Is it possible to define virginity?

Is it possible to define virginity?
In most countries of the world, it is still completely legal And even something like the norms that doctors perform a test of virgin splava as evidence of virginity. But can a gynecologist identify virginity for such a sign?

In most countries of the world, it is still completely legal And even something like the norms that doctors perform a test of virgin splava as evidence of virginity. But can a gynecologist identify virginity for such a sign?

Is it possible to define virginity?
Is it possible to define virginity?

Maria Vavilova (the name was changed) does not remember the face of his pediatrician, but she remembers the ceiling in his office. It was covered with a large tile, probably of a foam or cork board. Each tile was big and rectangular, with a grayish-white color.

With six to 13 years old, Mary looked at him for a long time. Once a year, for the endless two minutes, she forced himself to focus on these tiles immediately after her doctor repeated the familiar phrase:

"And now I have to check your virgin splas."

Mary is now 37 years old, but verification of virgin splava, as evidence of virginity, are still taking place in Russia, the United States and many other countries of the world. It cannot be said with one hundred percent accuracy, as far as they are common, as they are usually requested confidential between parents and a doctor. Therefore, it is difficult to quantify their prevalence, but a small study conducted in 2017 showed that Of the 288 surveyed American obstetricians and gynecologists, 45 (16%) at least once asked to perform a test for virginity or "restoration" of virginity. And thirteen of those doctors fulfilled the request.

Maria, a resident of Yekaterinburg, remembers that the check was "as a clumsy palpation." She never knew why she happened - her doctor never explained it to her. She did not even understand that it was abnormally, while many years later did not speak with friends from the university. In terms of expressing their persons, everything became clear. When she shared his story, I immediately understood that this should not happen.

At first she suggested that her doctor was a pervert. But then, after the Ti rapper reported that he forces his daughter to check her virgin pickles every year to prove that she was a virgin, Mary had to reconsider the causes of these inspections and their meaning.

"I realized that my mother must have requested doctors, if I was a virgin," says Masha. She does not know for sure - her relationship with the mother is quite tense. But for strictly conservative Christians, it is her mother, obsession with virginity seems very likely.

Mother's concern about the issue of virginity Mary began when she was six years old, and continued until she was a teenager. One night, she pulled out Masha from bed among the night to ask if she had sex. She was so obsessed so that her daughter was not having sex with men, which did not even realize that her daughter was actually a lesbian.

Despite the many years of research, which dispel the long-time MiF of the virgin Plev - that it is destroyed after the first penetration into the vagina, the power of this myth is still discouraged.

This myth has been preserved even after the 1906 study showed that the Great Piece of the Sex industry workers still did not suffer - although this was enough to be enough for the debate of the myth. The same thing was to do a study of 2004, in which 36 pregnant women were studied, 34 of which still had an intact virgin splas. Nevertheless, the myth is so harvest that people will rather believe in a virgin pregnancy than in facts.

The virgin pellery, the fold of the membrane at the vaginal opening, varies significantly from a woman to a woman. In some women, the virgin pyroney looks like a ring, in others - in the form of a crescent. Some women have several holes, cuts or clefts in their virgin pickle, there are no virgin splas at all.

In a conversation on TED called "virgin fraud", Nina Dolvik Brochmann and Ellen Stekken Dal describe that the virgin pole is more like a hair gum than on a hole:

"She is very elastic - many women have so elastic that is not damaged during intercourse."

The perforation of virgin splava is not a sign of sexual activity, and the accompanying assumption that the virgin woman will bleed at the first sexual contact, is not much more than just folklore.

Nevertheless, every year, women are exposed to the "restoration" of their virgin splava. And tens of thousands of women annually order kits for the "restoration of virgin splava".

Fake virgin Piece is placed in the vagina in front of the sexual act and splashes blood during it.

The German company Virginiacare sells thousands of similar sets to various countries every year. Many of their customers say that they need an artificial virgin glue to protect themselves. Sometimes a virgin woman, but want to be confident that in the wedding night they will bleed, fearing the consequences. Often their partners know that the woman plans to use fake blood, but such a trick they need to deceive parents who check the sheets of their children after the marriage night.

"Many girls tell us:" My husband knows that I am going to use an artificial spray, but we just have to be sure that after the marriage night there will be blood, "explains Daniela Lindeman, a representative of Virginiacare.

Virginiacare understands that neither the blood nor the Piere point to the virginity of the woman, but do not feel a moral obligation not to produce. Lindeman says that the myth of virginity perpetuates only the fact that people themselves want to believe in him.

"The myth that you need to be a virgin, and that you must confirm this in this way there are about 2000 years. People will not throw him out of their heads for a long time. "She says.

To the question, whether they feel in Virginiacare responsibility that they help perpetuate a lie, Lindeman replies that they only provide a service: "We are just trying to help in any way and care about these girls or women. In the end, sometimes we save their lives, "she said.

Dr. Jennifer Günther, Gynecologist and the author of the book "The Vagina Book. The main book for those who have this body, "says that Patriarchate appreciates women on biological standards that are not allowed. This system, she approves, need to "celebrate" a woman as a man's property and keep it in fear instead of enjoying sex.

A systematic review of virgin splava inspections summarized an incredibly harmful effect of such practice. In one case, the tests were broken after she "failed" test. In another, such an inspection led to suicide. Women shout, cry and fall into fainting during these checks and report hate to themselves and loss of self-esteem after them. One fear of the inspection itself can have catastrophic consequences.

Tatiana Vasina (name changed), 20 years old, from St. Petersburg, almost every year before its departure from the parental house threatened the test of virgin splava. It was a special source of terror for her, because she was sexually violent from his brother's friend when she was small.

"I was worried that I would have problems because I am not to blame. I felt that there was no one near anyone who could help me that I was ashamed for what happened to me, "she said during a telephone interview.

In addition, it turned out that her parents knew about the ill-treatment, and still continued to check the virginity to make sure that she never felt comfortable enough to have sex under the roof of their house.

"They told me that the doctor would check my vagina to find out, I had sex or not. It scarecrow me, "says Tatiana.

This was enough to leave the house at the age of 16, but the moral injury had long-term consequences. Perhaps, contrary to the fact that her parents assumed, it made her appreciate her body less, and not more.

Medicine is a profession, such a vulnerable to dogma, like any other, especially due to the continued impact of obsolete medical texts and research, which historically focused on older men.

In order to change the medical culture, you need to fight more with sexism. "You must remember that doctors are part of society - they are all susceptible to prejudice and religious beliefs, like ordinary people," says Jennifer Gunter.

In other words: medical degree is not a guarantee from the doctor's ignorance.

When Jennifer studied at a medical school, about the virgin spray, not to mention the social myths around the virginity, who surrounded it, almost did not speak. When such discussions arose, this topic was considered only from a male point of view. Women doctors surrounded by men and the same "purity principles", felt uncomfortable: "We were taught that when women were having sex for the first time they should be hurt, they should bleed. Many at this point thought - this is not what happened to me - but could not say about it. Until recently, it was just not possible to talk about the vagina and sex, "she says.

Currently, the examination of the virgin splava is not considered medical negligence - In fact, it is absolutely legal. But one Assembly in New York plans to change the situation by changing the law.

The draft law Michael Solajes hopes to fully bring the question from the management of doctors. If the law is adopted, it guarantees that testing of virginity will be prohibited that any health care worker faces the loss of license, and that if the examination is carried out in the US, whether it is inside or outside the medical office, it should be considered as sexual encroachment.

"This is an aggressive law, because, as a modern society, we cannot endure such abuse.," Says Solajes in a telephone interview. She claims that the power doctor has over his patients, plus the fact that the survey is not relevant its goal is direct evidence that the procedure is offensive.

At the same time, there is a clear double standard: for men there are no tests for virginity. While Maria and Tatyana were brought up by their parents who were concerned about their daughters, for their brothers, no definition of virginity was conducted for their brothers.

In addition, instead of encouraging women to be cruel defenders of their body, "Virginity checking is subject to their danger when it comes to later sexual violence.

Tatiana took years so that she just began to consider himself a full-fledged person. "Such an appeal contributes to the fact that someone can control you, inspiring that it is normal, and you cannot do your own choice, because everything has already been decided for you," she says.

To the question that she advises those parents who think to check the virginity of their daughter, she replies:

"I would say, please spend your research. But know that you can destroy your child's life instead of protecting it. "
Is it possible to define virginity?
Is it possible to define virginity?

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In the modern world, it becomes less and less guys who really relate to the issue of virginity. A small part of a strong floor prefers to choose the only one that will be with him forever. Therefore, it is important for them that the girl was innocent. But the prevailing number of girls has lost such dignity. Often, guys before the first sexual act, it is necessary to know whether the girl is a virgin.

Misconceptions and myths about virginity

For a long time, different myths have rooted in the cultures of many nations. Most men are relying It is on typical information that allegedly helps to distinguish a virgin.

  1. The most common feature is bleeding at the first act . Thus, men define the innocence of the girl. These prejudices are stored to this day. Blood should be in the first wedding night on sheet. But this fact is not fully justified. With a gentle and neat sexual act, blood may appear in a minimal amount, and there is no no reason. Therefore, this definition of virginity is not accurate and much should not rely on this factor.
  2. The second erroneous fact is to spoil the virgin splava without any difficulty. . Some argue that the splas can be found with the naked eye. This is not true! Detect and add a virgin spruce can only an experienced gynecologist. But without proper equipment and it is not capable of performing such a task. Some people think that Phews is a kind of film. But from a medical point of view, a certain narrowing is considered. Again, such a narrowing can be varied depending on the human body. Each girl of the Pure has different: dense, fleshy, thin or elastic. There were rare phenomena when the virgin Piered was broken only during childbirth. Therefore, it all depends on the individual qualities of the genital organs of the girl.
  3. Another famous error is a behavioral character. Before first time, the virginity is determined. Perhaps earlier it acted, but modern women are able to mislead. Some girls can simulate pain, fear and even cause bleeding. In addition, medicine does not lag behind modernity, and for a certain amount you can make a virgin splas. The couple in love behaves differently. A shy girl in a rustling of passion is able to behave absolutely relaxed. Although this is not a completely myth. Still, most girls behave unusually and fearfully.

It is important to understand that the character and physiology of the girl is individual.

Purity genetics. Many guys are confident that every man who visited the lover

Methods for determining innocence

These main tips do not act on the entire weak floor due to their diverse nature, but nevertheless they can help. Methods for which innocence can be defined:

  1. Communication . During communication, you can determine the presence of virginity, but in the event that the guy is smart. Some of the female half during intimate conversations behaves extremely closed. They begin to blush and be silent more than speak. Such questions cannot be fully discussed. But this is most likely concerning educated personalities. It is also worth remembering that not every girl is a modest, even if she is innocent. As stated: the manner of communication can only give the girl who has excellent upbringing.
  2. Friends . No one can know enough information as friends partners. You need to recognize the necessary information only from your loved ones. They willingly tell about it if they consider it necessary.
  3. Direct conversation . To find out the information to accurately, you can plant a lover in front of yourself and directly ask: are you a virgin? If the relationship is trusted, then half will definitely reveal and give all the answers to the questions. Some virgins may not tell the truth, in view of the fact that they are in some extent they shame, especially those in 20 years. Therefore, the answer may be slippery and vague. The smart guy will immediately understand the essence of what is happening.
  4. Nama . During the touchs, the kisses and marins of the second half will begin to change in behavior, especially when these hints are persistent. It becomes coward, because for her such an event happens for the first time.
  5. Invitation home . If you invite a girl home, in a more comfortable and cozy atmosphere, it will help identify virginity. If she is not ready, he will refuse or come with a kind of fright, because it is aware of the intention of the guy and all the intimacy of the situation. If half earlier admitted to himself closely and allowed to touch his body, then in such a situation it will begin to be awkwardness and shyness. If the girl starts to stop a man, then this is a clear sign of virginity. Although it is not always worth relying on this factor.
  6. Suddenness . If there is a great attraction in relation to each other, and they last a very long time, and some points do not cause constraints, then one great moment should be insistently asking about love proximity. In such a sudden situation, the girl will not be able to come up with excuses. She immediately confesses his innocence. Perhaps this is the most reliable and proven way to get accurate information.


Other councils

It is worth noting that these recommendations are valid only on educated girls. Which are not used to lying and in nature - timid and kind.

Modern guys must understand That the virgin is difficult to detect among a large number of girls. Each woman has its own character: shy or liberated. If the desire to find out such information is overcome, then only a doctor will help in this issue that will hold a medical examination. It is a gynecologist who can present accurate information. But as they say: the trust is the key to successful relationships, Therefore, it is best not to be shy , and sincerely talk to your half on this topic.


How can I find out, a virgin girl or not? Tips and recommendations you will find in this video.

Loss of virginity - this question is interested in many, and many all sorts of myths and fears are spinning around it. Having tried to take advantage of the use of hygiene as tampons, or when sexual contact with a young man, many girls wonder how to check virginity at home?

How to determine the girl, did she lose virginity?

If the girl had such a question, it means that there were certain reasons. And here let's stop a little more detail.

Why maybe such interest in the virgin peg may appear:

  • Perhaps there was first sexual contact, during which the girl did not feel a strong pain and bleeding did not appear;
  • Vaginal caresses using any toys or just a partner's finger, which could lead to the rupture of the splava;
  • Masturbation, especially if various sexy toys were used in its course;
  • Using a large tampon.

Let's now in order. If the girl had the first sexual contact, while she did not feel pain, there was no bloody discharge in addition, this does not mean that the virginity was able to save. In fact, this process is very individual, and every girl he may be accompanied by different sensations.

One is alone very thin and plastic, so in the course of sexual contact, even the first, the girl does not feel pain. This is usually observed in those who are engaged in gymnastics, girls with a neat figure. Moreover, the complete loss of virginity can only be observed after the first birth. Before that, during the sex contacts, it will simply stretch.

Another fact is sometimes there are girls who have an innate absence of the splava. And in some it is undeveloped, in this case, it is possible to detect this spool only on a gynecological chair. In such situations, the gap of virgin splava can be carried out far from the first attempt, so the girl may experience discomfort and painful sensations during subsequent sexual contacts.

I know such a case, therefore I wrote. The girl went on a bike, which did not have a saddle, standing on the pedals. At the time of falling the pipe from the frame of the bike has pleased the place. Came in tears to mom. Mom looked, but everything walked around, Pure was just a little suffered, but survived.

If the girl really has pain, then it is better to seek help to the gynecologist. With independent attempts to break the spruce, severe consequences may appear, such as the crust of the perineum.

Frequently quite often, the representatives of weak gender refuse to use tampons, as there is a myth that when they are used, you can lose your virginity.

However, this is just a myth, and in fact, in most, it is in essence, it is impossible. And the fact is that the virgin Piece is like a circle of the vagina and it has a hole through which the selection is released during menstruation.

Using the tampons of suitable sizes, the virgin plees will remain safe and preservation. But even if you suddenly choose not quite a suitable tampax size, most likely you will not be able to simply enter into the vagina to the desired depth, as it will bring discomfort and maybe even pain. Therefore, if you experience it in the process of introducing a tampon, it is better to choose a more appropriate option and the size of this hygiene.

As for masturbation, during this occupation it is quite possible to damage the splas, but only if sexy toys, dildos or other foreign objects were used to penetrate the vagina. If we are talking about masturbation with the caress of the clitoris, then it is impossible to damage the spray.

Video "How do gynecologists check girls for virginity?"

An indicative video that will help you understand how doctors gynecologists check girls for innocence. This will tell you a gynecologist.

How to be if you define virginity fails?

If, after reading above, you still have some concerns or doubts about your virginity, then the best option for you will appeal to the doctor. After all, only a professional gynecologist will be able to accurately answer the question, the virgin you or not, and only after inspecting the gynecological chair.

Make it yourself. You can hardly succeed, even if you fall opposite the mirror, put your legs wide and try to try something there. Such actions you can only harm your body.

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So do not be afraid to turn to the doctor once again, especially if you already live in sex, then it is necessary to do this anyway. This will help you make sure of your own health, and get all the necessary information.

How to check the girl on virginity?

Girls, in whose lives have never been sex, usually live in captivity of illusions. And not just so some men try to avoid virgins, since their behavior is very often quite unexpected and unpredictable. Hormones, age, immaturity - too much cockroaches in the head and incomprehensible reaction. All this sometimes repels men.

Therefore, the question of how to check the girl on virginity is relevant for both strong sex. And if men are bothering mostly only before his first sexual experience, then girls are interested in this after various life adventures that could lead to the loss of that very dignity.

Today I offer you several methods that if you won't give you a 100% answer as an inspection of a gynecologist, then at least let you go to the truth about the virgin girl or not.

Wild tree

Pasting finger

Of course, before doing something and check, think about several times, but is it worth the skyrclical skin, and so if you need to know your girlfriend's virgin or not.

The fact is that the girl who has never had sex to you, may well live without a virgin spray. This may be observed both due to the natural absence of this Plus, and because of any medical invasion. Moreover, even if its virgin regime, it does not mean that there were no men in her life, as she could practice oral or anal sex with many men.

So if you learn about the integrity of her splas, it does not mean that you will learn about her all the truth.

Some think that the Great Piece is the likeness of the film, which is located at the entrance to the vagina. In fact, it is simply a certain narrowing of the flesh in the inlet of the vagina.

And this narrowing can be very elastic and can stretch. Or maybe, on the contrary, it will be so dense that it will be possible to deprive the girl's virginity from the first time. Moreover, there are cases when to rupture this flesh, you need to contact the doctor so that it makes it mechanically, as if a mini-operation, since sometimes the Pure can be too dense and fleshy.


And there are cases when even with regular sexual life of the Pure, it does not break up until the first natural genera comes. So even in this matter is a female body full of riddles.

Assessment of the behavior of the girl

The second way to learn about the virginity of the girl is to follow her behavior, especially when the first sexual act with it. But this is only belief, myth, delusion that is unlikely to tell you the truth.

If the girl has long lost his virginity and has a pretty good sexual experience, then believe me, it will easily catch you on the hook and confuse. She knows a lot of loopholes that will help you convince you that she is really innocent. It can professionally simulate pain, discomfort and fear that you will immediately believe that she is a virgin.

A loving girl who really for the first time in his life will be in contact with a man, on the contrary, can behave very boldly and relaxed, as he wants to give pleasure to his beloved and get him instead of him.

So do not need to rely on this method. Again, the girls are very cunning and mysterious creatures, to solve which there is still no psychologist or psychotherapist, so you can hardly do it.

If the question of innocence is worried about the girl, it is better, safer and easier to apply for help to a professional gynecologist, to accurately and for sure to learn the truth after inspection.

And how old was the girl?

Sometimes the guys themselves ask the girl to visit the gynecologist to personally hear the verdict from the doctor. But most often, such a relationship does not lead to anything good, since there is no distinction in their start.

So it is better not to guess on the coffee grounds, and go immediately to the gynecologist. And if you are a man, then trust your partner, well, or look for another partner, which you will be trusted, and which you will love even if she has already had anyone before you!

Video "10 myths about virginity"

A very interesting video that will tell you 10 myths about virginity in which you should not believe.

Unfortunately, gynecological diseases have recently "younger". Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the inspection of the gynecologist of children. Such a procedure is necessary primarily for the girl in order to identify the "female" disease on time and begin adequate treatment. Children's gynecologists today work almost with each polyclinic.

How do gynecologists check girls? How to prepare for the procedure? What should parents know? What questions and procedures will come to the child? Is it possible to refuse them? We will answer all these questions further.

Rights of the child and parents

How do gynecologists check girls? Important features of the procedure can be found from the order of the Ministry of Health No. 1346N (2012) "On the procedure for passing minors of medical examinations":

  • The official document says that the reception at the children's gynecologist is recommended during certain periods of life, but the parents of the girl have the full right to refuse him.
  • Thus, in the framework of preventive medical examinations, the reception at the obstetrician-gynecologist at 3, 7, 12, 14 years is recommended and then annually. As for the decoration of the child to a new educational institution, there is always an inspection of the gynecologist.
  • But parents must remember that the examination of their child in the gynecologist is possible only with their consent confirmed by documented. It is impossible to refuse medical intervention only when the child suffers from dangerous to society of diseases, or his life threatens a danger.
  • The parents have the right to prohibit the examination of the child with a gynecologist in the framework of the preventive medical examination. However, this may follow the refusal to visit, enter into an educational institution within the framework of the Federal Law "On Education".
  • It is important to note that the child under 15 should be examined by a gynecologist only in the presence of parents or guardians.
  • The child must only examine the children's gynecologist. The direction of the girl under 16 years old in adult female consultation illegally.
10 years 12 was.

When to plan the first visit?

Experts say that the first examination of the girl in the gynecologist should be carried out after the start of the first menstruation. Since the organisms are individual, then it is impossible to name the total age. Someone is 10 years old, and someone has 15. After the girl has a menstrual cycle, it should get used to the fact that the preventive visit to the gynecologist should be planned at least once a year.

If the girl is concerned about the problem from the urogenital system, then, of course, write a child to the reception to the gynecologist at any age.

How is the reception?

Girls and their parents concern how the virgin inspection takes the gynecologist. As a rule, if the procedure is performed a competent specialist, it does not cause discomfort. But psychological training of the girl is important: Mom must explain why it is important to honestly respond to the doctor for "uncomfortable questions", why for inspection you need to remove underwear why these procedures are necessary for health.

An inspection of the virgin at the gynecologist begins with a survey of the patient about her health. If the girl appealed to the complaint, then a visual inspection of the genitals, the mammary glands is carried out. The doctor can press a little on the chest to make sure that there are no seals, on the bottom of the abdomen to check the state of the uterus and ovaries.

In general, she was still a child. And so such inspections, it seems to me, it is better to carry out a gynecologist, especially if an older girl.

Is the examination of the virgins?

How do gynecologists check girls? In some cases, you need to check the elasticity of the vagina. This is done through the rear pass. The procedure is unpleasant, even painful. Therefore, it is carried out with respect to children only in case there is a suspicion of the development of the disease.

An inspection of the virgin in the gynecologist often passes in the medical commission. This may require an additional procedure - take a smear. For this, a specialist takes a long cotton wand, gently spends it on the mucous membrane of the vagina. The assembled material is sent to the analysis in the laboratory.

How in school gynecologists check girls? Often the procedure comes down to one polling one. The girl needs to answer, whether her menstruation began, when there were last discharge, what is the frequency of menstruation, their intensity. Questions are simple, but so that they do not confuse the child, you still need to prepare the answers in advance with mom.


Gynecologist checks virginity or not?

How does the gynecologist check girls for virginity? Unfortunately, fear and girls, even adult women in front of the gynecologist's office are primarily connected with the fact that a foreign person must be devoted to the details of an intimate life. Girls are shy like the fact that they are virgin and the fact that they live in sex. Here, again, the conversation with Mom is very important.

It is necessary to convey to the child that the gynecologist checks no virginity, but the state of the reproductive system. Specifying questions about sexual life are needed here in order to prevent health problems in time. For example, if the girl has a latency of menstruation, and she lives sex life, it can talk about the start of pregnancy. While the virgin the reason may be in another problem.

About the state of virgin splava

How do you check the virgin splas? Some special procedures are not produced. The girl is enough to say that she does not live sex life. According to the external state of the genital organs, the vagina will not determine the specialist, whether the girl is a virgin. If, of course, there are no bruises, bruises, scars, abrasions, which is already evidenced by the violent sexual act.

The "Virgin Piece" itself is a rather controversial confirmation of virginity. In people who are far from gynecology, there is a presentation that this is a solid film that "blows" input into the vagina. In fact, the Purea can be porous, "holey", visually be almost imperceptible. And all this is natural, and does not testify to the beginning of sexual life.


Why is the inspection of virgins other?

The reception of the virgin in the gynecologist is more careful and careful because the specialist is afraid of "breaking" to the spray, but because the doctor understands how uncomfortable, painful procedure for inspection of the vagina for a girl who does not live sex life.

Itself, this fold of the fabric, referred to as the virgin mold, is quite elastic. With a careful inspection, the doctor of the vagina is pretty difficult to "break". By the way, therefore, it is not always a Pure, it is damaged at the sexual act, because of which it cannot be considered a confirmation of virginity (that is, the fact that a person does not live in sexual life).

Mom needs to tell her daughter as a gynecologist checks virgins. And, of course, choose a competent specialist for inspecting your child. Since the fear of the gynecologist's office often occurs because of the unprofessionalism of individual doctors, their careless attitude towards the patient.

If a girl behaves sex?

We have already noted that the integrity of the virgin splava is a rather controversial proof of the absence of sexual life. It is not always that its presence proves that the girl did not have sexual partners. And not always damaged or missing Peps speaks of the beginning of sex life. Therefore, the gynecologist is primarily oriented towards the patient's words.

And here again, it is important to promote parents. The girl should not be afraid to tell mom or gynecologist about the beginning of sex life. And this is possible if she feels that she will be supported, they will answer anxious questions, and they will not scold, shame, frighten the consequences. It is important to parents that the child trust them: the faster to turn to a specialist about the problems in the intimate sphere, the sooner the necessary assistance will be obtained.

It is important and choose a responsible specialist. It is no secret that there are incompetent gynecologists that condemn, and sometimes humiliate young patients for previously the beginning of sex life. And this is fraught with the fact that in the future the girl will pull with the appeal to the gynecologist about an important problem, which will turn seriously, and sometimes irreversible consequences for her health. Therefore, to the choice of the first gynecologist for a teenager with a very varying psyche, parents must come true very responsibly.

6 years ago

Inspection of the native girl

If a teenage girl told his mother that he was having sex, then it was necessary to plan a visit to the gynecologist. It is important to convey to the daughter correctly that adult life involves responsibility for their actions. Sex life requires careful monitoring of health. Therefore, visits to the gynecologist are needed - in order to diagnose an anomaly, an infection, pathology at an early stage.

Inspection of a girl living in a sex life, a little different from the examination of the virgin. It also begins with a patient's survey about her health. Additionally, the doctor will ask the question whether the girl lives sex life, whether the means of contraception uses.

Differences and inspection. If the examination of the virgins is visual, palpation of the abdomen and the mammary glands, then the inspection will be instrumental here. In the vagina, a 2-3 cm girl is introduced a small device with a mirror, somewhat expanding it. With it, the doctor can examine the walls of the vagina, the cervix. On time to notice their pathological changes. The procedure is painless, but rather unpleasant.

It's impossible . She is in girls at different depths, there is no single rule. For this you need to refer to the doctor a gynecologist. Only after the examination, the doctor can determine whether it remains or not.

Why these questions?

It is important for parents to convey to the daughter that questions about intimate life, the number of sexual partners are not asked to make the patient awkward. If the girl appeared, the sexual partner has changed, and the contraceptives were not used, there is a risk of not only unwanted pregnancy, but also infectious infection. Therefore, it will be issued directions for tests.

These laboratory studies are important in that it is helping to identify sex infection even at the earliest stage of development. When the disease can be cured at that stage, it will not cause significant harm to the body.

Gynecologist and parents

Many people know such a concept as "medical mystery." Is the gynecologist obliged to inform the parents of the girl the fact that she is not a virgin? Yes, if the patient is less than 15 years old. If the girl is older, then at her request, the doctor should not disclose the secret. However, there is an exception: if the gynecologist suspects that sexual intercourse against the patient was violent, he is obliged to tell her parents.

Attending the gynecologist, a child may without consent that parents. Exception is only interruption of pregnancy. If a girl is less than 18 years old, written consent to the abortion of parents is required. Otherwise, he will be considered criminal and persecuted by law.


Now you know how gynecologists check girls. If this procedure is performed by a competent specialist, it is not at all traumating for the child. But it is important that the parents manage to correctly prepare a girl to her psychologically.

I am a virgin, I go to the gynecologist ...

How to pass the gynecologist to virgins, what does the doctor do on the inspection and can the gynecologist determine, the virgin girl or not? These and other topical questions about how they look at the gynecological examination of patients who do not live sex life and whether it is necessary to be afraid to go to the reception, if at 14 or 15 - 16 years already "not a girl", consider in this article. So in order.

For a start, several myths about the examination of virgins "on gynecology":

  1. "The virgins do not need to visit the gynecologist."
  2. It is not true. Modern medicine recommends that virgin girls go to the gynecologist with a prophylactic goal after the first menstruation, because there are a number of diseases that can occur in the age group of 12-13-14 years, and which in the early stages are relatively easy to succumb to therapy. First of all, the reason to go a doctor and go through the gynecological examination of the virgin should be able to clarify the state of the pleus (its type, structure, the lack of congenital anomalies, which can create problems for health and the beginning of sexual life).
  3. "With sexual games, I do not allow the entry of a member to the vagina, therefore neither pregnancy, nor infection impossible."
  4. As a result of intimate caress with the contact of the genital organs, as well as after the first full sexual contact, pregnancy and STIs are impossible - a myth. Pregnancy is possible with any unprotected sex certificate, even if he was the very first in your life, or you are actively engaged in petting or mutual masturbation with subsequent ejaculation from your MCH. If this happens not far from the genitals, the conception is not excluded. That this does not happen, even in such situations it is worth using contraceptive means. Also, various infections or condylomas / papillomas of intimate places among girls are not at all uncommon ...

"An inspection of a virgin at the gynecologist is always painful!"

This is an incorrect opinion. An unpleasant feeling when passing a gynecological examination of a girl with a whole flesh is no more than a woman who lives sex. First of all, it largely depends on a specialist conducting medical manipulations on the chair. If you encountered such a problem or fear for possible discomfort - please contact the gynecologist in our paid clinic. The delicacy of the doctor and the patient's comfort is guaranteed!

"If you do not live sex, a virgin to go to the doctor for up to 25 years old do not need."


According to generally accepted standards, the gynecological examination of the virgins should be held 1 time per year, and the first trip to the gynecologist is better planning for 15-16 years, and after reaching 18 years old - it is necessary to examine twice a year. This is in the absence of complaints and risk factors. If there are symptoms or health problems - the frequency of visits is needed.

Preparation for inspection on the chair

⚠ The girl is not worthwhile to go to the doctor during menstruation, as it will prevent a specialist to fully inspect it and get the necessary information. An exception may be if the monthly is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, very abundant or long, came earlier or later. In this case, a visit to the doctor must be mandatory. In other situations, go to the gynecologist better after 2-5 days after the end of the monthly.

⚠ Before going to the clinic, you need to take a shower and wear fresh underwear. At the same time, it is not necessary to actively fold, otherwise the doctor will not be able to assess the state of the vaginal microflora. It is strictly not necessary to drain, as well as using special intimate perfumes or toilet water.

⚠ During the day or two to a campaign to a doctor, you need to abandon the use of therapeutic candles or sprays. If it was treatment with antibiotics, then visit the doctor will be 7-10 days after the end of the course.

⚠ As for shaving hair in the crotch, this procedure is not mandatory. However, everyone knows that a short haircut or epilation of a deep bikini zone provides better maintenance of purity in this area. Before entering the observation office, it is very important to empty not only the bladder, but also the intestines, since the gynecologist checks virgins through the rear pass.

How is the examination of the virgin at the gynecologist

The virgin at the reception in the gynecologist, especially for the first time, it can be quite naturally to experience certain psychological discomfort. After all, everything unknown causes fear, especially if it concerns such a delicate situation. Most often, young patients are interested in the following questions, for example, as a gynecologist inspects a virgin, what makes the smear take and whether the doctor can determine that I'm already "not a girl"? Let's try to tell about all these nuances.

The test of the virgin gynecologist on the medical examination is approximately the same algorithm as the rest of women. Alternatively, only inspection on the gynecological chair is carried out. In general, the medical examination consists of several consecutive steps.

☛ Interview.

Preliminary conversation, clarification of complaints, previously transferred diseases, lifestyle, features of the menstrual function, features of sexual status (girl is a 100% virgin or admitting the form of intimate proximity, excluding penetration into the vagina and damage to the Hymen).

☛ General status. As a rule, it is to familiarize themselves with the type of physique, the distribution of subcutaneous fatty fiber, character and degree of exhaustion and its compliance with the age norm. Growth and weight can be measured, the inspection of the mammary glands and thyroid glands.

☛ Inspection of external genital organs.

This and subsequent stages of the gynecological examination are held on a special medical device - so-called. "Chair". It can be distinguished in the functioning and convenience for the patient, depending on the manufacturer and institution (women's consultation or private clinic). Regardless of the design features, it is easy to sit down on the gynecological chair (see the photo below). The gynecologist examines a virgin in sterile gloves, paying attention to the correct structure of external genitals, degree of collapse, the presence of redness of the mucous membrane and the presence of discharge and extraneous formations in the anogenital zone.

Can a gynecologist determine the virgin in front of him on the chair or not?

Yes, in most cases it is possible and this is happening at this stage of inspection. How can a gynecologist learn the virginity of the girl, conducting a visual inspection of a virgin splava? As you know, the main indicator of the innocence of the girl, when in her life there was not yet sexual intercourse in the vagina - anatomically holistic splash. Usually, with the first sexual act, it turns into one extent - the so-called "defloration" occurs, which may be accompanied by pain and bleeding, which will soon pass. With an external inspection, the gynecologist will immediately understand whether the patient had sexual contacts or not. If the girl is desired, our doctor after inspection will be able to issue a certificate certificate.

☛ Inspection with a mirror.

Not held. In case of extreme need for a virgin survey, special, "children's", gynecological mirrors apply to penetrate the hole in the spleh without damaging it.

☛ Internal study.

If there is an intact virgin splava, a vaginal study is excluded and the examination of the virgin is carried out by the finger method through the rectum. The doctor gently introduces an index finger into the rear passage and feels the uterus and appendages adjacent to its wall. The other hand gynecologist palprates the abdomen. This procedure is completely painless, although for the first time it may seem somewhat unpleasant. Do not worry, our specialists will spend a rectal examination as careful as possible.  
Vaginal research of virgin girls can be carried out by a gynecologist in the presence of certain indications. It may be suspicious of the presence of oncological diseases, foreign bodies in the vagina, bleeding, not related to menstruation, etc. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are carried out with maximum caution, however, in some cases, the dissection of the splava may be required - the surgical defloration operation. Analysis of virgins Gynecological analyzes of virgins are taken as in the rest of women - special plastic disposable urogenital visces. The main difference in the technique of fence of material - mirrors in the vagina is not entered, which limits diagnostic capabilities to only 1 localization - the cervix. From other places, virgin tests (smear, PCR, etc.) can be taken quite successfully (see table below).
What places you can take analyzes from virgins +
Localization + +
Women + +
Virgin + +
"C" - cervix + +
"V" - vagina  
"U" - Urethra "R" - straight intestine «O» - Rotoglot
What tests can pass the virgin + +
Study + -
Female + +
Virgin + +
Smear on flora + +
Oncocytology + -
PCR analysis + +
Tank Sowing + +


Biopsy Shaika

Tank Vaginosis

Hidden infections

Can a virgin go to the gynecologist without parents and from what age
2 years agoA minor citizen (girl) can visit the gynecologist without maintaining parents, if she turned 15 years old. This can be read about this 48 point of the order of December 21, 2012 No. 1346n "On the procedure for passing minors of medical examinations, including when entering educational institutions and during the period of studying in them."

No at home check availability of virgin splava is impossible, it can only be done by a gynecologist with special tools and skills. Unless of course we are talking about the first marriage night, when you can determine if the bride was a virgin on the presence of blood.

In general, the rights of children in Russia can be found if you read the federal law "On the basis of the health of citizens' health in the Russian Federation." In particular, in Article 54 of Part 2 ("Minors in the field of health protection") it is said that minors over the age of fifteen ... "are entitled to informed voluntary consent to medical intervention or refusal from it in accordance with this Federal Federal law "

Do you know the answer?That is, if the patient is watching a gynecologist at age 14 and she is not a virgin, this information can be known to legal amenities, such as parents. But if the gynecologist said that I am a virgin, but I am 15, then this information is a medical secret and should not be disclosed to other persons.

Want to pass a gynecologist without stress and trouble? Worry for confidentiality? Virgin of Moscow go to the gynecologist here!

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Meeting with a girl, any guy wants to know exactly, innocent she or had sexual partners before him. For this reason, many wonder how to identify a virgin, if uncomfortable while talking to such intimate things with a beloved. Many are afraid to offend frank conversations. In this case, pay attention to external signs.

Special value of first sex for a girl

The girl gives first sex a great importance, so innocence is hardly lost with an unloved young man.

The most common signs of virgins

The man needs to show a maximum of tenderness, caress and understanding, because at first sexual contact, it does not just get acquainted with new adult sensations, but the birth of female sensuality. The partner behaved more tactful and carefully, the more pleasant impressions of the sex in the girl the girls. Conversely, if the guy behaves roughly, penetrates without prior caress, chooses unsuitable postures, then a woman in the future sex will be associated with negative emotions and even become disgust.

That is why it is important to know the signs of innocence: if you define it in advance, you can better prepare for the first sex with her.

What is a virgin pole and where she is Practically, any girl has a virgin splas until it comes into sexual relations with a partner. But there are exceptions when the Pure is missing or not torn during sex.

  1. The virgin rig is a subtle fold of the mucous membrane. It has a hole through which menstrual discharge. Its initial function is to protect the vagina from infections that can penetrate from the external environment into the internal genitals. There is a Phew in the input of the vagina at a distance of about 3 cm deep into the vagina and is a thin film. Discern her with a naked eye will not work.
  2. You can restore this partition using a small operation. Only during defloration bleeding will be stronger, unpleasant and painful sensations are possible.
  3. The presence of a virgin splava does not mean that the girl is innocent and did not bitch in bed with a man. It just could be frank petting, penetration with fingers, oral or anal sex. But that you definitely do not know if your girlfriend itself does not decide to tell about such an experience. It happens on the contrary - the girl has never seen a naked man, but during sex you do not notice blood and make the appropriate conclusions. This can also be a huge mistake.
  4. Why a man wants to be the first
  5. Sometimes the guy wants to calculate the innocent young lady only because of the desire to become the first man.

There are several reasons why he need it:

That is why it is important to know the signs of innocence: if you define it in advance, you can better prepare for the first sex with her.

Purity genetics. Many guys are confident that every man who visited the lover's bed leaves his genetic code. If a young man considers a woman as a wife and the future mother of his children, then he wants the offspring to be "clean" and only from him.

Competition between guys. In a male company, there is always a struggle for leadership. Guys compete, who is the best in sports, in a fight, who has higher intelligence. To deprive innocence, the girl is given not everyone, but this is a complete and unambiguous victory.

Wheelness. There are guys who hate when they enjoy their things. These attitude they distribute both women. They do not want someone to be close to the lady with which they want to share their bed.

Interest. Just want to try what it means to be the first to see the girl's behavior in bed, get new emotions and sensations.

Fetishism. It looks more like a perversion when a man excite only a virgin. In pursuit of sexual satisfaction, he does not happen to seduce young fools or buy their love for one night for money.

For some reason, some men are purposefully looking for innocent girls. But for love it has nothing to do. If you love, then you will not be so important, I was with someone the lady to you or you will be lucky to become the first in her bed.

How to recognize virgin

For many guys, this issue is important: some do not want to take on the burden of responsibility for defloration, while others, on the contrary, wish to have only innocent young lady. How to find out this fact?

Ask right

The easiest option to ask directly. But this is allowed to do only if you have confidence and sincere relationships. It is silly to raise such frank topics on the first dates, at the stage of dating and recognizing each other.

How to understand the innocence of the girl

Most likely, the girl will honestly answer this question. But even if you decide to lie, it will noticeably. It will bloom, starts to be confused in the answers and make small pauses to think about further words. If you noticed these signs, but the partner claims that she has already been having sex, then, most likely, this is a lie.

On a manner dress

Recognize the unknown will help her clothes. Usually innocent girls subconsciously give preference to non-market, closed things, and if they are colored, then more like children's. Such clothes do not emphasize sexuality and does not show all the advantages of the figure. The girls who behave sex life dressed more boldly, feminine and bright.

But there are exceptions - defiantly dressed virgins and women with a rich sexual experience in unsparing dresses. But in this case, it is possible to determine the truth only by communication.

Reaction to more bold caresses

If your relationship crossed the stage of dating, you hold onto the handles, kissing and hugging, you can learn more about your girlfriend with the help of touches. The girl can kiss perfectly, do not resist if you smooth her knee or touch the buttocks. But if the caresses are acquired more frankly, it begins to be shy, and in some cases it behaves unnaturally and inadequate. This indicates the absence of such experience: she just does not know how to react and what to do.


A good method to know, a virgin in front of you or not. Pay attention to the gait like you like. A sexy liberated woman walks confidently and relaxed, makes wide steps, wags hips. Such a lady feels sexual and desirable, she is confident. An innocent person walks insecure and restrained, its steps are small, the ass in different directions do not seek, since the muscles of the pelvic bone are not yet well developed.

  1. Behavior
  2. Try to watch behavior. A woman who has proximity to a man looks calm and confident. She does not assign her sight, goes to contact, knows what to do and what to get a man. The innocent young lady is unsure and shy, does not look into the eyes. The behavior of it can be unpredictable and inadequate, the actions look illogical. She is very worried, blushes, does not know where to do his hands, tread hair.

Shy of frank conversations

If different methods used, but still it did not work out to distinguish the innocent, then try to talk with your beloved on frank topics. For example, about favorite poses, sexual fantasies and preferences, prevention methods. If the girl avoids such conversations or gives one-room replies, then, most likely she is innocent. The same conclusion can be done if the girl begins to ask naive and silly questions on the topic of sex.

If different methods used, but still it did not work out to distinguish the innocent, then try to talk with your beloved on frank topics. For example, about favorite poses, sexual fantasies and preferences, prevention methods. If the girl avoids such conversations or gives one-room replies, then, most likely she is innocent. The same conclusion can be done if the girl begins to ask naive and silly questions on the topic of sex.

What to do if it did not work out determine the degree of innocence If the verification of virginity of external signs did not bring the result, it is necessary to move to more decisive and frank actions when you stay alone:

  1. Get out of the soul of negligee. The virgin will release his eyes and will begin to consider your dignity with interest or "Oknet" and quickly turns away. The experienced young lady should not be shy. She may even comment on the size or let go of a dirty joke.
  2. When you reached the frank caress, you can try to expand the inlet with your fingers. If the hole is narrow and does not give in, it means that in the life of the girl you will become the first sexual partner.
  3. To learn the truth at home will not work. 100% methods do not exist. Even if you look inside the vagina, spreading the entrance to your fingers, then you will not understand anything. The virgin splas cannot be searched without special gynecological tools.
  4. Myths and delusion

Virginity and first sexual contact is the most discussed topic among teenagers. She worries both guys and girls. In this regard, there are many myths and delusions.

Here are the main one:

Innocence can only be determined during sexual contact - there is blood, it means that the girl. But the virgin can be elastic and not to break either no absent. Plevu can be addressed or seeing the naked eye. Not! It can only make a gynecologist.

Virginity can be accurately determined by the behavior of the girlfriend during sexual intercourse. But here you can make a mistake. An experienced young lady can well play the role of an inexperienced girl and portray pain during the first penetration.

If the girl is more than 14 years old, then she was exactly sex. For some reason, it is believed that the average age when the ladies begin sex life - 14 years old. In fact, at this time, they are just beginning to talk about intimate themes, and the innocence is losing much later - in 16-17 years. Do not believe these myths. It is better to ask the girl directly and hear her sincere answer. And if you doubt her words, then why then build relationships without trust? There are no 100% ways anyway, only if you do not give a girlfriend by the hand to the gynecologist and you will not recognize his opinion on this.

Why can a girl need such a fairly specific procedure as verification of virginity? Inspection and determination of the integrity of the gynecologist of the gynecologist and receiving a conclusion on a medical examination can be carried out both by medical testimony and on their own desire

If you are 15 years old, you can visit the specialist doctor alone. According to the law, a minor girl (girl) can visit the gynecologist alone, without maintaining parents, if she turned 15 years old. This can be read in 48 points of the order of December 21, 2012 No. 1346n or Federal Law "On the Fundamentals of the Protection of Citizens in the Russian Federation." In particular, in Article 54 of Part 2 ("Minors in the field of health protection") it is said that minors over the age of fifteen ... "are entitled to informed voluntary consent to medical intervention or refusal from it in accordance with this Federal Federal law "

Anonymity of circulation, delicacy of a doctor, lack of psychological discomfort when

visit to our clinic

When the gynecologist examines the virginity

Myths about virginityMedical indications. Medical testimony for gynecological examination of the splava usually arise with problems associated with intimate life, more often with its start. Unsuccessful attempts to lose virginity, significant pains for the first sex and after it are usually associated with the peculiarities of its structure.

Often sex intimacy is no longer the first, and the pain during sex is almost like the first time. True, in the process of the act, it seems to be, but all the time it is unpleasant. Inspection of a virgin splava, checking her preservation by a gynecologist will show that at first sex it did not break, but only stretched or was partially relieved. Remains of Hymen and give similar pain.

The absence of menstruation at age, when all the deadlines have already passed, may be a consequence of certain disorders of the Hymen structure. The lack of adequate medical care in such a situation is fraught with the most serious complications (read - "Hematokolpos in girls"). To identify the abnormalities of the exterior genital organs in the girl entering adolescent age will help the timely prophylactic examination at the gynecologist in order to test the presence of a virgin splava.

Own desire for girl

It is known, many girls, being virgins, practice various ways to get sexual satisfaction - masturbation, petting, anal sex, etc. Having lost control over what is happening and later suspensive, the girl is asked "How to find out if I am a virgin?" "How to check virginity itself?", "Want to know whether the pereg is?" etc.

When first sex contacts you can remain virgin, under certain conditions

Is it possible to check the virginity itself?

Location, form, the structure of the splava individually for each girl, therefore it is necessary to determine its presence, and even more so integrity, it is quite problematic. You can, of course, see a photo of a virgin splava on the Internet, but to transfer the seen not quite reasonable - two identical spruses does not happen. And relying in such a serious question for some girls, how is the value of a virgin web or not, at Avos - hardly wisely!

Therefore, we look at your genitals in the mirror in search of Hymen and try to check the availability of virginity at home is a low-job and meaningless occupation. Visually identify and find out, whether the virgin is a girl or no longer, for only a qualified doctor of a gynecologist, better - an intimate surgery specialist (online recording on this link)!

Can a gynecologist see / identify virginity

Our experts with understanding belong to the patients who have applied to this question, so you must no constraint the reason for the visit to the clinic on the medical examination - "I want to check for virginity" is absolutely normal and natural!

In principle, inspection of the virgin by a gynecologist and the conclusion about the presence of the Plev or its absence is similar to the usual gynecological examination. After removing the clothes, it is necessary to settle in the gynecological seating chair or lying, buttocks closer to the edge, with legs wide, raised up and bent in your knees, resting the feet in special stands, while completely relaxing. Before entering the office, you must first visit the toilet - free the intestines and the bladder. How doctors check virginity

When using tampons, it is usually impossible to lose virginity

The gynecologist checks the spleu as follows. At the base of large sexual lips, the skin with the subcutaneous fiber of the Kepende and down the axis of the vagina are tensioning: it's clearly visible with all its items and changes. Attention is drawn to the peculiarities of its structure, form, type, thickness, width, after which the inspection of its free edge begins. A small plastic soundcase is introduced into the hole of the splava, which is painted the edge of the splava, and it becomes more accessible to visual research. The doctor draws attention to the irregularities, recesses, thickening, performances, the features of the edges and their color. If there was no damage, the hole in the spheres most often has a diameter of about 2-2.5 cm. To explore the nature of the hole, a magnifier or a special magnifying device - a colposcope can be used, because it is not always possible to distinguish the natural hole in the body of virgin splava from those who came Purpose or breaks.

In the natural excavation of Hymen, the mucous membrane has the edges of a uniform color coinciding with the color of the surrounding tissue. On the site of the tip of the edges, they usually have a whisper color due to the formation of scar tissue. Although in some cases the scars are gentle and subtle, almost not different from the surrounding mucous membrane. The virginity also characterizes the elasticity of the large sexy lips, covering small and closing the sex gap, the pink color of the mucous membrane of the small sexy lips and the run-up of the enemy, the narrowness and well-pronounced folding of it, the elasticity of the mammary glands, etc. But the listed signs are inconsistent. They depend on congenital features, age, the general condition of the body and some other circumstances and can be maintained in women living in sexual life, and absent from virgins. Another test when inspection on virginity - you need to try to introduce one or two fingers into the vagina. If at the same time there is a ring of reduction, and it will not be possible to enter the fingers without failing to damage the splas. The indirect signs of virginity, in addition to the integrity of Hymen, there may be an elasticity of external sexual lips, covering the small sexual lips, a narrow entrance to the vagina and a significantly pronounced folding of its walls ... Many girls are concerned about the question, is it possible to check the virginity through the rectum? In other words, if the patient is inspected on the chair, with a rectal study, a gynecologist can define a virgin or not? We can reassure such girls who have good or not very reasons to worry about their "innocence" - a finger through the rectum of virginity to grope or see it is impossible. The purpose of this procedure is exclusively obtaining information on the state of the internal genital organs (uterus, appendages). And nothing more! How much is the test of virginity
Services / Prices 1 person 2 people 3-5 people 6-9 people from 10.

Gynecologist: Reception with inspection 2500.




Accurately answer the question, a virgin girl or not can only doctor750.

If you come not alone, but with a girlfriend or a group of girls - we have very favorable offers (discounts up to 70%, clarify the conditions by phone ☏ +7(495)761-1085, from 10 to 21-00 (Moscow time)

. If you wish, we can also get a certificate from the gynecologist, incl. about virginity.

Where to check for virginity in Moscow

There are doubts? If the presence of virginity is of great importance for you, make sure of its safety or absence, if you can refer to the passage of gynecological examination to our doctor. If the inspection on the chair determines that the hymen is damaged in one way or another, but you need it - it is possible to fix it. Specialists of our Moscow clinic have experience in this direction for more than 15 years and made hundreds of successful hymenoplasty operations.

Possible reverse option. If Pereva is the cause of your trouble and experiences, it can be eliminated. Conducting a medical defloration procedure at the gynecologist - a sectional under local anesthesia - without pain and stress will open the way to all forms of intimate relationships!

Want no extra questions, anonymously go through check?

Sign up for a reception to a specialist ☏ +7(985)761-1085 ☏ WhatsApp / Viber

At the reception, pass the inspection;

Learn how things are. How to check if there is still a virgin water, is it not damaged? MR-SER


5 years ago

To believe the presence of a virgin splava at home is possible only if such a check is carried out by an experienced gynecologist and a gynecological chair is installed in the house or something similar to such a chair. But, however, for sure, a gynecological chair has been installed in any house. As usual, such a check is carried out only in medical institutions in the gynecologist's office. The virgin rig can be broken in the case of mechanical damage or during vaginal sex. After mechanical damage in the vagina zone, it is advisable to visit the girl, the gynecologist's office for inspection of the genital organs for the presence of scratches, damage and a possible gap of the virgin splava.

The system chose this answer as the best.



4 years ago

I think that the girl can independently check, the whole of her


4 years ago

. It's not hard.

Medic himself, the anatomy had to study still in medical, so I remember that the virgin splash is shallow in the vagina in three centimeters or less from the entrance to it.

4 years ago

Of course, the fingers of the girls are longer and can be carefully trying to grop this very splas.

When it is not broken during injury or when sex.

There are doubts? If the presence of virginity is of great importance for you, make sure of its safety or absence, if you can refer to the passage of gynecological examination to our doctor. If the inspection on the chair determines that the hymen is damaged in one way or another, but you need it - it is possible to fix it. Specialists of our Moscow clinic have experience in this direction for more than 15 years and made hundreds of successful hymenoplasty operations.

If the girl sit down, spreading the legs and direct the light of the lamp there, push the floor lips, then in the substituted mirror it will be possible to discern whether the Piest can be seen. Or remnants from her.

Gynecologists confirm:



7 years ago

4 years ago

Well, what are you? Well, how can I have at home, no, of course. Whatever you do, you will not understand when. Only to go to the doctor-gynecologist, only he will give you a conclusion about it. The story was at the girlfriend.


[21.8K]  It will not be possible to check out in any way, as they are also different and you can not feel different to the touch. This is the physician's physician can see them all sorts of mirrors have more convenient to inspect what at home.


[4.8K]  It will not be possible to check out in any way, as they are also different and you can not feel different to the touch. This is the physician's physician can see them all sorts of mirrors have more convenient to inspect what at home.


You can try at home-yourself - fence. If you carefully feel the barrier, and if not, then it will not be checked anything else, even a genecologist. It is better to go to the reception to a qualified doctor.  It will not be possible to check out in any way, as they are also different and you can not feel different to the touch. This is the physician's physician can see them all sorts of mirrors have more convenient to inspect what at home.


Liliht.  It will not be possible to check out in any way, as they are also different and you can not feel different to the touch. This is the physician's physician can see them all sorts of mirrors have more convenient to inspect what at home.


At home, it does not check in any way - in the place of whether the girl has a girl or not, maybe it is damaged or there was no one at all (it happens that the girl does not have a splaw and this is her physiological feature).

Only a gynecologist, maybe inspected a girl, to say about the presence or absence of a virgin splava, to say about its integrity or damage.

If this question bothers, that is, only one option is to visit the doctor and after inspection, find out what and like a girl.

You can try to look around with a mirror. If the virgin pure is located close to the edge of the vagina, it can be seen. If it is located deeply - it is impossible to see it in the mirror and, accordingly, it is impossible to check it yourself.



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