How to make a Youtube Channel cap: Size, patterns, pictures

Size and Shape Format on YouTube
YouTube Channel Cap or Cover is a picture that is located at the very top on the main page of the channel. It is her who first see users who switched to a channel from video or from Youtube search.

YouTube Channel Cap or Cover is a picture that is located at the very top on the main page of the channel. It is her who first see users who switched to a channel from video or from Youtube search.

In this article, tell me how to make a cool hat for a youtube channel, how to add it to the channel and where to look for inspiration when creating your cover.

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Size and Shape Format


  • recommended cover sizes - 2560 x 1440 px, but not less than 2048 x 1152 px;
  • Format - JPG, PNG;
  • File weight - up to 6 MB.

It should be borne in mind that the cover will look different on mobile devices, PC and SMART TV. Show schematically where the visible part is located depending on the type of device.

Size and Shape Format on YouTube

Council : Place the text and key channel elements in the visible part, and everything that goes beyond its limits can be filled with a pattern, one-photon background or any picture. It is better to place text in the smallest visible part (for mobile).

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Where to look for inspiration - Examples of successful covers

Border guard - The channel of the blogger, who exposes information in his rollers. On the Channel Cover in the center name, just below - nickname you can find the author in all social networks. This part is displayed on all devices. Also on the cover there is his photo, but this part is not visible on mobile - only on PC and SMART TV.

Examples of covers for youTube Channel

Tip: If you are a blogger or an expert, post your photo on the Channel Cover. This will help promote a personal brand.

Business youth - conduct trainings for those who want to run their business and master classes on the topic of psychology. On the screen below the example of a situational banner created for a specific training. In this case, the cover stands for advertising training. The idea is suitable for the creators of expert content, organizers of events, creative people.

Example Channel Hat on YouTube

DREAM TEAM HOUSE. - Channel of the Russian home bloggers. The guys regularly remove joint video for tickle, and in parallel each promotes their channels and social networks. The idea of ​​the caps is suitable for creative teams.

Cover example

Dima Maslennikov - leads the channel immediately into several topics: paranormal phenomena, Challenge, Lifehaki. The Channel Cover in the style of Horror is clearly dedicated to the playlist with rollers on paranormal phenomena. This style is suitable for game and entertainment channels.

An example of a canal cap

Syndicata workshop - Channel on car theme. On the cover 2 of the main leading. Banner style reflects the content of the canal. The only thing for which can be minus is not a completely successful font on the cover, especially this is noticeable on the word "workshop". Yes, and logo with a bunch of small details. It is better to use more "readable" font and concise logo.

Syndicata workshop

Dure - The channel, on which Jury's journalist Yuri Doca lays out his interview with famous people. On the cover nothing superfluous - name and photo. A good option for serious channels.


Marmage - The author of the canal lays out cartoons in which heronically tells about his life. On the cover he himself, or rather his drawn character. But even if you do not shoot cartoons and do not have any attitude to the illustrations, you can use this idea. For a serious channel with expert content, it is not suitable, but for the blogger channel just right. Find an illustrator, send him your photo and order the cover where you drawn you.


You probably saw channels with a lot of views and subscribers, but a single cover, for example, on the canals, gun and IVANGY.

Example Bad Channel Hat

What is all the recommendations in vain? Not! The fact is that these channels take their content, and Ivangai also successfully unwound a personal brand. Their video often falls in trends, and subscribers, in general, it is like a cover there. But we do not advise you to do that. First, novice channels must first spin, and the competent design of the YouTube channel can help in this. Secondly, new visitors to the Channel are paid to the cover, which have not yet been "tying" content, and even such a little thing may affect the decision to subscribe.

How to make a cool hat for youtube-channel

There are 3 main ways to create a cover for the channel - none of them will require designer skills from you:

1. Make themselves in the Canva Editor

This method is as simple as possible. First, Drag & Drop editor is intuitively understandable (even newcomer can cope), and secondly, it has ready-made templates of hats for YouTube, designed to meet the size of the visible zone.

We go to the main page of Canva. We are looking for the search for the "Youtube Channel" search.

How to make a cool hat for youtube-channel

Choose a template that we like. Choose templates where the text is located in the center - then it will accurately fall into the visible part on all devices. In Canva, most of the templates are most, but come across and where the text comes out for the visible part for mobile.

YouTube Channel Hat Template

After the template was chosen, we replace everything you need (background, name, items) and save.

How to make a cover for youTube Channel

Plus this method is that you do not need anyone to contact and pay money for design development - the cover can be done free and quickly.

2. Buy or find free cover templates for Photoshop

You download templates and edit them in Photoshop. Plus the method is that you can find templates of professional designers - they look cooler than what Canva offers. The minus is that you need to be able to work with photoshop, and to unique in the template of basic skills not enough.

Free YouTube Cover Templates for Photoshop

3. Order at Freelancer

You find a freelancer, put him a task, and he makes the cover. Plus the method - nothing needs to be done myself, minus - a decent cover will cost from 1,000 rubles and above, and you still need to clarify your wishes so that the performer understands you for sure.

Where to order the cover of the Yutub-Channel near Freelancer

Council : In order for the freelancer to work out how you expect from it - prepare the most detailed technical task and show examples of the covers to which you want to navigate.

How to put or change the cover of a YouTube channel: step-by-step instructions.

Step 1 . We go to the Main Page YouTube (you need to log in), in the upper right corner we click on your avatar. In the pop-up window, click "My Channel".

How to put a cover of the Utub-Channel

Step 2. . To set the cover for the first time, click on the blue button "Configure Channel View".

Customize the view of the channel on YouTube

In the settings we click on the "Branding" section.

How to configure the cap

Step 3. . Scroll down down, we find the "image of the banner" and click "Download".

How to download the cover of the channel on YouTube

Load the picture from the computer. If its size is less than 2048 x 1152 px, the picture will not boot, and drops out the warning that you need another size. If everything is in order with the size, YouTube will show schematically on the picture, where there will be a visible zone depending on the device. The 3 zones are shown - the zone that is visible on the TV, the zone that is visible on computers and the zone, which can be seen on all devices (the smallest). If everything suits - press "ready."

Configuring a banner on YouTubeTo change the cover to another, we go to the "Branding" section, scroll to the "Banner" image and click "Change". You can also completely remove the cover.

How to change the cover of Youtuba Channel

Alternative way - Open the "My Channel" section from the main YouTube and in the upper right corner of the cover to find the icon of the camera. By clicking on it, we fall into the same section as shown in the screen above.

How to change the cap of the channel

Important : Previously, it was possible to change the Channel cover to the PC and in the mobile version of the application. Now you can only change on the computer.


YouTube Channel Cap - an important design element that affects the first impression of the channel. If you have an inconspicuous cover, new visitors may think that you are not serious about the design of the content, so it is better to work on it. To determine the cover style - follow the top channels on YouTube.

Channel cap can be made independently in an online editor, use a ready-made template for photoshop or order from freelancer.

useful links :

The image of the cap on your channel in YouTube is actually your label, brand or brand. It is with this image that your channel will be associated with users who go to it. Create such a picture can be handled or using templates that you can find on the Internet. Next, we describe in detail how best to do it.


  • 1Examples of a successful hat
  • 2Format and Size Caps
  • 3How to configure registration on the Yutuba channel
  • 4Work in Photoshop
  • 5How to make a hat using online services
  • 6Here is a review of the 5 best online services:
    • 6.1 Canva.
    • 6.2. Ikomee.
    • 6.3. Fotor
    • 6.4. Fotojet.
    • 6.5. Photovisi.

Examples of a successful hat

Here are some examples of successful hats for YouTube:

  1. Cap Canal Airbnb.

AirBNB 1024x234 - How to create a hat on the Youtube channel

The company chose not one image, and made a collage with a logo. In the pictures of the company that is engaged in short-term rental housing, its customers are depicted in different parts of the world, in the center - the words "new video every week."

2. Cap Canal LinkedIn.

LinkedIn 1024x226 - How to create a hat on the Youtube channel

This is a social network for employers and workers. Channel cap is very simple and laconic, made in black and white. At the same time, it is remembered and causes bright emotions. Company logo here is part of the text.

3. Cap Canal cognitive

POZNAVATEL - how to create a hat on the YouTube channel

This hat is also satisfied with the laconic - the name of large white letters letters on a blue background and the image of the main character of the channel - the jelly bear Valers, who keeps the sign with the word "Thank you" and the Utub diamond button, which is given for 10 million subscribers.

It is very important that the hat would reflect the content of the content loaded to your channel. For example, if you create movie reviews, then it is better to put some kinhero wheels on the cap, if you travel, then the image is best for the cap. Further you will have an inscription and, if necessary, change a little image. We'll figure it out how to achieve the desired result and create a better hat.

Format and Size Caps

Shablons Hapki YouTube 1024x576 - How to create a hat on the Youtube channel

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Before creating a hat for YouTube, you need to know which files are suitable for downloading to the site.

  • Recommended resolution of your cap 2560x1440 pixels.
  • The size of the file you want to download should not exceed 2 MB, otherwise the file to the site will not boot.

In order to put an image of such a resolution in 2 MB save the image, you need a JPG format, as this is the optimal format, in the other, the picture most likely will be weighing more.

How to configure registration on the Yutuba channel

75B4775DA4FBB7B4DC1939DFE2073524 LARGE 1024X640 - How to create a hat on YouTube

Develop your channel on YouTube WITH CALL: Explore Full Youtube Guide

  1. To start, go to your channel on the YouTube website (such should be available, otherwise why do you need this article), at the top of the screen there will be a button "Add Channel Decor" button, but if you already have a background, then in the upper right corner there should be a pencil icon in the upper right corner, By clicking on which you will need to click on subparagraph "Change Channel decoration "
  2. On the page to which you switched, there will be a "Recommendation Option Recommendation" item, there ITUB site employees laid out a template that can be downloaded, so that it would be more convenient to create headers, the zones will be displayed on different devices. Swing this file, and for greater convenience it is better to save this file in PSD format. - The extension that uses the Photoshop program, as it is in this graphic editor that our following will occur. Now you can leave the site.

Work in Photoshop

Rabochie Zony 68 1024x536 - How to create a hat on the Youtube channel

  1. Open the downloaded file, make transparency about 40% to see the desired area. Click on "Window (Window) -" Layers "(Layers), and then double-click on the background, so we managed to create a layer and convert it into simple. Let's call this layer "Background". You have the opportunity to download a ready-made background to the site by writing in the search engine "Caps for YouTube 2560x1440", and for the lovers of the original style, we advise you to create a background personally.
  2. When you click on the layer twice, you can pour it in one color, determine the color, saturation and brightness you can double-click on the rectangle with the color. You can also add a gradient fill, marking a little setting of transparency "Colors" and "Gradient" you will get a rather interesting background.
  3. Next, download a picture that corresponds to the subject of your channel, to fit it under the size you can combine the keys "Ctrl + T", transferred to photoshop as a new layer.
  4. Using the "Horizontal text" tool, enter the name of your channel for YouTube users.

All this is an elementary example, how to make a hat for the YouTube channel. You can also use a template: then you do not have to create a background and customized image in size, as the template itself has the desired resolution and size. You will only have to choose the template you enjoy and will approach. Themes of your canal .

How to make a hat using online services

If you want to easily simplify your life or do not know how to use the photoshop program, and you do not like the templates downloaded from the Internet, you can use special services. With them online creation of a cap for YouTube will become an easy and very exciting process for you.

Here is a review of the 5 best online services:


Foreign service with convenient navigation allows you to create creative caps not only for YouTube, but also for twitter, instagram, other social networks and e-mail correspondence.

MaxResDefault 30 - How to create a hat on YouTube Channel

Part of the possibilities of this resource are paid, but prices are quite available: for 1-2 dollars you can buy a cap for the channel. In general, this service is most suitable for those users who use except YouTube and other platforms for promotion - website, blog, social networks, etc.


Another English-language service oriented first of all to create banners. Here you can order banners for the site, social networks, as well as advertising banners for AdWords. In addition, this site has the ability to create infographics, impose text on your image, etc. Part of the functional is paid.


This service can be switched to the Russian language so as not to suffer with the translation. The users have a large gallery of free icons and templates. You can also download and edit your own messages, creating caps for yout and other networks.


Another English-language service created in the style of Wedding will be interesting for the best girls. There are many unusual creative templates on the topics of the wedding, holidays and travel. It is also possible to upload and edit your own pictures. The resource has a good free feature.


Unlike the previous one, this service is perfect for creating a hatch for the game canal on YouTube. There are no free templates here, but there is a wonderful graphic editor. To create the header, you need to go through the link, select the desired format, then download / edit photos.

See also video where to start the development of the channel:

The question is how to make a hat for the YouTube Channel, worries many novice bloggers. With the help of these online programs, you can easily and quickly create a unique cap, which will help attract many subscribers to your channel and Earn on it

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If you need help in the promotion of the channel or any other services, you can contact the freelance store KWORK.RU. Find a remote designer and place the headquarters for the channel or other graphics.

The channel's profile on YouTube is designed in such a way that the first thing that the user does is notice is the account cap. In it, as a rule, a background image is displayed, in which the entire essence of the channel is illustrated. If the user finds a video through a recommendation system, then first of all it will look it, and in case of interest goes further - it will begin to explore the author's channel.

In such a context, the profile hat plays a big role - it depends on its visualization, whether the user will watch other rollers or not. On this, of course, its advantages do not end. It can also be used as a tool for increasing the awareness of the brand / personality, advertising, announcement of shares, competitions, and so on. In general, the cover is the root of the channel, which should be done with taste.

What is worth paying attention to when creating a cap, what tools have tools for this and how to make a channel cover from scratch - let's talk about it in today's article.

Requirements for the background image

Like any social network, YouTube sets restrictions on the background image of the channel. This does not mean that you will not be able to add an image of a different format (minimum size of 1024 x 576 pixels), but in this case the picture will be changed to the desired dimensions, which means it either will do it or expand. Therefore, it is important to set exactly the permission provided by the service.

What does Utyub tell us on this?

  • Required cover size: 2560 x 1440 pixels, 16: 9 proportions.
  • Minimum size: 1024 x 576 pixels. If the image is less, it will not work it.
  • The minimum size of the "secure area" displayed on any devices: 1546 x 423 pixels (mobile devices).
  • Maximum width with a complete display of the "safe area": ​​2560 x 423 pixels (desktop).
  • Maximum file size: 6 MB.

I draw attention to the fact that the profile cap will be displayed on the computer, TV and the phone are slightly different. To configure everything correctly, you can first see how it will look on different devices. You can do this through the banner editor on YouTube. If you do not know how the caps are loaded, let's see at the same time.

  1. Open your channel on the Uutyuba and choose "Set up the view of the channel." How to change the header on YouTube
  2. Go to the "Branding" subsection and opposite the "Banner" image, select "Download". How to upload another channel cover on youtube
  3. For example, add a normal image with some text, as a result of which a special window will appear in front of us, in which there are 3 zones: for a TV, computer and for all devices. How to create a hat on utyube

Development of idea

A undoubtedly important aspect in the development of the cover is the idea. You can find a lot of references and make work similar, but without an idea, even this approach may not show the desired result.

The first thing to pay attention is the subject of the channel. It is necessary to clearly designate it and tell you that there is a unique on the channel. If you are a blogger, then the cover is best to portray yourself in the best image. If we are talking about a company, then this may be a logo and infographics telling about business activities.

Among other things, we can also place in the header:

  • Video schedule. This is a fairly common way to tell subscribers, for which days rollers will come out. For example, you can specify that every Monday is downloaded by a new video - then users will certainly wait for this day.
  • Announcement of events. If you are a blogger, and you have a meeting with subscribers or any performance - a good way to inform about it in the cover.
  • Mentioning in the media and other awards. If you came to Utyub with a big background behind your back, tell us about it. For example, if your channel is associated with sports, then tell us about your achievements - it will undoubtedly make you closer to your subscribers.
  • Links to social networks. You can simply add information about your social networks, but it is not necessary to do it at all, since there is a separate block with clickable links on the channel.
  • Call to action. Here we can mention our social networks and, for example, send the shooter to the place where there are links to them.

Perhaps the most important thing is to observe a single style. It should clearly fit the style that is used in the videos and on the avatar. If you have a corporate style, do not forget about it to increase brand awareness.

Examples of banners from brands and bloggers

Before moving to the decoration of the channel on YouTube, I recommend to look at the references, which can be different channels of bloggers. Consider some of them for example.

  • Channel dust. Pretty minimalistic design - here we see only the channel logo and the "leading" art. Channel avatar is made in the exact same style. Using the example of this channel, you can create something similar: if you have a channel about food, then you can place the logo in the center and recreate the background with food. Such banners are created pretty quickly, but despite this, they can easily demonstrate their logo and brand. Examples of banners for Utyuba
  • Channel Afona TV. . Here we immediately see that the channel is dedicated to a popular person. Such solutions can be found quite a lot: information about the channel is indicated, a person's photograph is attached and a certain understanding of the general concept is given. Examples of covers for Utyuba
  • Channel Varlamov. . In this case, we see an example of a well-developed composition. The overall picture was recreated from the gluing of all sorts of images that are well harmony. This cover is quite difficult if you do not own graphics and design basics.

Examples of Hatches for Utyuba

It was only a small part of the possible solutions that are used on Utyube. On their basis, you can create your own unique banners. About what programs it can be done, let's talk later.

Where you can create a banner for YouTube

For this, almost any graphic editor will suit, even Paint, but it is unlikely to create something unique and stylish. Therefore, I recommend to stay on such programs as:

  1. Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, PIXLR - Some skills will need, but using these programs you can recreate any banner you want.
  2. Canva, SnAppa and so on - special services to create graphic images in which you can make a hat for the Utyuba. The functionality is limited in them, however, you can use various templates - this method is suitable if you are new to and do not know the basics of design.

We will not consider how to work in professional editors, we will not, since this is a topic for a separate article, but to see the work algorithm in online instruments - easily.

How to create a channel cover online

Online services for the development of their own banner are quite a lot, but none of them can compare with full-fledged graphic editors. Despite this, you can quickly create a beautiful cap using ready-made patterns. Just be prepared for the fact that such covers you can meet on other utyub-channels.

It is also worth paying attention to the availability of services - most often they provide full access to the functionality only to those users who purchased a premium account. But even with trimmed options, you can do something creative. Let's look at how it works in free Services Canva and Fotor.


To work on the service from us, it will only be necessary to create a new account. We will turn to the official website and pass a simple registration. Then go to the primary instructions:

  1. After we register, a personal account will appear before us. In the upper right part, select "Create Design" and enter the "YouTube" request. Then click "Design YouTube Channel". How to create a cover for Utyuba in Canva
  2. In the left side of the page you can choose the suitable template and edit the possible items on it. To do this, click on the picture and use the functions available in the top menu: effects, filters, trimming and so on. As soon as editing for the header is completed, you can download it using the "Download" button. How to create a Bread for Utyuba in Canva

Ready! Now you can place your first hat on YouTube. And we still move on to the next tool.


Fotor is another free service similar to the previous one. To work in it, you will need to register an account, after which access to various templates will open. The service provides a huge number of all sorts of solutions, but most of them are available only for Pro accounts.

To create a free cover, you can go the following way:

  1. On the main page, choose any of the proposed options with the name "YouTube Channel Art". How to create a cover for the Channel Utyub
  2. The next step in the left menu select the appropriate template. Pay attention to the icon located in the upper right corner of miniatures. It symbolizes that the template is available only for Pro accounts. On free templates, this label is absent. How to make a cover for the Channel Utyub in Fotor
  3. Just like in Canva, we can edit the template by clicking on one of its elements. As soon as editing is completed, you can save the picture - for this it is enough to click on the "Export" button at the top of the window. How to download a pattern from fotor

These were two popular online services to create template covers. In addition, there is another way to make a hat for Utyuba without using a graphic editor - Google presentations. Yes, we can use the service for such purposes.

Create a cover from scratch using "Google Presentations"

Google presentations are just one of the online examples. If you are installed on a software computer for creating presentations, you can use it. And I will consider how to create a cover with the help of Google.

  1. The first thing we need is a Google account. If you don't have it yet, you will pass a simple registration on the official website. If the account is already there, then immediately go to the presentations. To begin with, creating a "empty file". How to create a cover for Utyuba in Google presentations from scratch
  2. In the displayed window, you open the menu through the "File" button and select "Page Settings". How to create a banner for Utyuba in Google presentations
  3. Next, select the size of the "other", indicate the pixel format and prescribe a resolution of 2560 x 1440. How in Google presentations to change the size of the slide
  4. For convenience, add a special picture on which all permissions for the Utyub-Caps are painted. You can download it from here. To add a background image to Google Presentations, click on the "background" and load a picture through "Select the image". How to Add Background in Google Presentations
  5. Now go to add the main image. You can make it possible through the menu of the program - at the top you click on the button in the form of the picture and select the option "Find on the Internet". After that, in the right-hand side, we will display a list of possible photos on a personal request. For example, we introduce "Nature" and insert one of the images to the project. Important note : All these pictures are taken from different sources, so they can be prohibited for personal use. An alternative to this is better to use the free service Unsplash, where millions of photos for free use are located. How to add a picture in Google Presentations
  6. As a result, the added image will block the previously created markup. To fix it, it is enough to add transparency to the snapshot. To do this, open the "format" and select "formatting parameters". In the right part we go into the subsection "Correction" and regulating the "Transparency" slider How to change the transparency of photos in Google presentations
  7. Now we place the necessary items in the area free for us. To do this, we use special options in the top menu. How to add text in Google Presentations
  8. It remains to remove the background, which we added for marking. To do this, click on the item "Background" and choose "Restore the original background". How to install the original background in Google presentations
  9. We also return to the "format" -> "formatting parameters" and completely remove transparency. How to remove the transparency of photos in Google presentations
  10. We download the created cover. Select for this "File" -> "Download" and specify the desired format: PNG or JPG. How to download a presentation from Google Presentations
  11. Now we can use the created banner on your channel. Example Channel Caps for YouTube

Create a cover in Google presentations is real, and you can get much better and creative than me. The only minus is an uncomfortable movement of elements in the workspace. In Photoshop, it will be more convenient to work.


In today's article, we talked about how to properly approach the implementation of the caps for the YouTube channel, and also considered several examples of creating a finished cover. For the best result, of course, you will need to master graphic editors or hire a qualified specialist. If you are just starting to study YouTube, then the template solutions are also suitable - over time, you somehow simply train and work at the highest level.

Thanks for attention!

In the article we will analyze on the steps how to make a hat for YouTube yourself in Photoshop or Canva online, where download templates, how to use them and clarify the Youtube recommendations for design.

For the most impatient let's immediately give links to download my Basic Template in * PSD format with layers. But it is better to read the text, digest and only then proceed to action.

Download from i disk

Download from google disk

What is a background for YouTube and Channel Cap

Channel cap is a business card of your project on YouTube. It is more correct to say - Background of Canal Youtube That's the way it is called Google and YouTube Help. However, more often use other terms.

Common headquarters and analogies that spawned them

  • Channel background - Accepted in Youtube Help;
  • Cap (associated with the location at the top of the entire contents of the channel);
  • Banner (due to a narrow visible part from the entire background);
  • Cover (as a book cover for the entire channel);
  • Picture ;
  • Screensaver ;
  • Picture .

Sizes of Youtube Caps for different devices

Looking at Yutub's header of various channels, it can be assumed that it has a shape of a banner, a narrow rectangle. However, this is not quite true.

In fact, the background that you will be loaded to the Channel Cover place, has completely different sizes. And conditionally the whole picture is divided into sections of visibility on different devices.

Background YouTube My Channel Comparison

Main sizes of Youtube caps

I would have allocated T The main features for the independent creation of the Channel Cover You need to know and keep in your head.


  1. All Channel Channel 2560 x 1440 Pixels (PX) - on the recommendations of YouTube and Google;
  2. The size of the visible part of the channel banner On computer 2. 560 on 423. pixels;
  3. file size Background picture for download 6 MB .

The rest is the nuances. Although a safe zone or visibility zone on all devices, even on mobile phones, also an important background size.

When you create a channel cap, with your own hands, the deviations in one direction or another side are accepted, however, if the file, for example, is too small, the image quality will suffer.

All channel cover sizes - View of different devices

Below, I showed what size of the cap for YouTube, which areas will be visible on mobile phones, which on the tablets, and the largest - on the television screen.

The essence of this rebus is that the size of the photo YouTube, which can be used, must be 2560. on the 1440. Pixel .

And which part it will be visible to the viewer, depends on the viewing device: mobile phone, tablet, computer or ordinary TV. More than O. SUPPLY FOR HAPPY YUTUB Read below.

Main Channel Cover Sizes

Minimum cover size

If suddenly, for some reason, it is impossible to fit the image under the recommended size, then you can focus on the minimum. It will also be visible in the specified areas.

Dimensions led to a comparison in the table.

The minimum size of the "safe zone" remains the same: 1546 x 423 pixels.

Minimum Background Size Utub

Maximum cover size

See the scheme above. Maximum background size - 2560. on the 1440 px.

Shappers format on YouTube

I will not tomat, here is the necessary data:

  • "Weight" charts should not exceed 6 MB ;
  • graphics formats - * JPEG (JPG) и* PNG.

How to create a hat for the youtube channel if the channel is new ...

If the channel is new, then the caps will not Rather, a gray gloomy rectangle will hang at the top of the page. Empty hat for canal. Newbies do not change this terrible banner for a long time because of the elementary ignorance, how to do it. And the Larkor opened just: Picture from the YouTube Gallery It will help to cope with the problem in 5 minutes.

How to make a hat for a channel without programs in 5 minutes

If you do not have time, there is no unique specially created Pictures for the Channel Hat on YouTube and you are ready to come to terms with the fact that the design of your channel will not be super cool, then use Built-in backgrounds for Youtube canal from YouTube or pictures from the photo sets.

Watch the video - you will be all clear. And below - screenshots for tips.

Background for Hat on YouTube 2560 x 1440 from the YouTube Gallery

it The easiest option To decorate your project on YouTube. And not the worst: In the Youtube Gallery Backgrounds Ideal for sizes. And they will completely come to any subject. In this case will be Yuttuba hat is empty, without text.

How to use read below, the text is complemented by screenshots and video tutorial.

How to put a hat on the channel

There are two options: do it on a computer (easier) and on the phone (more complicated)

Step-by-step instructions for installing the Channel Channel YouTube on the computer

Bullit on the siteTo add a screensaver on the "icon" Account "(The right upper angle, if there is no icon, then a circle from the first letter of the channel name) Open the tab «My channel ».

Adding a Channel Cover

Bullit on the site

Your channel will open in a new window. If he is new, then the covers will not be, pictures, the icons are also at least.

Click on the button «Tune view canal ».

Customize channel view

Bullit on the site

In a new window, go to the tab «Change registration canal »

Change canal design

Bullit on the siteYou will find a form for adding photos to decorate the channel. If you are here for the first time, then the folder " Your photos »It will be empty. You can take any Photo of Galleries and use it.

If you are ready for your own cover (in full compliance with the recommendations in size), then Load her с Computer .

Bullit on the site

After downloading, the service will show you how the image of your channel on different devices will look. If you wish, you can crush it, use the "autocorrection".

Loading Pictures in the YouTube Gallery

Bullit on the site

Confirm your choice and after some expectation (no more than a minute) the new image will take its place.

How to put a hat on the channel on the phone

Unfortunately, in a special application on the phone to put or change the background of the channel can not. But if it happened that there was no computer at hand, then on a mobile phone you need to perform all the above steps in your YouTube account, in any browser, at least chrome, even Yandex - who is used to work in what work.

The picture for the background should be in the gallery of the phone.

How to make a hat for the jutub channel for free

Several options, I would allocate such:

  1. draw yourself In the graphics program on the computer , for example, in photoshop;
  2. make a cover yourself from scratch In the online program , such as canva;
  3. Use ready-made patterns background without inscription (the easiest way);
  4. Wake up templates for yourself By adding text to the cover and, if there is a desire, replacing the background photo.
Bullit on the site


Programs for creating a cap for yout

No, everything is done

In ordinary information available graphics editors

either on the computer or online. And in applications for phone.

We will analyze work with templates. I will show how to make a cover online in the Canva program and on a computer in Photoshop.

How to make a Channel cap in Photoshop

For those who are familiar with Photoshop, the creation of the cap will not be a lot of work. Draw a cap for the canal , Knowing the size of the background, its visible parts, if you can use this editor, is not difficult. Briefly:

  • Create file size file ;
  • Pour color or thematic picture;
  • Select the central part guides - banner ;
  • Enter and edit the necessary text with the visible part ;
  • Save in the desired format.

Tip in size below.

Size of the caps for YouTube in Photoshop

For those who want themselves from scratch, I give sizes:

  • 2560 at 1440 pixels - it's completely all background .
  • It is necessary to highlight the central part, the so-called banner . Its dimensions 2560 in width and height 423 pixels.
  • On mobile phones will not be visible all the hat and not even the entire banner, only his The central part of 1546 in size is 423 pixels.

In the picture, I once again showed all the sizes and what part is visible on different devices. Main Channel Cover Sizes

After a brief torment, you will make your own background for YouTube. You can draw from zero from and to, and you can use template solutions. Below I described how to make a hat on YouTube in Photoshop according to my own templates.

Ready Template for Channel Channel Cap for Utuba PSD Format

I simplified the task for you how to make a hat on YouTube in Photoshop By creating a cover template for the design of the YouTube channel. All dimensions are adjusted up to the pixel to fit the recommendations of Google and the YouTube itself.

About how to work with Billets for the Hat YouTube Especially for beginners I recorded the video tutorial. See, download the template, use your schedule.

An option with a template is suitable even for those who are not familiar with photoshop. All operations show detail As always the arrows will show where to look for the desired button and how it is called.

And below, under the video, text with screenshots for convenience.

Video How to make your template for Youtube cap in Photoshop

Watch the video - you will be all clear. And below - screenshots for tips.

Pluses Template Caps for PSD Channel Format

  1. No need for yourself Create from zero file with standard sizes.
  2. In the template there are guides which show the visible part for mobile devices - not error when inserting text.
  3. In my template, divided into separate layers, You can create multiple times Absolutely different covers.
  4. You can save in different formats - PSD (as the template itself), JPEG, PNG.

Download Template Caps

Download archive Templates YouTube Caps for Photoshop You can

  1. with me NDEKS disk
  2. с Gogle disk ,

To whom it is more convenient.

Template YouTube ArchiveThe archive has three photoshop file:

  1. For channel cap - Shablon_fon;
  2. For avatar - Shablon_ava. ;
  3. For preview - Shablon_prev. .

Unpack the archive and select File background. , it is called Shablon_fon .

Caps Mockup for YouTube

Open template Channel headers Photoshop -file: Shablon_fon . The background size of Utub 2560 per 1440 pixels. Immediately Save this file With another name, the template itself can be used again and again.

My Template for Photoshop Youtube Caps Contains several layers:

  1. layer Background ;
  2. layer S. Rectangular banner which in size accurately coincides with the sizes of the visible part of the header on computers, that is, 2560 per 423;
  3. Three text layers For the title - the channel name in two versions and subtitles.

Moreover Exhibited guides that show the part of the banner that is visible on all devices, even on a small mobile phone screen.

Delete Guides No need, when saving the final picture, they will not be displayed This is just auxiliary tools.

Marking Template for Youtube Channel Hat in Photoshop

Pictures for Channel Hat

For the Channel Registration, I suggest using any high-quality picture that will be your main image on the channel. It may be Photos of your product, a knock frame of any roller downloaded with the themed picture .

Where and how can I download the image according to your subject, I wrote a little lower at the end of this article. I give only here Addresses of two of my favorite effluents graphics and video.


Go to edit.

Video text and screenshots

Stage 1 Registration of the Background Picture

You should have a picture that you want to use as the main one. Open it in another Photoshop tab.

In my case, this is a bouquet of soap colors.

Procedure for insertion background

Bullit on the siteIn the top menu in the "tab" Highlight »Select" Select all "

Photoshop allocate everything in the layout

Bullit on the siteIn the tab " Editing »Team" Copy " Thus, I keep a highlighted image into the clipboard and I can insert it both in another photoshop layout, and even in another program, for example, to a Word, etc.

Photoshop copies dedicated

Bullit on the siteIn the cover template Put the cursor to the first, the lowest layer which will be background.

In the top menu in the "tab" Editing »Team" Insert "

Photoshop insert dedicated

Bullit on the siteThe image is located on the lower layer. Since my picture size is too large, you need to reduce it. Selecting the desired position of the picture in the frame, I confirm the transformation performed.

Scale viewing I usually change from the keyboard, at the same time pressing the keys Ctrl +. To increase I. Ctrl - To reduce scale.

Blur background.

Usually, I make the background more blurred. To do this in the top menu, locate the "tab" Filter "And in it" Blur "and" Blur in Gauss " In a new window, I establish a percentage of blur 50. This is enough, but you can pick up for yourself.

Blur on Gaussian pictures for background

Stage 2 - Banner or visible part of the Channel cover YouTube

Bullit on the sitePut the cursor on the layer with a rectangle. In the Tool Tools on the left, select " Magic wand "And click it on a color rectangle, thereby highlighting it.

Bullit on the siteReturn to the top menu again into the "tab" Editing "And find the string" Special insert "and then" insert in ... »

This command is convenient in that inserts the contents of the buffer in the selected area. In my case - a picture with roses in a rectangle.

Special insert in the banner

Bullit on the siteThe picture can be shifted, increasing or decreased in size, that is, to choose the best view that falls in the field of visibility.

Stage 3. We draw up the text - Channel Header

Bullit on the siteTurn on the visibility of texts , Pressing Eyes icons on the corresponding layers. Select one of the headers with which you will work, and then disconnect.

Activation of layers of text

Bullit on the siteActivate the letter T. In the left toolbar and highlight the text. Replace it on your own.

Tool horizontal text

Choosing text styles

Bullit on the siteOn the text layer double click the mouse, open the "effects" or layer styles.

Effects of layers

Bullit on the siteIn a new window, you can apply a set of text design effects.

I use only some of them, combining among themselves:

  • color overlay;
  • external glow;
  • shadow;
  • stroke.

Text effects

Bullit on the siteSimilarly, edit the subtitle - Site address, phone, slogan .

Apply all the same tools: the overlay of color, external glow and others.

Font change, inscription size

To resize the inscription, font I use palette tools for text , it is also called the text editing panel.

Bullit on the siteIf you can not find this button, use the top menu " Window "And select" Paragraph "

Activation of the palette of paragraph

Stage The tab in turn contains a few, you need " Symbols "

Character Editing Panel

It is convenient to change here

  • font;
  • Size letters;
  • row height;
  • distance between the letters of the text;
  • color.

How to do it look in the video tutorial.

How to save a hat for YouTube in Photoshop

Remains saving file in format JPEG or PNG (PNG) For channel cap. Photo for the Background YouTube is ready. You can insert it on the channel.

Hat on youtube without text - background with your photos

The second option is also fast, but already with pictures from your computer. It can be

  • yours Photo,
  • Photos are yours Products ,
  • Downloadable from stock photos.

That is, anything in the format JPEG or PNG. . The main thing is a large size of the picture and its good permission.

Channel selected for background The image should reflect the subject of your channel. So that it can be used absolutely without text and other additions.

Cap on YouTube without text - the simplest solution . This can be done simply by putting a picture downloaded from stocks. The main thing is to choose the appropriate permission for Youtube Hat: the same 2560 x 1440 px.

Or use ready-made patterns, which is now nevertheless online.

How to make a hat for YouTube online

There are several excellent grafiscic editors online, both on the computer and on mobile phones in which there are built-in templates for YouTube.

Bullit on the siteI recommend using applications that are synchronized with online programs for a computer. In this case, you You can edit the same layout on both PCs and mobile phone.

The easiest and most convenient, in my opinion, is the CANVA service. It is also available on computers, and in applications for Android and iPhones. Free functions are quite enough to make the canal layout.

Applications for creating a hat for YouTube online

Here are some such applications that are free (there are also paid additions) are adapted for both iPhones and android:

As I have already said, there are already many ready-made solutions, templates.

On my site you will find Overview of applications on the phone to work with video and graphics

How to create a hat for YouTube online in Canva

In the roller on the background installation on YouTube, I also show how Make a simple banner for the channel online in the program canva .

See after the third minute of Rarlik.

Ready Templates for Application YouTube Channel

For those who have no opportunity or desire to deal with Photoshop, I prepared Themed Channel Templates .

In the archives packed files for registration Happers, avatars and preview . In total, each file has 9 files. There are already ready-made covers in * JPEG format, and avatars in * png. They can be used immediately.

And photoshop files are for editing if you want.

Download template for jutup cap

Download background for channel cap you can With Google or with Yandex disk . To each template there is a page on my site, where it is shown how the hat and avatar will look like on the YouTube Channel.

What inside the template which files

In the archive of each template:

  • Picture- source code (* JPEG);
  • Template for Youtube Hat 2560 x 1440 for Editing (* PSD with layers, size 2560 per 1440 px);
  • Background for caps on YouTube Channel without Text , can use Immediately (* JPEG, size 2560 per 1440 px);
  • File Background с Text for Example (* JPEG, size 2560 per 1440 px);
  • File Avatar for Editing (* PSD with layers, size 800 per 800 px);
  • File Avatar , can use Immediately (* PNG with transparent background, size 800 per 800 px);
  • File preview for Editing (* PSD with layers, size 800 per 800 px);
  • File preview without Text (* JPEG, size 1280 at 720 px);
  • File preview с Text for Example (* JPEG, size 1280 by 720 px).

Examples of ready-made hats for YouTube with avatars available for download

Moreover B. Rubric SO all Templates . It is possible download hat for yout In PSD and JPEG formats, adapt to themselves.

Set for the design of the canal with the theme "Art", "Graphistry", "Drawing", "Creativity", "Art", etc. Included Channel Background, Channel Icon, Video Cover.

Download template ART RUKI 001.

Channel view Art Ruki 001

Set for the design of the canal with the theme "Art", "Graphistry", "Drawing", "Creativity", "Art", etc. Included Channel Background, Channel Icon, Video Cover.

DOWNLOAD template Glaz 002.  

Channel view Glaz 002


004 Money Kanal

Where to take pictures for the cap of the channel

Make a beautiful Channel Cover enough simply even from stock photos.

I give you the address of the service of free graphics, which I use constantly.

To download the picture for the channel header of your subject, set the keyword in the search bar

Big plus of this photo factory that he Allows you to use the schedule for free and for commercial projects, Not requiring mention, references to the original source.

To download Pixabay offers users a few sizes and formats. Registration does not require, but for convenience I recommend this to do - you will not need to enter a pin, confirm that it's not a robot, etc.

PNG TREE Pictures for design YouTubeThis service suggests Many pictures on a transparent background . Here you will find various items that will be suitable for decoration for the channel cap, for avatars.

However, there are restrictions - you can download no more than 2 images per day.

If you want to add text to the header to make in one style and channel avatar, then create them on your own, order or use ready-made patterns.

Yutub's cap fonts - how to choose

Not all photoshop fonts, Canva or another graphic program will correctly display Cyrillic (Russian-language alphabet), it is better to know in advance what kind of font looks like.

This will help you my article on the site. 48 decorative fonts on your computer.

The fonts mentioned in the article Work both in Word and Photoshop .

Example from the article with a list of fonts:

Decorta fonts on a computer 10

Main requirements for text and cover fonts

  • The text should not "stick" to the borders in the visibility zone.
  • The text must be read without problems on any device.
  • The text should be brief, but sufficient to reveal the subject.

Visibility zones Calla caps on different devices

Below is useful information on how the channel cap is visible on various viewing devices.

As you can see Yutub's hat on a mobile phone

On the Mobile phones background Displayed only partially . Only the central part falls into the visibility zone.

This is the so-called Zone Visibility on the All Devices .In the diagram above (I bring again) This zone is painted in the darkest color. Its size, respectively, 1546 and 423 px in width and height.

Main Channel Cover Sizes

All of the meaningful text and graphics should be located on this section of the Yutuba canvas.

It can be:

  • the name of the project;
  • Website address;
  • tagline;
  • topics;
  • Photo by the author;
  • Logo
  • and etc.

Example 1. Visibility of my canal on the smartphone

My project in the mobile phone looks like the screenshot. Compare how the channel is displayed on the computer, it is a pair of paragraphs below.

(Address mine canal )

Channel cover on a mob

Youtube hat on tablet

Low wider banner visible on the tablets. The size Open Parts в Dann case already 1855. on the 423. pixel .

Example 2. Visibility of my canal on the tablet

Cover H on the tablet

Hat on computers

In all its width, the cover image is visible only on computers and TVs.

On computers, the background is cut into height, and only a narrow rectangle is available to us, and the entire screen takes full screen on TV.

That's why Google и с NIM YouTube. recommend We can create a cap not in the form of a narrow banner, but as a higher rectangle with the parties of 2560 per 1440 pixels.

Below the example of how on the Monitors с Difficult By relationship Party My own channel looks like. It also depends on the browser.

Not all monitors and not in all browsers are visible lower part with rollers.

Example 3. Visibility of my canal on computers with different monitors

The difference in the aspect ratio.

Displaying a channel on computers of old and new

Good canal hat

The concepts of "good" or "bad" are relative. Much depends on the taste of a person - who likes what.

However, there are foundations that should be adhere to when creating a hat.

  • relevance;
  • quality picture;
  • compliance with corporate style;
  • Text readable;
  • The presence of useful links.

Bullit on the siteRelevance of the requests of C.

Basic function Happers convey before Spectator necessary information .It is not in vain also called banner . It should show what subject is the usefulness of content for a specific target audience. And hook the attention of your Central Asian. Rather for everyone and like everyone not necessarily.

The appearance should be relevant to the requests of the audience.

For canal о Needlework Request tender tones, pictures or inscriptions, speaking about it.

Channel decoration of needlework scrap

Cap for the game Channel

For lovers games The banner can be saturated with darker colors, outbreaks and other accents.

Channel decoration game

Bullit on the siteQuality pictures

Image Use high resolution and in accordance with the recommended dimensions.

Bullit on the siteCorporate cover style

If you have developed corporate style elements, brand, then use them when designing. The banner must be present:

  • logo
  • tagline,
  • Color gamut brand,
  • Corporate fonts, etc.

I will give an example my own channel with master classes on needlework. There is a logo, the color solution "Spectrum" is taken as the basis and on the site, and in the VC group, fonts correspond to accepted in other social networks.

My canal about needlework

Bullit on the siteuseful links

If there is a site, a group in social networks, then you must associate your channel and on the cover (in the settings) give references on them.

Some designers draw even arrows Pointers on the data Links . The main thing is not to overdo it.

Bullit on the siteText in visibility zone

You need to add text to the image of the channel in the center and so that it remains visible even on mobile phones. The corresponding dimensions are indicated above.

Text for Yutuba Hat

What can be located in the visibility zone, what text?

Place the main data in the central part:

  • Channel name,
  • site address (if any),
  • Slogan (if any),
  • project theme;
  • Links to the site, other social network networks, etc.

Can periodically change Cover , Using her as Athens .That is, publish on it the dates and names of expected events, webinars, rollers, etc.

Out of zones Visibility On all devices (that is, closer to the side boundaries), place pictures, photos, when you fall out of the frame, the essence of the information will not suffer.

Order Channel cap

If you are difficult or once to draw yourself, contact those who offer our services in this direction. The cost of such work varies from 500 rubles to 2-3 thousand.

Addresses of specialists, their contacts are on the specialized sites of freelancers. The most famous and cheapest - KWORK.

Order Channel cap on KVORK

But be careful, understand what you want to see and what to get from the artist. Well, if you eventually provide not only * JPEG file, but also * PSD, that is, the photoshop file with layers and the ability to edit them. Perhaps this work will cost a little more expensive, but this is the best option - in fact, in the future you can edit this source.

Download Cover for YouTube Channel C Google-Help

In Help Google There is a graphic file 2560 per 1440 pixels, specially created in Photoshop. You can download it and draw your own background, focusing on the visibility zone allocated in the file.

For those who find it difficult to search for this file, I give a link to download this template from my Yandex disk.

Looks like a file as below in the picture, with explanations in English.

Template for photoshop hat YouTube:

Template with Google Background YouTube


It was an overview of the options for design of the canal background. For individual items, such as applications on the phone, read in separate articles. There are links to them in the text.

More information on the topic:

Banner, or "cap" - an important element of the design of the YouTube channel. This is the first thing that the user sees, opening your blog - and on YouTube, like everywhere, very often meet by clothes. So it should be thoroughly working on the picture.

We tell how to make a "cap" for YouTube-channel: what to pay attention and what services to use.

Technical requirements for the banner in 2021:

First, let's deal with the size of the picture, which can be downloaded as a banner on YouTube. Here are the restrictions of the platform:

🔘 Recommended image size: 2560 x 1440 pixels

🔘 Minimum size: 2048 x 1152 pixels

🔘 Ratio of the parties 16: 9

🔘 Maximum size: 6 MB

🔘 Valid Formats: JPG, GIF (not Animated), BMP, PNG

It is important to take into account not only the overall size of the picture, but also the size of the area on which the text and the main images will be located. YouTube cuts off a banner on small devices: if there is some inscriptions close to the edge of the image, they will not be visible on the smartphone.

All important information must be fit into the "safe area" in the center of the banner:

🔘 For large screens (TVs, computers) - 2560 x 423 pixels

🔘 For tablets - 1855 x 423 pixels

🔘 For smartphones - 1546 x 423 pixels

Focus on the smallest "for smartphones". If all the most important happens to fit in it, you can be sure that your banner will be correctly displayed on all devices.

Ideas for YouTube Channel Banners

Canal banners on YouTube are the most different. In addition to limitations in size, there are no other regulated rules. There are no recommendations on what should be depicted in the "header". Therefore, you can give the will of creativity and draw up as you like.

Banner can be made informative and useful - for example, to post on it a schedule of publications of new video. And you can simply make a cool picture that will attract user attention. Both are excellent.

If you have not yet decided on what you like, here are some ideas for inspiration:


Reliable way - put a photo of the author of the channel in the banner. This option is popular among many top video blocks and other celebrities. If you want to pump a personal brand, you may think about such a banner format - so you will focus on ourselves.

As you can see, we ourselves exactly as "hat" of our channel. Arthur is the main expert of Vlog Movavi, so he looks at you from the banner:


A simple option is a minimalistic cover with a simple background, without details and with a large logo in the middle. It looks often stylish - no vain Channel channels, Louis Vuitton and Vogue are decorated in this style.

Make such a cover is easy - especially if you already have a developed logo and chose colors that are well combined with it.

Thematic picture

If minimalism is not about you, then you can pick up for a banner on YouTube thematic picture. This is a good option for blogs about travels, Channels of artists and needlewomen. Finding on such a channel, the viewer will immediately understand what to expect from the video that is placed on it.


If there are many good pictures, then you can make a banner collage. This option is often found in blogs with movie reviews and books. For example, a picture with the heroes of different films and TV shows signals that they talk a lot on this channel about cinema and deeply immersed in this topic:

In collage, you can collect not only pictures. The authors of the Skyeng canal, for example, placed the photos of all the leaders in the "cap", and also identified topics that are often discussed in this blog. It turned out, on the one hand, funny and bright, and on the other - very informative.


Another option for creative people is drawn cover. Pretty frequent choice among artists and graphic designers who are important to show their creativity immediately and attract even more like-minded people.

However, if your channel is not associated with visual art, it is still possible to make such a cover - it looks stylish and remembered.

Important release

Some blogs use a channel banner as a free advertising platform. For example, "Filmish" and NetFlix declare the premieres including in the "Youtube Channel" hat.

Often, youtube-musicians are resorted to this reception: "Cap" channel - a great place to declare the release of a new song. This method has one minus - a picture will have to be changed quite often. It will not work out to download it and forget about it for a year or two.

With schedule

Some bloggers point to the "header" schedule of the release of new rollers on the channel. If you plan to adhere to a clear schedule, it is possible that it is worth reporting to subscribers. This may contribute to the growth of the audience. The main thing is to fulfill the promises placed in such a prominent place, and really publish the video according to the schedule.

Where to create a cover for youtube-channel

This will suit any graphic editor that allows you to impose one image to another. You can also use online applications. Posted for you several verified options:

Desktop programs

Picverse photo editor is a convenient application for those who are not engaged in creating pictures and design professionally. In Picverse, it will be easy to make a banner for the canal yourself, even if you never did anything like that.

To create a "cap" you can use the background removal tool. Suppose if you want to put your photo on the image, then cut the silhouette and replace the background will turn out just a couple of clicks.

Try Picverse for Windows

Try Picverse for Mac

If you have conceived a banner more comprehensive, we advise you to use Photoshop. There are all tools to create a beautiful collage, replace the background in the photo, impose effects on the image. You can even make a cover with a 3D effect. The only minus - the program is quite complicated. If you have never used before, the development will take a lot of time. In addition, like all programs from Adobe, Photoshop is quite expensive: the subscription costs about 600 rubles per month.

Online services

Canva is a convenient browser application for creating pictures, layouts and banners. We often advise it in the case when you need to quickly create illustration for social networks, an animated collage or game story for Instagram.

Canva offers users a huge selection of templates for every taste and case. There is a special section with pictures for the design of YouTube Channel. It is convenient if you do not have ready-made images for the background "Caps". You can choose one of the proposed options or download your own pictures.

Another good service that does not need to download on the PC is Crello. Here, too, there is a large library of templates created specifically for the decoration of the channel on YouTube. In addition, a large mediastock is connected to Crello. If you do not want to place your own photo on the banner, you can find a suitable Stock Image.

Mobile applications


If the banner is needed urgently, and the computer is not at hand, you can create a suitable picture even on a smartphone. This will help the mobile application of the aforementioned CANVA service. Here it turns out to create, for example, a simple collage or a minimalistic cover with a logo. There is an application for iPhone and Android phones.


Another great application is Pixellab. This is a full-fledged mobile photo editor, in which anyone can collect collage and impose on a beautiful text on an image. Download the application on the iPhone and Android phones.

How to install a "Youtube Channel" hat?

So, the image of banner is ready. It remains correctly placed. This is done only six steps:

1. Log in and go to your channel page

2. Tap Customize channel view

3. In the top menu, select the tab. Branding

4. Go to the section Image of banner and click Change

5. In the window that opens, select the desired file and open it

6. Tap Publish

Ready! Now it remains to make sure that the banner is correctly displayed on different devices - at a minimum, check on the phone and on the computer.

How to make a "cap" for the channel: Tips

We dealt with all the main moments of creating a banner on YouTube. Finally, we will give you some tips for design.

1. Use a single style on the channel

Any marketer will confirm: to withstand the brand stylist is important and necessary. If your channel is decorated in a single style, the viewers will start to associate certain colors and images with you, will become more often remembered - and this will have a positive effect on the blog's growth.

We advise you to create banners, logos and even covers for video in the same style. So you will increase the recognition of the canal, and just make it more "combed" and attractive.

2. Use high quality image

It may sound obviously, but still: take care that the image you download for the "caps" on the channel was a good quality. This applies not only to the banner itself, but also the elements that you place on it. The photo of the leading channel should be professional, well lit. Additional icons and images are clear and bright.

The pixel and blurry picture will push the users and will take off all the desire to watch the video channel. In the end, if the author of the blog did not take care of a banner, what will be his video?

3. Place a link to the site and social network on the banner

If you need to attract additional attention to your social networks, place the clicable icons on them in the "cap".

  • Go to the page of your channel and click Customize channel view
  • Mouse over the banner, click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner
  • click Change links
  • In the settings of the links, idle the necessary social networks
  • click Ready

4. Add Call to Action

The fact that you could subscribe to your channel can be reminded directly in the banner. This is especially true for the authors whose video is watching many people who are not signed on the blog.

In addition, on the banner you can draw arrows pointing to your social networks, or call users to your site.

5. But do not overload the banner with text and details

We have already identified many options for what can be added to the "Cap" channel: logo, call to action, photo, arrows, icons, and so on. But if you mindlessly put it all on one picture, it will turn out to be overloaded and difficult to perceive.

Therefore, we advise you to choose only the most important elements for you personally. Focus on your own purposes. Want to concentrate the viewer's attention in your photo? Then, you will probably have to sacrifice the calls to subscribe to the channel and look at social networks. Need to post a schedule of new rollers? In this case, it is better to avoid additional small details.

If you see that the picture still turns out overloaded, try replacing the background to a more neutral and try other fonts for the inscriptions.

6. Use proven media masters

Free mediators will help save you time and nerves. Pictures from there can be used as a background for "caps". Here are some proven options with a large selection:

🔘 Pexels. - Comfortable stock with thematic selections of images.

🔘 Pixabay. - More than a million free images that can be freely edited and used for commercial purposes.

🔘 Unsplash. - The choice here is slightly smaller, but the high concentration of high-quality images.

Want more options? Look for them in our article about free photoshoki - We picked up 25 proven sites.

7. Watch out for the composition and collapse of colors

To make a picture of a pleasant eye, use the usur of the third or symmetric composition.

And try to pick up the colors that look good next to each other - you can read more color schemes in our article about Color circle Ytten . We advise newcomers to use complementary and analog color schemes are win-win options with which it is easy to work.

8. Look inspiration on other people's channels.

If you did not come up with what the cover you want to create for your channel, go through the blogs of your favorite youtubers - maybe there are inspiring examples. And you can watch not only on YouTube - look at the brand pages on Facebook or Pinterest.

9. If you have little time, give the creation of a hat on an outsource

No desire to create a banner independently and nail over the design? You can leave this case "For later", and then the main page of your channel will look like this:

Not very attractive, right? If you are not ready to do this, we advise you to find a specialist from the outside, which will quickly issue you a beautiful "cap". If you have graphic designers among friends - then the problem is solved! And if not, we advise you to look at the outsourcing platforms. Here are some options:

🔘 Fiverr.

🔘 99Designs.

🔘 Designcrowd.

All these are English-speaking, but rather popular among freelancers from around the world. So there is a high chance to find a suitable person with whom it will turn out to be explained in Russian.

10. Do not expect a banner to bring millions of subscribers

And the last advice: Do not pin a banner too much hopes. The main thing on the channel is your video. They must be high quality and with interesting content. Everything else is the optimization of the channel, its design, selection of suitable headers and creating beautiful covers - these are additional tools that will help you quickly recruit subscribers and become famous on the Internet.

That's all! We told you all that you knew how to make a "cap" for the channel. We hope our tips will help you create a steep banner for your blog. Good luck 😉

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