for those who are engaged in their own manufacture. It is necessary to focus on the reviews of people who have already used the services of this manufacturer.

And when purchasing seasonings in the store, it is worth paying attention to its consistency and color - natural product is dark and slightly muddy. A slight precipitate should be present in the bottle.

Summing up, it can be noted that it is quite simple to make apple vinegar at home. At the same time, the home apple cider vinegar will accurately have a lot of advantages over the store analogue, and it will be possible to use it in a wide variety of purposes.

Is it possible to make apple vinegar at home? The answer is and in this publication you will learn several ways to prepare this useful product. Recipes are simple, you do not take a lot of time. About this product can be said that it is done almost myself. First, a simple preparatory stage, and then you just wait for the fermentation process.

Apples during fermentation give all their useful substances. As a result, you will receive a valuable product that is used not only in cooking. It is used to prevent and treat some ailments, as well as in cosmetology.


And if you use apple vinegar for health and beauty, then it should be really natural. The store analog is not always like that. There are unscrupulous manufacturers, which are issued for natural product synthetic, adding flavors and dyes.

Therefore, the best way to get a natural product is to make it yourself.

How to make apple vinegar at home

To prepare home vinegar, it is better to use apples from your garden. If you do not have your own fruit, then buy them from local gardeners.

The store fruit is better not to use, as they are often treated with chemistry to maintain a commodity type.


Before proceeding with the recipe, we will go briefly at the main stages of the preparation of this product:

  • First, the wort is made, in which yeast fungi begins to multiply. These are fungi alcohol fermentation, they proceed with sugar in alcohol and carbon dioxide;
  • then the resulting alcohol-containing mass is pressed from the mezgi;
  • Next, there is a process of producing vinegar. At this stage you need to activate the fungi of acetic fermentation. As a result of their livelihood, alcohol reacts with oxygen, forming water and acetic acid. So from the border juice it turns out an apple vinegar.

What do needed torture mushrooms to start working? They need food, heat and a constant inflow of oxygen.

How to ensure all this, you will learn from the recipe.


  • 1.5 kg of apples (already processed)
  • 1.5 liters of water
  • 200 gr. + 3 Art. l. Sahara
  • 3-5 rye bread slices

For good fermentation, it is not necessary to trade fruit, and their degree of maturity and sweetness. Fruits should be ripe or even overripe. It is better to use sweet varieties. The sweeter of the apples, the higher the content of alcohol, which means easier the vinegar is formed.

How to do:

  1. We start cooking wort. It will take warm boiled water for him. Therefore, water must be boiled in advance and cool, but not until completely cooling.

    Spring or filtered water can be not boiled, it is enough to warm it up so that it is warm.

  2. If the fruit is homely, right from the tree, then you can not wash them, so you save the fungi, which means it will be better to go the fermentation process. But if they decided to wash, then do not use much effort, just slightly slip. Cut fruit with medium sized pieces.

    It is not necessary to clean apples, and also do not need to remove the core with seeds. Dark places formed from falling or delay can also be deleted. Delete you only need worm and rotten places.

  3. Prepared fruits should be crushed by combine. It is not necessary to make a puree mass, better before the state of small pieces. In this form, they are then easier to separate from juice. If there is no combine, you can use other methods - blender, meat grinder, big chock, knife. Izmelchjonnye-Jabloki.
  4. To shift the chopped fruit into a saucepan or bucket, pour water, add 200 grams of sugar, rye bread. Jablochnoe-Suslo.
  5. Mix everything thoroughly, cover with gauze or x / b cloth. Leave in warm room for 10-14 days. Find such a place so that there are no straight sun rays on the dishes. The room temperature may be in the range of 20-30 degrees. The perfect temperature is 25 degrees. The lower it, the longer the fermentation process will go. The fact that the process goes normally speak air bubbles on the surface of the wort. Process-Brozhenija-Jablochnogo-Susla

    Apple flesh (mezga) will constantly climb up. And since it is the main mass of fungi in it, then for better reproduction, it is necessary to intermittently mix (2-3 times a day).

  6. After 10-14 days, the wort must be strain, separating the juice from the mezgi. It is possible to strain through a sieve or gauze, folded in several layers. Carefully squeeze the mezuge with hands to get dry cake. He has already completed his work, so you just throw it away. Procedit-Suslo.
  7. In the resulting apple juice add 3 tbsp. l. Sugar, mix. Pour into the glass jar without adding 7-8 cm. Food for mushrooms of acetic fermentation is ready. Now you need to provide them with heat and oxygen access. To do this, you need to cover the jar of gauze, folded in several layers. Tie gauze around the neck, put in warm (from 20 degrees) dark place and forget for 2 months. RECEPT-DOMASHNEGO-JABLOCHNOCHNOGO-UKSUSA

    It is very important that air penetrated into the bank, but the midges and other insects could not penetrate.

  8. If you decide to see how the fermentation process goes, it looks into the jar, you will see a white film on the surface. Do not scare, everything goes right. This was formed the so-called "acetic uterus", which will eventually become thicker and will be similar to the Meduso-like substance. Uksusnaja-Matka.

    It is not necessary to remove the acetic uterus, and also try not to damage it. During the whole process of cooking, the bank should not be blasting and even undesirable to rearrange from place to place.

  9. For 2 months, apple vinegar will be cleaned, a precipitate is formed at the bottom of the bank. We clean the white film, now it is not needed. Gently, without scolding, merge clean product in glass bottles. Check out the sediment. PROCEDIT-GOTOVYJ-UKSUS
  10. Bottles be sure to close the covers to stop the fermentation process. Send a domestic apple vinegar into a dark place. Storage temperature from 4 to 20 degrees of heat.

Rye bread is added to accelerate fermentation. You can replace it with yeast from the calculation of 12 grams. Dry yeast by 1 kg. Apples or raisins (20 gr. per 1 kg of fruit).

Apple vinegar at home - simple recipe without sugar and yeast

Want to increase the beneficial properties of the apple product to the maximum, prepare it without sugar, replacing the honey.


According to the American doctor D. S. Jarvis, vinegar, cooked from apples and honey is the richest source of potassium.

Recipe products:

  • Apples - 2 kg.
  • Liquid honey - 200 gr. + 2 tbsp. l.
  • Water - 1.5-1.7 liters


  1. Prepared apples rub on a large grater along with the leather and core. Fold in a saucepan or a jar with a wide throat, add honey. jabloki-s-mjodom
  2. Pour the required amount of warm water. Depending on the juice of fruit, the amount of water can be different. As a result, fruits should be completely covered with water. Capacity should be filled out by no more than 2/3 of its volume. zalit-jabloki-vodoj
  3. Cover marley or x / b napkin. Leave for fermentation in a dark warm spot for 10 days. Do not forget 2-3 times a day to mix the apple mixture.
  4. When the fermentation period of Susl will pass, strain the mass into clean dishes through a linen fabric or a few layers of gauze, press Cashitz. Drop juice into a clean bank, add 2 tbsp. l. Money, mix well. Close the jar with gauze juice or napkin, put in a dark warm place.
  5. After 2 months, ready-made homemade vinegar strain, pour into dry clean bottles, close and deposit. JABLOCHNYJ-UKSUS-V-DOMASHNIH-USLOVIJAH-BEZ-DROZHZHEJ-I-SAHARA

As you noticed, there are no products in this recipe for strengthening fermentation, but this does not mean that the recipe with honey can not be supplemented with rye bread, raisins or yeast.

If in the room is cool and you are not sure that the fermentation process will pass normally, then you can add the above-mentioned products.

Video from apple juice cooking video

Apple vinegar at home can be made of pure juice without adding water. This somewhat simplifies the cooking process, as it is not necessary to separate the ezgu from the wort. You only need the juicer, fruit and some sugar.

How to make this useful product from juice look into the video.

The benefits and use of home apple vinegar

How to make an apple vinegar at home you now know. Let's talk about the benefits and application of this product.

Apple with fermentation allocates more than 20 necessary elements. This means that vinegar contains fiber, enzymes, pectins, amino acids, vitamins, all the necessary trace elements.

The more interesting is this product:

  • The apple vinegar contains beta carotene. And this is the most powerful antioxidant that kills free radicals. The free movement of radicals in the body provokes the formation of tumors, contribute to diseases such as asthma, diabetes, senile dementia and degenerative eye disease. To resist the effects of free radicals, the body should produce a sufficient amount of antioxidants and apple vinegar helps it well.
  • This healing product contains a lot of manganese. And this is a trace element, without which calcium is not embedded in bone tissue.
  • Natural apple vinegar has the ability to reduce sucking sugars in blood, regulates the exchange of fats and carbohydrates, which is valuable for those who want to lose weight.
  • It is a diuretic, which helps reduce blood pressure.
  • Enrich the body with additional potassium, thereby having a beneficial effect on heart health. Potassium and Mineral elements associated with them play a very large role in the treatment of such ailments, such as chronic fatigue, headaches, including migraine, high blood pressure, dizziness and obesity, especially due to heart disease.
  • This apple product is useful in that it contributes to the discharge of blood, acceleration of metabolism, promotes wound healing and burns, wiping with vinegar helps reduce body temperature.

Useful properties are impressive, but immediately the question arises, and how to apply this product.


  • Since it is useful for digestion, then in cooking it is used to prepare various sauces and seasonings.
  • Outwardly used with skin rash, irritation on the skin. You can lubricate the affected places in varicose veins.
  • Stripping (1 tbsp. L. Product on a glass of water).
  • Apple vinegar can be taken inward, but only in a diluted form.

Jarvis Health Formula: The day should be started and finished with a glass of water with 2 liters dissolved in it. Honey and 2 h. l. Apple vinegar.

But everything is individually, so you should not take someone's formula for the basis. In other sources, you can read that the recommended dose is 1 tsp. on a glass of water And the reception time does not matter. Someone is comfortable to drink on an empty stomach in the morning, but you can drink small portions during the day.

It is also necessary to take into account contraindications, although they are practically no. True, people with ulcerative disease, with increased acidity, with gastrointestinal diseases should be used the product with caution.

This is a small share of how and where natural apple vinegar is used. If the topic is interesting, then the network has a lot of information on this issue.

I think you were convinced that cooking apple vinegar at home is easy. The process of truth is long, but it is worth it, because as a result you will have a natural product, which is much more tastier, the fragrant store option. There is nothing about the benefit and talking, the pedestal of the honorable will take, of course, the product in the home execution.

Health to you and successful blanks!

The old British saying says - eat an apple a day and forget the name of your doctor. A spoon of vinegar from this fruit is many times more useful than its progenitor. All due to the fact that in the process of natural fermentation of apples, an indispensable enzymes for humans are synthesized, first of all, amino acids that have a beneficial effect on the body, providing longevity and beautiful well-being. What are the advantages of cooking apple vinegar at home? Editorial Agronom.Guru has prepared for you an answer to this question. Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods

What is apple vinegar

Apple vinegar - fermented product resulting from fermentation and sugar fermentation. The right vinegar is preparing ... 3 and a half months! The resulting product can easily be stored at least two years.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Apple vinegar

The first stage is the fermentation of acetic bacteria in a natural medium under the influence of heat and natural enzymes. Capacity with wort must be placed in a warm place and, if possible, do not cover the lid. The perfect temperature is + 25 ° C. Open oxygen access will significantly speed up the process.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Bookmark apple vinegar

How is fermentation, fermentation steps and the role of acetic mushroom in the process

Apples, water and sugar come into an oxidative reaction. During the week or two there is an active fermentation of wort, or fermentation, as a result of which alcohol is obtained and carbon dioxide.


In a sweet environment, oxidation processes occur faster. Therefore, the varieties of sweet apples will be suitable for creating vinegar.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods

It is important not to forget to mix the wort, since the mezga, or an apple flesh, will accumulate on the surface, forming a dense hat. Yeast fungi "live" in it. Our task is to evenly distribute them all over the wort.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Stirring apple Sousla

After about two weeks, you can see the formation of such a white foam on the surface of the wort. Over time, it turns into a housing mass. This is a "acetic uterus." According to its healing properties, it is three times the acetic extract itself and consists of bacteria, which in the process of growth synthesize an amino acid and enzymes for humans, as well as a large amount of vitamins.

Thus, in the process of fermentation, vinegar not only does not lose the beneficial properties of apples, but also gains them due to the synthesis of new substances.

It is believed that the properties of "acetic uterus" are able to effectively treat skin lesions, help in arthritis and arthrosis, increase immunity, clean blood. You can take it on a teaspoon.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
"Acetic uterus" on the surface of the wort

Acetic fungus, if it is too "scratching", you can disembark into other containers, where the fermentation process does not go as I would like. Usually it is not removed even after the filtering. In vinegar, he can "live" for many years.


In France and England, where the dynasty of the masters of acetic case number hundreds of years, keep patches of mushrooms to preserve the "family" taste of their product.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods

Benefit and harm

The concentration of beneficial substances is significantly expanding the possibilities of using apple vinegar for medicinal purposes. They can refuel salads, and also do homemade sauces.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Apple Sauce in Greek Salad
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is rich in organic micro and macroelements, amino acids, acids and vitamins. It has a large amount of magnesium, calcium and potassium, phosphorus, silicon and potassium copper.

The high content of manganese helps calcium "embedded" into bone tissues.


Acetic acid is one of the lowest-calorie products. In one hundred grams of sauce contains only 21 calorie. There is no sugar in apple vinegar. In the process of fermentation, it turns first in alcohol, and then into vinegar.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods

Why apple vinegar appointed losing weight

Vinegar blocks enzymes that help the food to be absorbed. Due to special acids, the chain of complex carbohydrates is not disintegrated by simple and, accordingly, does not digest in the body. However, people with increased acidity of the stomach, ulcers and pancreatitis vinegar for obvious reasons is contraindicated. The use of vinegar will not be used externally, if the person is disturbed by the skin, or there are ulcers. Vinegar can flush calcium dental enamel.

Differences of home vinegar from industrial method produced

Unlike homemade, industrial vinegar is always produced from waste. What did not go to juice or jam goes to vinegar: cleaning, core.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Line on bottling apple vinegar

Products with the title "Acetic acid" to a natural apple has nothing to do. This acetic acid is synthesized from natural gas processing products. It does not have any useful properties, but it may well spoil the stomach. Usually such vinegar has a high degree - 70% or more.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Acetic acid

Vinegar, cooked from apples, may not be cheap by definition. His fortress is usually not higher than 6%. Such vinegar is never absolutely transparent. It is precipitate and turbidity that can be the main sign that this is a natural product.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Five percent natural apple vinegar of German production

However, here also has its own "underwater ..." apples. More precisely, apples are just in them a minimum, most of the ingredients of such drugs make up dyes, yeast and other chemical stabilizers, accelerating the fermentation process. Next, the product is subjected to a multi-stage purification, and at the output - the use of the finished jar on 1 ml of liquid is striving for a minimum.

Application of apple vinegar

Only home vinegar can be used to treat and for cosmetics purposes.

In folk medicine

Apple vinegar has excellent antiseptic properties. This property is applied in the treatment of many ailments.

Treatment of skin diseases

For example, impetigo infection transmitted through handshake or objects. For this, the place of redness is lubricated with apple vinegar.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Manifestations of an impetigo at the child

Apple vinegar treats fungal rashes: deprived and eczema, neuroders and even psoriasis.

Diseases of gasts

The fiber normalizes the intestinal operation, eliminates constipation, heartburn, helps neutralize toxins after poisoning. The properties of enzymes that are part of raw materials are not allowed to be absorbed by heavy and harmful write, preventing suction by light glucose into the body.

Walled diseases and diseases of the throat

Apple vinegar facilitates throat pain, relieves pain, if used as a solid for rinsing.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Apple vinegar cure sore throat

Removes voice silence. If you add a teaspoon of vinegar into a warm glass of water, such a drink, especially with honey, a voice will return. The same solution helps with a hay fever. Allergic to pollen is manifested in spring, and if you suffer this disease, it is two weeks before flowering to take 0.5 spoons of vinegar dissolved in half a glass of water before entering the street.

Apple Vinegar - Effective Wound Inactive

To accelerate the healing of postoperative wounds or cuts, it is recommended to drink three glasses per day of acetic solution. Increases blood consumption, stimulates its update. And the cold compress with apple vinegar contributes to the rapid resorption of the hematoma and removes the legacy of the legs.

Vascular diseases

Rinsing legs before bedtime in vinegar will help cope with varicose veins and remove pain syndrome. It is important not to wipe the legs after the bath, but give it to evaporate. Such a bath will help remove the feeling of gravity in the legs after a hard day.

Diseases of the urogenital system

Women regularly use acetic acid will help not only effectively deal with overweight, but also normalize the menstrual cycle, reduce pain syndrome and prevent anemia, and also cures cystitis.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Apple Vinegar - Effective Wound Inactive

Apple vinegar against migraine

Quite a couple of minutes to ride over the steam bath with apple vinegar, and the pain release. Acetic acid solutions are shown to people suffering from protracted migraines. A cup of warm water with honey and a spoon of apple vinegar will help remove nervous tick or soothe nerves.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Apple vinegar solutions help cope with protracted migraines

In cosmetology

For cosmetic purposes, apple vinegar is used in the form of lotions and masks to fight against dandruff, skin rashes, stretch marks and cellulite. Means for the restoration of the acidic balance of the skin, normalizes the pH factor. Pilling diluted raw materials has a deep cleaning and rejuvenating effect.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Apple vinegar tones skin

Peeling apple vinegar at home does not require special training. For the procedure, you must dilute a tablespoon on 2 glasses of water. If you feel light burning, then the process went. If there are no sensations, then the concentration of vinegar must be increased. It is necessary to do it carefully, it follows the procedure every three days. The optimal number of sessions is ten. Apple vinegar, cooked at home, is effective in the treatment of cellulite. With vinegar make wraps in film and honey masks.

Apple vinegar cooking recipes

Apple vinegar recipes at home are the most different, mostly they differ in the quality of raw materials: from crusts, cake, juice, solid apples, Padalitsa.

Simple apple vinegar recipe at home

In this case, apple juice is used. To obtain, fresh fruits are cut on the quarter. Sliced ​​apples are simply lying in sugar to darkening. The open container is not poured and not covered. Next, juice is pressed into a separate container. This will be the basis for the future vinegar.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Apple vinegar - fermentation stage in warm

Hold the dishes with a rubber glove, tightly bandage it with a rubber band. Leave warm. When the glove is fully filled, about 5 weeks, the contents are pouring into another dishes and close the plug tightly. A month later, vinegar will become transparent, after that it needs to be strain and permanently in the main container.

Lazy apple recipe

How to cook apple vinegar at home from whole fruit? Apples are cut into the larger dishes, and it may be a Padalitsa, surfing fruits. The only condition is needed to rinse well.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Apples in enameled dishes

If the apples are solid - they can be finely cut, and those that are soft, just crush. In the enameled container, lay out raw materials and pour hot water. Add sugar per calculation - 100 g on sour raw materials, and 50 g - for sweet apples. Remove warm. Stir three times a day.


It is impossible to use chlorinated or rigid water. The ideal option is filtered water.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods

After the occurrence of foam and acetic uterus, wedge to strain. After another three weeks, repeal and pour into boiled containers.

Vinegar from cake

It differs from the previous one that apples here are selected, non-thowned. It is not necessary to clean them, the fruits are fully rolled on a large grater.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Cooking apple vinegar based cake

A honey is added to the three-liter bank - also if the apples are sour, then 100 g per 1 liter of juice. And water is about a liter per kilogram of apples. Bread yeast protrude as a catalyst. After a foam was formed in the wort, he was pressed.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Update cake

Then again spill on banks and leave "diving." Further, the whole process resembles the previous one. Ready vinegar is reloading again and sent to banks.

Classic Dr. Jarvis Recipe - Step-by-Step Cooking

American nutritionist Mr. Jarvis offered his way to rush apples. How to cook apple vinegar at home according to the doctor's prescription.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
The best raw material for vinegar - ripe and juicy fruits

Some features of the Jarvis approach:

  1. He insisted - only ripe apples can be raw materials for better vinegar.
  2. If the apples have just been collected from the branches, and you are sure that your hands are clean, you can wash apples. Since water canso useful fungi!
  3. Instead of sugar, it is better to add honey.
  4. Vinegar is prepared only in enamelled clay or glassware.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Proportions of raw materials and ingredients for Dr. Jarvis

Such vinegar can "stand up" to three months. The process of cooking is long, but the result is worth it. How to do the most useful vinegar at home - we offer a step-by-step recipe.

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Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsApples do not clean, do not remove seeds, remove wormholes. Divide on quarters.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsRaw materials are grinding in a blender.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsHoney melts on a steam bath.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsCrumbling dry rye bread in crackers.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsAll ingredients lay out in the enameled dishes in the proportions specified in the table above. The darker the place where we will remove the wort, the more useful substances in it fermented.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsHold gauze. Temperature should be about + 28 ° C. To keep in such a state of 14 days, periodically stirring. Important! Marley should be dry and not in contact with wort. To do this, you can put under the gauze spoon.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsAfter about 5 days, a "apple uterus" is formed on the surface. Do not allow the occurrence of a crust, it will kill the yeast fungus, after each mixing "foolenity" will be renewed.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsIts consistency will be compacted every day. This means that we are on the right track!
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsOn the 13th day you can squeeze juice, and part of the uterus "transplant" into other containers. We again add honey. The proportion is 100 g per 1 liter of juice. In order not to make a mistake in the calculations, it is better to squeeze the wort into a small container.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsThe vessel is re-close, do not touch and do not mix. The stage of the so-called "quiet" fermentation begins.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsA few days later the foam will appear. It is right. This means that the alcohol is fermented into vinegar.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsWith each day, the consistency of vinegar will become more transparent. And instead of the alcohol, a pleasant acetic aroma appears.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsAt this stage, you should not hurry. You can wait 70, and 80 days. It does not affect the quality of the product. Ready vinegar need to be pouring. It is best to do with a special thin tube, so as not to disturb the precipitate.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsTo do this, the coat with wort is placed on the table, and the pure container for vinegar - to the floor. In order for the vinegar "ran" on the tube, you need to create a vacuum, breathing lightly from it from it and maximally dropping the bottom end of the tube into the container. It is important to choose the volume of capacity for the drain correctly so as not to interrupt the process and do not disturb the precipitate.
Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application MethodsThe last stage is the final packaging.

If you have any questions, how to make a vinegar with your own hands, look this video:

Storage of vinegar

The main rule is to avoid metal dishes that fear of corrosion. Vinegar - Aggressive Wednesday. Therefore, it is better to store it in ceramic jugs or glass containers. Vinegar is afraid of light, so the finished product put into the darkness or use a container from dark glass.

Apple Vinegar - Health Elixir at Home: Cooking Recipes and Application Methods
Apple Vinegar - Natural Product for All Family

Before blocking the lid and corks are mandatory sterilized, and if long storage is to be protected, then poured with paraffin. In this form, the vinegar can be stored for a long time, but the open container is better to put in the refrigerator.


Apple vinegar do it yourself - an excellent seasoning to any dish and an indispensable source of health and beauty. Created from natural products and by proper technology, a vitamin additive will become an excellent source of health and longevity.

Comments and questions to the article, as well as your own recipes for cooking apple vinegar can be left below.

Apple vinegar has long been known for its healing properties. With this product, mostly, it is necessary to face the kitchen: during the cooking of dishes, refueling salads. Now often this type of vinegar is also used in folk medicine (to strengthen the immunity, weight loss, cleaning of the body from slags) and even in cosmetology purposes. But the sphere of its use is more wide than it may seem at first glance, because apple vinegar is also applied in industry and in economic affairs. When choosing this product, it should be borne in mind that the store most often has a mixture of ordinary vinegar with the addition of apple extract.

The original product must be in a dark bottle that does not transmit sunlight. And in its composition there will be no different dyes, preservatives and other chemistry.

Therefore, so as not to stumble upon a useless product, it is better to cook it yourself: the benefits will be in dozens of times more, and it will be different from the store product, in which the chemical additives are mostly alone.

There are several recipes for cooking vinegar from apples at home. Below we will talk about the three most popular cooking methods.

How to cook apple vinegar at home - 3 recipe

Apple vinegar, prepared at home, today is increasingly added to the broths, various dishes from fish, birds, even seafood.

When marinating, such a product is one of the main ingredients. And it is not surprising: the taste of dishes is obtained more diverse and interesting.

Rinse the throat with apple vinegar

Natural vinegar is prepared by fermentation of apples, sugar and yeast, without the addition of unnecessary ingredients and chemical additives.

Before cooking, you need to know some subtleties and recommendations:

  • Much depends on the choice of apples, so this process needs to come carefully. It is best if it is not acidic, but sweet varieties. Fruits should be without rot and worms, so spoiled fruits are not suitable.
  • If sugar is used in the recipe, it can be replaced with another more useful ingredient - honey.
  • In the process of cooking from above, a foam usually appears and it is most useful, so it is not recommended to remove it. It is enough to periodically mix the fluid.
  • The product is preparing for a long time, about two months, so you have to be patient.
  • When it is necessary to flood the liquid into the container or the selected container for cooking, do not forget to leave some more free space.
  • The location for the fermentation of the ingredients should be warm and dark.
  • The dishes for the preparation of vinegar is suitable either of the glass or from clay. For mixing, it is best to use a wood spoon or a wooden stick.

Apple vinegar recipes differ in the number of ingredients (in addition to apples) and the complexity of cooking. The simplest and budget way includes only apples.

Recipe number 1 (the easiest, only of apples):

  1. Take the desired amount of apples (recommended a half or two kilograms), as you should rinse them and dry. Then cut every fruit into four parts, get rid of seeds. Next, apples in such a form should lie until they darken.
  2. In the next stage, fruits need to squeeze the juice and pour it into a pre-selected pure container for cooking.
  3. The container must be closed using a rubber glove and secure the glove with a dense thread, a twine or rubber band.
  4. Now the container needs to be sent to the dark, but warm place and wait until the glove is swollen. Usually this process takes 4-6 weeks, no more.
  5. When the glove is swollen, half the finished vinegar should be moved to another container and close it with a dense cloth or a towel. And put on a warm and dark place again for many more weeks.

After about eight weeks, the apple vinegar should become transparent - at this stage he is ready.

Apple vinegar Application

Now it remains only to strain, pour into bottles (necessarily glass) and stored in a place where sunlight does not penetrate.

Recipe number 2 (with the addition of sugar and water)

  1. You need to take two kilograms of ripe apples, wash them out and put them in a jar of glass.
  2. Fruits pour cold boiled water (for 1 kg. The fruit is taken by a liter of water), add a half cup of sugar and close the can not too dense tissue (cotton is suitable).
  3. Capacity move to a warm and dark place and leave at least three months. Periodically, the fruit needs to mix.

When vinegar becomes transparent and there will be no sharp smell at the same time, then the product is ready and it is necessary to stretch in the same way and pour it into a clean bottle with a lid.

Apple vinegar Application

Recipe number 3 (with honey and yeast)

This recipe once came up with an American doctor. It is necessary to prepare it for a long time and the components will need a little more, but in quality and benefits, it exceeds all other ways to prepare.

How to cook apple vinegar with honey and yeast:

  1. First you need to take apples, how to wash them and get rid of the core.
  2. Then the fruits must be grate with a grater or very finely cut.
  3. Send the resulting apple mass into ceramic or glass dishes and pour with warm boiled water. Water should be taken from the calculation - on a kilogram of apples liter of water.
  4. Next, it is necessary to add natural honey (one third of the glass of honey is taken on a liter of fluid).
  5. After that, you need to add some yeast (bread) and rye dried bread - a couple of pieces.
  6. Capacity needs to be covered with fine tissue or gauze and keep in place where dark and heat. It is necessary to wait 10-12 days, after which it is necessary to stretch the mixture and add honey again in the same quantities.
Apple vinegar Application

Now the composition should be up to two months: it will be ready when the fluid turns out to be transparent. At this stage, it is filled and bottled, as in previous recipes.

Where and how to store apple vinegar

Such a component as vinegar is often added during marination so that the products are not spoiled and stored longer than necessary. But the vinegar itself, whatever it is, is also necessary to be able to properly keep, because he does not like to enter sunlight.

First of all, for any vinegar, a suitable container is needed. For this, bottles of plastics or metal are completely different, as the oxidation or an unnecessary reaction with plastic will appear.

The best bottles of glass with a tightly closing lid so that the vinegar does not lose the necessary beneficial properties.

Apple vinegar

The place for storage is desirable to choose a cool, but for an apple type of vinegar does not fit the refrigerator, as it can lose its taste in the future. For vinegar cooked from apples, a storage room can be consolidated, as there is no light and there are no other sources from which the container can warm up.

In no case can not leave vinegar on the window, in this case, with a greater probability, it will also be spoiled. You also need to keep it away from children, because the acetic poisoning is very dangerous for the children's body.

Where to use apple vinegar

The beneficial properties of this product are very diverse, thanks to the huge content of various substances.

So, the composition of vinegar from apples includes minerals and elements (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, etc.), organic acids, pectin, beta carotene and some vitamins.

Thanks to this unique composition, the product scope is very extensive.

First of all, the use of vinegar from apples is assessed by people seeking to follow their health, strengthen it, maintain beauty and shape in shape.

Rinse the throat with apple vinegar

It is believed that this is the lowest-calorie product, so they can be filling salads and other dishes, instead of calorie sauces and mayonnaise.

But you need to know that it is possible to add it only in moderate quantities, as the vinegar, prepared even from apples, can still harm the stomach.

If you add it in a small amount and not to be carried away, you can significantly improve your health and get rid of slags.

If we talk about application for therapeutic purposes, it is immediately worth noting its effect on metabolism and metabolism.

It contributes to a more rapid cleavage of carbohydrates and fats in the body, so it is used against obesity and for the correction of the figure.

It acts well on the intestinal microflora, thanks to which the digestion improves, the chair is normalized.

The only thing you need to know in this case is if there are serious disorders of the stomach, gastritis or ulcer, then it is not recommended to use vinegar inside!

The positive effect is also noticeable in the treatment of colds and ORVI with apple vinegar: various compresses are well helped, rinse the throat with a solution with apple vinegar and iodine, etc.

Rinse the throat with apple vinegar

In cosmetology purposes, the natural product from apples is used as a component of various masks (especially for hair), peels, bold leather lotions.

Thus, apple vinegar is one of the unique products that has found the application in almost all areas.

And it is not difficult to prepare it at home, but the benefits of such a component are more than more than from the purchase.

Author: E. Akimova.

Apple vinegar - fragrant seasoning for tasty salads and snacks, affordable means for cleansing the body, prevention and treatment of vessels, stomach, liver and kidney. Prepare apple vinegar at home, a simple recipe will tell you how to save time and save the beneficial properties of apples.


Preservative prepares in glassware

The benefits and harm of homemade vinegar

The use of preservative from apples cooked by their own hands, in comparison with the vinegar of factory manufacture, is incomparable. The same, at first glance, two products have different composition. From the store, in detail, familiarize yourself with a separate article. Below we will talk about the beneficial properties of homemade preservative from natural apples.

In an inexpensive shopping season, regardless of what the manufacturer wrote on the label, there are hardly natural apples or at least juice of them. For cost-effective production, the product is preparing quickly and in large quantities for profit. There are no time to withstand acetic suction for several weeks, the process is accelerated by synthetic additives and pasteurization. Then the fragrance, color and taste of apple friction with preservatives and dyes are attached to the finished solution.

Homemade vinegar Cook yourself from fresh apples collected in the country or bought on the market. First, the raw material wanders along with sugar, then withstands several weeks. At the end, vinegar is filtered. As a result, golden yellow liquid is obtained with a characteristic apple aroma, a mild taste and substances in the composition:

  • vitamins A, C, E, group B;
  • iron, zinc, iodine;
  • potassium, calcium, magnesium;
  • copper, sodium, fluorine;
  • sorval, malic, dairy, acetic acid;
  • vegetable fiber - pectin;
  • fructose.

It has the beneficial properties of natural apple juice with the flesh, but they are reinforced with acetic acid. This substance provides fat-rooting, stimulating, the antiseptic properties of vinegar, thanks to which is used in medicine and cosmetology. If you use vinegar correctly, these results are obtained with it:

  • purification of blood vessels and improved blood composition;
  • normalization of digestion and improvement of metabolic processes;
  • Cleaning the intestines from slags and gliste invasions, pathogenic microflora;
  • The saturation of tissues with vitamins and minerals is necessary for restoration and rejuvenation.

Acetic solution of apples rejuvenates the skin, returns healthy color and elasticity, eliminates pigment spots, freckles, vascular mesh and cellulite. If you take inside, the harness of the figure will return. The effectiveness of apple vinegar is enhanced by various additives. With honey, immunity is bored and charges energy. - an old agent for cleansing vessels from harmful cholesterol, and for the intestines - from worms and old slags.

Prepared apple vinegar at home?

Yes Not

Another advantage is the availability of ingredients for cooking. There are a lot of apples in the summer and autumn seasons, there are a penny. Any variety is used, as well as apple juice or puree of them. How exactly - tells below, several options.

Video about the composition and useful properties of vinegar:

Step-by-step recipes for cooking vinegar at home

Do not torfer the cooking process, it will not be quick. But it is impossible to put on samonek too, the fermentation of the wort is controlled constantly. Otherwise, it is converted into a cider, not vinegar. No equipment will be required. All that is needed is natural raw materials and accuracy in cooking.

Auto note

Kirilova Olga

The sweeter of the apples, the faster the fermentation. For the preparation of high-quality, concentrated vinegar takes about 2 months.


For cooking you will need:

  • Fresh apples, sour-sweet - 2 kg;
  • Sugar - 250 gr.;
  • yeast - 20 gr.;
  • Water purified - about 2 liters.

If the apples are sweet, then the amount of sugar can be reduced by 2 times.


  1. Apples wash, cut on halves, remove seed boxes.
  2. Grind the fruits with medium sized pieces.
  3. Fold in the 3-liter jar, shake so that the pieces are tightly lay down, but not to rub.
  4. Fall with sugar, cover gauze and leave for 3-4 hours so that the apples will let juice.
  5. Pour warm water - to completely cover apples, but to the edge of the dishes. Leave the distance 7-10 cm. When adding yeast, the liquid will begin to wander and climb. Stir, cover, leave in a warm place for the night.
  6. In the morning, stir wort again. A foam is formed on the surface. It can not be removed and merged because it is precisely acetic bacteria. If there are few foam, a piece of yeast is added.
  7. Now the container with future vinegar is covered and removed into the warm storage room, or under the kitchen table to the battery. It is not necessary to touch anymore for 10-14 days until the first stage of fermentation will end. Frying ended when all apples will be devastated to the bottom.
  8. It remains to wait until the vinegar becomes transparent. After that, the liquid is filtered, bottled and closes with traffic jams.
  9. Homemade vinegar after bottling gives a precipitate. This is normal and is not considered a sign of poor product quality.
vinegar-in-3-liter bank

It is convenient to cook apple vinegar in a three-liter jar

The fortress of finished home vinegar can reach 9-10%. Whereas the store's fortress should not exceed 6%.


Apple household cinema can be taken inside without fears. But first you need to dissolve the tablespoon of the product in 100-150 ml of warm water without gas. Drink it follows a quarter of an hour before meals or an hour after meals.

Did you like the taste of home apple vinegar?

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It is possible - they will become brilliant, elastic, will grow faster. More about the use of vinegar in cosmetology will tell video:

From sour apples

If you have many sour apples at your disposal, use them for cooking vinegar. But in this case, it is necessary to add sugar, otherwise the fermentation will not begin.


  • Sour apples - 2 kg;
  • Sugar sand - 500 gr.;
  • Waters are warm - 2 l.;
  • Live yeast - 60-70 gr.


  1. To wash apples, drown, cut arbitrarily on pieces.
  2. Fold into the container, add sugar, warm water, open the yeast.
  3. Stir everything, cover with a towel and remove into a warm place.
  4. The first 10 days the mixture is stirred several times a day. You do not need to collect foam and remove.
  5. Then the mixture is fixed and pressed, overflow into the bottle, covered with gauze and remove into a warm place by 1.5-2 months. More to interfere with vinegar and generally touch it is not necessary.
  6. When the fluid becomes completely transparent, it is once again fixed and applied by destination.


- The blood glucose level is normalized, the state of the vessels is improved, extra kilograms are leaving.

last-stage fermentation

At the last stage of fermentation, it is important not to disturb the starter and not even moving banks

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It is possible to put in the container acetic uterus if it remained from the previous cooking of homemade vinegar. Then the fermentation will be faster and more intense. Pour the finished shopping vinegar is not recommended, it will only ruin the raw material.

From juice

This is the perfect product for the treatment and rehabilitation of the body, as there is nothing but apples, even water. Such a recipe is suitable for pregnant, allergic and older people. If you want such ingredients:

  • Apples sour-sweet - 2 kg;
  • Glass bottle or bank and wooden shirt;
  • Rubber glove and linen napkin.


  1. Apples wash, cut on the quarters and lay out on the dish so that they darkened.
  2. Squeeze juice from apples.
  3. Pour it into a bottle, put on the glove on the neck and rewind a glove tight.
  4. Leave in a warm place for 4-5 weeks until the glove will do.
  5. Pour the focal juice into the tub, cover with a napkin, tied up on the edge and again remove into a warm place for another 3-4 weeks.
  6. The finished vinegar is filled through the same napkin, under which he wandered, bottled and used as intended.

Video, how to cook apple juice vinegar with flesh:

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For fermentation, the wort of apples should be used ceramic, wooden, enameled or glassware. Aluminum and any metal does not fit.


There are many different methods ,. In order for the product to effectively split fats, but did not harm the digestive authorities, the technology of preparation of the product is important. This recipe is ideal for intro, and for wraps. In both cases, the product is pre-produced in warm water: 1-2 tbsp. 150-200 ml.

With honey

Honey satuates the finished product of potassium, magnesium, iron and fructose. Such vinegar is ideal for those who adhere to a strict diet. It saturates the necessary energy and protects against depression and Handra.


  • Apples - 3 kg.;
  • Water preheating - 3 l.;
  • honey - 900 gr.;
  • Related rye bread - 200 gr.

If you replace sugar with honey, it turns out the perfect product for weight loss


  1. Dressing apples, remove the twisted places, cut the cubes or slices.
  2. Fold into a wide container, pour with water and stir.
  3. Separately stirred crumbled bread in warm water so that a thick frustrum came out. Add a spoonful of yeast.
  4. Add half of my honey and sourdough to the apple mass, stir.
  5. The first 10 days the mixture is kept at a temperature not lower than 18 degrees, stir three times a day with a wooden spatula.
  6. Now mix the mixture, strain, add the remaining honey.
  7. Boil into banks or bottles, wrap the necks with a bandage or gauze, fasten with rubber bands.
  8. Remove in heat and withstand another 45 days.
  9. During this period, the vinegar does not interfere and do not move the bottles. When it becomes transparent, it is filtered, clogged and clean it in the storage room, in the closet or in the refrigerator.


depends on the goal. For beauty and rejuvenation, it is better to drink it from 11.00 to 12.00 before the second breakfast. For the treatment of diabetes, atherosclerosis, a biliary disease is better to drink a solution for the night. Then vinegar will work faster, the fabric will begin active recovery.


Cocktail for weight loss from vinegar, honey and water drink an empty shop every morning

Recipe for apple vinegar from "Cook"

A time proven and a simple recipe for which you can easily make apple vinegar at home. Requires minimum ingredients and skills.


  • Apples - 800 g;
  • Sugar sand - 100 g;
  • filtered water - 1 l;
  • Riga bread crust.

Cooking sequence:

  1. Fruits wash in running water. Cut into several parts and remove the core. If necessary, cut damaged sides. Stit fruits on the medium sized grater.
  2. Water boil up to 30-40 degrees. As soon as it reaches the desired temperature, remove from the fire. Dissolve salt crystals in it.
  3. In the clay dishes (or any other non-missing light) lay out grated apples. Pour water with sugar and on top. Put the bread crust.
  4. Nelyushko tie a marvel bandage folded several times. Put it in a warm place for 10 days. During this time, in the morning and in the evening, mix the mass.
  5. Cut a piece of bread for the next day. By this time, he will already launch the fermentation process.
  6. After 10 days, resolve the solution, removing the whole flesh. Add 50 g of sugar to the liquid. Stir to dissolve all crystals.
  7. Again, cover gauze and remove it to be for 2 months at the same place. In this period of time, do not touch infusion.
  8. After removing the acetic uterus formed above and straighten the acid. Boil on glass tanks and remove storage.

Apple vinegar in imperative

Interevakin in his works has been talked many times about the beneficial properties of apple vinegar. At the same time, he referred to the fact that it is better to prepare the acid on its own. Thanks to this, it is easier to track product quality.

Many doctors speak about the benefits of vinegar, if you are interested in looking at how it is held. Following the rules, you can easily cope with a high temperature for influenza.

Next, consider what needs to be prepared.


  • Apples (preferably green) - 800 g;
  • Sugar - 100 g;
  • honey - 50 g;
  • Water - 1.2 liters.

Cooking method:

  1. Wash fruit, cut into several parts and delete the middle. Clean on a large grater.
  2. Place the pulp in the bulk glass cylinder. You can also use clay or wooden dishes.
  3. The specified amount of water is warm up to a warm state. Dissolve sugar in it. Fill into a container with apples. Make sure that the liquid does not reach the top 10-15 cm, because in the process of fermentation will be risen "cap".
  4. Nelyushko tie gauze and remove into a dark warm place for 10 days to appease. Periodically, mix the mass.
  5. After this time expires, straighten the liquid to remove the whole pulp. Press the remaining cake. Separated juice add to the total mass of the future vinegar.
  6. In the resulting liquid, dissolve 50 g of honey. Pour the solution into the jar and remove for insteading for 40 days. Also, make a gauze from above.
  7. After infusion is considered ready. Remove the acetic uterus from above and use the product for its intended purpose.

According to Jarvis

Jarvis is a famous American doctor and researcher. He developed a recipe for home cooking from apples for the treatment of vessels, liver, kidneys, obesity. A big plus in the preparation of vinegar with their own hands is that it does not pass. This means that valuables in apples are stored not changed. Apple vinegar Like Jarvis is rich first at potassium and iron.

Jarvis Spa

Rye Bread Explosion - Feature of the recipe for vinegar from Apple on Jarvis


  • Apples - 2-3 kg of mature or overripe fruits;
  • water is about 2 l.;
  • honey - 200 gr.;
  • Rye bread crackers - 20 gr.;
  • Yeast - 10 gr.


  1. Apples wash, remove fallen places and tails, chop in a puree on a meat grinder or grater.
  2. Fold in a chan or pan, pour water.
  3. Add crackers and yeast.
  4. Add 100 gr. Natural honey.
  5. It is all well stirred, cover and remove in a warm place for 10 days.
  6. After 10 days, mass stir, strain. Pour into banks and add remaining honey at the rate of 50 gr. on every liter of frivors.
  7. Cover and remove in a warm place for another 40 days. When vinegar becomes completely transparent - it is ready.


Dr. Jarvis recommended such a product in the amount of 1.5 centuries, dissolved in half a glass of warm water, every morning on an empty stomach. But now it is known that the human body does not absorb acid in the morning clock. Therefore, it is better to take acetic solution before lunch.

Have you tried to cook apple vinegar with honey?

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, in the end, every person himself decides. To take into account the lifestyle and the tasks set first.

Vintage Recipe for Torn Apples

The beginning of the manufacture of vinegar from water, apples and swarms dates back to 5000 BC In Babylon The exact recipe is not preserved. The prescription below is compiled according to monastic books, dating from about 10-11 centuries. What is its advantage: overripe, tightened apples are going to move, which are no longer used for anything. In antique, first-class fruits went to the manufacture of confiture and wines for nobility. And the second grade assembled from the ground, with a worms - to vinegar and sour cider for simple people.


Deficious fruits will become excellent raw materials for useful and delicious vinegar

However, from the worms, fallen fruits, you can make an excellent tool for home rehabilitation of the whole family. If you take care of the delicious healthy family nutrition, you will also be interested to know. Well, if the quality of vinegar from the rotten apples seems to you doubtful, you can make a wrapping and face masks from it, body.


  • Overripe apples - 2-3 kg;
  • Sugar - at the rate of 50 gr. for every kilogram of fruits;
  • Water - how much will need, adjusted to 60 degrees.


  1. Apples are destroyed in Cashitz, you can simply stir up with a wooden spoon, so that the pieces of fruit remain. Fully pouring the mass, remove the peel and the bones is not necessary.
  2. Fold the apple mass in a saucepan with an enameled coating, pour with sugar and pour warm water so that it covers a mass by 3-4 cm.
  3. Stir, cover with a napkin, remove in a warm place for 2 weeks. During this period, the apple swax interfere every day.
  4. Then the workpiece is poured over the containers of a smaller volume and are removed again for fermentation. Acetic uterus should be formed on the surface - tight foam. It can not be removed and stir.
  5. When a transparent liquid is formed, and the uterus will fall on the bottom, the vinegar is ready. It is filtering, without scolding, and applied to the destination.

The precipitate can also be strain, and the remnants will throw away - they will no longer be useful. This vinegar is used as well as the usual. The only difference is that it can have a more saturated fragrance, color, taste.


If you know, apply the same proportions to prepare the healing solution from apple vinegar on this recipe. The resulting liquid should be drunk at half a glass 2-3 times a day for weight loss, cleaning the body, just maintaining a good tone. Result: Pure and elastic skin, slender figure, excellent digestion and good mood every day.

How the unfiltered vinegar is preparing

A non-filtered homemade vinegar is prepared in the same way. But after the last stage, do not stress it, but immediately pour on the bottle. The product will be merged and with a precipitate, and on the surface to form a gray film. Such phenomena occur because fermentation continues in vinegar. The product prepared in this way is useful in dysbacteriosis, milk in women and children, stomatitis, angina. It destroys pathogenic bacteria and settles the colonies of new, useful.


The photo shows how the unfiltered, fermented vinegar looks

Apple cake vinegar

After processing apples in the juicer or other devices, it is quite often the meal. Throw it not necessarily. From it, you can prepare high-quality fruit acid. Thanks to this, the process is even simplified.

Apple cake

Fresh apple cake has a reddish tint

Required components:

  • Apple cake - on ¾ banks;
  • Sugar - 1 tbsp. l.;
  • Water - before filling the tank.

Step-by-step recipe:

  1. Cake dispense in a glass can or any other dishes so that it filled out of the total volume.
  2. In the desired amount of water, dissolve the crystals of sugar.
  3. Fill the liquid to the residues from the fruit so that it completely covered the flesh.
  4. From above, place a lesser to the diameter plate and the load so that the fruit particles remain under the solution. Cover all with a gauze bandage.
  5. Put in a dark place for 2 weeks. In this period of time, mix the mass every day.
  6. After getting the container, press the cake and strain the solution to completely get rid of the pulp. Fluid pour into the container again and cover with a clean bandage. Remove it for another 3 weeks.
  7. Immediately after the acid is considered ready for use. Cover the lid and remove for storage in the fridge.
Muddy vinegar

After cooking, the acid is purified. This is normal

How to determine the readiness of vinegar

The preparedness of vinegar is checked by its transparency. This is the main criterion. When the fluid becomes completely transparent, and the acetic uterus will fall on the bottom - the product desires and is ready for use. But before stretching and pouring around the bottles, just in case the sample is removed.

High-quality home apple trees has a yellow color, characteristic flavor of fruits, taste sharp and at the same time sweetish.

Buy apple vinegar or cook at home?

Buy I cook

Shopping vinegar is made from waste - peel and core. To speed up fermentation, the wort is boiled and mixed with acetic acid obtained by synthetic. Such a preservative has a pronounced aroma and taste, but does not contain useful substances. They are initially so little in the wort, that it does not wander on its own.


Acetic uterus - Useful part of the swax and vinegar

Auto note

Kirilova Olga

If the first 10 days passed, and the wort so did not wake up, he needs to help. You can do this in different ways. The mixture is heated or put in the sun. Add 2-3 tbsp. yeast, divorced in warm water with sugar.

Methods for clarification of acetic concentrate

Even after 45-60 days withstanding, the sedimentation of the uterus on the bottom, the vinegar remains muddy. This problem complains about the manufacture of bite. But sometimes such a phenomenon occurs also experienced owners. How to drink apple vinegar if it is muddy and has a precipitate if it is necessary to lighten it?

Only filtering, double or triple, if required. The vinegar is deployed through a sterile car, and then again leave in a darkened place for a couple of days. Take the container at this time can not. If it did not help - nothing terrible. Muddy vinegar is not worse than transparent, it is useful and not dangerous to health. But the view is less aesthetic.

Terms and Storage Terms

Subject to the proper storage, the home preservative will not deteriorate and will not lose beneficial properties for 3-5 years. The shelf life of the product is not limited if the tank with the bite is not in the sun and not near the heat source. Correct place: Refrigerator door, a kitchen cabinet away from the battery and stoves, a balcony or storage room with good ventilation. Storage temperature - 4-10 degrees above zero.

Here is a video, how to properly pour ready vinegar and store it.

Photo gallery of apple vinegar cooking

On a note

  1. Apple vinegar is used in cosmetology and medicine to solve a number of skin problems, hair, overweight, treatment of internal organs.
  2. Usefulness of the whole home cooking product from natural apples.
  3. The fermentation of apple vinegar without fermentation lasts 2-2.5 months.
  4. The finished vinegar is filtered, spilled on bottles, tightly clog and stored in a cool place. The shelf life of the home unpastened product is up to 5 years.

Reviews of those who are preparing an apple vinegar

I have long heard that you can cook apple vinegar yourself. The wife always took such a product in the store, but he is not natural. This year was a good harvest on the grade of apples white pouring. I decided to make a classic recipe. He was satisfied, the wife now adds to salads.

I have long wanted to make an apple vinegar, all the time lacked. I decided to buy discounted apples, the taste was very sour, so used a recipe with acid apples, so that the fermentation process went faster. Now here is a rinch hair with apple vinegar, the curls became lush, on the sight just gorgeous.

Very interested in the recipe of Dr. Jarvis. Apples fined on a grater, added other products. After 10 days, got a product, and even with honey. Now I drink as recommended Jarvis for health. I advise everyone.

My wife and I prepared a lot of apple juice, the good of our cottage. The product stood in the basement for almost a year. Saw recipe apple vinegar from juice. I decided to try, only improved the recipe instead of apples used ready-made juice, opened banks and left to wander with yeast. Now vinegar use themselves and treat relatives and loved ones.

Everyone thought that you could be prepared from the pitched, worm fruits. The wasps attacked the trees in the garden, so much had the paddle apples. Assembled family, reworked according to an ancient recipe. Now the whole family is used by the product, the husband breeds water and drinks, daughter hair rinsing, and I am added to the borsch for acid.

I used to make vinegar on the classic prescription sugar, apples, yeast, water. So I decided to try the Jarvis method with honey. It is good that the beekeeper itself, the product does not need to buy, I used last year's.

My girlfriend advised me to treat the fungus with apple vinegar. I thought nonsense turned out to be true. Make vinegar simply, but the result of application on the face. Every day I made a bath with adding vinegar. Good tool, I recommend it.

For the first time, the benefits of apple vinegar heard on TV from Professor Neumyvakina. It turned out that the tool is very useful for health. I am on the physique of a dense constitution, and the vinegar contributes to weight loss. Himself prepared the tool and used 2 months, it should noted that the swelling was sleeping, the chair was improved and lost 4 kg.

The useful properties of the apple vinegar found out from the book of Dr. Jarvis, according to which honey and vinegar universal healing substances. I decided to improve my body and prepare a recipe with honey. After a monthly use, inside began to feel much better.

Personally, I liked the ancient recipe for cooking apple vinegar. So less daramed. Cut apples, slept sugar and everything. Then he poured into other tanks and left to wander. Those who do not have little time, I recommend this method.

Check yourself: Can you now cook apple vinegar?

Check the degree of your readiness to independently use the knowledge gained will help honest self-test. You can spend it using the test. It does not take much time, but at the same time will clearly show your result.


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Vinegar in Bytu. How to make an apple vinegar without yeast


Vinegar in Bytu. Spraying cabbage vinegar from pests

Article author

I am a mother in the decree with two kids :) I spend almost all the time with them and describe my experience.

Apple vinegar, cooked at home, is a product that has unconditional utility, as it retains the entire mineral vitamin complex, which is part of the fruit.

It is possible to use vinegar not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology, in folk medicine, as an anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and antibacterial agent, moreover, the product contributes to the normalization of digestion, excavation of slags and toxins, splitting fats and carbohydrates.

The simplest and most convenient recipes, how to cook apple vinegar, considered in detail in the article.

Subtleties of preparation

Before studying the recipes for the preparation of apple vinegar, you need to consider several recommendations that will help make a high-quality and natural product at home:

  1. Apples choose ripe, juicy, without rot and wormochin. All damaged areas before cooking should be trimmed. In this case, preferred is better than sweet varieties, since the rate of acid formation depends on the sweetness of fruits.
  2. Sugar used in recipes is better replaced by honey, making the product more useful.
  3. In the process of fermentation on the surface of the workpiece will appear foam. This is the most useful in vinegar and it is impossible to clean it, but only stir together with the rest of the liquid.
  4. Mix the contents of the jar or pan can only with a wooden spoon. It is impossible to prepare a product in plastic containers. It is necessary to use for billets glass, enameled or clay dishes.
  5. Pouring juice or base for vinegar to fermentation vessel, you need to leave at least 10 cm of free space.
  6. Store the finished product is recommended at a temperature of +6 to -15 degrees.
Ripe apples

Ripe apples

Simple recipe for apple vinegar

The easiest recipe for apple vinegar cooking at home is a way that does not imply the use of yeast. To make natural vinegar, you will need to take overripe apples or the Padalitsa of sweet varieties.

Attention! To be sure that the fruits do not contain harmful components, not treated with chemicals or fertilizers, it is better to collect fruits in your garden or in the country.


  • Sugar sand - 50 g
  • Apples - 1 kg
  • Water.

The cooking process is as follows:

  1. Fruits are pre-wash, trim from fallen and damaged places, remove seed boxes, "tails" from fruit. Sweep the apples, chop finely, drive into a mortar or grind a blender.
  2. The resulting cleaner shifting into an enameled or glass pan, sprinkle with sugar sand and pour hot (but not boiling) with water so that the liquid is higher than the level of apples by 3-4 cm.
  3. To transfer the vessel to the dark warm place and leave for two weeks. You need to mix the mass several times a day.

Attention! The optimal temperature for fermentation is 25-27 degrees.

  1. After the specified time, strain the liquid through a gauze folded in several layers, and pour into banks.

Attention! No need to fill the glass container to the top, as during fermentation the water will rise.

  1. After 14 days, natural vinegar is fully ready. It will remain gently pouring a product on a bottle, without scolding the fluid itself and the precipitate, which can also be strained separately through the gauze and add in the container. Tar was tightly closed with traffic jams or clog paraffin and store in a dark cool place with a constant temperature.
Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar

Apple Vinegar by Jarvis Recipe

Medica Jarvis developed his own recipe for the manufacture of apple vinegar, in which the beneficial properties of fruits are not only persisted, but also prove. This recipe is a bit more complicated and more than the previous one, but the finished product is much more tastier, more useful and better.


  • Apples - 1 kg
  • Honey - 100 g
  • Yeast - 10 g
  • Rye bread - 20 g
  • Water.

Attention! The amount of water is calculated on the basis of the fact that 800 grams of apple cashem will need 1 liter of fluid.

How to make apple vinegar at home:

  1. Ripe fruits, cropped from rot and worms, grate on a large grater or skip through a meat grinder along with the leather and seeds.
  2. The resulting apple cashet is shifted into an enameled pan, a clay pot or glass container and pour warm water. Add the following ingredients to the mixture: honey or sugar sand, bread yeast, stale bread. (When you mix the apple mass and water is obtained about 1.8-1.9 liters of the mixture, you need to add 100 g of honey, 10 g of yeast and 20 g of rye bread for each liter, that is, honey 180-190 g, yeast 18-19 G, bread - 36) These components will help speed up the fermentation process.
  3. Cover the ass with an apple mass with a napkin and put in a dark and very warm place. To withstand a mixture of 10 days, stirring several times a day with a wooden spoon.
  4. After the specified period of time, the workpiece strain, weigh and pour into clean dry bottles. For each liter of the finished product, add another 100 grams of honey or sugar-sand. After that, mix the contents well, cover the gauze and leave it warm for subsequent fermentation. It will take 40-50 days for this.

Attention! As soon as bubbles stop appearing on the surface, the drink will be transparent and formed on the bottom of the dense sediment, the product can be filtered and overflow into the clean container.

The fortress of such vinegar is 4-5%. At the same time, the home product is mild, pleasant to taste, saturated, spicy and fragrant. It can be used not only for medicinal purposes, but also as refueling for salads, cosmetology.

Rye bread

Rye bread

Natural vinegar without sugar

You can prepare natural vinegar using for this minimum ingredients. It will take for this:

The process of cooking natural vinegar Next:

  1. Ripe apples cut into large slices and leave in light to darkening. After that, squeeze juice from fruits.
  2. The resulting drink is pouring into a glass or clay container. On the neck of the vessel to wear a rubber glove. To transfer the container to the dark enough warm place. During the first 10-14 days from the beginning of fermentation, the neck glove will be inflated, and when it turns into a "ball", you need to fill the liquid with a vinegar uterus formed on the surface to a wide pan, filling the capacity of no more than 2/3 volumes.

Attention! The fermentation process will be faster if you increase the area of ​​contact with the apple juice with air.

  1. Cover the container with a juice with a napkin and leave for 40-60 days.
  2. When the liquid ceases to spill and become transparent, the fermentation process is completed and the finished product needs to be strain, and after - pour bottles.

It is important to know that vinegar over time becomes even more useful. At the same time, a few months at the bottom of the bottles formed an orange sediment. For subsequent use, the product needs to be filtered. Store acid in a dark bottle with a hermetic lid in an inaccessible place for children.

Apple Vinegar: Comfortable Recipe

To prepare a natural apple vinegar with your own hands without having trouble and extra time and effort will be required to take:

  • Apples - 2 kg
  • Purified water - 2 l
  • Sugar sand - 260 g
Product of cooking

Product and result

  1. Apples are well wash and dry.
  2. Pour the fruits into the glass container, pour water and fall asleep with sugar sand. Shake the workpiece. Close the neck tara cotton towel, secure the design with rubber band.
  3. Leave banks in this form in the warm dark room for 3 months. Periodically, the contents of the vessel stir.
  4. When apples are on the bottom, the sharp smell will disappear and the fluid will become transparent - natural home product is ready.
  5. Strain vinegar over a towel and pour clean dry bottles. To hermetically close the container traffic jams.

Apple Vinegar

For the preparation of vinegar from apples on this recipe as the basis, both solid ripe fruits of acid varieties and cakes remaining from fruit processed on juice are suitable.


  • Water - 1 l
  • Apples - 1 kg
  • Sugar sand - 150 g
  • Apple or table vinegar - 100 g

Attention! Instead of vinegar, you can also use the umbrella from the previously cooked home product.

The order of cooking a natural "elixir" is as follows:

  1. Apples rinse, dry, trim from akin to seats and cores. Fold the slices of fruits into the jar, filling the tank half.
  2. To supplement the container to the level of "shoulders" with cold water, in which sugar sand or honey is pre-dissolved.
  3. Leave the vessel at room temperature for 10 days, groaning gauze from entering insects.
  4. After the specified time, the fluid to strain and mix with vinegar.
  5. To withstand the workpiece for another month in a warm place.

Attention! If the apartment is cool, then the fermentation process can delay for 2-3 months.

  1. The finished product strain several times through gauze and send it to storage in the coolness.

Apple juice vinegar

Cooking at home apple vinegar on this recipe, you can get a truly useful and delicious product at the output. The fluid with an acidic taste is suitable as an ingredient for preservation of vegetables and fruits, refueling for salads or a healing agent to help normalize intestinal operation, acid-alkaline balance, improving overall health and mood.

The juice

The juice


  • Apples - 2 kg
  • Yeast - ¼ ChL
  • Sugar sand - 1 tsp.

The cooking process is as follows:

  1. Apples wash, wipe, trim with fruits fugged areas, remove seed boxes. Squeeze with fruit juice. Pour a drink into a clean sterile jar.
  2. The yeast is mixed with sugar sand and breed in a small amount of warm water. When the resulting opara dodges a "foam cap", pour it into a vessel with juice.

Attention! To accelerate the fermentation process, you can put in the container yet the crust of black bread.

  1. On the neck of the banks to wear a medical glove so that the air does not get inside. In the process of fermentation, carbon dioxide will fill the glove and, if it breaks, it will be necessary to take a new one.
  2. Thus, the juice must wander 4 weeks while fruit sugar completely turn into alcohol. The result will be a drink that resembles a young wine. And in order to recycle the product in vinegar, you need to leave the liquid to roam further, but already in the open form. For this, the contents of banks must be pouring into a saucepan, close the cloth and leave in a warm place for 1.5-2 months.
  3. As soon as the unpleasant odor disappears, the vinegar is ready. The liquid will need to be filtered and pouring over sterile bottles.

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