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3 ways to safely have sex during menstruation
And if socks and skayuker in terms of sex is hopeless, then monthly - not a reason to deprive yourself of pleasure, the main thing is to properly prepare for the process. About how to do this, a sexologist will tell, an expert of the leading network for women training with sex technicians Training Center Sex.rf

And if socks and skayuker in terms of sex is hopeless, then monthly - not a reason to deprive yourself of pleasure, the main thing is to properly prepare for the process. About how to do this, a sexologist will tell, an expert of the leading network for women training with sex technicians "Training Center" Sex.rf "

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3 ways to safely have sex during menstruation

Many use ordinary tampons for sex, from which the man in the process has a feeling that he rests on the head of a member in Phamba or rubs her with a piece of rope, and the rope sticking between the legs can generally knock on the whole mood. This, not to mention the fact that the means of female hygiene pushed in the uterus can injure the gentle walls of the vagina.

At the same time, during the period of menstruation, exclude the barrier between the uterus and sexual member, even the "challenged" to the condom, cannot be due to the peculiarities of female physiology. The cervix during menstruation is ajar, and blood is an extremely favorable environment for bacteria. All this increases the likelihood of infection. And not only for women, but also for men: with blood in the urethra can enter bacteria and viruses that can lead to inflammation.

The modern industry of intimate goods has advanced so much that invented the way to solve this problem. German manufacturer Joydivision has developed special Sport, SPA & LOVE tampons, which help to make sexual intercourse as pleasant and hygienic.

Due to the softness of the tampon and the absence of a rope (tampon it is easy to remove with the help of a special hole for your finger), a man does not feel any unpleasant sensations during penetration and may not understand that you have "these days" (which is especially important if you just started meeting And they are not ready to spoil the romance to physiological revelations). The main thing is not to forget when the tampon is introduced to use water-based lubrication and remove it after 1-2 hours.

Monthly - a good starting point for sexual experiments without direct penetration of a member in the vagina (for security reasons, of course: suddenly you were abandoned on a deserted island, and there is no tampon for sex near?). One of these experiments can be intramrammar, that is, the exercise of friction partner between closed milk glands. In porn, this type of erotic art is called the "pearl necklace" - due to the fact that the sperm, staining on the neck of the partners, forms something similar to pearl beads, and on American jargon - Titjob (not to be confused with BlowJob, although they can be easily combined, For example, grabbing a member head with her lips during active reciprocating movements of a partner).

Technically Titjob is quite simple, both in the active and passive role for both partners. If you are in the passive role, you need to lie down on your back and maintain your chest with hands on the side, giving the partner to perform frictions from above in the sitting position or even lying. The passive role of a man suggests that he sits or lies motionless, and you pushing the penis of the breast and start stimulation. In such a posture, it is very easy to combine intramammmar sex with a blowjob, you can even simply press the head on the head of the partner's member on the "entrance".

The most important thing in all this is not to forget about the lubricant, since, as opposed to the vagina, the chest does not have a self-lictional mechanism. If you do not plan to combine with oral technicians, it is better to take on a silicone basis, and a special delicious oil for oral sex is suitable for intramrammary blowjob.

Well, one of the most obvious ways to "interrupt" during menstruation, if the passion found you in a place where it is impossible to specifically prepare for the process - this is a manual stimulation. It can be practiced if you have an ordinary tampon at hand (the main thing is to carefully hide the rope to extract the tampon and do not give a man to penetrate your fingers inside if you are shy To teach him), for example, the "Rock Concert" technique: two fingers of the partner are introduced into the vagina with pads up so that the pads are on the zone G, and the other two fingers are located on large sex lips. And then the man just makes the neat movement up, as As if trying to remove the zone G. or Corkscrew technique: the index finger moves with neat screwed movements on the eve of the vagina.

Sex and monthly: for and against sex in critical days, and the reasons for which it is worth refrain from itFrequently often many women and girls ask a question - is it possible to practice sex during menstruation and how dangerous is it for health? And is it true that menstruation proceeds in this case easier and ends faster.

How to deal with sex during menstruation

With regard to the organization of intimate relations during menstruation, doctors give certain advice and recommendations that will even allow such delicate days to get a lot of pleasure. Just prepare for this and proceed. How to have sex during menstruation:

  • Intimate for menstruation is possible if both partners want this and the woman itself feels well - there are no pain in the bottom of the abdomen and abundant bleeding.
  • The place for this practice is better to be closed with a towel or cover sheets, always at hand to have wet wipes.
  • Personal hygiene - no one has canceled it, because the souls before and after intimate relationships.

It is not worth practicing sex in the first days of menstruation, when the allocation is especially abundant and painful for a woman.

  • Preference should be given to missionary possessions - a woman from below and the movement themselves to make smooth, without deep penetration.
  • In the process of intimate relationships, it is best to use a condom. It will protect against infection, since the cervix is ​​open and the risk of the pathogenic microflora above.

Compliance with hygiene conditions

Compliance with hygiene conditionsIn addition to the fulfillment of the basic rules of personal hygiene, respected before intimate relations, a couple who have decided to practice sex during menstruation - it is worth accepting to sexual intercourse and after a shower. Many in this case are practicing sex in the soul - this is an additional diversity in sexual relationships, compliance with the purity of the body and do not be afraid that menstrual blood is blurred furniture.

In addition, doctors recommend itching with gels or fitherment with antibacterial effect, and even better - use for the arms during this period of medicinal herbs: calendula or chamomile.

Pros and cons of intercourse during menstruation

Cons of sexual intercourse during menstruation - to those gynecologists include:

  1. Risk of pathogenic microflora - This applies to both partners, since blood for bacteria acts as a nutrient medium for breeding.
  2. Aesthetic and practical inconvenience . This is an increased compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, the need to be placed by a towel, so as not to fall into the furniture, and not every woman feels comfortable in this case.
  3. The need to use a condom which will only help a man to protect him from infection - a woman still remains a high risk of enhancing infection in the vagina.
  4. Aesthetic moment - Some men and women do not delighted the fact of splashing in the blood during sex and therefore prefer to refrain. But most partners are shy and simply refuse intimate relationships.

Other reasons include religious arguments. For example, Muslims are considered a dirty woman these days, and therefore it is worth their ban on love, and for example, Jews are perceived periodly peacefully and can make love without any problems.

Pluses - they are placed in counterweight minuses and others include:

  1. Pros and cons of intercourse during menstruationAccording to many women - these days they are experiencing incredibly strong and vivid orgasm . The thing is that the influx of blood to the genital organs at this moment is reinforced and, accordingly, the vagina becomes more moisturized and sensitive.
  2. Reduced pain - The thing is that the orgasm provokes the poverty of the fluid from the vagina, the uterine cavity and it helps to remove swelling and reduce pain.
  3. This list includes this fact that The period of menstruation decreases - It is the orgasm that provokes the speedy cell rejection and this accelerates the course of menstruation.
  4. An important point is that many Men excites the kind of type And therefore they receive special pleasure at this moment. Such a paragraph belongs to the psychological group of advantages that can be put in the asset of this practice. Many men perceive the sexual act as a forbidden fruit - but there are few such partners, but they still have.
  5. Due to the fact that risks got pregnant during this period minimized - both partners can relax and receive maximum pleasure. Men especially benefit from this - they can complete a sexual act, without thinking about whether he will have time or will not have time to get out of the partner. But contraception is still worth applying - spermatozoa live in the body of a woman from 4 and to 7 days. Therefore, the risk of becoming pregnant still exists, even if the minimum.

With all the large number of positive moments that can be put into an asset practice of sexual intercourse during critical days - the final decision remains exclusively for partners.

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When is it better to abandon sex?

Of course, on the practice of sexual intercourse in critical days there are also their limitations. Why you can not have sex during menstruation:

  1. When is it better to abandon sex?Strong pain syndrome in a partner. If its general condition and well-being burdened with painful syndrome - sexual intercourse will only increase the feeling of discomfort, and the pain can be sharpening and strong. In the practice of doctors there are situations when the patient delivered an ambulance to the hospital.
  2. Abundant bleeding - There is a risk to aggravate the situation, from sexual intercourse it is best to refuse, at least the first 2-3 days.
  3. Lack for a pair of favorable conditions - It is not worth practicing sex during the period of menstruation in the places unpredictable for this. Nature or the car is not the best place for love due to antisanitarian, therefore should not be dangerous.
  4. Diseases of one of the sexual partners - infectious diseases or STDs, cold .... It is best to recover completely and only after passing to the sexual act. In particular, this rule concerns diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, thrush or cystitis - for a while, give up intimate relationships.

In any case, this decision partners must agree among themselves, and if questions remained - it is recommended to consult with a gynecologist.

Can you have sex during menstruation, the doctor will answer the video:

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